the most popular mid-range family, revamped with three accessible options

The mid-range and upper-middle of the Android cell phone market, the segment most required by Argentines, has multiple options from the main manufacturers.

Motorola with its G line -the brand’s best-selling in its history- it offers three renewed equipment -Moto G100, Moto G30 and Moto G20- with a common denominator: multiple cameras, state-of-the-art processors and long-lasting batteries.

Moto G100

As one of the world’s first phones to use the latest mobile platform Snapdragon 870 5G, the Moto G100 offers connectivity 5G and full-speed WiFi 6 connectivity for the most powerful performance and fastest data speeds when compared to previous ones in the line.

One of the improvements over the traditional G-series models can be seen with the naked eye in the instant responsiveness camera settings, lightning-fast application launches, and endless opportunities for effortless multitasking.

With 8GB of RAM, 128GB of onboard storageExpanding up to 1TB with a microSD card, there’s room for all your favorite content and apps, and the processing power to keep things running smoothly day after day.

All that performance requires power, which is why Motorola included a 5,000 mAh battery that allows you to get the most out of your phone’s features with more than 40 hour charge, and includes a TurboPower charger inside the box, unlike the latest models from Apple and Samsung.

The Moto G100 also offers a complete experience for those seeking entertainment thanks to the 6.7-inch (17-centimeter) CinemaVision screen. Movies look more real in one ultra wide screen with the same 21: 9 dimensions used in the film industry, and you can enjoy a 90Hz refresh rate which keeps the graphics smooth and stable.

With a 25% wider color gamut and HDR10 certification, your favorite content can shine in rich, lifelike colors with enhanced brightness and contrast. Games look and play better than ever, as the powerful processor loads graphics twice as fast as any previous moto g.

In addition, some of the functions of Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming offer advanced customizations, ultra-realistic graphics and blazing fast speeds, while exclusive features of Motorola’s Gametime enhance games while automatically adjusting phone settings so they are not interrupted by incoming calls or notifications.

The camera system offers all the hardware and software functions necessary to obtain good quality photos and video, regardless of what it is. A main sensor of 64MP ultra high resolution with Quad Pixel technology for four times the sensitivity in low light environments and a 16MP dual front camera, are ideal for capturing everyday moments in sharp detail.

With the two ultra-panoramic cameras, one on the front and one on the back, you enlarge the frame four times so users can enjoy spectacular scenery and the best group selfies in an instant.

In addition, the Macro camera has a integrated LED ring light allowing you to get up to five times closer than a standard lens, to capture smaller, sharper details normally only achievable with a special lens.

But that’s not the only way to get creative with the moto G100. Content creation is on the rise, which is why the team offers two characteristics that will elevate the video experience.

The new dual capture mode It allows you to record with the rear camera and selfie camera at the same time, capturing both whoever is taking the shot and the subject so that they can bring out the inner blogger, so they won’t miss either side of the story.

In terms of audio, the Moto G100 emphasizes quality so that it does not negatively affect the experience of watching video, therefore it presents the technology of audio zoom using advanced microphones to capture the speaker’s sound while filtering ambient noise and voices for a cleaner and more professional result.

Ready For lets you move the apps and performance of the G100 to larger screens.

Ready For lets you move the apps and performance of the G100 to larger screens.

Another fact to take into account is the Ready For function, which makes its debut at the top-of-the-range series. It is a new platform that brings the processing power and applications of the phone to any screen, just by linking it through the HDMI Type-C adapter cable that comes as a gift in the box.

With this feature, among other things, the user can enjoy phone games as if it were a console or make video calls directly on an LCD. Also link a wireless joystick, keyboard, and mouse to your device for a computer-like experience.

This new device comes with an amazing and premium design, and will be available in two colors: Nimbus Blue and Boreal Green, which seem to change each time the device receives light at different angles.

Moto G100 is available in three different colors: iridescent sky, iridescent ocean and slate gray. It is achieved by 79.999 pesos.

Moto G30

For those looking for a cell phone with premium features, but without spending a lot of money, Motorola brings these characteristics together in the moto G30: a device that even has the NFC, short-range and high-frequency wireless communication technology that is used to charge the SUBE card.

The computer has a 64 MP quad camera system that uses the same upper-mid-range main lens as the Moto G100. To complete it, it also integrates a macro camera, an ultra wide angle and a depth sensor to obtain the best results.

The 6.5 ”Max Vision HD + display offers maximum viewing thanks to a 20: 9 aspect ratio. In addition, it allows you to enjoy more fluid games and a perfect glide thanks to an image refresh rate of 90 Hertz.

Moto G30

Inside, Moto G30 is powered by the Snapdragon 662 chip, developed by the American company Qualcomm. It has 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and a 5,000mAh battery to give it autonomy for more than 24 hours.

This new smartphones also comes with the My UX interface, which allows users to customize their phone however they want, including also gestures such as slide to divide, which allows to separate the screen in two and do more things at the same time. Cost 34.999 pesos.

Moto G20

The younger brother of the G100 is the new member of its catalog of smartphones to fight in the input range, a segment for those looking for their first smart device.

With the appeal of an affordable price, the moto G20 is characterized by its 5,000 mAh battery that gives you more than 24 hours of autonomy and a screen with a 90Hz refresh rate that significantly improves image quality.

