Moscow invited the government to support restaurants by abolishing VAT

The restaurant business was one of the worst hit by the restrictions during the pandemic. Proposals to reduce VAT for this industry have already been sounded, but there was no talk about its complete abolition

Photo: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti

Moscow authorities have proposed to the government to abolish or reduce VAT for the restaurant business. This, as reported by “RIA Novosti”, said the deputy mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Efimov.

“We regularly meet with business representatives as part of our strategic advice, offering businesses various support measures, including those of a regulatory nature. So, we turned to the federal government with a proposal to reduce or completely abolish VAT for the restaurant business, which will significantly reduce the burden on enterprises and help them overcome this difficult period, ”said Efimov.


According to the Deputy Mayor, this proposal has already been supported by the Ministry of Economic Development. He also noted that the catering sector has become one of the most affected due to the restrictive measures taken to combat coronavirus infection.

“For a long time, turnover in the catering sector has been reduced: we observe a periodic increase in attendance or take-away orders, then a decrease. It is quite obvious that 2020 and 2021 will not be successful for this industry, ”Efimov said.


“President, so everything collapses.” The center-right received at the Quirinale – Il Tempo

Eye President, that the climate that exists between government and Parliament risks breaking all institutions, none excluded. And we are worried about it. Basically, from the center-right a responsible alarm in the meeting between Sergio Mattarella, last night at Colle, with Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni and Antonio Tajani, after what happened in the Senate with a very limited majority in numbers. The representatives of Lega, Fdi and Forza Italia expressed «great concern for the condition of Italy: while the health and economic emergency hit families and businesses, Tuesday’s vote certified the inconsistency of the majority.

And the center-right is convinced that it is impossible to work with this Parliament ”. Outside the official statement, respectful in tone towards the Head of State whose wisdom the opposition exponents have trusted, it should be added that there was a decidedly good climate. As you can imagine on these occasions, the President of the Republic listens to the interlocutors, but none of those present have missed the attention to the issue of the risk of mud on all the institutions if we do not intervene seriously.

The meeting lasted about an hour and must also be recorded – the participants said – a compactness without out of tune notes on the part of the coalition that presented itself at the meeting with Mattarella. Salvini pointed out to the Head of State that “there are millions of jobs that risk going up in smoke”. And again: “It is better to invest two months to give back the word to the Italians rather than waste years to guarantee the seat”. And the delegation also wanted to reiterate that the center-right will vote, out of a sense of responsibility, for measures such as the deviation but there is no room to share anything else. And this also helped to make the climate serene. Then, the statements on the news. Salvini added that “we cannot continue to witness this buying and selling of senators by a government without ideas and without vision.” Giorgia Meloni said that “the compact center-right has expressed its concern to the President of the Republic for the gravity of the political situation. Because while the health and economic emergency hits citizens, Tuesday’s vote showed that the government no longer has a compact majority. And our belief is that the problem is not simply the government but this Parliament, which cannot solve the problems of the nation and which cannot give Italy a compact majority to do the courageous things that are needed ». Similar tones from Antonio Tajani for Forza Italia: «We have expressed to the Head of State our great concern for the economic, health and employment crisis in Italy. Faced with these difficulties, the majority do not have the numbers to govern and to resolve the major issues that we face ».

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Cdm, the delegation to services goes to Pietro Benassi. Who is the most faithful of Conte – Il Tempo

The delegation to the secret services goes to Pietro Benassi, former ambassador to Berlin and current diplomatic advisor to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. According to what is learned, the Council of Ministers, underway at Palazzo Chigi, has “closed” on the name of ambassador Pietro Benassi, current diplomatic adviser to the premier, for the delegation to services. Thus confirmed the name circulated today. The delegation to the secret services thus goes to a man close to the premier, who would also unlock the impasse for other appointments, linked to the “deputy directors” of internal and external intelligence and the Dis. Conte wanted to avoid delegating Intelligence to a political profile or a member of government, also to avoid divisions in such a complex moment in the life of the executive.

Roman, 63 in June, Pietro Benassi was ambassador to Berlin until June 2018, before being called to Palazzo Chigi by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte as his diplomatic advisor. Strengthened by her relationship with Angela Merkel, she played a fundamental role in bringing Conte closer to the German Chancellor, cementing a relationship thanks to which Germany was solidly on Italy’s side in the difficult negotiations on the Recovery Fund in Brussels last summer. And it was the ambassador who still had a leading role in bringing the premier to support the so-called Ursula majority for the birth of the current European Commission.

