The conspiracy theory on the origin of COVID for which a Peruvian court accused Bill Gates, George Soros and the Rockefeller family

The world was surprised yesterday to learn that a court in Peru accused Bill Gates, George Soros and the Rockefeller family of creating the coronavirus. The judges were based on a conspiracy theory about the origin of the pandemic that circulated through social networks during 2020.

According to this theory, the defendants are in charge of “managing” and “continuing to direct” the virus in search of a “new world order”. They also ensure that “vaccines and 5G” are instruments used to “control the population.”

“No world government, natural and legal persons, nor the defendant’s defense can maintain that this pandemic has the quality of ‘foreseeable’, except for the creators of the new world order such as Bill Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, etc.”, assured the court in the resolution.

It was fueled months ago by accusations the Wuhan laboratory received of having created SARS-CoV-2.

It is worth remembering that the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed in May that the virus had an animal origin and refuted its creation in a laboratory, although the circulation of theories did not stop circulating. Even many also accused the WHO of being “involved”.


The Decentralized Office of Magistracy Control (Odecma) of Ica, located some 400 kilometers south of Lima, opened a preliminary investigation of the magistrates who signed that resolution. They are Tito Gallegos, Luis Leguía and Tony Changaray.

The objective of the investigation is to gather the elements that help to determine the existence of alleged irregularities committed by the judges.


George Blake, death of a “mole”

He was one of the famous “moles” who, after World War II, undermined the British secret service from within. Ex-double agent George Blake, who spied for the Soviet KGB in the 1950s before moving east, has died in Russia at the age of 98, Russian news agencies said on Saturday.

“Today, the legendary intelligence officer (…) George Blake is no more. He sincerely loved our country, admired the achievement of our people during the Second World War ”, Sergei Ivanov, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), told TASS.

Allied with the USSR after the Korean War

Member of the resistance in the Netherlands during World War II, he then became an agent of the British foreign intelligence services during the Cold War.

Taken prisoner by the North Koreans during the Korean War, George Blake recounts having offered his services to the Soviets on his own initiative after having witnessed American bombing of civilian populations during this conflict.

He revealed the existence of a secret tunnel in East Berlin used to spy on the Soviets. Above all, he provided the KGB with the names of hundreds of agents working for the British. George Blake, however, claimed that they had not been killed by Soviet intelligence. “I said to them: I would give you this information on condition that you promise me that they will not be executed. “

Escape after five years in prison

Reported by a Polish double agent, he was sentenced in 1961 to 42 years in prison in Britain. He manages to escape from prison five years later using a rope ladder and his cellmates.

On the run, George Blake succeeds in crossing the Iron Curtain via the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and forever passes east.

Celebrated as a hero in Moscow, he was awarded the rank of colonel by the Russian intelligence services. Despite the fall of communism to which he had devoted his life, he never regretted his actions. “I think it never hurts to offer your life to a noble ideal and noble experiences, even if it is not crowned with success”, he said in an interview with the press.

A famous generation of double agents

George Blake was the last surviving of a famous generation of British double agents, “Moles” that the USSR had managed to recruit in the middle of the Cold War. His notoriety, however, was less than that of a small group of men from Cambridge University: Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean and Anthony Blunt, unmasked in the 1950s and 1960s.

The first three fled to the USSR where they ended their lives. The last, eminent art historian, curator of the collections of Queen Elisabeth II, benefited for his part, from immunity in exchange for his confession.

So many fates that have greatly inspired the novels of John le Carré, recently deceased, in particular one of the most famous of them, “La Taupe”.


Víctor Font puts his Barça in the hands of Xavi and Cruyff

Víctor Font presented his sports organization chart yesterday at a crowded event at Cinemes Bosque in Barcelona. The pre-candidate for the presidency of Barça would entrust the management of football, as was already known, to Xavi Hernández, who would act as general sports manager, whether or not he became a coach. The reason for this nuance is that Ronald Koeman would remain on the bench in the short term waiting to assess the team’s results this season. The Dutchman has a contract until June 2022. Although Xavi publicly softened his ties with the Yes to the Future project a few days ago, Font has it all closed with the former player and current coach of Qatar’s Al-Sadd , with whom he has spent time working on the organization chart.