Regarding its characteristics, the cell phone makes use of a quadruple rear camera, with a 48MP main sensor and Quad Pixel technology to combine four pixels in one in low light. An ultra-wide-angle lens, macro sensor and a depth sensor are also added for photos with a blurred background.

Also, the device has a 6.5-inch screen, 20: 9 ratio and HD + resolution. The panel stands out for the use of a refresh rate of 90 Hz, above the usual 60, for a more fluid experience.

Moto G20

Internally, the device has a custom octa-core processor with a 38 percent improvement in graphics performance, as well as a configuration with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage expandable up to 1TB per microSD.

Its specifications are completed with more than two days of autonomy on a single charge, depending on the brand, thanks to the use of a 5000 mAh capacity battery, as well as the use of the Android 11 system, physical fingerprint reader on the back. and a drop-shaped notch to house the front camera. The value is 27,999 pesos.



“They send me to walk and stop eating cookies”

“In general, doctors are violent towards overweight people. It is unacceptable that those who care for us continue to underestimate those of us who have problems regulating our diet. In my case, They assume that for being fat I only eat ultra-processed and lead a sedentary life. So far this year I have made four consultations to specialists and in the same number of times they sent me to walk and stop eating cookies“.

Victoria Musto is 25 years old, has a degree in International Relations and works in a foundation for people with intellectual disabilities in San Lorenzo, the city where she lives, which is 20 kilometers from Rosario. Days ago, angry as a result of impotence after visiting her gynecologist – whom she has known for years – she wrote a thread of tweets that had thousands of responses. Many identified with what Victoria has been suffering since 2012, when at just 17 years old, her nutritionist made her walk.

In the last eight years these medical comments have become a constant And so far in 2021 he had to hear it from his gynecologist, traumatologist, pulmonologist and even from a doctor specializing in fertilization. “I’m not saying it’s malicious. They may not even notice or even register the other, which is serious, but listening to my gynecologist tell me to go for a walk is not having the slightest idea about me. Has the gynecologist ever asked if I had an emotional problem or an eating disorder? Never”.

Victoria is 1.59, weighs 93 kilos. He says he lost two kilos and has remained that way for 7 months: “For me it is a glory.”

Victoria is 1.59 and weighs 93 kilos. So far this year lost two kilos and has been maintaining this for seven months, “which is the glory for meBut who notices it, who notices? I am used to the medical comment in relation to the body that they see, but they have an idea of ​​my physical effort, of my prohibitions when it comes to eating. It is easy to embarrass the fat man or the fat woman, with a little thing you can sink himThat is why those responsible for health should be more careful “.

With an impingement problem in her back that caused severe pain, she recently went to the orthopedic surgeon, “who without asking me what could cause the pain … he sent me to a nutritionist! What does one thing has to do with the other? There is an alarming prejudice. My back is made of kumquats and they send me on a diet … There is an infuriating simplification, a terrible handling from the psychological on the part of the doctors. It’s like saying to an alcoholic ‘Che, go ahead, put down the glass of wine and drink water. “

Anger, indignation and impotence expresses Victoria, who feels that “you already start from the basis that in the doctor’s office they treat you as a liar. They judge you by what they see, not by what I, the patient, say. Nobody believes me that I eat nuts, that I try to moderate myself, that I drink a lot of water, that I avoid carbohydrates and sweets, and that so far this year I have been cycling, boxing, tae bo, trekking and now I swim three times a week. They look at me with a sarcastic smile and they send me walking like I’m 80 years old“.

Victoria Musto at work. "Doctors understand that being overweight comes only from overeating and a sedentary lifestyle.  Too obvious".

Victoria Musto at work. “Doctors understand that being overweight comes only from overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. Too obvious.”

Victoria raises her voice, who at times recognizes her tiredness. “The obviousness of the specialists is such that they only accept that my overweight is because I am out of hand with stews or sodas and they assume that all day I’m lying on the couch zapping. For them it is the only formula to reach obesity and that speaks to the level of knowledge that many possess. “And they are grateful to have strength and to get angry,” because I know many ashamed and guilty for the body they have“.

All her life, Victoria recalls, she had the weight record as a problem. She too tries not to flagellate herself by taking all the blame. “It is very hard to be fat, uh, fucking, and there is an almost complete misunderstanding, but I try to have my tools to be able to defend myself and not stone myself. Although I had times when I hated my body, with various therapies I was able to overcome it. “

At different stages of her life, due to determining factors, Victoria had pronounced weight jumps in which she gained 10 or 15 kilos and then tried to lose them with a lot of sacrifice. “So many diets, so many restrictions generate enormous mental exhaustion and frustration When the results are not in sight, as it happens this year, I dropped from 95 to 93 and for me it is a great triumph. That is why a specialist, in his medical office he exercises an asymmetric power relationship, tells me to leave the cookies without caring about anything else is an unbearable tease “.

Adventurer and athlete, Victoria Musto does (and did) boxing, tae bo, swimming and here she parachuted.

Adventurer and athlete, Victoria Musto does (and did) boxing, tae bo, swimming and here she parachuted.

