Mark Wahlberg has the best exercise for a movie six pack

Mark Wahlberg He is already 50 years old, but for him that does not mean anything, it does not mean that he is going to stop trying, working hard and getting up at dawn to start one of the hardest routines in Hollywood.

Part of the work of Mark Wahlberg It’s looking good and being in good shape so that you can keep making the movies you love and he takes it to a very “interesting” extreme to show that when it comes to fitness, age is just a number and you should never let it be. become an obstacle.

Since I was a teenage rapper (called Marky Mark), the protagonist of Ted and the shooter has been following a brutal training routine and a healthy diet that allows you to maintain the weight and muscle mass that characterize it, and among all that it has different exercises that are very effective and that can also be done anywhere (so that there is no excuse to stay active wherever you are, or so that you can imitate it yourself).

According to the actor, his favorite exercises are high intensity, since these make the body keep burning calories even a few hours after training is over, and the best part is, like Will Smith, The Rock, Chris Hemsworth, and every muscle man in the movie industry, he often shares his favorite workouts and exercises for his fans and followers can get an idea of ​​what it takes to have a body marked for life.

Mark Wahlberg



Adamari López raises the temperature from the gym and captivates her fans

Adamari López and Toni Costa They received a lot of criticism on social networks after the photos and videos where you can see both on vacation in Europe. The couple traveled to the “Old Continent” after announcing their separation after ten years of relationship and a daughter in common.

The one who could not stand the criticism and decided to answer the fans was Toni Costa who stated the following: “Our daughter is happy and that is the most important thing for us, whatever the situation.” In addition, the Spanish dancer has indicated on more than one occasion that he hopes to overcome this crisis and get back together with Adamari.



South Korea turns down the volume of music in the gym to beat Covid. “Gangnam Style” prohibited

Eye Of The Tiger: admitted. Le Freak: ok, but we are at the limit. Gangnam Style: strictly prohibited. The homeland of K-Pop turns the music down. And most importantly, it slows it down. Grappling with a new wave of cases, South Korea has found the “solution” to contain the virus: check gym playlists. The new rule, somewhat bizarre, is this: it is forbidden to listen to songs that exceed the time of 120 beats per minute while training in a group.


Hummels on the first opponent of the European Championship France and his DFB comeback | UEFA EURO 2020 | sportstudio – ZDF – sportstudio

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Without diet or sports, a nutritionist offers tips for losing weight

07:00 am

Sunday 13 June 2021


The Russian nutrition expert, Tamila Arseneva, explained a way to lose weight quickly and in a healthy way without resorting to a special diet or strenuous training in the gym.

And the specialist spoke that, at first, you should move to a partial diet program, through which you can eat five times a day in the form of small meals, according to the “Sputnik” website.

Provided that this diet contains a lot of fiber, which improves the function and work of the intestines and relieves the feeling of hunger for a long time, in addition to eating foods that contain proteins, leafy vegetables, fruits and berries.

The expert advised to reduce the intake of sugar, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol as much as possible. By getting rid of these substances, a person can lose about 5 kilograms of weight per month.

The expert stressed to pay great attention to drinks, and not to drink sweetened drinks and be satisfied with plain water, which speeds up the metabolism process by up to 20 percent.

The expert concluded with the need to learn to get rid of stress, provided that this does not turn into fatigue for the body, and this is done through yoga, reading, walking and communicating with the gentle with friends, according to what was reported by the rsport website.

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Interesting. #medicineexplained #MySkinandME #happyathome #health #fitness #gym #world #usa #india #malaysia #philippines #today

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Amr Diab’s recipe … How do you preserve your youth after fifty? | news

Amr Diab’s name has always been associated with youth and vitality, the star who maintained his youthful appearance, no matter how much time passed, became a puzzle for his followers.. How does the plateau maintain his youthfulness constantly?

The question has become raised whenever the plateau concludes a decade of his life, after forty, after fifty, and now he is approaching his sixtieth year, and the question still arises: Does Amr Diab have a special recipe for staying young?

We asked the question to a number of nutrition and fitness experts, who gave us some advice that we might call “the plateau prescription to stay young after fifty.”

We recommend: Nisreen Tafesh caressing fish from her underwater room in Dubai (video) contacted Dr. Jihan Ahmed El Demerdash, a clinical nutritionist, who believes that the success of the plateau in maintaining its fitness and freshness so far is the interest in healthy nutrition and sports.

Among the guidelines that must be followed to have an athletic body such as a plateau:

Eat healthy and divide meals throughout the day.

Exercising 5 times a week, about half an hour to an hour a day.

Periodic follow-up and treatment of any vitamin deficiency, under medical supervision.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, avoiding fatty foods, eating grilled meats with low calories, making sure to eat vegetables and fruits constantly and being the main component of the meals.

Paying attention to foods that contain antioxidants, because they maintain the delay in the appearance of aging on the skin, and make the body resist cancerous diseases.

This is in regards to nutrition, what about exercise? Usually, those who are old suffer from exercising regularly or performing violent exercises, but it requires some instructions that were mentioned to us by fitness trainer Muhammad Abul-Naga, who told us that exercising at an early age is the most important step to maintain physical fitness during old age, Here are some of his notes:

Follow a diet that contains all the nutrients.

The average daily exercise rate is only one hour, and this is for those over forty years old.

Reducing weights for those who practice weight lifting, preferably relying on regular light kinetic exercises with walking and running.

Drink water regularly and in large quantities before and after exercise and during it as well, and do not take any nutritional supplements without consulting a doctor.

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