“Xavi would coach Barça next year if he didn’t do well with Koeman. The idea is to make him like Ferguson at Manchester United, which would make the job of coach compatible with that of general manager “, said Font, who insists that it is necessary to create the conditions for Barça assets such as Xavi to serve the club ”And that the Egarenc, in the event of an electoral victory,“ would start advising the club on sports matters from 25 January ”.

The other powerful figure in the technical structure of football would be Jordi Cruyff, who would come to Barça as sporting director. The son of the Dream Team coach works for Shenzhen FC in the Chinese Super League today, but his main successes after finishing his time as a player were as a sporting director at Maccabi Tel Aviv, which between 2012 and in 2015 he lived in the Champions League thanks to the vision of the Spanish-Dutchman, who promoted coaches such as Peter Bosz, Òscar Garcia and Paulo Sousa. Bartomeu tried to hire him to fill the vacancies of Pep Segura and Robert Fernández, but Cruyff never agreed to make the leap to Barça’s offices with him. Now, if Víctor Font were chosen, he would.

However, Jordi Cruyff, through a tweet on the networks, sent the following message yesterday: “I would like to clarify that I am focused on my commitment to Shenzhen FC and outside the Barça electoral process.” A position that in Sí al Futur is interpreted with total normality, since the coach has a contract in force in China and, like Xavi, he cannot actively position himself in the pre-campaign.

One step below Cruyff would be the technical secretariat, which would have two figures. One is Tito Blanco, a former Levante sporting director who joined Barça B in the early 1990s. And the other was not revealed due to contractual confidentiality – Fernando Navarro still works at Sevilla under Monchi. Blanco would also be in charge of coordinating grassroots football, in which the key positions would be for two former La Masia players who are not currently at the club: Joan Vilá and Albert Benaiges. “The sum of players builds a team. And if we are close to the young players, we will be able to build great teams “, said Vila, Xavi’s football father, at the event.

Font presented several “transversal areas” that will also be under the tutelage of Xavi: medical services, physical preparation and physiotherapy, methodology (with Paco Seirul·lo as a key figure), talent management (with Emili Ricart ) and behavior and psychology (with Inma Puig, the therapist who treated Andrés Iniesta in 2010). And with regard to decision-making, the pre-candidate detailed a plan in which the sports management would identify needs, the technical secretariat would analyze the discharge market, the coach would be consulted, the general manager would make the decision and the board the validaria.

Juli López, general director of sports

Xavi and Cruyff would be the strong men of the football area, but they would have above a general director of sports who would be the ex-player Juli López, brother of the also ex-soccer players Gerard and Sergi López, with extensive experience in the world of football. company, especially in the recreational sector, and trained at Esade. Juli has been the sports spokesman for Sí al Futur for months and would have similar responsibilities to the club to those of Albert Soler a few years ago, when Bartomeu appointed him director of professional sports to coordinate all sections. “It will be a link between the executives and the board of directors,” explained Víctor Font on López.

Minguella and Rousaud want Haaland

Shortly after the end of the Yes to the Future event, another pre-candidate, Emili Rousaud, gave clues to his sports program together with his right hand man, Josep Maria Minguella. “I have nothing against Xavi or Jordi Cruyff. Xavi will surely do well, but now he needs someone with experience. You can’t put so many millions in the hands of people who haven’t worked in this job yet “, said the former veteran representative on Víctor Font’s sports proposal. Minguella, who if Rousaud won would be Barça’s vice-president of sports, not only questioned Xavi’s abilities to lead the project but also dared to talk about Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland as a future player to strengthen the lead. : “I spoke with Mino Raiola [agent de l’internacional noruec] and I have all the information of the conditions to negotiate with him, but Raiola will not let any pre-candidacy use his name ”.

Minguella was also in favor of recovering Charly Rexach and Hristo Stoichkov for the club. “Now that everyone is talking about cruyffism, it is necessary to value a person who has always been linked to Barça. As a player, as a coach … Rexach was also the man who said he had to stay with Messi when others had doubts. We need to have a detail with people like that. The Guardiolas, Xavi … they are all who they are thanks to Rexach. He was the one who told Cruyff that Guardiola was going up hard ”. Regarding the former Bulgarian striker, Minguella commented: “I spoke to him, he now has a contract with a television station in Miami, but I made him an offer to return. He speaks languages, everyone knows him … He would be a person who would defend Barça in the institutions ”.

