The week of the change of power: How the traffic light government will start

Updated on December 5th, 2021, 7:41 pm If everything goes according to plan, the traffic light will turn green on Monday, and the way will be clear for a new federal government. Before it can really get started, there is still a choice and a few formalities to be done. We explain what is planned […]

Trump jr praises no vax protests in Europe, ‘American sheep’ – Latest Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, NOV 28 – Donald Trump junior, eldest son of the former American president, praises the wave of no vax and no green pass protests in Europe and accuses most Americans of not doing the same: ” sheep, and sit and watch instead of fighting any restrictions imposed by the pandemic. “ The […]

Minister of State for Culture: Claudia Roth is doing this job well – DIE WELT

Minister of State for Culture: Claudia Roth is doing this office wellTHE WORLD Claudia Roth and culture: values ​​and drivesDaily mirror Claudia Roth: Exclusive votes for the designated Minister of State for CultureTHE WORLD Comment on the new Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth – This personality strengthens the wrong peopleIMAGE Cultural policy of […]

Corona, lockdown in Austria: Greatest general uncertainty

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How much you save with an electric car: the study

Not only an ecological choice, but also the most economical option in the long run for the motorist. A thousand euros, that’s how much you can save by buying an electric vehicle according to the calculations of the Norwegian company Otovo, specialized in photovoltaic systems for the residential sector. The study compared the consumption of […]

Green pass, vaccinovigilance and government choices: interview with prof. Marco Cosentino

Professor Marco Cosentino, professor at the Medical Pharmacology Research Center of the University of Insubria, has an extremely critical position on green certification; in the interview that we report to you he analyzes various elements of which he highlights the contradictions. Cosentino was also heard as an expert by the Senate Constitutional Affairs Commission during […]

Varta share ultimately in green: Varta takes a heavy hit on proceeds | 11/11/21

The battery company Varta suffered a heavy blow in the third quarter. In particular, the business with rechargeable lithium-ion button cells, which has grown so rapidly in recent years, was again disappointing. It had already failed in the first half of the year, now the weaker trend has accelerated. Varta said on Thursday in Ellwangen […]

Named 5 symptoms that indicate the development of covid pneumonia

Most people who become infected with COVID-19 have mild to moderate illness, but some infected people can develop complications, such as coronavirus pneumonia. With pneumonia, lung tissue is affected. The lungs consist of alveoli – small saccular formations, which in a healthy person should be filled with air, and in patients with pneumonia, the alveoli […]

In France compulsory mask for those who take the chairlifts – Mondo

Wearing a mask will be mandatory for those who go up the cable cars and queue to take chairlifts or ski-lifts in French ski resorts. Even the green pass will become green if the national incidence rate exceeds 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants: Prime Minister Jean Castex announced today. According to the protocol, a spacing […]