Upcycling Android: Initiative for switching to free smartphone software

Everything always revolves around shopping – be it for Black Friday, Christmas or Easter. But why not just repair and reuse instead of always buying something new? This is what our series of articles “Repairing and Upcycling” is all about. With the “Upcycling Android” initiative, the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) wants to encourage Android […]

Renderbilder des Pixel 6a geleakt

23. November 2021 – With the Pixel 6a, Google is bringing a mid-range smartphone onto the market alongside its Pixel flagships. Now the first render images and specifications for the screen and cameras have appeared. The notorious Leaker Onleaks has on twitter and published by Google on “91mobiles” render images and specifications of the upcoming […]

Google Chrome for Windows has got a cool new mode. It can already be turned on

Google is testing a new mode called Windows 11 in the desktop version of its Chrome browser. This is reported by the foreign edition of Review Geek. According to the source, Google has added a new experimental feature to the Chrome browser – now beta testers can enable a graphical shell in the style of […]

Google makes Chrome available in the Windows 11 design

18. November 2021 – Google has released version 96 of Chrome. The release makes it possible to adapt the design to that of Windows 11 – even on Windows 10 computers. Google has released version 96 of the Chrome browser, which brings more speed and some other innovations (“Swiss IT Magazine” reported). Somewhat hidden, Chrome […]

Google extends Chrome support to Windows 7 through early 2023

18. November 2021 – Google has announced that Chrome will be supported on Windows 7 for at least one more year – until January 15, 2023. Originally, Google wanted to end Chrome support for Windows 7 at the beginning of January 2020, then the deadline was first extended to July 15, 2021, and later due […]

Google Maps will soon help you avoid the crowds

Area Busyness shows you how full a restaurant or shop is. […] (c) IDG While we all go outside a little more in the run up to the holiday season, Google Maps gives you a good reason to stay inside. A new feature that will be available for iPhones and Android phones is designed to […]

2000 (!) Photos in camera comparison ⊂ · ⊃ CURVED.de

After our photo tour, we can say: The Google Pixel 6 Pro’s camera is in the top league. But is it also better than its counterpart in the iPhone 13 Pro? The video above this article is intended to answer this question using 2000 sample photos. Our colleagues from The Verge carried out the camera […]