The strongman of Rousaud’s pre-candidacy also suggested postponing the summer elections due to the pandemic. “People are dying and we need to talk about vaccines. The elections should be a great celebration of Barcelona and now you can’t enjoy them, it’s hard to collect signatures … I don’t know if my proposal will work, but it would be better to have a provisional directive and hold the elections later “, argued Minguella .

“I’m not here to evaluate other proposals”

Joan Laporta presented his project on Barça fans and members yesterday. The event took place at the polling station, where the dripping of signatures to turn the candidate into a full-fledged candidate on January 24 does not stop. He was accompanied by members of his team and former members of his board such as Albert Perrín and Xavier Sala i Martín. Asked about the link between Xavi Hernández and Jordi Cruyff with the pre-candidacy of Víctor Font, Laporta was categorical: “I respect the proposals of the other pre-candidates. I hope they are true. But I did not come to this election to comment on the ideas of other aspirants. I’m focused on collecting signatures. “

“I remember Rijkaard’s first year with a disastrous first lap. The league is complicated, but experience tells me that many things can happen, Laporta commented after a draw against Eibar on Tuesday, a score that led Koeman to give the League almost lost. The pre-candidate also spoke about Messi’s interview with Évole: “I saw him as mature, kind, familiar and loved by Barça. I understood that he was waiting for a proposal and did not say at any time that he intended to leave “.


“Midnight in the universe”, the apocalypse according to George Clooney

There are films which, depending on the context in which you watch them, take on a very particular resonance. George Clooney’s is one of them. As a pandemic affects our daily lives, this post-apocalyptic tale of an Earth devastated by a mysterious catastrophe preventing humans from breathing can only send us back to our own fears and our questions about the finiteness of our world.

→ READ. George Clooney produces documentary on the Guatemalan assassination of Bishop José Gerardi

The actor and director, whose commitments we know, obviously did not choose this story, adapted from a successful American novel (Good Morning, Midnight released in 2016) at random. But he certainly didn’t imagine how much she would echo what we’re going through.

Two films in one

The actor himself plays an aging and seriously ill scientist who, in 2049, three weeks after a tragic “event” leading humanity to its disappearance, agrees to remain alone in an observatory in the Arctic Circle recently evacuated. His last hope is to get in touch with the crew of a space mission back to Earth to inform them of the disaster. And encourage them to return to a recently explored planet in Jupiter’s orbit, K-23, which meets the conditions for the survival of the species.

The film then follows a double movement, marrying very different genres and cinematographic universes, already marked out by Hollywood. On the one hand, an almost survivalist story in which Augustin Lofthouse, accompanied by a little girl who appeared mysteriously one night, must face a hostile and icy nature to reach ever further north a base with a more powerful antenna. On the other, a space odyssey of a crew, with a pregnant woman on board, who has lost contact with Earth and must face her fate alone.

A humanist and redemptive fable

In each of them, the “borrowings” from other films are evident. For example, when astronauts face a meteor shower on a spacewalk to repair damaged devices, or when father and daughter converse through space. References perfectly assumed by George Clooney.

“The film is inspired a bit by Gravity (d’Alfonso Cuaron), a movie I made, and The Revenant (of Alexander Gonzales Iñarritu), and connects them in a natural way ”, explains the director. But unlike his models, there is no desire for the spectacular about him. Only the pretext for a quasi-metaphysical questioning on what connects human beings, with this question asked : “What is left when everything around us disappears?” “

It envelops the whole film with a poetic dimension and gives it the appearance of a humanist and redemptive fable, adapted, despite the blackness of the subject, to these Christmas times. After two feature films that looked like a parody (the failure Monuments men and squeaking it Welcome to Suburbicon), George Clooney revives a form of candor in the story and a mastery in the staging, which, in the absence of great originality, have the merit of referring us to our own responsibilities as human beings.

Midnight in the universe, by George Clooney, American Movie, 2:05 AM, on Netflix.


They revealed that Prince William and Kate Middleton are very severe with their children

Prince william and Kate Middleton are recognized for being very present parents to George, Charlotte and Louis. In an effort to provide the best education and examples to their little ones, it was learned that they are also very strict.

Shout is absolutely prohibited for the children And any hint of yelling at each other is solve with a expulsion“, expressed a source close to the royal family to The Sun.

