Greta Thunberg gets involved in politics and calls for a vote in Biden

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, a figure in the international youth movement fighting climate change, called on Saturday to vote for Democrat Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s opponent in the November US presidential election.

“I never get involved in party politics, but the next American elections are more than that,” wrote the 17-year-old on Twitter.

“From the point of view of the climate, it is far from sufficient and many other candidates have defended, but anyway … Organize and get everyone to vote for #Biden”, he added.

Current U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly taken skeptical stances on climate change, as it did recently during the wave of major fires in California. “It will eventually cool down,” he said in mid-September on global warming.

Trump has also made unfriendly comments about Greta Thunberg. In December, when Time magazine chose her for “figure of the year”, the American leader wrote on Twitter that the young woman would have to work to “control her anger”, suggesting that she should “relax” and go to a good movie. with a friend.

Earlier, in September 2019, when the Swedish activist was at the United Nations, where she spoke at a climate summit, Trump had also made fun of Greta Thunberg’s views and vehement tone.

For his part, Joe Biden praised Thunberg’s action in April and said he is aware of young people’s aspirations on environmental issues.


the gradual return of a movement eclipsed by the coronavirus crisis

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – The pandemic got the better of the motivation of many activists. Meeting with those who are trying to put movement back on the front of the stage.


Protests during a pandemic mean a lot of effort.
Protests during a pandemic mean a lot of effort. Florian Sädler / WORLD

Par Florian Sädler (The World)

Leonie Bremer’s mood changes dramatically when the reporter asks her: “Why was so little heard of your movement during the coronavirus crisis? “ Leonie Bremer is one of the most famous faces of the “Fridays for Future” movement. Last Wednesday, just before the movement’s protests resumed, she was interviewed by journalist Felix Dachsel, editor of the online magazine Vice, in a television studio at the Cologne exhibition center.

“I return the question to the journalists”, answers Leonie Bremer. The widely held idea that the “Fridays for Future” movement fell into oblivion during the coronavirus crisis seems to annoy him a lot. Obviously addressing public opinion and the media, she writes on her Instagram page: “We NEVER left. But where were you? ”

What is certain is that the pandemic of

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How dangerous is the angry woman?

A clear message: protester at a “MeToo” demonstration in Paris
Image: EPA

Angry men are considered dominant, angry women, however, as hysterical or bitchy. Showing this emotion means a loss of status for them. In this, female anger can be a very useful weapon.

Man can give a face to the angry woman. That of Greta Thunberg, who cares for the environment with an angry eye. That of the American activist Tarana Burke, who brought the MeToo movement forward with a strong voice and angry expression. Also that of the feminist Teresa Bücker, who expresses her anger over social injustices in this country calmly and with a factual expression.

You don’t have to give the angry woman a face. Because it is everywhere right now. She demonstrates on the streets of Los Angeles, Berlin or Paris, against climate change, for gender equality, #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter. You can find her in German offices, where she is annoyed about the pay gap and that the executive chair is more difficult for her to climb. Or in private, where she takes care of her children at home school in frustration because she has stayed at home since Corona. The angry woman cries with anger, laughs with anger and is sometimes very angry. Because she knows that her rage will piss him off.


FFF demonstrates in 150 countries: Despite Corona and rain

Fridays for Future is back with campaigns in over 3,000 locations – as corona-compliant as possible.

September 25, international climate strike day, here: protests in Frankfurt Photo: Michael Probst / ap

BERLIN/BREMEN/MUMBAI taz | Despite corona restrictions and bad weather in Central Europe, Fridays for Future started the first global climate strike since the pandemic began on Friday. Although the strike could hardly build on earlier successes, hundreds of thousands again protested in around 150 countries for better climate policy.

Fridays initiator Greta Thunberg gathered with a dozen other demonstrators in front of the parliament in Stockholm. “Today is our global climate action day, and we are on strike in over 300 locations!” wrote the 17-year-old Swede about a photo of the action. That was only true for Sweden, however: 400 actions were planned in Germany alone, and according to the FFF more than 3,000 “climate strikes” were registered worldwide.

Thunberg held in her hand next to her famous protest sign with the inscription “Skolstrejk för klimatet” (School strike for the climate) another sign on which she advised to keep your distance and – in Sweden – not to more than 50 participants gather. At the same time, she shared impressions of protests from other parts of the world, such as Australia, Bangladesh and Japan, on Twitter.

The corona crisis had made many protesters inventive: in Hyderabad, South India, thousands of shoes with messages to the government were set up on behalf of volunteers who went to an NGO after the action. “We demand the right to forests for a good future, and the right to clean air and water,” was the message of 14-year-old Lohitaksh, who learned from a teacher that young people around the world are committed to climate protection.

FFF is increasingly active on the Internet in India

“In the beginning, many children lacked the connection between environmental disasters such as floods and climate change,” says 27-year-old Sharma. During India’s corona lockdown, many noticed what nature was like. But with everyday life that is forgotten. “That’s why the Friday promotions are a good memory”. Since Corona, the FFF movement in India has moved more and more online.

