Tyson Fury and his eccentric party after winning the fight for the WBC belt

Tyson Fury competed in a historic match in which he knocked out American Deontay Wilder and clinched the WBC heavyweight champion title. The Briton got an unforgettable triumph and after all the epic of the fight he decided to go party. Within hours of lifting the belt, he could be seen at a shocking pool […]

follow the reactions for the triple alliance of Joe Biden

A trilateral defense pact between Australia, the United States and Britain in the face of growing hostility from China announced on Thursday has the aroma of the cold war. But it is a decision that has enraged both China and France, the great loser in this new alliance, which it was not even notified in […]

The government of Cuba gives in to protests and announces measures to curb social fury

In a tense climate on the island since the weekend, the Cuban government announced the first package of measures to appease the population, three days after the outbreak of a series of unprecedented protests that, it admitted, should lead to an “analysis critical “of the problems. The authorities agreed to “authorize, exceptionally and temporarily, the […]

Yanina Latorre exploded with fury at the celebrations at the Obelisk

Yanina Latorre (52) was very upset with the celebrations that took place in the Buenos Aires Obelisk after the victory of the Argentine National Team against Brazil at the Maracana stadium, which earned her the title of America’s Cup champion. Stranded in the United States, the panelist from Morning angels (El Trece, Monday through Friday […]

the suffering of Claudia Fontán’s sister after her viral fury

Claudia “La Gunda” Fontán spoke of the controversial message that his sister, Alejandra, had dedicated him to the production of MasterChef Celebrity 2 (Telefe, Monday to Friday at 10:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10 p.m.) when she was exposed by the food she raised from the floor, and assured that she is sorry. Consulted when […]