Gorka Etxeberria: «We have already seen the DNA of the team in the friendlies»

The revolution that the Txuribeltz parish had been demanding in recent campaigns has finally arrived this summer. The person in charge of leading it has been Gorka Etxeberria, forming a squad that combines veteran and youth. A mix in which they trust the Stadium Gal to give their chest in such a decisive campaign.

– Thirteen registrations, almost as many drops, change of coach … Did you have more work than you expected when you arrived?

– We have done what we planned. The idea since I landed was to give the whole club model a spin from the sports field. The goal was for both the coach and the players to respond to a certain pattern.

– What deficiencies did you detect?

– The first thing was that the pieces were from different puzzles. I think there were footballers to make teams of different styles. The most important thing was to define what we want and from there we have looked for the profiles and the right technician.

– And what is that style?

– It has several characteristics. The main one I would say is tactical aggressiveness. We want a modern team that works well with the ball, but goes forward. That causes situations. Less speculative. I have the conviction that this is a style that can hook the fans much more.

– Two aspects draw attention to the incorporations: the first is that they have increased the radius of action.

– We always have to have a broad core of Gipuzkoan player. Then we have determined what we would call a second ring, which would encompass the Basque Country and its surroundings. Between the two of us, we have 82% of the workforce. That has been sought and is premeditated. When we do not find what we want in these two areas, we open ourselves to the outside.

“We want a modern team, that causes situations and does not speculate, that is capable of hooking the fans”

– The second is youth. Isn’t it a double-edged sword to sign inexperienced players?

– The templates of the previous courses were made up of youth and veterans. I think the news is that we have signed the Middle Ages. Many of the new ones are between 25 and 30 years old. It seemed essential to me to get players who are in their golden age.

– At the Stadium Gal they have even had their own burofax. Has Telis’ contract termination been the big disappointment since you arrived?

– I was very sorry. I think it is difficult, even wanting, to get worse advice. Everyone has warned him but he has insisted on keeping around him that circle that guides him worse than ever.

– What did they say at the last meeting?

– I held out my hand once more. To help him in his career, almost on a personal level, but he has wanted to keep his entourage of advisers who lead him to the precipice.

– Returning to the team. What did you think of the preseason?

– The first thing I’ve seen is that we have DNA. Even the times that it has not carbured well, it was present. I already have feedback that the coach and the pieces fit perfectly. Logically, there are times when it works better or worse, but the team is tactically aggressive, pressuring and looks for the baseline with the ball. The energy it transmits is totally different.

– The last one goes to the happy Coronavirus. He will be aware of cancellations in the Asobal League, the ACB … Will Second B hold?

– I see it as a challenge. We cross our fingers so that there is not a great stop. We all have to be ready to adapt to small contingencies that we suffer along the way and to avoid them as they arise.



Jon Irazustabarrena. Goalkeeper. 34 years old. Usurbil


Iván Pérez. Defending. 27 years. Gasteiz


Gorka Kijera. Defending. 34 years. Hernani


Ekhi Senar. Defending. 30 years. Barañain


Mikel Azkoiti. Defense. 33 years old. Azkoitia


Jagoba Beobide. Midfielder. 33 years old. Azpeitia


Mario Capelete. Midfield player. 25 years. Irun


Sergio Llamas. Midfield player. 27 years. Gasteiz


Kun Temenuzhkov. Forward. 20 years. Lleida


Jorge Galán. Forward. 31 years. Pamplona


Javi martinez. Forward. 23 years. Pamplona


Fran Rivera. Midfield player. 20 years. Barbate


Moha Ramos. Goalkeeper. 20 years. Tenerife


Guille Donoso. Midfield player. 25 years. Gijon


Anatz Elizondo. Midfield player. 20 years .Errenteria


Quique Rivero. Midfield player. 28 years. Cabezón de la Sal


Aritz Borda. Defending. 35 years. Lasarte


Theo Lucbert. Defending. 22 years. Baiona


Ekhi Bravo. Defending. 23 years. Donostia


Gexan Elosegi. Defending. 21 years. Hernani


Borja Viguera Forward. 33 years. Logroño


Jon Madrazo Midfielder. 27 years. Ortuella


Lanús thrashed San Lorenzo in the New Gasometer

Soccer morning and many goals in the New Gasometer. San Lorenzo received Lanús in another friendly preparation with a view to the resumption of official football and he was beaten 4-1. A performance that had nuances but that leave worry in the Cyclone.

El Ciclón, directed by Mariano Soso, had Fernando as headlines Monetti; Gino Peruzzi, Federico Gattoni, Alejandro Donatti, Bruno Pitton; Matias Palacios, Lucas Menossi, Alexis Sabella, Juan Ramirez; Mariano Peralta Bauer and Franco Of Santo.

For his part, Luis Zubeldia, DT of the Granate, put up a team similar to the one that tied with Defensores de Belgrano, with the novelty of Lautaro Acosta’s return in attack. The eleven were Lautaro Morales; Leonel Of Placido, Ousmane N’Dong, Nicholas ThallerAlexander Bernabei; Facundo Pérez, Thomas Belmonte, Lucas Vera; Pedro Of the Vega, José Sand Y Acosta.