One of the largest events in Germany took place in Berlin with several thousand visitors – as corona-compliant as possible, of course. Various bicycle demos led to the Brandenburg Gate, where early in the morning helpers had sprayed white dots on the ground in the rain at a distance of two meters, on which the demonstrators were supposed to sit – with a mask, of course. But the ground was wet and most of them were standing.

“The climate crisis does not take a break, not even during Corona,” says the Potsdam climate researcher Stefan Rahmstorf and encouraged Fridays for Future to also celebrate partial successes: To reduce percent. Today this is the proposal of a conservative EU Commission President. And we owe that in large part to Fridays for Future. “

Six starting points in Bremen

In Bremen there were six different starting points for the Global Climate Strike: During the “Sun March”, climate activists marched from all directions in the city on the way to Osterdeich on the Weser – and paralyzed traffic in many places. According to the police, 2,200 people took part.

One of the starting points was the Bremen anti-colonial monument. The climate crisis is also about historical responsibility, the fight for gender equality and international justice: “The states that have historically contributed the most to the climate crisis and are still doing so are also the states that have felt the consequences of the climate crisis the least to get. We have to look at the climate crisis in an intersectional way!


“I am Greta” Thunberg, a very intimate portrait

He spent 34 hours on the train from Sweden to the Venice Film Festival to present “I am Greta”, a very intimate portrait of young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. Interview with Swedish director Nathan Grossman, 29, after the world premiere at the festival.

At the film’s press conference, the young Swedish activist agreed to make a cameo appearance, via Zoom, to react to the film. According to her, I am Greta does reflect her personality as she is (” a shy nerdy person », « a shy nerd “). This compliment highlights the strengths of Nathan Grossman’s film and its limitations. I am Greta allows a very rich and original look on it. At the same time, it is content to give answers to questions already very often raised.

RFI : Your film starts with Greta Thunberg saying : « I feel like the last few months were like a dream or a movie movie. »For your part, as a director, did you have the impression that the shooting was like an ecological action for you? ?

Nathan Grossman : No, I have always been interested in doing my best in this area. Making a portrait of Greta could help to have a more global and more human view of her character. She gave so many 5 to 10 minute interviews, all of her speeches … But it was always a little sluggish. With this film, I wanted to give more nuance and as many aspects as possible to his life.

You follow Greta everywhere : how she prepares her speeches, how she lives. There are scenes where she bursts out laughing with her father and mother, has fun with her dog and her horse, or dances in a totally improvised way to relieve her stress. Other times are more serious, when she talks about her Asperger syndrome or the time she was depressed or felt unloved at school. How did you manage to follow her so long and so closely ?

I followed her for a year, not all the time, but often, according to certain priorities. At first, the school strike started very modestly, in front of the Swedish parliament. I filmed it from the first days. A friend of mine had given me the information that she was going to do this action, because he knew Greta’s family. The more I filmed, the closer I became to Greta.

Did Greta intervene to avoid the broadcast of certain scenes shot? ?

No, she hasn’t seen the tapes. We made the simplest deal possible for a documentary. We figured that when the movie is pretty much done, she can watch it to avoid things being wrong. When she watched the film, her reaction was positive. She recognized herself in the pictures. The only thing was that she felt like the film was very compressed, that we had cut too much. There was one scene in particular where she felt like you couldn’t understand the conflict shown on screen. So, we added images.

“Greta”, the documentary by director Nathan Grossman on young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, has been selected for the 2020 Venice Film Festival.
“Greta”, the documentary by director Nathan Grossman on young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, has been selected for the 2020 Venice Film Festival. © La Biennale di Venizia

The first images of the documentary show Greta on the boat bound for New York for the global climate summit. Were you part of this risky crossing of the Atlantic ?

Yes, I was also on the boat. I don’t know if it was risky. In any case, it was very strange to navigate there, because I am not a sailor. I had practiced a little sailing in Sweden. But, it was a completely new experience for me to be on this zero carbon sailboat. It was special to shoot for two weeks in these conditions.

Greta is one of the most publicized figures in the world. How does your documentary bring something new ?

What I find interesting is having spent a lot of time with her. The difference between a film and reports for news channels is there. We can dig deeper: we do not mention things, we show them, for example when she meets French President Macron at the Élysée Palace. We understand better what a crazy year Greta Thunberg has lived.

What was the biggest surprise for you ?

At first Greta was a bit stoic, it was her way of giving all these talk. She didn’t laugh much. Afterwards, seeing scenes where she bursts out laughing or is more funny, because she can be really funny and charming, it was a surprise for me.

Greta’s incredible power of influence is also the expression of a generation. Do you feel like you are part of this generation, of this struggle ?

I’m 29, so I don’t really feel like this generation. After that, it’s a question of definition. But I understand very well these young people and the frustration they carry within them. They will be the most affected by climate change.

In one scene, Greta gets annoyed when she doesn’t just find out that governments often break promises. In addition, on these United Nations climate summits, everyone eats meat, there is just a vegetarian meal on the menu. On the ecological side, what did you discover when you arrived here at the Venice Film Festival ?