As a girlfriend for more than two years, Victoria claims to have “enough experience to have my own nutritional parameters … enough nutritionists! The fat man knows what he can and what not, it is unnecessary for them to tell him ‘Loosen up with the dulce de leche, or get up from the couch’. I like to eat, but things are rich and elaborate, such as the llama stew that my dad prepares or a lamb in butter that my boyfriend, who is a sommelier, makes. Y I try to eat less, but I don’t eat three packets of cupcakes“he quips.

She is convinced that there is a generalized rejection of the fat man and the fat woman “based on that myth that we are disgusting and repulsive, that we live stuck together and with our hands full of food scraps, and that’s fucked up, carrying that cross our whole life is a shit, but hey, there is no other choice, I just fight to stay strong, because being overweight is very fucking, and much more for a woman. I have to buy clothes in special places, triple X size and you know what it means that nothing fits … It is a blow to self-esteem“.

He returns to the thread of his tweets and says that it was “a need for catharsis before the power of the office. This time I could not swallow it, I needed to get the fight out.” Emphasize that your goal is to be “a wake-up call for those who should take care of us. Because we fat people, who have been dodging diets, exercises, restrictions and frustrations, we need urgent results to calm down, but we know that this is impossible, so from my place only register the patient; the other we already know, the body is very good“.



shot dead an acquaintance, shot his girlfriend in the face and tried to set them on fire

Investigators of the crime of a man found shot to death this Friday inside a partially incinerated car, in which his girlfriend was also shot in the face and with burns, in a clearing of Francisco Álvarez, believe that the attack occurred in the frame of a “revenge” or a “reckoning”.

The discovery occurred this Friday around 7:30 p.m. on Pedro de Angelis Street, between Sócrates and General Juan Lavalle, a block that separates the towns of Francisco Álvarez and Cuartel V from the Moreno party, in the western area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires.

Several patrol cars arrived at the place where the police officers found a burned car, a KFL 280 patent black Volkswagen Bora.

When the volunteer firefighters from Moreno arrived with the agents of the fourth police station, they found that in the driver’s seat of the vehicle there was a body with five bullets, one of them to the head.

The victim was identified as Juan Andrés Cantón (31), with a criminal record and a temporary departure from Buenos Aires prison 13 in Junín since March, after serving a sentence for “armed robbery, possession of drugs, and resistance to authority.”

Beside him was his girlfriend, called Nadia Gabriela Maldonado (39), who according to his testimony to the police, met Cantón when he was in prison and they began a relationship through the social network Facebook.

The woman was admitted to the Moreno municipal hospital this Saturday in a reserved state but out of danger, the sources said.

Investigators suspect that the Canton crime would be linked to “revenge” or “reckoning” by another criminal who knew the victim because at the time of the attack Bora was in the car with the couple.

The couple was going to the house of a sister from Cantón in the Cuartel V area, when at the intersection of Ruta 25 streets in the direction of Ruta 24, they boarded another man at a bus stop whom they apparently had known for a long time.

There, that person asked him to take him home, but on the way he took out a firearm from a backpack and grabbed the woman’s hair.

At that moment, he shot him in the left cheekbone and then shot Cantón five times, one of them in the neck, after which he sprayed the car and his victims with a bottle of alcohol, started the fire and fled.

The prosecutor Federico So Señora, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 4 of the Moreno-General Rodríguez Judicial Department, together with the secretaries David Salvatierra and Diego Lamas, awaited the result of the autopsy to be carried out at the Mariano Luciano hospital in la Vega and the first actions carried out to determine the motive for the crime.

At the scene, the police experts found several 9-millimeter caliber sheaths served, an intact projectile of the same caliber, a 250-milliliter container of alcohol and clothes with blood stains and partially burned.

From the early hours of the morning, the judicial instructors and forensics worked at the scene of the event to take fingerprints and some images from municipal and private security cameras, to try to capture the moment of the attack.

What the investigators assume from all the data collected at the crime scene is that the assailant who was not yet identified and the fatal victim knew each other and they would have some outstanding debt between them.

“An outstanding fact is that the fatal victim has a tattoo on his right arm with the image of Gauchito Gil and in the place of the attack there is a monolith of that same figure, where the drug traffickers meet to deliver drugs,” added a police source in charge of the operations.

The antecedents of Juan Andrés Cantón that he registers at the 4th police station. of Moreno of July 21, 2013 are for a “simple robbery and resistance to authority”, of the UFI 1 and another cause for “possession of drugs for commercialization” in charge of the UFI 2 and actions of the Drug Trafficking Delegation Moreno, referred to the 13 Junín Prison Unit on June 21, 2017, where in March of this year he had the benefit of temporary exit.

With information from Télam



I could go to prison for 6 years

A waiter from a renowned restaurant in Comodoro Rivadavia kept a customer’s card after he paid the bill and made subsequent expenses of 80 thousand pesos. The charges imposed by the prosecution provide for a penalty of up to 6 years in effective prison. The incident occurred last Thursday in the central location of the main city of Chubut.

At noon that day a man had lunch at the restaurant and paid his bill with a credit card. It is not yet known if the client forgot her or if the waiter, identified as Elías Cruz (28), directly stayed with her.