Then, he added what to do in case of misunderstandings or fights between the brothers: “They interrupt the dispute between their children and then they speak with calm. This is how they explain things to them and describe consequences. But they never yell at them. ”

In addition, from the international media they also revealed that the youngsters of seven, five and two years They must not disobey some of the strict orders. As for example, lying down to sleep at 19 hs and comer everything they are serve no complains.

While their parents go about their chores, the Boys are under the watch out of Maria Borrallo, his baby sister. She is within the royal family since 2014, she trained in the prestigious Norland College and according to The nation, it is believed to be very serious.

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“Who says it will be easy to collect signatures is that he does not know how it goes” (Martí Molina)

Jordi Farré (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, 1975) likes to remember that he is the youngest pre-candidate of those who choose to preside over Barça. Aspiring in 2015 and driving the no-confidence motion that ended up overthrowing Bartomeu, he now focuses his energy on collecting the 2,257 signatures to become a full-fledged candidate. To achieve this, he will give away pizzas and tattoos with the Barça coat of arms at his polling station for three days.

Whose idea was this about pizzas and tattoos?

[Riu.] We were together with the campaign team and as we have with us the best pizzer in the world [Fabián Martín], we thought it was a good idea. And the tattoos, because it’s a way of saying that we take Barça to heart. Basically, what we wanted to do was update the merchandising that has been done all our lives in the election. Chocolate has been given away with melindros, DTT equipment, balls, T-shirts, quality pens … These are marketing actions. Pizzas and tattoos look just as bright to me as Laporta’s action with the canvas. The difference is that he only sells to him and we talk about the whole team. They are very good and very current marketing options.

Well some candidates consider it not serious.

Because? If it is the cheapest merchandise in the world. There have even been two business schools that have asked me if I can attend a conference, because they found this marketing campaign brilliant. It’s all about criticizing. This environment is like that. The country and the entity is sad and we need fun actions. In the end, who doesn’t like not to do it.

But it all adds up to money. How much does it cost to run an election campaign?

Allow me not to say how much. It is worth a lot of money and a lot of effort. I have a company and 800 workers. Some spend it with Ferraris. I spend it with Barça. It’s a major effort but I have the will and the resources. In the end there is not so much difference between my campaign and that of others. For example, how much is the canvas that Laporta hung?

Little by little we get to know his management team. Has it been easy for you to make it?

Well no. I spend a lot of time working. He did not want any of the members to have been on a previous candidacy or on any board of directors. It has not been easy for me to find people who have the time and resources. But in the end I think we have a winning team.

These are his second choices. In 2015 the signature cut did not happen. What did he learn from it?

In 2015 I learned that signatures are not brought to you, you are going to look for them. I didn’t want to campaign during those years, but I kept working thinking about the club. I have traveled a lot with the team, watching football and all the sections, I have been to more than 150 supporters clubs … I have known Barça more.

All pre-candidates say they will have a good time cutting signatures. I guess that’s what it’s all about. But it surprises me. I think it will be very difficult.

And so, that will be very difficult! Who says it’s not because he doesn’t know how it’s going. We will suffer a lot. Everyone. No matches, no coronavirus, no dates … I’m devoting 90% of my time and resources to signings. And the remaining 10% work for the 25th, to be able to govern the club.

Would it be a failure not to pass the cut?

No. With this situation one cannot speak of failure.

Do you think there was bad faith on the chosen date?

Bad faith, I don’t know. Unconsciousness, for sure. The chairman of the management board should have called elections on the first day. And so, this weekend we would already have a president and we could work the winter market. He must have his reasons, I don’t get it.

Seeing the work of the manager, I interpret that he wanted to tidy up the economic part.

But I don’t get it. Each candidate had their own plan to reverse the situation. In the end, everything the president of the management has done will have to be reaffirmed by the new president. I insist I don’t get it.

Does it hurt you, who initiated the vote of censure, that the electoral process has been delayed?

I do not think so. In the end the rules are these and they are the same for everyone.

Will he campaign for Spain?

If I have to tell the truth, I don’t know very well what the campaign will be like. I am totally focused on signatures. I already have a team big enough and good enough thinking about the campaign. For now, signatures, signatures and signatures.

Does it look good for Messi to focus on this campaign?

Of course. It is a basic theme for our club. He is the greatest he has been at Barça. For me, the best in history. I find it very normal that this is the case.

What would you do if you were president?

The day after he won, he would pick up the phone and renew it. I think the team shouldn’t revolve around him, but he should be the icing on the cake. The whole project we have to offer him goes beyond the football player Leo. He may have two, three or four years left as a player. But what I am clear about is that he must be linked to Barça all his life.

