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HSV icon rages with success: Uwe Seeler escapes the stadium ban

HSV icon rages with success
Uwe Seeler escapes the stadium ban

In Hamburg, at the start of the 2nd Bundesliga, only spectators who can prove their primary residence in the Hanseatic city are allowed into the stadium. HSV legend Seeler lives a few kilometers outside the city, but is certain: Some fans in the Hamburg area have a longer journey.

HSV idol Uwe Seeler was successful with his appeal and prevented an impending stadium ban in the first second division home game of his Hamburger SV in the new football season. As the responsible district office Hamburg-Altona announced, the Corona edition announced last Friday, according to which only spectators with primary residence in Hamburg come to the Volksparkstadion for the second division match against Dynamo Dresden on August 1, will be canceled. “We discussed the situation with the responsible authorities again in detail and came to this conclusion,” confirmed Mike Schlink, the press spokesman for the Altona district office.

17,100 fans had been approved by the authorities for the game against Dresden. Now the rule is: Home fans are allowed to come, guest fans are still not allowed. This clears the way for HSV icon Seeler, who lives in Schleswig-Holstein on the outskirts of the Hanseatic city. “This is total nonsense and nonsense. I would very much like to go to the stadium. I am vaccinated and will keep my distance. This is a very strange decision,” the 84-year-old told the “Bild” newspaper. “I live only a few kilometers from the stadium. I think that some fans in the Hamburg area will have to travel further. The authorities should reconsider this decision,” said Seeler, who lives in Norderstedt.

HSV wanted to “not accept” the ban

And was heard. The HSV had also thought about an objection to these requirements, but no longer needs to take action. “We cannot and do not want to accept that. Our city limits are less than four kilometers from the Volksparkstadion and a large number of our supporters come from neighboring federal states,” said HSV board member Frank Wettstein. “Due to the already necessary contact tracking with personalized tickets and many other protective measures, we also see no additional benefit in terms of fighting pandemics.”

The Hamburg interior authority had made it clear before the U-turn that the Corona requirement had been raised by the responsible health department. “In the end we only give the approval,” it said. The authority headed by Interior and Sports Senator Andy Grote was in close contact with the responsible authorities to the end to clarify whether there was still room for maneuver. Now the decision was made in favor of the fans. The responsible authorities and the clubs had already agreed the week before that HSV and city rivals FC St. Pauli could play their home games with a stadium load of 30 percent at the start of the season.


Thanks Khaled! – HSV

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“Image”: HSV sign Holstein Kiels Meffert – interested in goalkeeper Nyland? – Transfer market

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1. FC Union Berlin: Darmstadt attacker Dursun before signature

Quote by MrMarky113

Quote by TheViking1969

Would be another clever deal from Union. The purchases since the rise have all been very smart so far. Exactly the opposite of S04, Werder and Cologne.

With a clever deal from Union, I still agree with you. But they had also developed the advantage of having had planning security for a long time, in contrast to the clubs you mentioned. (Union has really been doing it really well since its ascent)

Schalke have been relegated for a long time, but at Bremen and FC it was assumed weeks ago that they would hang down until the end. If Dursun wants to play in the first division, then he has to join a club that is certain that he will still play Buli next year.

Can assure you that I and other FC fans would have loved to take Dursun. Due to our questionable situation in the storm with Andersson (health) and Modeste (in form) that would have been great.

Ah yes … So Dursun cannot wait until Cologne has played you relegation and only then decide whether he is with Union or maybe. want to play in Cologne …?

Or did Union put the gun on his chest? Either decide today or do we withdraw our offer?

Rather think that even if they weren’t relegated, neither Bremen nor Cologne would have been an option for Dursun.

Cologne is now much further away from its home city of Hamburg than Berlin.

And Bremen would have had to serve the purchase obligation for Selke in the event of relegation, also nominally more than broadly occupied with Füllkrug, Osako, Sargent. And the buyers for the named players are certainly not queuing up to free up a place for Dursun, which also costs a salary.

Furthermore, if I were Dursun’s place, I would not be faced with the choice between Bremen and Union. Union makes clever transfers and Bremen has been the opposite in recent years, which you have not only seen this season in the table.


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