San Lorenzo started better, managed to get an advantage thanks to Ramírez and immediately had the opportunity to increase the score. Hand in the area of ​​De la Vega and penalty executed by Di Santo, who He executed the stick and the ball went outside. Then Peruzzi retired injured.



The Cyclon fell into a deep slump from which he could not leave in the whole game. Bad starts from the bottom, inaccuracies in the passes, insecurities. Lanús took advantage of it very well and he turned it very forcefully in each of his attacks: De la Vega tied headlong, then Di Plácido broke Monetti’s bow and finally Pepo again.




Already in the complement, the face of San Lorenzo did not improve and to top it off he suffered the expulsion of Di Santo and the injury of Matías Palacios, who was one of the best players on the team. Ignacio Piatti’s entry was not enough. To close, the kid Franco Orozco, 18, defined with strength and precision for the final 4-1.



San Lorenzo started winning as in the match that opened the day. Alexander Díaz scored the partial victory for the local but Lanús turned it around again: the goals were from Gonzalo Torres, Gonzalo Casazza and José Luis Gómez. With 3-1 a great day was closed for the Zubeldia team.

Zubeldia, the possible arrival of Diego González, the moment of De La Vega and the validity of Sand


Photo 1: Official: The surprising 11 starter of Fabián Coito for the first game of Honduras in 2020

Goodbye to the long wait of 11 months, today the Honduras National Team is playing again.

Today the Honduras National Team plays again and the coaching staff headed by Fabián Coito presents a surprising 11 starter for the clash against Nicaragua.


Arsenal couldn’t beat Atlanta in a new friendly: minute by minute

30 ST Atlanta goal and end of the game!

Villa Crespo’s team came to an equality with both Marcioni, on the verge of the end of the second half. The match ended 1-1.

13 ST More changes at Arsenal

5m ST: Second change at Arsenal

Facundo Pons entered in place of Jhonatan Candia. Arsenal prevails 1-0.

10.15: The second half begins

30m End of first half

At 30 minutes, the first half of the four agreed (30 minutes) that will be played this morning in Villa Crespo ended.


Miracco converted a 1-0 penalty for Ass.

9.45 The game started!

9.30: Confirmed formations!

Atlanta trains with Rago; Molina, Pérez, Tecilla, Ochoa; Valdez Chamorro, Previtali, Ochoa Gimenez, Oyola, López and Pedrozo.

For its part, Arsenal goes with Gagliardo; Abreliano, Pereyra, Carabajal, Papa; Picco, Soraire, Necul, Castro; Candia and Miracco.


Friendly | Fabrizio Angileri injured in the friendly with San Lorenzo


Martin Feijóo

13:32 hs

River continues its preparation for the Copa Libertadores and the return of the Professional Football League with a friendly match against San Lorenzo at the Ezeiza site. Marcelo Gallardo took the opportunity to give the substitutes minutes and said match ended 3 to 3 but with one injured: Fabrizio Angileri.

The left side of the Millionaire felt discomfort in the right hamstring and should have left before the end of the game. The medical body will do studies to determine the degree of injury. In this way, Angileri was not part of the work on a par with the headlines like Jorge Carrascal, who also trained differently.

The mendocino had replaced Casco in a good way in the first two Copa Libertadores duels against San Pablo and Binacional. Although he had little fortune at Morumbí with the goal against for the final 2-2, the performance of the full-back rose compared to the presentations he had had before the quarantine. Gallardo is lucky that Milton recovered in a good way from his passage with coronavirus and there are still more than two weeks to go before the clash with Liga de Quito.

The squad will rest this Sunday and will return to training at River Camp next Monday. El Millonario has time to recharge and will surely appear friendlier during the week to accumulate filming thinking about the last date and the round of 16 of the 2020 Copa Libertadores.


Koeman charges Suárez again: the controversial call for the game that Barcelona will play today – Diez

Ronald Koeman again left out of the call to Luis Suarez for the friendly that will play this Wednesday on Barcelona in front of Girona.

Suárez reveals which has been the best goal of his entire career

The Barça coach once again dispensed with the Uruguayan striker, as he did last Saturday against him Nastic. They also did not enter the list Rafinha, Matheus Fernandes, Wague and Arturo vidal, who is finalizing the details for your arrival at Inter and in the next few hours his departure from the Catalan box could be made official.

Suarez he continues training with him Barcelona, but it is a fact that Koeman He will not have him for this 2020-21 season that started last weekend.

The Catalan entity recommends to the Uruguayan to accept the offer of the Juventus, but the striker does not want to leave without charging his last year of contract in full.

This will be the new Barcelona shirt for the 2021-22 campaign

On the other hand, the game can only be seen live around the world and in the rest of Spain exclusively on Barça TV +.

Announcement of Barcelona

Neto, Iñaki Peña, Arnau Tenas, Semedo, Piqué, Busquets, Griezmann, Messi, Dembélé, Coutinho, Lenglet, Jordi Alba, Braithwaite, Sergi Roberto, De Jong, Junior Aleñá, Trincao, Pedri, Riqui Puig, Araujo, Cuenca and Konrad .