This is a very important question. That says it all when she goes to the top and finds herself in this situation. This consciousness, she transmitted it to me. For example, in Stockholm, I took the train to come here to Venice. A 34 hour journey. These are things that we can change ourselves. Beyond that, we need to change the system. Here in Venice it’s a very glamorous festival, with actors dressed very chic, but I hope, by showing this film here in these cinematic circles, that it will help spread the message to other parts of the world. .

Did you change yourself while making this movie ?

This subject interested me already long before, but I did not know it today. Greta taught me a lot, especially to read the original news, to go to the sources of the information, for example to study the Paris Agreement on the climate.


Celebrities of the week: Everything for the children – Panorama

Reluctant to fly

Claudia Schiffer at the premiere of the movie Rocketman at Odeon Leicester Square.  London, 05/20/2019 Claudia Ships

Claudia Schiffer has discovered a new fear for herself.

(Photo: David Jones / imago images)

Parenting means – sometimes more, sometimes less – to be afraid for the children. Are they okay, are they where they say they are going, and when will they finally be home? Questions about questions and worries about worries that don’t stop at a top model.

Claudia Schiffer has developed a kind of fear of flying over the past few years – because of the children. “I was never afraid of it, not even after many small incidents such as when the engine of the Revlon plane went up in flames or the door of a small island hopper I was in opened in midair,” said Schiffer in an interview with Vogue. “It wasn’t until I had children that I became a very nervous aviator.” Hopefully Caspar, Clementine and Cosima will be able to enjoy their mom, who is slightly stressed on the plane, for a long time to come. If you can, she will be there for a while, as she said a few days ago on the occasion of her birthday: “I have spent the first 50 years of my life wonderfully and I am looking forward to the next 50 years.”

Like to get to know

Miranda Kerr at the presentation of Marukome Koji amazake sake made from rice and malt at Shinagawa Go

Miranda Kerr doesn’t have bad feelings about her ex – definitely not ones that she would like to share with the public.

(Foto: Kento Nara/imago)

One of the greatest challenges of human life is probably to meet one’s past loved ones with dignity. Model Miranda Kerr provides an example of how this can be achieved to perfection. Their ex-husband Orlando Bloom recently had a child with singer Katy Perry: “We float with love and admiration because of the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter,” the two are quoted in an Instagram post from Unicef. With Unicef, the couple want to draw attention to the challenges facing mothers.

Instead of bitterly averting her eyes from the happiness of her ex, the Australian model warmly congratulated the two: “💖🙏🏻🌈 I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait to meet you sie” wrote the 37- Yearlings under the post. Kerr had been married to Bloom for three years before they divorced in 2013. Indeed, a meeting is very likely, after all, Bloom and Kerr share custody of their nine-year-old son Flynn Christopher.

Perhaps the secret to Kerr’s composure isn’t superhuman strength, but simply that she is really happy with the situation herself. After all, she has had a new husband, Evan Spiegel, for three years, with whom she has already had two children. However, it is not known how much dignity Bloom responded to the news from the young generation.

Reluctantly to calculate

Panta Party 02/24/2020 Matthias Schweighoefer at the - PantaParty - the (formerly Pantaleon Entertainment) Pantaflix AG au

Matthias Schweighöfer never liked math.

(Photo: Tinkeres / imago images)

Actor Matthias Schweighöfer has completely different concerns with his offspring. Because even the 39-year-old apparently had to help his daughter’s school education more on the jumps than usual in the corona-related homeschooling phase of the past few months. Unfortunately, numbers are not Schweighöfer’s business at all.

“I still hate math! I’m so sorry for my daughter. It’s just too stupid to be a father, your daughter is crying and you can’t help her,” he told the magazine Emotion facing home lessons. Sometimes they would have “just thrown the stapler in the corner and tried again the next day”. By the way, his daughter Greta was born in 2009, so the complexity of her homework should still be reasonably manageable.

Reluctant to part

Jaime King

Jaime King, actress and model, at a film premiere.

(Photo: Eugene Garcia / dpa)

And with that to another classic problem, especially of working parents: longing. US actress / model Jaime King also grabs them regularly. She finds it difficult to leave her children alone when she goes to work, she wrote on Instagram. “It’s the hardest thing in the world to say goodbye as a working mother.”

41-year-old King has two sons, James, 6, and Leo, 5. She initially celebrated success as a model, and became known as an actress with films such as “Pearl Harbor” and “Sin City”. And as a mom, she shares the pain of separation from countless other moms.

Like to learn

About a week ago she was still in Germany, soon she will be back at school: Greta Thunberg.

(Photo: Markus Schreiber / AP)

Finally, on a young woman who has of course outgrown childhood. Greta Thunberg, 17, Swedish climate protection activist, is back in school. “My year without school is over and it feels so great to be back at school,” she wrote on Twitter. Thunberg completed the nine-year primary school in Sweden in 2019 and then spent a year traveling around the world to promote climate protection. Now she is attending the first grade of a grammar school in Stockholm.