Former ambassador to Tunis and former head of the cabinet of the then foreign minister Emma Bonino, Benassi entered a diplomatic career in 1984, holding positions, among others, in Havana, Warsaw, Brussels. As Conte’s diplomatic advisor, he was also a Sherpa of the G7 and G20, of which Italy has just assumed the presidency. Benassi is married and has two children.


the problem is not only the government but also this Parliament – Time

We need courageous choices that this government and this Parliament are not able to make, says Giorgia Meloni after the interview with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinale. «Today the compact center-right expressed to the President of the Republic his concern for the gravity of the political situation. Because while the health and economic emergency falls on citizens, Tuesday’s vote showed that the government no longer has a compact majority. And our conviction is that the problem is not simply the government but this Parliament, which cannot solve the problems of the nation and which cannot give Italy a compact majority to do the courageous things that are needed “, he said the president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni, in a statement to the news.


“For 58 percent of Italians, the government is weaker” – Libero Quotidiano

Another blow to the government. Also Fabrizio Masia speaks of a “weaker government” after the rupture of Matteo Renzi. The pollster in connection with Agora on Rai 3 reports the figures with which the Italians condemn the executive of Giuseppe Conte. “For 58 per cent of Italians, the Giallorossi have emerged weakened in the face – continues the director of Emg Acqua – of a 25 per cent which instead believes is stronger after the resignation of the ministers of Italia Viva”. While the remaining 17 percent prefer not to answer. Hence Masia’s warning: “At this point the process he will have to face will be that of strengthening and then we’ll see”. In short, nothing good for the premier struggling with a very narrow majority.


Government, Conte after the trust today rises to the Quirinale. Yes to the reshuffle

On the wire, but “still alive”. These are not quiet hours for Giuseppe Conte. He survived the Senate chamber. He has “two weeks of fire” ahead of him, in which to try to create a centrist group and organize a reshuffle. Without “ter”, despite the pressure. Mountains to climb, but with the certainty of having escaped. He will talk about it today at Colle, who in the meantime takes note of the vote.
It could have “been better”, of course. They had promised him a couple of extra votes. But the lawyer also knows it could have been a lot worse. With numbers still precarious, we need to roll up our sleeves and “make this majority even more solid, because Italy doesn’t have a minute to lose”. Conte’s plan cannot ignore a fundamental step at this point: the centrist group in Palazzo Madama must be born, and quickly. In the Chamber it is only a matter of days: Bruno Tabacci has gathered those available. It is not just an aesthetic problem, to show the world a new “derenzized” majority. No, it is a question of governability: only with the constitution of a group can the parliamentary committees of the Senate be rebalanced in favor of the Giallorossi. Without the support of Italia Viva, some are in the hands of the opposition. Two, in particular, are of concern: Budget and Constitutional Affairs. Among other things, the Recovery Plan must pass through the first, and the proportional reform of the electoral law in the second.

To build the popular and socialist group, the premier continues to be personally involved. He works alongside the UDC and Italia Viva. The motivation to earn the precious days to carry out this project is already there: the refreshments decree. In the meantime, a legislative pact will also be drawn up, setting three or four key reforms for the last two years of the legislature. Among these, the fiscal and electoral law. Only later, they swear from Palazzo Chigi – and therefore not before February – would the game of government reshuffle begin. Reshuffle and not Conte ter, because Conte does not intend to resign. For several reasons.

To discourage the step backwards there is first of all the need to avoid the liturgy of the formal crisis, which would nail the executive to a new rodeo in the Chambers, in a tough time for the country. Second: we prefer not to certify with emphasis the passage of “responsible”, which Palazzo Chigi and the Democratic Party instead hope to soon forget. Third: better not to break already precarious balances, especially in the 5S. Instead, move with targeted interventions, taking advantage of the places vacated by Iv. Perhaps by expanding the team from 60 to 65 places, with a decree that would be motivated by the need to introduce the undersecretary for services.

The strategy of caution seems to have been recommended by Franceschini. Maybe the Colle doesn’t mind either. “We averted a leap into the dark”, Zingaretti says. It is true, the Grillini groups are split, and there are those who ask for the head of some minister. And of course, the pressure of the parliamentary troops dem not to exclude the “ter” exists, also to involve Graziano Delrio and Andrea Orlando. But a lot can also be done with a simple reshuffle. For Orlando, for example, two boxes are hypothesized: Internal or Justice, in this second case diverting Alfonso Bonafede to the Services. And then there is Agriculture, which has already been promised to the UDC if it will decide to enter the majority with its three senators, also taking another Berlusconian parliamentarian with it. And again, the ministry of the family and a post as undersecretary for foreign affairs dance. Without forgetting the hypothesis of splitting some ministry, for example Infrastructure and Transport, but also Relations with Parliament and Reforms, entrusting the latter to the Democratic Party.

