Missing Girl – Millions in Reward Exposed

A four-year-old girl has been missing on the Australian west coast for six days. She disappeared from a campsite. Now the government has given a large reward for hints. The government of the Australian state of Western Australia has advertised up to one million Australian dollars (the equivalent of around 644,000 euros) for clues about […]

What are the specific rules according to the law to start any medical research?

Law No. 214 of 2020 issuing a law regulating clinical medical research aims to establish the foundations, standards and controls necessary for conducting clinical medical research, and to protect respondents, whether this research is preventive or diagnostic, curative or non-curative, invasive or non-intrusive, to establish a higher ethical review council. Clinical medical research, has a […]

Fight against cancer: The government strengthens the therapeutic arsenal

Prevention, screening, early diagnosis and treatment. Hope is growing in the fight against breast cancer. The government is strengthening the therapeutic arsenal available to women so that the fight against cancer is no longer a losing battle. It is one of the most visible parts of femininity. Unfortunately, when the cells panic, the breasts become […]

The advantages for the industry of Tierra del Fuego extend until 2038

The National Government announced this Monday the 15-year extension of the industrial promotion in the province of Tierra del Fuego, where the main electronics manufacturers are based. In return, The benefited companies must contribute a part of their turnover to a fund to diversify and develop the productive matrix of the island. The president reported […]

Emmanuel Macron chooses to display himself as a defender of nuclear power

ANALYSIS – The Head of State wants to announce before Christmas the construction of six new EPR reactors and relaunch the debate on the energy mix. Focus on nuclear. The concessions to the ecologists at the start of his mandate have lived, Emmanuel Macron is fully committed to the development of the atomic sector. After […]

He is silent on the Kogler attack – briefly now submerged – politics

The ÖVP is foaming. In interviews, Kogler described the events that led to Kurz’s resignation. “Deliberately twisted”, so the turquoise. “It is important to clarify some things if they are not presented correctly, as was the case by Werner Kogler at the party congress of the Vienna Greens.” ÖVP General Secretary Axel Melchior does not […]