According to the evidence that the justice has so far, the young man used the plastic to make two purchases: one was in a local clothing store for 62.300 pesos and minutes later at one of children’s clothing sales by 16.050 pesos.

The prosecutor Andrea Serer explained during the detention control hearing that the defendant was arrested after 6:40 p.m. on the same Thursday when he was leaving one of the shops located on San Martín Street, in the heart of the city. By chance he came across the restaurant’s customer, who recognized him and began to chase him while alerting the police. Personnel from the Primera sectional managed to arrest him.

Serer asked that the arrest be declared legal due to the flagrante delicto situation and charged the waiter with the crimes of theft in real bankruptcy with fraud committed with a stolen credit card. This qualification has a penal scale that ranges from 1 to 6 years in prison.

The detainee who was assisted by the official defender Daniel Fuentes, who opposed the prosecutor’s proposals and demanded the release of his client.

Within this framework, Judge Mariano Nicosia formalized the opening of the investigation and granted a six-month period to carry it out. He also authorized the search of the detainee’s vehicle to recover the bags with the stolen merchandise and ordered that the waiter wait for the investigation in freedom.

The restaurant where he worked decided to fire him immediately.

Chubut. Correspondent.



the schedule of activities to enjoy with the kids

Winter holidays begin on Monday. They are the second since the pandemic began and, unlike last year, this time they are going to organize face-to-face activities for the boys and girls in the City. They will be with prior reservation and protocol, prioritizing the meetings in outdoor spaces. Although there will also be broadcasts and virtual activities.

The official winter vacation schedule starts this Saturday and will be extended until Sunday, August 1. There will be music, dance, literature, theater, visual arts, recreation, technology, cinema and gastronomy, among other proposals organized by different areas of the Buenos Aires government.

For example, the Undersecretary of Sports of the City will offer activities in sports centers and in some squares. Also in squares and parks there will be recycling workshops programmed by Espacio Público and shows organized by Gestión Comunal.

Just the cycle “Play the City”, programmed by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Culture with the advice of the Tutelary Public Ministry, brings together more than 500 activities. There are movies, musical shows and live theater, among many other options, at the Usina del Arte, the San Martín, Recoleta and 25 de Mayo cultural centers, the MAMBA and the Buenos Aires Theater Complex. They will also be broadcast on different virtual platforms and on the Vivamos Cultura website.

Registration for workshops and reservation of free tickets will be available two days before each event, starting at 10 in the morning. The complete program can be consulted at

There will be face-to-face activities, both indoors and outdoors, and virtual.

Usina del Arte

The Usina del Arte will have 16 days of face-to-face and virtual programming with more than 290 activities from Monday to Monday, which include sustainability and recycling, technology, cosplay, stop motion, tik tok, rhythmic games, open-air micro shows, live streams at Vivamos Cultura and virtual workshops.

One of its proposals is iUpiiii, the first cultural space for early childhood in the City. It is a space with textures, colors and different seasons that will allow babies to move from one activity to another, choosing what most attracts them.

IUpiiii is back, a proposal for early childhood at the Usina del Arte.

IUpiiii is back, a proposal for early childhood at the Usina del Arte.

Meanwhile, boys and girls from 8 to 12 will enjoy escape games with your bubble of friends. In addition, in the auditorium there will be music and theater, a library and a ludo-workshop for children of all ages.

To participate in these activities, you must reserve a place on the Usina del Arte website.

In the museums

The Buenos Aires museums They will have 12 days of face-to-face and virtual programming, from Wednesday to Sunday. There will be accessible tours, construction games, participatory installations, plays, music shows, and storytelling.

In the Sívori Museum, the artist Mónica Casella will develop a sustainable and collective art space. The boys will be able to create with her an installation in the garden with different recyclable materials.

In the Larreta Museum You can play with a maze of boxes, inside which you will find phrases and word games. In addition, there will be storytelling meetings and workshops.

In the Fernández Blanco Museum, the proposal will be to play at architecture, imagining and building palaces with different materials.

For their part, the museums Perlotti, José Hernández, Gardel and Saavedra they will offer virtual activities.


BA festivals also present its programming in museums. One of its proposals is Emergentito, the version for the youngest of the Emerging City Festival. Will be in the Sívori Museum, with the cycle Vení a Rockearla. These are three shows to learn about the history of rock in Argentina, with live bands and the journalist specialized in music Corina González Tejedor as moderator.

In addition, in Artie-rockers boys and girls can design their clothes to become rock stars. And at Foodie-rockers they will decorate rock cookies and make truffles. Meanwhile, Techno-rockers will play and compose music in digital format.

In the Alto Palermo There will also be Emergentito activities in the dome of the shopping center and with registration from one hour before in the place.

Buenos Aires Jazz He will also take his proposals to Sívori. One of them is Mini-luthiers, a workshop to make instruments with recycled elements. In addition, there will be two interactive Jazz & Jam performances, led by the Paris Jazz Club.

Winter holidays in the City.  The activities organized for the boys by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Culture.

Winter holidays in the City. The activities organized for the boys by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Culture.

Meanwhile, the festival Tango BA will offer two workshops at the Larreta Museum: “Rapeate un tango”, for the boys to improvise and put together their own raps from two by four, and “Nosotrxs fileteamos”, a drawing workshop.

