Noël Le Graët wishes to stay in the chair of the FFF

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After three terms, Noël Le Graët is again a candidate for his own succession at the head of the French Football Federation. He formalized his desire to remain at the helm of the FFF in a letter addressed to football families, this Thursday, January 21.

A decade at the head of the powerful French Football Federation, and Noël Le Graët, 79, still asks for more. After having conquered cancer in the 2000s and leukemia, revealed in 2018, just before the coronation of the Blues in Russia, the leader is not tired and still wants to continue playing the captain of a powerful federation, which has more than three hundred employees.

« After having widely consulted the players in French football in recent weeks and the members of the FFF Executive Committee this morning, I decided to ask for the renewal of your confidence, by presenting my candidacy for the presidency of our Federation. », Writes the leader, at the head of the body since 2011 and re-elected in 2012 and 2017.

However, during his re-election in 2017, he saw himself seeking a last term! Frédéric Thiriez, former boss of the Professional Football League (LFP), and entrepreneur Michel Moulin, will be his two competitors.

President after Knysna

Much of the life of an entrepreneur in the seafood industry has revolved around the round ball. He chaired En avant Guingamp from 1972 to 1991, a town of which he was also mayor (1995-2008), and made a comeback at the head of the club between 2002 and 2011.

During his first term, which he began a year after the 2010 World Cup fiasco in South Africa and the Knysna bus strike, he was responsible for restoring a positive image to French football.

In 2012, he appointed Didier Didier Deschamps at the head of the Blues. Since then, France has become world champion again and the two men walk hand in hand. “ It’s no secret, I really appreciate my president », Recently declared in the columns of Figaro the coach under contract until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Both united in the sidelining of Karim Benzema from the Blues group after the start of the so-called sextape affair in 2015. “ Look at what situation the FFF was in at the start of its presidency and what it is today, explains Didier Deschamps to World. Noël Le Graët knows how to decide when the situation demands it. »

During his last mandate, Noël Le Graët can boast of having succeeded in the Women’s World Cup organized in France in 2019. But like many others, he was largely wrong in qualifying as ” stroke of genius »The attribution by the French Football League of television rights to the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 championships to the Sino-Spanish consortium Mediapro, which was to bring in a lot of money for French clubs. The operation has proved in recent months as the worst fiascos of French football.

The iron bars with Roxana Maracineanu

Noël Le Graët also faced criticism about this sentence: ” The racist phenomenon in sport, and in football in particular, does not exist or hardly exists. Or even this pass of arms between him and the Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu about homophobic chants in the stadiums. ” I won’t stop the matches, I’m totally against he declared on Franceinfo, but I don’t want to be held hostage over homophobia. […] There are security services to ensure that these banners disappear. » « But I would stop a match for racist cries Or for security reasons, he added.

In an interview with West France, he said: ” To be clear, I find that we stop too many games. This pleases some ministers, but it bothers me. […] We have the impression that all of a sudden all the stadiums have become homophobic places. I vehemently challenge this image that is given of us. »

« The position taken by Noël Le Graët in differentiating between homophobia and racism is wrong “Had for its part considered Roxana Maracineanu in the National Assembly, denouncing” a lack of preparation on this subject ».

« He gave me a legal trial […] but yes, my role as public authority, my role as minister, is to ensure the protection of all our citizens “, Also indicated the former world swimming champion.

The post-coronavirus worksite

Lately, Noël Le Graët had to play the service firefighters by advocating appeasement among the Blue, crossed by internal quarrels between the coach Corinne Deacon and several executives of the French women’s team. The FFF was also shaken by the revelations around the internal management of its staff, mainly around the management of Florence Hardouin.

Today, the coronavirus pandemic has had a lasting impact on French football with a drop in licensees and finances. Which should give him headaches with this uncertain future for French football. Despite everything, Noël Le Graët does not envisage a golden retirement and does not wish to leave the stage and hang up his crampons as president.


It will be exciting in the North Atlantic (

Sailed around the world alone once: Boris Herrmann could win the Vendée Globe. From Oliver Kern

Every few hours sailing fans all over the world update the live tracker in their internet browser. Every day at 5am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 10pm, when the latest data is released, they want to see exactly how far their favorite has got. Has he made up a few nautical miles on the enemy? Which route does he take? Weather maps are studied: how strong and where is the wind blowing from? Is there a threat of calm or high waves? The ninth edition of the Vendée Globe is the most exciting of the circumnavigation regatta that has been held since 1989 and is considered to be the toughest of all. Your outcome is no longer only of interest to the French, who have provided every winner so far. Thanks to Boris Herrmann, many Germans nibble their nails too. Because he has been on the podium for days. Even victory is possible.

