At HSV you get goose bumps

DAniel Thioune started the weekend with a good dose of goose bumps. That was of course also due to the return of fans on his home debut as coach of Hamburger SV, but above all to Simon Terodde. His “finisher”, his “skimmer”, as Thioune said with relief after this 2-1 (1-0) against Fortuna Düsseldorf.

HSV had turbulent days behind them, the embarrassing cup knockout in Dresden (1: 4), Toni Leistner’s push against a Dynamo fan including a five-game ban – but his team “showed a good reaction despite the vortex “Said Thioune. And Terodde once again confirmed in front of 1000 fans that he “knows where the frame is”.

Terodde has always been the top scorer in his last three seasons in the second division (2016, 2017, 2019) and has now led HSV to victory against Fortuna with his two goals. The beefy 32-year-old with a goal instinct only scored with a penalty kick (45th + 2) and then finally made the decision in the second half after a good preparatory work by Jeremy Dudziak (60th).

“We had the clearer chances, we were the better team,” said Terodde: “I’m really happy about my first two goals, but if the equalizer had come, we wouldn’t have been able to buy anything from them.” After Matthias scored Zimmermann (90th + 3) only had to tremble for a short time.

Thioune could see that this victory – after all against a Bundesliga relegated team – was balm for the scratched HSV soul, after everything “that was going on in the last few days”. After the suspension against Leistner, Moritz Heyer played in central defense – and only 24 hours after his engagement. “We didn’t allow a lot at the back and scored the goals at the front – that’s how you win games,” said the newcomer from Thiounes former club VfL Osnabrück soberly.

The start of the third attempt to return to the Bundesliga has been successful for the Hanseatic League, and a little reparation after the chaotic start of the week is done – but nothing more. “We still have a lot of work to do,” said Thioune. After the first success of the season, they were able to enjoy the weekend at HSV for the first time.


Union Berlin showed the way: football with spectators

PPresident Dirk Zingler didn’t really care about the sporting events. “I looked at the people who are in the stadium and I looked into those overjoyed eyes,” said the boss of the Berlin Bundesliga club 1. FC Union. “It was a very special moment to have people in the stadium after so many weeks and months, it was just wonderful,” said Zingler. Basically, all of Germany watched the Unioner’s last preparatory game before the start of the competitive game.

The hosts beat 1. FC Nürnberg 2-1 on Saturday with two goals from Marcus Ingvartsen (51st / 65th minute / penalty kick). In between, Nikola Dovedan (53rd) scored for the Nuremberg team. “It was great to play with fans again and get the real football feeling,” said Ingvartsen. “It gave me goose bumps, even when the stadium wasn’t full. It’s just good to have spectators in the stadium, ”said Union coach Urs Fischer.

The discussions are not over 14 days before the planned Bundesliga start: Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder and North Rhine-Westphalia’s state father Armin Laschet spoke of “distortion of competition” last week, as the spectator comeback is going very differently in each of the 16 federal states And Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn warned on Saturday: “A uniform approach would be better for acceptance.” That should now be in place by the end of October. Spahn just hopes “everyone is aware – both those who approve it and those who approve it who carry it out – that the risk of infection remains minimized. “

Praise from the health department

4500 fans were there, or better: were allowed to be there. Normally 22,012 spectators fit into the stadium “An der Alten Försterei”. The last time in front of fans was on March 1st against VfL Wolfsburg (2-2). Then came the lockdown because of the corona pandemic. For weeks now, the Unioners, led by Zingler, have been campaigning for the fans to return, even in times of Corona.

After the pilot game, there was even praise from the Berlin Health Department Treptow-Köpenick. “The 1. FC Union implemented the hygiene-relevant requirements excellently”, explained the responsible speaker – he too had been to the stadium. “I am particularly impressed by the fans, who accept the necessary measures and adhere to the hygiene rules.”

For Zingler it should only be the beginning on the way to a certain normality. Union has proven that “it can be done in the smallest Bundesliga stadium. I would like that at other Bundesliga locations where there is a lot more space, where hygiene measures are possible, that it would also be possible there, ”he said loudly“ Kicker ”.

Swipe at Max Eberl

Zingler does not mind that the actions of the Iron are also viewed critically by others. “I don’t expect support, I don’t want it either,” he said: “Most of the time, we are criticized by the people who do nothing themselves – except for cardboard comrades. That’s a little too little for me. “

Zingler put a swipe at Max Eberl, the sports director of Borussia Mönchengladbach, who had recently criticized the Union’s proposals to return to the stadiums. “I would be happy if we didn’t position ourselves all the time and want to look better than others,” Eberl complained.