Galaxy S21 FE, Samsung may stop production due to lack of components

Over the weekend the celebrated ETNews wrote that the production works of Galaxy S21 FE they were arrested because of the so-called shortage of components, specifically semiconductors. The smartphone has not yet been made official, but rumors have been talking about it for months. And, according to the latest rumors, may never see the light because apparently Samsung wants to allocate the (few) processors available on foldables.

Following the latest rumors – at the time of writing the ETNews article no longer available – Samsung also intervened, declaring in a note released via Bloomberg that it has not yet been decided whether Galaxy S21 FE will be canceled or not: “While we don’t normally talk about details on unreleased products, nothing has yet been determined regarding the alleged suspension of production. [di Galaxy S21 FE]”.

Galaxy S21 FE at risk due to lack of chip supply

The family with suffix FE (Fan Edition) was inaugurated in 2020 by Samsung with Galaxy S20 FE, a smartphone similar to the top of the range of the same generation but offered with lower quality materials and a more affordable list price. It was expected that Samsung would have matured the same approach with Galaxy S21 FE but, following the latest rumors, some doubts have arisen about the possibility of seeing a new “FE” again this year.

It must be said that Samsung had promised last year that the new series would expand from year to year with new models, and the first renders of S21 FE have already appeared in April showing a design very similar to that of the top of range of the Korean company of this generation.

To date Samsung he hasn’t denied the ETNews revelations, and perhaps at the moment he just needs to take time to understand the real feasibility of the project based on semiconductor shortages. Galaxy S20 FE was announced in September 2020, and – if Samsung can get around the supply issues – the successor should arrive around the same time.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE should be significantly cheaper

Also this year there will probably be a “Fan Edition” of the current Samsung flagship in autumn. The Galaxy S21 FE should be particularly inexpensive.

the essentials in brief

  • Since the Samsung Galaxy S20, the company has been offering a “Fan Edition” of the device.
  • So there should be a budget variant this year with the Galaxy S21 FE.
  • In this year’s iteration, the starting price should be set even lower.

For the last year, Samsung has been supplying a “Fan Edition” of its flagship devices to the fans. Half a year after the release, there should be a more refined and cheaper version of the model. These smartphones are made with cheaper materials and accordingly cost less.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE receives competitive price

A Korean insider magazine claims to have found out that this year’s model has a lower starting price than its predecessor. We are talking about 700,000 to 800,000 won, which corresponds to around 550 to 650 francs. The Galaxy S20 FE cost 649 to 749 francs when it was released, depending on the model.

In order to achieve such a low price, a lot has to be saved in contrast to the current models. Say plastic instead of glass on the back and probably a weaker display on the front. The camera on the Galaxy S21 FE is probably not as powerful as on the regular S21.

In terms of hardware, at least 6 gigabytes of RAM should be installed here, which is a bit tight according to today’s standards. At least the processor shouldn’t be compromised. Alleged first benchmarks claim to have discovered a Snapdragon 888 in the device.

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