More than 75 days ago, 33 boats set sail from the French Atlantic port of Les Sables d’Olonne. Since November 8th, the 25 sailors still in the race have not seen anyone because they are driving alone. With the exception of Jean Le Cam, but more on that later. In the middle of next week, the fastest of them, who have already covered almost 50,000 kilometers, will be back in the port of departure and destination.

The route led the field around the southern continental peaks Cape of Good Hope (Africa), Cape Leeuwin (Australia) and Cape Horn (America). While the best around the leader Charlie Dalin from France have long since reached the North Atlantic, Ari Huusela is still in the process of completely circling the Antarctic. Still, the Finn is not sad. First and foremost, it’s about finishing the race. And his boat is still running.

Usually by this point the race has long been decided. In some years there were more than seven days between the first and the second boat. But since the clear leading Yannick Bestaven lost more than 400 nautical miles ahead of southern Brazil in a day-long doldrums, tension has returned to the race. Eight boats can still win. Dalin was just 35 kilometers ahead of fellow countryman Louis Burton on Friday afternoon. Boris Herrmann was third, a good 120 kilometers behind. And the hamburger is catching up. He has long been sailing for victory. Up until a week ago, he was only concerned with arriving when he said: “I’m always afraid that something will break on the boat, so I don’t take any risks.” On Thursday it sounded different: “I can hardly sleep, I am constantly.” on the sail swap. In the top group everyone is sailing as fast as they can. “

Herrmann knows his way around the Atlantic, and has traveled it many times. In 2019, he even brought the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg from England to New York so that she could travel to the UN climate summit there without producing any emissions.

In addition to the route knowledge that others bring with them, the German also has a joker up his sleeve. Since he helped find his colleague Kevin Escoffier, who was threatened with sinking, at the beginning of December, an international jury awarded him a time credit of six hours. In this period of time he can easily cover 120 kilometers. So even if Herrmann doesn’t cross the finish line first, he could still win in the end.

By the way, Escoffier was saved by Jean Le Cam, who was then allowed to enjoy company for a few days until Escoffier was picked up by a French naval cruiser. Le Cam is currently only in eighth place, but has even received a 16-hour time bonus. The coming days will remain exciting.


Corona News: EU internal borders remain largely open

Düsseldorf, Bern, Vienna, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm Despite the fear of the spread of mutated corona variants, the 27 EU countries have decided against border closings. De facto, however, border traffic is being severely restricted by many countries these days in order to prevent further contamination. Just like last spring, no state wants to paralyze freight and commuter traffic.

Travelers from the EU to France must present a negative PCR test that is 72 hours old or less from the night to Sunday. Cross-border commuters and the transport of goods should be exempt from the regulation. EU citizens do not have to go into quarantine, this only applies to persons from third countries, including Great Britain.

The Finnish government decided on tough entry rules on Friday evening to curb the further spread of the mutated coronavirus. Only certain professional groups are allowed to come into the country. This includes truck drivers and rescue workers. The interior ministry assured that the movement of goods to and from Finland should not be impaired. The new rules come into effect on January 27th and should apply until at least February 25th.

Private trips to Finland are no longer possible during this period. All people entering Finland must be tested and, if necessary, be quarantined. Finland is reacting to the spread of the mutated virus variants in Europe with the tough entry regulations. So far, the country has had the pandemic under control thanks to a relatively tough lockdown. However, the number of infections has recently increased again.

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Denmark has long since tightened its entry rules. Foreigners who are not resident in Denmark can only travel to the country if they can show a valid reason and a negative Covid-19 test that is not older than 24 hours. Exceptions to these rules only apply to the border areas on the German-Danish and Swedish-Danish borders.

Belgium: “Trade must remain possible”

Belgium prohibits non-essential travel. This will apply from next Wednesday to March 1, said Prime Minister Alexander De Croo on Friday after government consultations. Vacation travel and excursions are prohibited during this period.

De Croo had proposed a ban on holiday trips abroad on Thursday across the EU. “In the past few months we have kindly asked citizens not to travel, and yet 160,000 people traveled between Christmas and New Year,” said the Belgian head of government. “The smallest spark can rekindle the numbers.”

German-Czech border

However, the small country does not want to close its borders with Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. “Trade must remain possible and cross-border commuters should be allowed to cross the border,” De Croo said before the ban was announced. The border closings in spring 2020 had led to delivery problems, among other things.