Danza BA will offer dance activities at the Fernández Blanco Museum: “Tik tokers in action”, to make dancing videos, and “At full speed! #ATR”, with urban rhythms.

The theater will be present with FIBITA, at La Usina del Arte. There will be performances of the plays Sueño and Mabel, both directed by Emiliano Dionisi, director of the Compañía Criolla. It will be the only paid activity and the tickets will be put on sale at Alternativa Teatral.

Dalia and the Red Book is one of the films that will be screened at the BAFICITO.

Dalia and the Red Book is one of the films that will be screened at the BAFICITO.

Finally, come back Animated BAFICIT, with Argentine cinema for boys at the San Martín Cultural Center. There will be screened “Dalia and the Red Book”, more than 20 shorts, productions by the Can Can studio, and the Anton series.

Tickets can be reserved for free and online, from two days before each performance, at 10 in the morning, on the City Festivals website.


As part of the activities of the Ministry of Education of the City, Reopens the Planetarium with an immersive function for the entire family.

The Galileo Galilei Planetarium reopens with an immersive function for the whole family.  Photo Germán García Adrasti

The Galileo Galilei Planetarium reopens with an immersive function for the whole family. Photo Germán García Adrasti

From Monday to Sunday, there will be three daily performances at 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Tickets are available exclusively online, at

In addition, there will be virtual workshops through Instagram, @Planetario BA and on the institution’s YouTube channel.



benefits come to vaccinated, health passport and the third dose

It seems like a miracle, but it is science. “We said it,” repeat the vaccination managers of the Ministry of Health of Chile. The truth is that, as if by magic, when the country reached 70% of the vaccinated target population -a universe of 15.8 million people- the new reported cases began to plummet.

This Thursday 2,336 new confirmed cases were reported in the last 24 hours, with a positivity of 3.3%. This means that out of every 100 people who underwent the PCR test, only three turned out to be carriers of the virus.

Chile have vaccinated since December of last year. On December 24, the first Pfizer vaccines arrived in Chile, which already exceed 6 million in total, but the bulk of those vaccinated have done so with the Chinese vaccine from the Sinovac laboratory. These two platforms are joined by Cansino, which is a single dose, and Oxford Astra-Zeneca.

Health Passport, Chile.

The effectiveness studies recently published in the “New England Journal of Medicine” for Sinovac, and corresponding to Phase 4, that is, the real world, are encouraging. Although you show less effectiveness in preventing infections (65,9), has an 87.5% effectiveness to prevent hospitalization and 90.3% to prevent ICU.

That is why the Chilean strategy was to reach 80% of the populationn objective, something that has already been achieved, but with a single dose. There are a few hundred thousand left to complete the scheme.

In short, from the scientific societies consulted by Clarion, point out that, since Sinovac is a vaccine that prevents infection less, “but at a very acceptable level”, the threshold to reach levels of protection was higher. And Chile seems to have succeeded.

The numbers are exhaustive: in the last 14 days new cases were reduced by 40% and the curves of decline in all regions of the country show steep slopes that coincide with the massive advance of vaccination. Today they have 13,569 active cases, while a week ago the number reached 17,590.

The “pass” to freedom

The history of the control of the pandemic in Chile has been marked by the closure and the curfew. The country has a process of 5 phases of deconfinement and, after the winter and the arrival of the second wave, practically the entire country was in total quarantine or weekends (Phase 1 and 2).

But the government announced the opening plan and the main protagonist is the mobility pass. The pass is a digital certificate that accredits the date of the two doses through a QR code and that, if scanned, shows a green screen that says “enabled” or red, in case there has been close contact with someone reported as infected.

How is the strategy? Basically the government defined capacity per phase. But the capacity is far away if the capacity for vaccinated people is chosen versus the capacity for all public. An example: an event in Phase 3, where all attendees have a mobility pass, can receive up to 1,000 people. But if the convener chooses to do it for the general public, the maximum capacity is 200.

A) Yes, the government transferred to the trade and organizers the incentive to control that all attendees have their pass. Also access control. The fines, for infractions, will be “substantial”, they assure from the executive. The bet is that, since the merchant or organizer wants to sell more, he only admits people with a pass and that this generates a chain effect for the laggards to complete their vaccination scheme.

The cinema, gyms, weddings or going to the Stadium will be some of the activities that will gradually return to be part of the daily life of Chileans.

With a smile.  A boy greets the passing of a car painted like Lightning McQueen, in Santiago, in the middle of winter holidays.  Photo: AFP

With a smile. A boy greets the passing of a car painted like Lightning McQueen, in Santiago, in the middle of winter holidays. Photo: AFP

Third dose

The “booster” or reinforcement, also known as third dose, it is a fact beyond the Andes. Last Monday, Minister Enrique Paris said that “we will advance in the third dose. And it will surely be similar to Israel, that is, we will start with the elderly with comorbidity ”.

All this, understanding the latent threat posed by the Delta variant, which in Chile already has 14 confirmed cases. Despite the success of vaccination, health authorities have been less successful than in the past, precisely because with Delta everything advanced can be reversed.

