Gas Bienestar in Iztapalapa registers higher prices than private distributors

The state company Wellness Gas becomes the distributor with the highest prices in the mayoralty of Iztapalapa, above the price offered by all its private competitors. According to the report of daily prices that the holders of permits for the distribution and sale to the public of liquefied petroleum gas are obliged to deliver to […]

This is how the place of the explosion by clandestine seizure remained in Puebla

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 31.10.2021 20:28:41 During the first hours of this Sunday, an explosion was reported due to a clandestine intake of LP gas in San Pablo Xochimehuacan, Puebla. Immediately, residents of the area had to vacate their homes and evacuate the site to avoid major accidents. After the news was released, the […]

AMLO’s price control ‘evaporates’ … LP gas costs rise – El Financiero

The high prices of propane at the international level have caused the control of LP Gas prices in Mexico to begin to lose its reductionist effect. The current average price of fuel nationwide is 24.62 pesos per kilogram, an increase of 7.4 percent compared to the first week of August, the date on which maximum […]

LP gas registers price decrease in the CDMX

The Energy regulatory commission (CRE) unveiled the maximum LP gas prices that would be in force from September 5 to 11, which registered a slight decrease in the Mexico City. According to the regulatory body, the rates starting tomorrow will be 22.22 pesos per kilo distributed in portable cylinders and 12.00 pesos per liter for […]

Price of LP Gas from August 22 to 28 in Mexico – Noticieros Televisa

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) made known the maximum prices applicable of gas LP corresponding to the week of August 22-28, 2021. We recommend you: Pemex announces what the Gas Bienestar tanks will look like The table of maximum prices of the gas LP aims to protect the interests of end users, which was established […]

Pemex LP gas production plummets and private imports rise

Historically, the country has relied on fuel imports above local production to meet demand, but the fall in the state’s figures have increased dependence on fuel, which comes mainly from the United States, due to low prices. in which the energetic is offered. Industry analysts assure that importing the fuel became a viable strategy for […]

LP gas triggers prices in taquerías and lunch boxes

Due to the higher costs of the liquefied petroleum gas (LP) and food, lunch boxes, inns, torterías and tacos applied the biggest price hike in more than six years. These establishments are representative of the informal economy, where there are about 60% of the employed population in Mexico, and when their prices rise they have […]