Despite having sent a burofax to leave?

All love stories have ups and downs. Who hasn’t argued with their partner?

With Koeman as coach?

Koeman is a legend and I like him to be brave with young people. From here, my technical secretary will speak there the day after I join the club. He will listen to Koeman. We have a very clear sports project. If we believe he and he can go arm in arm, Koeman will follow. Anyway, football is very capricious and it all ends up depending on the results.

When will we know who will be your technical secretary?

You will know him before the election. Leaving an entity right now. I hope you can come here to the headquarters soon. You will like it. For sure.

The economy is another key theme of this campaign. And, above all, the management of Bartomeu’s board. What will you do, at this point, if you are president?

On the first day we will do an audit and hopefully there is nothing punishable. I don’t like to lift carpets because you only find crap in them. But if it is evidenced that someone has committed crimes or embezzlement, obviously we will take action.

Are you afraid of the economic situation you will find yourself in?

Barça has 3,033 million in net worth. Which company would want this balance sheet? We have a value of 2 billion equity. It is an entity with a delicate economic situation, but it is not at risk of bankruptcy, as some suggest. It is poorly funded and needs refinancing, and we are already working on it to see what options we have. And there is another issue, the Espai Barça, of which I think it is necessary to modify the credit model for the concession model. Now it has to be done. Because it’s one of the things that will help us recoup income.

How long do you think it will take for Barça to aspire to everything again?

A half renovation has been done. There are interesting and young players, such as Pedri, De Jong, Dest, Trincao, and some more pieces are missing such as a striker, a center or a winger. I think that between this winter market and the summer market we can make a good team. In the 2021-22 season we have to opt for everything.

Do you think it’s important for the president to understand football?

At least you have to like it. The sports part belongs to the technical secretary, but I think that a president must have authority to prevent you from being hit by a goal with certain signings that clearly do not work for Barça. What is needed is to know the entity, the environment … I think I am one of those who know it best. In the end we sell illusion, football and religion. Because, for me, Barça is my religion.


the antics of the princess and the formality of George and Louis

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Princess Charlotte has been the main protagonist of the family visit to the theater of the Dukes of Cambrigde this weekend. The little girl, five years old, he hasn’t stopped doing mischief throughout the show while distracting his brother George, seven, who was very attentive to the play and also to his father’s speech. The smallest of the three, Louis, who is just over two years old, was attending a red carpet for the first time and looked at everyone very surprised, You just have to see their gestures! During the representation of the Christmas show Pantoland, at the London Palladium, he sat very quietly at all times on his mother, Kate Middleton. It has been a very fun afternoon for the three little ones who have really enjoyed the Christmas outing. Would you like to see the antics of Princess Charlotte in the theater while her brothers were very formal? Hit play and don’t miss it.

– The Dukes of Cambridge start their royal train tour inspired by Don Felipe and Doña Letizia


Bordils crashes with Jordi Gonzlez

Defeat by the minimum of Handball Bordils before the subsidiary of the Barça (30-31). On the return of Jordi Gonzàlez in the Bordeaux pavilion, its town, the team of Pau Campos has not been able to break the bad streak and still has not won a game yet. González has been key to giving the Barça subsidiary the victory, with two stops of merit, which could have been the tie in the last seconds, at the end of Palahí.


La Gorga de Palams will resume activity on Sunday with the Cobla Sant Jordi

The La Gorga theater in Palamós resumes its stage activity this Sunday with a concert by the Cobla Sant Jordi after a month closed due to restrictions. From here, the facility will continue with a billboard that from December 4 to 11 will offer theater, dance and cinema with proposals such as the show The Brugarols O Eh Man He of the Zero en Conducta formation, a choreography that in 2019 was doubly awarded at the Lleida Puppet Fair.


Ewan McGregor: “I always had an A in daydreams”

WORLD: Che Guevara drove almost exactly the same route as you except for a few kilometers. He’s radicalized along the way. Are you Che McGregor now?

Ewan McGregor: No (laughs). I don’t think I’m starting a political movement now.

WORLD: 21,000 kilometers, many of them on sand and gravel roads: many would not even dare to go on such a journey with normal motorcycles, you tried electric ones. How did you come up with the idea of ​​driving this route on electric motorcycles?