The Ministry of Health had been working silently for a few weeks on a pilot plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the reinforcement. It is being carried out at the Central Post Office and enrollment is voluntary.

v1.7 0421

Coronavirus in the region


»Cases per day per million inhabitants (average 7 days)


»Per day per million inhabitants (average 7 days)

Fountain: OWID
Infographic: Clarion

There, different mechanisms are evaluated, as Rafael Araos, advisor to the vaccination plan in Chile, explains: “We are evaluating combined schemes and normal boosters. Namely, We are evaluating putting Pfizer to those who have two doses with Sinovac and Sinovac to those who have Pfizer ”.

These statements had been made a month ago in an interview recorded for Journalism for All, but it was released for the purposes of this chronicle.

Additionally, President Sebastián Piñera reported the acquisition of Moderna and Sputnik vaccines, all to guarantee the third dose to the population of the country. Chile is currently immunizing minors with Pfizer. The adult calendar is already complete and there are only left behind who voluntarily did not get vaccinated.

Santiago, special for Clarín



Naim Darrechi, son of patriarchy and lack of sex education

Naim Darrechi He is a Spanish tiktoker and singer with more than 26 million followers on that social network. Days ago, during an interview with the youtuber Mostopapi he boasted of not using a condom and of making his sexual partners believe that this should not be a concern because he assumes that he is sterile.

I have a hard time with a condom, I never use it. One day I thought it was weird that I didn’t get any girl pregnant during all this time and I said ‘I’m going to always end up inside’, and nothing has ever happened, “he said to the repudiable laugh of his interviewer. son, bless him, “he added.

The criticism was not long in coming and even the well-known streamer Ibai Llanos Garatea it ruled against such claims.

But not only that: the case has already been reported by Irene Montero, the Minister of Equality of the Government of Spain. “Removing the condom or ejaculating inside without consent is today sexual abuse and the Only Yes is Yes Law will recognize it as aggression. Bragging to 26 million followers of something like this reflects the urgency of putting consent at the center. We will inform the Prosecutor’s Office, ”the official announced.

After the scandal, both the interviewee and the interviewer referred to this note. “I want to apologize for my unconsciousness. I did not realize the responsibility that I have. Sorry, it’s my fault, whatever they say about it, they are right, ”said Darrechi.

For his part, Mostopapi deleted the video and he justified himself: “My laugh has been misinterpreted because at no time would I laugh at something like that. So if you think that I have laughed at what Naím has said, I am sorry, but that has not been the case. against all kinds of abuse, mistreatment and inequality between men and women. I would never promote something like that, ever “.

Consequences of the absence of Comprehensive Sex Education

In dialogue with Clarion the sexologist and psychologist Patricio Gomez Di Leva (on Instagram, @respuestasexual) assured that “the main problem is not in what they said, since they do not have to know something that they did not teach them, but that the people who listen to them – in general, young people – he doesn’t have the tools to process that information ”.

The specialist’s feeling is that neither Naim Darrechi nor Mostopapi were “aware of what they were saying”. “Those who are truly responsible are those who must guarantee sex education It is not happening in practically any country in Latin America and in a few countries in the world ”, he stated.

Mostopapi and his discharge.

In that sense, he explained that this “is not a problem only for young people, because adults did not have sex education either.” “Whenever we think of ESI we think of children and adolescents, and the reality is that sex education is lifelong, because sexuality accompanies us from the moment we are born until we die and there are always new things to learn ”, added Di Leva.

Sexual violence and patriarchy

How do you explain that a speech of such sexual violence has gone unnoticed throughout the interview? Why did it cause laughter and not the repudiation of the interviewer?

Gomez Di Leva ruled that “machismo and patriarchy are at the basis of sexual or gender violence”.

Against this, he explained, the solution is to insist with the ESI from a complete approach. “Comprehensive sexual education has to be with a gender perspective, otherwise it is not comprehensive sexual education. It is often thought that CSE has to be limited to contraceptive methods or to prevent sexually transmitted infections, but it also encompasses the study and reflection on concepts related to gender, patriarchy and others ”, he concluded.

Use a condom, always!

The condom is the only contraceptive method that will prevent us from contracting sexually transmitted infections. Use it always, from the beginning to the end of the sexual relationship!

Also, remember that the condom does not decrease sensitivity (There are all kinds of thickness, models, textures to try) nor does it have to be a condition to maintain the erection of the penis. To consult and ask for professional help if this happens!

I kept reading other common myths related to birth control.


Nairo Quintana: options to win the mountain, Tour de France 2021 – Cycling – Sports

Tadej Pogacar won stage 17 of the Tour of Francia disputed this Wednesday between Muret Y Saint-Lary-Soulan Col Du Portet, of 178 km, increased the difference in the leadership and Rigoberto Uran he gave up the podium and is already fourth in the general classification.

The fight for the mountain title continues. This Thursday this classification will be defined in a tough day, with a high finish and with the Tourmalet on the way.

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There are 233 points in dispute on the stage Pau Y Light Ardiden, short, 129 km, with four mountain passes: two fourth and the rest out of category, one of them the Tourmalet, 17 km uphill and average ramps of 7.3 percent incline.

The final climb will be 13 km, with average ramps of 7.4, in which the score is doubled and the winner will win 40 units.

