Alla Pugacheva in a lush total image of ecru color blew up the Network

Yulia Filatova The celebrity this time abandoned the usual black clothes. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. Photo: Recently, Alla Pugacheva appeared in public exclusively in black. The celebrity even on the birthday of her twins Lisa and Harry shone in total black. And therefore, her next appearance in public in a radically new image […]

Klava Koka in the image of a lascivious bride in a transparent dress showed “buns”

Yulia Filatova The singer did not hesitate to show what should be hidden from the eyes of others. Klava Coca. Photo: Singer Klavdia Vysokova, best known under the pseudonym Klava Koka, increasingly delights fans with new hits. They react no less violently to the images of the girl in videos and at concerts. Managed […]

Averin said that he is connected with Yakunina

Alexey Zayakin The stars of Sklifosovsky are often credited with relationships. Maxim Averin and Anna Yakunina. Photo: Actor Maxim Averin in the studio of the program “The Fate of a Man” on the channel “Russia 1” commented on rumors of an affair with actress Anna Yakunina. She played together in the series “Sklifosovsky”. Star […]

The Aztec sun dims its brilliance; PRD will be a new party

MEXICO CITY. The Aztec Sun, an emblem adopted by the PRD since its founding in 1989, will cease to shine before the end of the year, as part of the re-founding of the party, to now become a new social-democratic force. Today, the PRD is in a dilemma: changing its logo or name, and for […]

SRE issues new electronic passport

Accompanied by his wife, Rosalinda Bueso, the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, delivered on Tuesday the first electronic passport, with which Mexico is among the 15 countries in the world with the safest identity document to travel, endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organization. It may interest you: New Mexican electronic passport will be […]

Ivan Okhlobystin married his second daughter. Video

Natalia Mikheeva Actor Ivan Okhlobystin shared photos and videos from the wedding of Evdokia and her chosen one. Ivan Okhlobystin. Photo: Global Look Press Actor Ivan Okhlobystin and his wife Oksana have six children. The eldest heiress of the couple got married in May of this year, and this Monday Ivan Okhlobystin and Oksana attended […]

Neighbors denied rumors about Pugacheva, who strangles talents

Alexey Zayakin As the music critic noted, there is no need to demonize clans on the Russian stage. Alla Pugacheva. Photo: Music critic Sergei Sosedov in an interview with “Around TV” dispelled the myth that the singer Alla Pugacheva at one time did not give way to young talents on the stage, cutting off […]

Malkova said she would soon see her eldest son

Alexey Zayakin According to the artist, she will definitely see her senior heir soon. Svetlana Malkova. Photo: Artist Svetlana Malkova responded to actress Anastasia Makeeva in Instagram stories. The musical star previously noted that she would not allow Malkova to meet with her son Andrei on her territory. In particular, in her apartment. At […]

Liepa named the reasons for the collapse of the first marriage

Alexey Zayakin As the ballerina noted, a genius should have a wife who serves him. Ilze Liepa. Photo: Ballerina Ilze Liepa in the studio of the program “The Fate of a Man” on the channel “Russia 1” explained why she divorced her first husband, violinist Sergei Stadler. Sergey Stadler. Photo: frame from the program […]