It is regrettable that there is still no uniform procedure in the European border regime, says Markus Beyrer, General Director of the European employers’ umbrella organization Business-Europe, the Handelsblatt. The threat scenario by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) that there could in the end still be clearer restrictions on cross-border traffic in Central Europe alarmed the economy. “The mistakes like border closings in the first wave of the pandemic must not be repeated.”

He has the impression that the EU states are trying very hard to protect the internal market, says Beyrer. He considers the decision to designate dark red zones, which are particularly badly affected by the pandemic and from which travel could be restricted, to be a sensible step.

Switzerland: significant decrease in border traffic with Germany

Among other things, Merkel has a non-EU state in mind when it comes to these dark red zones: Switzerland is one of the countries “you have to talk to,” she said. According to data from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), the number of newly reported corona cases in the last 14 days, calculated per 100,000 inhabitants, was 360. That is a little more than in Germany, but less than, for example, France – and already one significantly improved value compared to November and December.

But the fact that Switzerland is leaving the ski resorts in spite of the high values, while the European neighbors close theirs for pandemic protection, meets with incomprehension in Berlin. Ten to twelve percent of all corona tests carried out in Switzerland are also positive. Epidemiologists warn that from a test positive rate of over five percent, many corona infections go undetected. Upon request, the BAG announced that the authority was “in close contact with Germany regarding border controls and crisis management in general”.

Alexander De Croo

“The smallest spark can rekindle the numbers.”

(Photo: AP)

Selective outbreaks of the new, possibly more contagious virus variant from Great Britain are causing those responsible additional concerns. Against this background, the German neighbor is critical of Switzerland’s decision to close restaurants and shops across the country, but leave schools and ski areas open.

How risky this strategy is was recently shown in the Swiss luxury ski resort of St. Moritz. Despite strict hygiene measures in the hotels, the British virus mutation occurred among employees there. The canton of Graubünden then quarantined two affected luxury hostels, and the schools in the town were also closed.

Ralf Bopp, head of the German-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Zurich, is already observing a significant decline in cross-border trade. At the end of November, foreign trade between Switzerland and Germany fell by around nine percent. The service traffic was particularly affected, the freight traffic continues to function well.

“It was an important lesson from the first lockdown that the supply chains must be maintained,” says Bopp. The quarantine regulations for people entering from risk areas are already strict in Germany and help to prevent the virus from spreading. However, freight traffic must continue to be guaranteed. “Otherwise the damage to the economy will quickly become enormous.”

Czech Republic: state of emergency until mid-February

The Czech Republic is currently particularly badly affected by the pandemic, with a 14-day incidence of more than 1200 and thus around four times the rate of new infections in Germany. Aside from Portugal, there is currently no other country in Europe that is more dark red. The Czech Republic has therefore extended the state of emergency until February 14 this week.

The German federal government declared the Czech Republic to be a “high incidence area”. People from such countries must show a negative Covid-19 test on entry from Sunday.

If FFP2 masks are required to be worn in supermarkets and in local public transport, Health Minister Jan Blatny wants to wait and see the experiences in Germany and Austria first. The country has concerns that there are not enough masks available and that not all residents can afford them.

On January 8, Austria started controls at the borders with Slovakia and the Czech Republic. A little more than a week ago, the country also closed 45 smaller crossings to the two countries because the reported Covid-19 numbers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia had risen sharply. However, border closings with Switzerland or Germany are not under discussion.

Since January 15th, travelers have to register electronically before crossing the Austrian border. Exceptions apply to commuters and transit travelers, among others. In addition, there is still a ten-day quarantine obligation for travelers from almost all countries in the world.

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In the realm of the bourgeoisie (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Historical illustration: Prussian Guard at the Battle of Sedan, France

On September 2, 1870, the French army surrendered to the Prussian-German troops after the battle of Sedan. Until 1918, this day was celebrated in the German Empire, which was founded on January 18, 1871 in the Palace of Versailles, mainly on victory monuments. The Social Democrats rejected this “hurray patriotism”. On the 25th anniversary, the SPD expressed its protest in a telegram of greeting to its French comrades, in which it spoke out against “war and chauvinism”. This resulted in reprisals. At the same time, the SPD politician Ignaz Auer (1846–1907) explained his party’s position on the founding of an empire in January 1871 in a speech. Critics in the SPD accused him of having found “good” and “inestimable” in it. Franz Mehring commented on this:

Auer simply said: the formation of a nation state was in the interests of the workers; they had serious reservations about the way in which this nation-state came about, but once this nation-state has been completed in this way, they stand on the given ground; they do not think of wanting to bring back the old small states, and because of them, in 1866 the German princes could have been cleaned up even more thoroughly. This is a statement of facts with which Auer wanted to counter incorrect views in the ranks of the opponents and perhaps also certain ambiguities in his own ranks. (…)

Rather, the point is that Sedan Day had to be a celebration of the ruling classes because the German Reich was created by the ruling classes and in their interests. From the first to the present day (…) it has pursued a policy of anti-working class. And that had to be so, since the German Reich, given the economic conditions of its formation, was a means for the development of the German bourgeoisie on a large scale. However, since it is the fate of the bourgeoisie not to be able to develop on a large scale without the proletariat also developing on a large scale, the founding of the German Reich is something “good”, an “inestimable advance for the working class too.” «Call. In this sense, Marx welcomed them as a way that would open up the possibility for the German proletariat to wage its struggle for emancipation on a large scale. (…)

The question of whether any event is historical progress is a question of scientific knowledge, which as such has nothing to do with moral and political judgment. The emergence of wage labor was historical progress, and so was the invention of printing; Not the slightest change in these facts is the fact that some regard wage labor as a splendid thing and the art of printing as a hideous, or, conversely, others regard wage labor as a hideous thing and the art of printing as a splendid thing. On the other hand, the moral or political judgment on historical progress changes according to the historical development and the historical position which the judges take in this development. (Ferdinand) Lassalle (1825–1864, main initiator of the General German Workers’ Association and thus in 1863 co-founder of German social democracy, jW) declared freedom of movement and freedom of trade for historical progress of such absolute necessity that they could no longer be discussed, but only decreed, and the same Lassalle bitterly ridiculed the opinion that the wretched of the working class could be controlled with freedom of movement and freedom of trade. (…) Marx saw a tremendous progress in the capitalist mode of production, and the same Marx said that capital was born from head to toe, from every pore, dripping blood and dirt. The establishment of the German Confederation (confederation of German princes including the Emperor of Austria and “free” cities between 1815 and 1866, jW) was a historical advance against the old Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, and yet the bourgeois class never saw anything “good” or “inestimable” in it. (…) And in the course of historical development, the German working class is in relation to the German Reich as the German bourgeoisie is in relation to the German Confederation. (…)

The protests against the Sedan Day must not make one forget that, despite all this, the German Reich is a historical advance for the working class as well, but this historical insight must never blur the sharp contrast between the class-conscious proletariat and the empire of the bourgeoisie.


After Netflix hit Lupin, here are OTHER French shows to stream in UK

Heist drama Lupin has become one of Netflix’s biggest hits, but it is far from the only French TV show worth watching on the streaming platform.

From cult hit comedy series Call My Agent! to a gripping drama starring former footballer Eric Cantona, a number of must-watch French language shows have been released on Netflix in recent months.

The rise of must-watch French TV shows has prompted some industry insiders to declare it the ‘new Nordic Noir’, a genre that found global success with series like The Bridge, The Killing and Borgen.

Here, FEMAIL shares a selection of French TV shows available to watch on Netflix UK now…

LUPIN (2021)

Smash hit: Omar Sy as Assane Diop in Lupin, which premiered this month and is projected to reach 70 million households in its first 28 days - making it one of the biggest Netflix shows ever

Smash hit: Omar Sy as Assane Diop in Lupin, which premiered this month and is projected to reach 70 million households in its first 28 days – making it one of the biggest Netflix shows ever

The character of Arsene Lupin, gentleman thief, was first introduced in the stories of Maurice Leblanc in the early 20th century.

Those stories exist in the world of this series, and are the childhood inspiration for Assane Diop (Omar Sy), the son of a Senegalese immigrant, who grows into a man of similar character – slow to anger, a master of disguise, immensely rich – after his father dies in unfair disgrace, accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

Over the five parts of this series, he sets out to avenge that wrong through a series of elaborate schemes. The first heist unfolds at the Louvre in Paris with Marie Antoinette’s necklace, and resolves in a very satisfying fashion.

Netflix revealed this week that Lupin has become the platform’s biggest French hit.

The series, which was released on January 8, is projected to reach 70 million households in its first 28 days, the streaming service said.

The Queen’s Gambit reached 60 million in its first 28 days. Bridgerton, which was released on Christmas Day, is projected to reach 63 million.

