Now you can enter your Microsoft account without password

Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo Having to type the same password over and over to enter that service that you use every day from the same computer and for years has been very absurd and dystopian. Microsoft dreams of a future without passwords, and to reach that future it has already taken the first step. […]

Scotland in the last ice age was like living in GoT

Screenshot: YouTube One of the most satisfactory consequences that occur with the new technologies in scientific today is to be able to understand or study the past through visual reconstructions. that until recently were not possible. The following video is a sample of it. So it was a city in Scotland during the last ice […]

Dislocated shoulder celebrating victory in esports tournament

Probably at home or in the school did they ever teach you that it was as important to know how to lose as to know how to win. But what surely you have never considered is that perhaps that has saved you an injury in the process, How do i happened to this guy during […]

Sonos’ new soundbar achieves 3D audio with Dolby Atmos at a reasonable price

Image: Sonos Sonos today unveiled the second-generation Sonos Beam, its new compact soundbar. And although it has a very similar design to the previous one, it comes with important sound improvements that make its price more attractive. Let’s put that in context, because we are not talking about a cheap product. Sonos has two sound […]

Tesla asks for 22K for a battery. A workshop repaired it for 5K

Screenshot: YouTube With the rise and introduction of electric vehicles in homes, these types of problems will become more and more common.. If the vehicle battery has a problem, where should we take it to repair? What if the battery is out of warranty? The latter case happened to Tyler Hoover, owner of a Tesla […]

These are the winners of the Nikon Small World 2021 contest

Image: Nikon Small World 2021 I know have announced the winners of the contest This year’s Nikon Small World Competition, showing the best samples of photomicrograph that the 2021 had to offer. This is the 46th edition of this competition, which recognizes the photomicrographs Most prominent of the year in a wide range of scientific […]

Samsung patents an S Pen with integrated camera

Image: LetsGoDigital Although Samsung’s Note range probably has passed for the better life, from the Korean company they have been able to take advantage of the good things of their famous stylus. But the possibilities of the stylus could be increased if you finally decide to integrate a camera into it.l, What shows his latest […]

How to activate the dark mode in Google searches

Image: Google It is possible that you have been with the option activated for a while, or perhaps you did not know that you had the mode, in any case, Google has announced that its search engine already has dark mode worldwide. A) Yes the function is activated. And why would you want the dark […]