Nairo quintana He tried to score points this Wednesday, but although he scratched, well Wout Poels He also added and is the leader with 78 points, while Nairo was left with 66 in the third box, as well as Michael Woods.

Without a doubt, the Boyacá cyclist has options to be the champion, but the present is very different. Nairo has not been well, his rivals are far superior when it comes to scoring points.

Tadej Pogacar, solid leader of the Tour de France.

He has gotten into the getaways, but he has not fulfilled the objective of recovering the red seeds shirt. In favor, it must be said that their close rivals have not seen each other in an extraordinary way and that the differences remain.

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However, there is a ‘fly that falls into the soup’, and his last name is Pogacar, who is already second on the mountain with 67 points and with the clear options of winning it, of beating the others.

Pogacar does not aim to win this classification, but everything has been given to him. It remains to be seen if this Thursday can be the day for him, because if he arrives in the top positions, in a situation similar to that of this Wednesday, he will undoubtedly take over the mountain.

Quintana has lost many options to be the leader, however, the physical conditions are not the best and it is not seen that he can achieve that goal.

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Lisandro Rengifo
Editor of EL TIEMPO


two centuries underground and an honorable return to France

The general Charles-Étienne Gudin de la Sablonnière, one of the closest military personnel of Napoleon, who died more than 200 years ago during the Russian campaign, will finally rest in his homeland. Russia handed over his remains to France on Tuesday.

“It is a truly historical fact, because a person who was an enemy of Russia in his lifetime, in 1812 became a symbol of reconciliation and even the strengthening of relations between the two countries,” Elizaveta Peskova, vice president of the Foundation, told the EFE news agency. for the Development of Franco-Russian Historical Initiatives.

In the arms of historical rebuilders, dressed in Napoleonic guard uniforms, the coffin was transferred to Moscow’s Vnukovo 3 airport, used for official foreign delegations, where it was handed over to the general’s descendants.

The coffin, covered with the French flag and accompanied by shouts of “Viva Francia” and drum roll, was honored by forty Napoleonic soldiers, who paraded with their sabers raised.

In addition, a Russian military band performed the “Marseillaise” while a platoon of the Russian Guard honored it by parading on a red carpet.

The remains of General Charles-Etienne Gudin, who died in Russia in 1812, were taken to France on Tuesday. Photo: AFP

Photos of the spectacular parade in France for Independence Day

Those present dedicated a minute of silence to the memory of the general before transferring the coffin to the plane to the accompaniment of a funeral march.

Back to france

As reported by the Foundation for the Development of Franco-Russian Historical Initiatives, the general’s great-great-grandson, Albéric d’Orléans, traveled to Russia to collect the remains of Gudin de la Sablonnière.

“A ceremony is scheduled for December 2 in Les Invalides (in Paris), with the presence of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, but we do not know if he will invite the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin,” Peskova said.

The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, told the TASS agency on Tuesday that “for now” the Russian president does not plan to attend the burial of the general’s remains.

A skeleton and a historical find

On July 7, 2019 a group of Franco-Russian archaeologists found near the Russian city of Smolensk a skeleton. After performing DNA tests it was shown that he was Charles-Étienne Gudin de la Sablonnière, one of Napoleon’s closest generals.

General Charles-Etienne Gudin de la Sablonniere returned to France this Tuesday with honors from Russia, where he died more than 200 years ago.  Photo: EFE

General Charles-Etienne Gudin de la Sablonniere returned to France this Tuesday with honors from Russia, where he died more than 200 years ago. Photo: EFE

The main promoter of this search was the historian Pierre Malinowski, 33, a former French military man and former assistant in the European Parliament of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the far-right National Front.

The also president of the Foundation for the Development of Franco-Russian Historical Initiatives, created in 2018, embarked on “the largest historical project between France and Russia” with a team of about 50 people between experts from both countries and students, and that it had the direct support of the Russian Presidency.

Who was General Gudin?

Born in Montargis on February 13, 1768 into a family with a military tradition, Gudin studied at the military school in Brienne, where he was a companion of those who would become Emperor of France and where the two struck up a friendship.

A portrait of the French general Charles-Etienne Gudin de la Sablonniere, during the ceremony this Tuesday at the Vnukovo-3 airport, in Moscow, from where the coffin left for France.  Photo: EFE

A portrait of the French general Charles-Etienne Gudin de la Sablonniere, during the ceremony this Tuesday at the Vnukovo-3 airport, in Moscow, from where the coffin left for France. Photo: EFE

Gudin had a brilliant military career and at age 44 he fought in the Battle of Smolensk during the Russian campaign of 1812.

A few days later he had to support Marshal Michel Ney with his division in the battle of Valútino, some 20 kilometers east of Smolensk, and there was hit by a Russian cannon shot which ripped off his left leg and destroyed his right calf to the bone.

Three days later he died of gangrene and was buried.

His death shocked Napoleon, who went to see the general directly after the battle and gave in to his private physician to try to save his life.

His heart was taken to Paris, where he rests in a chapel in the Père Lachaise cemetery and his name inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe.

