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Reactions from “Fridays for Future” to report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changedaily News Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change urges politicians to actTHE WORLD IPCC study: Europe’s prospects are Global warming: what the faster warming means for GermanyRP ONLINE Demands according to the IPCC report: Federal government must ignite “climate booster”n-tv NEWS See […]

Luisa Neubauer reaps criticism for climate strikes

AIn view of the severe storms in western Germany, the climate protection movement Fridays for Future has announced strikes in more than 40 locations. “The extent of the destruction leaves you speechless,” wrote climate activist Luisa Neubauer on Twitter. The strikes on Friday would also take place in solidarity with those “who have lost so […]

Greens & SPD: Union election program anti-social and haphazard

The Union’s program for the Bundestag election has been set. Shortly after the performance, however, there is immediate criticism. Green politician Anton Hofreiter describes it as a “weary way of doing things”. The Greens and the SPD criticize the CDU and CSU program for the federal election as anti-social, forgotten about the future and haphazard. […]