Gold prices today, Sunday 17-10-2021 in the Egyptian market

Today, Sunday, October 17, 2021, gold prices in Egypt are witnessing remarkable stability in the market, in conjunction with the cessation of trading on gold today in international stock exchanges, as well as the Egyptian market with the weekend. Gold prices recorded in Egypt are now 18 karat at 664 pounds, 21 karat records 775 […]

After its sharp decline yesterday, what did gold prices do today, Sunday?

12:51 PM Sunday 17 October 2021 I wrote – Sherine Salah: Gold prices stabilized in the market today, Sunday, at the same prices as yesterday. The gram of gold in Egypt during yesterday’s trading was 8 pounds. Naguib, former Secretary of the Gold Division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, told Masrawy that the price […]

Gold prices today, Thursday, October 14, and developments in the precious metal

Gold prices are witnessing a continuous rise during the past 24 hours on global stock exchanges, supported by a noticeable increase in inflation levels in some European countries, America and other countries, which raises the demand for gold as a safe haven in times of crisis. The world is currently exposed to a major crisis […]

A new rise in gold prices in Egypt during trading today, Saturday

12:58 PM Saturday 02 October 2021 I wrote – Dina Khaled: Gold prices rose during trading today, Saturday, compared to yesterday’s prices, by about two pounds per gram. Naguib Club, Secretary General of the Gold Division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce previously, told Masrawy that the price of a gram of 21 carat gold […]