Amateur and grassroots football programs more than a hundred friendlies over the weekend

If anyone wanted to know what amateur football would be like and based on the new normality marked by the pandemic, this weekend has a first taste to get an idea. The modest teams are boundless and according to sources from the Catalan Federation, in Girona more than a hundred friendly matches will be played with protagonists between the Third Division and the pre-benjamins. Or what is the same, a real “test of fire”, as the delegate in Girona and vice-president of the Catalan Federation, Jordi Bonet, admits, to check if all the planned security protocols work and allow a normal development of the competitions. The First, Second and Third Catalan leagues are scheduled to start on the first weekend in October, and the Second B and Third will start on the 18th of next month, as well as grassroots football and the Catalan Fourth. Ahead, therefore, come a few weeks to finish getting ready and, most importantly, learn to live with the coronavirus in sport.

Yesterday Bonet had confirmed a hundred matches and hoped that twenty more would take place today. “Last week there were already a dozen friendly matches, although initially there were more but about twenty ended up being canceled,” explained the federal official in Girona. Now, surpassing the hundred matches, the activity will be “around 25% of what would be a normal day”, with many teams playing again six months after the confinement and covid-19 put a hasty end and end unexpected last season. Jordi Bonet admits that the Federation, clubs and administrations are “in expectation” but believes that the will is to “recover a certain normality”. The matches can be played with the public, with reduced capacity and control of everyone who accesses the facilities. The Federation will claim a certificate of medical self-responsibility from each player. “Footballers must enter the federation portal and there will be a thermometer where every 14 days at most they must update the data and ensure that they have not had contact with any infected person or fever or other symptoms.” , explain. Referees before matches will check the status of these virtual and self-responsible thermometers before allowing a footballer to play.

The matches will also have a person in charge of each team who will be in charge of glossing over all the people who have attended, to make traceability easier in the event that a case is detected. This weekend, among the outstanding proposals, there is a 3×1 in Vilatenim tomorrow between Figueres, La Jonquera and Blanes (17.00) with the door open; a Lloret-Figueres the next day; a Girona B-Lloret tomorrow in Vilablareix (16.30); a Peralada-Espanyol B (19.00) tomorrow; a Torroella-Palamós or a female Figueres-Girona (tomorrow 19.45 in Vilatenim) that will serve as the premiere of the new project of Montilivi in ​​Primera Nacional.


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Spain will play the friendly pending against the Netherlands in November

Sergio Ramos, after scoring a goal with the national team. / Today

The match, which was scheduled for March 29, will be held in Amsterdam

R. C. Madrid

The Spanish team will play on November 11 the friendly match against the Netherlands that was scheduled for March 29 and had to be suspended due to the pandemic.

“The meeting will take place in the last international window of the year and is set for Wednesday, November 11,” announced the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) through a statement.

The match will be played at the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam, as originally planned. “It will be the first of the three games marked for November, where Luis Enrique’s team will later be measured in Nations League duels against Switzerland at home and Germany at home,” explained the FEF.

Spain will return to competition on September 3 against Germany in the League of Nations.


KKR and Cinven launch takeover bid on MásMóvil

Two of the largest investment funds in the world, the American KKR and the british Cinven They have decided to launch a friendly Public Offering of Shares (OPA) on the Basque company MásMóvil, the fourth telecommunications operator in the Spanish market, which has its registered office in San Sebastián. An operation for which they would have strong support from the also North American fund Providence, one of the current main shareholders of the company that owns 9.2% of its capital.

The offer presented by both funds would contemplate a price per share of 22.5 euros, which It would mean valuing the telecommunications operator at around 3,000 million euros.

The offer price represents a premium of approximately 20.2% over the closing price of MásMóvil shares last Friday, when it closed at a price of 18.72 euros, up 2.8%.

The company’s shares returned to their pre-coronavirus levels last week.. The impact of the crisis caused by the pandemic on the stock markets led MásMóvil shares to drop to a minimum of 12.2 euros on March 20, but in the last week they regained lost ground.

MásMóvil shares shot up almost 23% in the early stages of Monday’s session after it was learned that KKR, Cinven and Providence have decided to launch a takeover bid.

The takeover bid, which was presented today, would have the support of the company’s management team, headed by its CEO, Meinrad Spenger, as well as one of its main current shareholders, such as the aforementioned Providence fund.

Exit the Ibex-35

The objective of the operation, to which some of the other funds that are also shareholders of the operator could join, would be to exclude the company from the Ibex-35, selective to which it joined at the end of June 2019 after a meteoric stock market evolution. in recent years. MásMóvil became in July 2017 the first company to make the leap in Spain from the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) to the Continuous Market, thus closing a stage of more than five years in the MAB.

The firm obtained in the first quarter a net profit of 22 million, the same amount that it achieved a year earlier, while equaling its historical record in customer acquisition with 373,000 registrations in the first three months of the year.