Everything, rather than returning to deal with Renzi. The leader leaves the majority on the line for a whole day. In the middle of the afternoon it was the Democratic Party – warned of the risk that Italia Viva could change their orientation at the last minute and pass from abstention to voting against – to contact the lawyer, asking him not to tread too much on the reply. The goal is not to give Rignano’s leader reasons to break up. Finally, Renzi reiterates the line of neutrality. On which it will remain however for a short time. He also explains it to Matteo Salvini, during the day. And after having discarded the possibility of a blitz on trust with the Northern League, he is preparing to give life to a Vietnam in key commissions. On justice, for example. First there is, already today, the vote on the deviation.


Future US Treasury Secretary: Willpower and humor: Janet Yellen campaigns for a more social economy in the Senate

The former head of the central bank is to become finance minister under Joe Biden. At an initial hearing, she woos the Senators’ favor and calls for new, large economic aid. .

YPF seeks to exchange debt and stock market operators warn of a suspension of payments

In the 99 years since it was founded to pump the oil fields of Patagonia, the Argentine oil company YPF SA it has been plagued by countless booms and busts. When world oil markets weren’t collapsing, Argentina was mired in a debt crisis that was wreaking havoc on the nation’s finances.

However, the company had never been in the position of large-scale default of any kind. Until, it seems, now. The news came in a strange way: in the dead of night, Officials from state-owned YPF sent a press release presenting a debt swap plan that would allow them to control losses.

Implicit in his statement was a threat that operators immediately understood: Failure to reach a restructuring agreement could lead to a total suspension of debt payments. The next morning, they began to frantically unload the bonds from the shale driller. Today, about two weeks later, securities are trading at just 56 cents on the dollar.

Creditors, including BlackRock Inc. y Oaktree Capital Group de Howard Marks, are preparing for a show of hands negotiations four months after closing a restructuring agreement with the Government that marked the third sovereign default of the country, only in this century.

Oaktree and BlackRock would be among YPF’s bondholder groups

YPF’s fall underscores how hard the pandemic has hit, both the global oil industry and Argentina’s eternally reeling economy. Dollars are now so scarce in Buenos Aires that the Central Bank refused to allow YPF to buy the full amount it needed to pay the notes due in March.. That was the immediate cause of the restructuring announcement.

A broader view reveals a steady decline in the company’s finances since the government renationalized it in 2012 and It forced it to increase payrolls, keep domestic fuel prices low, and skimp on investments, causing oil and gas production to decline for four consecutive years.

The task becomes more urgent as the South American winter approaches and YPF may be unable to meet domestic gas demand, which means that Argentina would have to boost imports, and shell out the precious currency, amid a global rise in prices.

“The central bank’s decision really put YPF between a rock and a hard place,” said Lorena Reich, a corporate debt analyst at Lucror Analytics in Buenos Aires.

YPF BOXES reaches the app and launches a promo with a 20% discount

Officially, YPF says that the exchange is voluntary and that it will continue to pay all its bonds, whether they are exchanged or not. But that’s certainly not how investors understand the situation, while rating companies say the proposal constitutes a distressed trade that would amount to a default.

In general, YPF seeks to restructure US $ 6.2 billion in bonds, delaying a total of US$2.100 millones in debt payments until the end of next year to be able to invest the money in boosting production. The deal offers investors a slight advantage over current bond prices, but would leave creditors with losses of up to 16% on a net present value basis, as calculated by Portfolio Personal Inversiones, a local brokerage.

While some investors had anticipated that YPF would try to roll over its short-term debt, without imposing losses, the plan to restructure virtually all of the company’s foreign bonds turned out to be a big surprise.

“The offer crossed the line of reason,” said Ray Zucaro, investment director at RVX Asset Management in Miami, owner of the YPF bonds. “There was no reason why they needed to include all the bonds when they only needed short-term relief.”


Fake site of the Immuni app downloads computer viruses – Software and Apps

The ‘Covid-19’ theme has long been a weapon for cybercrime, this time the Immuni app is being exploited. According to an alarm launched by Cert-Agid, the government structure that deals with cybersecurity, “cybercriminals are spreading a fake version of the same app through ad hoc domains”. The aim is to carry a virus called Alien: it can take control of the smartphone and also empty the current account of the unfortunate user.

“To report the presence of the fake Immuni app – explains Cert-Agid – was the group of researchers of Malware Hunter Team (MHT) through a tweet”, then thanks also “to the contribution of D3Lab, the domains hosting the fake app “.

The government-approved Immune contact tracing application just exceeded 10 million users. It is not the first time that Cert-Agid has raised an alarm in this sense. In June, he alerted to a computer virus campaign, disseminated by e-mail, under the pretext of downloading a file called Immuni which invited you to click on a bogus website that imitated that of the Federation of the Orders of Italian Pharmacists.