Source: EFE



how much and what type of exercise they should do at each age

In the countdown to the start of winter holidays, many children and adolescents (NNyA) are already counting how much more time they will have to dedicate to it to the Play, to the cell phone, the tablet, that is, to online entertainment. If sedentary lifestyle is a problem during the year, during this break the alarms go off even more because of the cold and the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

But it is also an opportunity to incorporate healthy habits. This is how they understand it from the Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC), which launched the 30×5 challenge, to encourage movement in boys and girls during the winter holidays. The goal, however, is for the habit to be incorporated in a lasting way.

A bit of context: in Argentina, according to the latest National Survey of Nutrition and Health (ENNyS2), whose preliminary results were known in 2019, boys eat worse than adults in terms of quality and 4 out of 10 are above their healthy weight, almost triple what is expected for the age. The data show that 20.7% of boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 17 are overweight and 20.4% obesity. Likewise, the country is at the top of the regional ranking of overweight in children under five years of age (13.6%).

The movement, key to preventing chronic non-communicable diseases. Photo Shutterstock.

Obesity and sedentary lifestyle are risk factor’s keys to cardiovascular disease, which can begin to develop at an early age. Like habits, both good and bad.

For this reason, with the winter holidays just around the corner, the FAC calls attention to the importance of sharing them with the family, emphasizing young people and the little ones, to encourage them to acquire healthy habits.

“We recognize that the social isolation carried out as a measure to slow the advance of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought negative consequences in the field of cardiovascular health, also in children and adolescents, “said Eduardo Perna, current president of the FAC.

The game, the main way to add exercise in childhood and adolescence.  Photo Shutterstock.

The game, the main way to add exercise in childhood and adolescence. Photo Shutterstock.

In this sense, the specialists point out that the school break is a good time to generate or strengthen behaviors and habits that promote cardiovascular health and thus begin to build the basis of a healthy life.

“Muscle is the largest organ in the body and is responsible for generating healthy substances for our body. That is why from the FAC we invite the 30X5 challenge. If you were during 30 minutes in front of the screen, do 5 minutes of physical activity and thus arrive at the daily time. Investing in muscle is generating healthy habits for life ”, encouraged Alejandro Amarilla, a member of the FAC and specialized in sports cardiology.

They highlight the importance of developing muscle strength.  Photo Shutterstock.

They highlight the importance of developing muscle strength. Photo Shutterstock.

How to apply the 30×5

From the FAC they maintain that family games are a good resource to meet the challenge, which must be established from early childhood. “Imagination is essential to transform any element of the home into a toy, which manages to stimulate the child both cognitively and physically”, they highlight.

“Without forgetting the importance of maintaining social distancing and hygiene habits during the pandemic, we must reinstate the physical activity and healthy eating“, they add from the FAC.

And they encourage “cooking as a family, and avoid children and adolescents spending a long time in front of the screens.”

Recreational activities, they say, should be part of the routines that allow kids to keep moving, while helping to strengthen family ties.

The practice of sport, fundamental in childhood and adolescence.  Photo Shutterstock.

The practice of sport, fundamental in childhood and adolescence. Photo Shutterstock.

“These habits can be started during the break and, most importantly, they must remain in time to prevent cardiovascular diseases associated with unhealthy eating, smoking, alcoholism and physical inactivity, “they stressed.

“There are numerous scientific evidence regarding the fact that adequate nutrition and physical activity, started from childhood, play a relevant role in the prevention of diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases, stroke and cancer. We must remember that cardiovascular health care must begin early and our goal is to do so from childhood and adolescence, “concluded Perna.

What and how much physical activity to do at each age

In 2019, the Argentine Society of Cardiology (SAC) and the Argentine Society of Pediatrics (SAP) published a consensus on cardiovascular prevention in childhood and adolescence in the Argentine Journal of Cardiology.

In the chapter dedicated to physical activity, they include a table with the type of exercise recommended for each age group and recommendations. Promoting an active lifestyle is the watchword that runs through all stages.

Next, the proposal made based on the evidence.

Under 1 year

Provide a safe and educational play environment for baby and encourage active or passive movement. Play on the floor, roll, crawl, walk. Recommendation: stimulate movement and physical activity several times a day.

1 to 4 years

Stimulate movement: walking, running, climbing, dancing, jumping.

4-6 years

Free play and exploration Games with balls, hoops, etc. Riding a tricycle, skateboard. Individual and group free play. Run, swim, jump, throw and catch. Skateboarding, rollerblading, bicycle. Games with balls, paddles and others.

Recommendation: Encourage movement and physical activity throughout the day. It is recommended at least 3 hours per day. Accumulate from the age of 5 a minimum of 1 hour a day of moderate or vigorous physical activity.

6-9 years

All of the above Sports initiation in group and individual sports (soccer, hockey, rugby, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, athletics, sports gymnastics, skating, dance, etc.) Participation with flexible rules and minimal competition.

Recommendation: Daily physical activity should be, for the most part, aerobic. Incorporate, at least three times a week, vigorous activities to develop muscle strength, flexibility, and increase bone mass.

10-12 years

All of the above. Participation in individual and collective organized sports. Include specific stimuli for cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. Physical activity for more than 60 minutes a day will have an even greater health benefit.


Specific stimuli for cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. Competitive and non-competitive sport. Sports specialization.

The recommendations are aligned with the physical activity guidelines of the World Health Organization, which specify how much and what type of exercise should be done at each age.