Lupin stars Omar Sy and comes from writer George Kay – one of the creatives responsible for Netflix’s Criminal UK and hit drama Killing Eve – alongside François Uzan.

Netflix said it is the platform’s biggest French international hit to date and has landed in the top 10 in the UK, reaching the top spot in France, Brazil, Vietnam, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, the Philippines and Sweden.

The show is streaming now and part two will land on the service later this year.

CALL MY AGENT! (2015-)

Star-studded comedy: Like Extras and Entourage, French comedy Call My Agent! is a skewering of the acting profession and attracts plenty of big name guest stars. The fourth and final series has just arrived on Netflix and has received rave reviews here and in France

Star-studded comedy: Like Extras and Entourage, French comedy Call My Agent! is a skewering of the acting profession and attracts plenty of big name guest stars. The fourth and final series has just arrived on Netflix and has received rave reviews here and in France

Like Extras and Entourage, this French comedy is a skewering of the acting profession and attracts plenty of big name guest stars.

The fourth and final series of Call My Agent! (Dix Pour Cent) has just arrived on Netflix and has been met with rave reviews both here and in France.

Look out for Juliette Binoche, Monica Bellucci, Beatrice Dalle, Jean Reno, Sigourney Weaver and Spiral’s Audrey Fleurot, plus many more.

The setting is a Parisian talent agency, where its cynical ten-percenters say things like: ‘Who’s talking about lying? Simply don’t tell her the truth’.

The show is based on the memoirs of Dominique Besnehard, a talent agent who handled the likes of Jeanne Moreau, and is scripted by Fanny Herrero, whose influences include The West Wing and Six Feet Under.

The smartest bit of satire in Call My Agent is the big name guest stars aren’t the centre of each episode. They’re just a problem to be managed.

It gives a chance for the actors to shine. Among the standouts is Camille Cottin, who plays the ambitious Andréa.

She is locked in a power struggle with her three colleagues: Arlette (Liliane Rovère), Gabriel (Grégory Montel), and Mathias (Thibault de Montalembert).

Start from the first series, which originally aired in 2015.


Desperate times: A major hit in France, Inhuman Resources stars former Manchester United footballer-turned-actor Eric Cantona as Alain Delambre, a middle-aged father and husband whose life begins to slowly fall apart after he loses his HR job because he's too old

Desperate times: A major hit in France, Inhuman Resources stars former Manchester United footballer-turned-actor Eric Cantona as Alain Delambre, a middle-aged father and husband whose life begins to slowly fall apart after he loses his HR job because he’s too old

A major hit in France, Inhuman Resources stars former Manchester United footballer-turned-actor Eric Cantona as Alain Delambre, a middle-aged father and husband whose life begins to slowly fall apart after he loses his HR job because he’s too old.

The show starts several years on from the firing, and viewers see how Alain is now struggling to pay the mortgage on the Paris apartment he shares with his wife Nicole (Suzanne Clément).

Relying on odd jobs which barely cover the costs, Alain stumbles into an unexpected second chance to get his old life back. He applies for a well-paid HR executive role only to discover the final stage of the process involves him taking part in a hostage role-play game.

The drama unfolds over six episodes and has kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

The series was a hit when it was released in France last year and is available to watch on Netflix UK.

VAMPIRES (2020-)

Supernatural success: Vampires follows the story of Doina (Oualaya Amamra), a Parisian teenager who is half human and half vampire and has to grapple with her emerging powers while juggling typical teenage issues like school and young love

Supernatural success: Vampires follows the story of Doina (Oualaya Amamra), a Parisian teenager who is half human and half vampire and has to grapple with her emerging powers while juggling typical teenage issues like school and young love

If teenage supernatural series are your thing, then Vampires is for you.

The first six episodes premiered on Netflix last year and the second series is expected this year.

It follows the story of Doina (Oualaya Amamra), a Parisian teenager who is half human and half vampire and has to grapple with her emerging powers while juggling typical teenage issues like school and young love.

Unlike other vampire films and TV shows, the vampires in this series are created as a result of a genetic mutation, rooting the idea more firmly in the real world.

Doina still drinks blood but does so out of a cooler left out in the family kitchen and takes pills to stave off symptoms of being a vampire like burning in sunlight.


Rom Com: Zita Hanrot stars as Elsa in easy-to-binge Netflix Show The Hookup Plan

Rom Com: Zita Hanrot stars as Elsa in easy-to-binge Netflix Show The Hookup Plan

If you like Emily In Paris, there’s a good chance you’ll like The Hookup Plan (Plan Coeur) also on Netflix.

The rom-com is easy to binge and is not going to stretch your brain if you’re looking for something to put on at the end of the day.

It stars Elsa (Zita Hanrot) who is still not over her relationship with Maxime (Guillaume Labbé), even though it ended two years ago. Her two best friends Charlotte (Sabrina Ouazani) and Emilie, nicknamed Milou (Joséphine Draï), decide to find her a new date to take her mind off Maxime.

They hire an escort who boosts her confidence… but problems arise when Elsa falls for him.

There are two series ready to watch and a third is expected this year.


Edge of your seat: Into The Night is Netflix's first Belgian original series

Edge of your seat: Into The Night is Netflix’s first Belgian original series

Not French, but it is French-language.

Into The Night is Netflix’s first Belgian original series and tells the story of a plane full of passengers who are flying from Brussels to Moscow when disaster strikes outside and the world begins to die.

Under the leadership of pilot Mathieu (Laurent Capelluto), the passengers band together to come up with a plan to keep outrunning the sunlight while working out a survival strategy that doesn’t require a massive, vulnerable aircraft.

The first six series premiered last year and a second series is expected this year.


James Bond stuntman Rémy Julienne died of Covid-19

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His name appears in the credits of some 1,400 films, feature films, music videos and commercials. From Sean Connery to Alain Delon, he has doubled huge stars. In intensive care at Montargis hospital since the beginning of the month, Rémy Julienne died at the age of 90 as a result of Covid-19. He was the most famous of the French stuntmen.

His filmography includes six James Bond, (from Just for your eyes in 1981 to Goldeneye in 1995), but also classics of French cinema such as The Atlantic Wall of Marcel Camus, The solitary of Jacques Deray, The brain by Gérard Oury or Adventure is adventure by Claude Lelouch. He is also in the credits of The big mop, by the same Gérard Oury, with Louis de Funes : the German biker ” who gets a pumpkin in the face “, it’s him.

Born in 1930 in Loiret, Rémy Julienne began his career in 1964, when another stuntman, Gil Delamare, asked him to participate in the filming of Fantômas. « I was French motorcycle champion and someone was very precise »To drive a motorcycle and overtake Jean Marais. ” It fell on me He said willingly. ” It’s the start of a great adventure », Said the man who worked with the greatest directors – François Truffaut, Terence Young or Sydney Pollack in particular – and the greatest actors.

He dubbed Yves Montand, Alain Delon, Roger Moore or Sean Connery among others. But his fondest memory remains the meeting with the Belmondo-Lautner tandem. For these two, Julienne will develop one of the most spectacular stunts, in The Guignolo: the actor will fly over Venice suspended from a trapeze hanging from a helicopter. Jean-Paul Belmondo, « it is he who gave me the most of his trust “, He told AFP at 87, his eternal cap screwed on his head. With this other crazy stuntman, whom he will find on the sets 14 times, ” we had to progress ».

Rémy Julienne, stuntman

To the second

Among its prowess, a tanker truck balancing on its left wheels in License to kill, a James Bond with Timothy Dalton, or a sedan which, from a springboard, takes off in the air before falling back on the roof of a bus, in Dangerously yours, another James Bond.

Credibility, precision, rigor: these words kept coming back to Julienne, whose life in front of the camera, or that of her teammates, was regulated to the millimeter, to the nearest second.

If not, ” it’s up there in a tree crate ». « Sometimes it would have taken little for this to happen », Said this man marked by the death of a cameraman during a stunt on the set of the film Taxi 2 in 1999, which he supervised.

Was he afraid? ” Fear is necessary before and after, but never during “. If not, ” we can’t do the right thing at the right moment », Answered this« reasonable fool », to use the words of Claude Lelouch.

Tireless, despite several infarcts and cancers, he passed the torch to his sons and grandsons, but continued, at over 80, to work for theme parks. In 2017, he entrusted his personal archives to the Toulouse Cinémathèque.

Read also: British actor Sean Connery died at the age of 90


beaten out of school with iron bars and crutches, the teenager turns 15 on his hospital bed in a coma

What happened last Friday at the end of classes at Guillaume-Apollinaire College, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris? This question, to which the investigators will try to answer, the family of Yuriy asks. As he was coming out of his school day, the 14-year-old teenager was taken away by a dozen individuals, his family told LCI.

“A bunch of individuals arrived. She was apparently looking for young people from the neighborhood, a story of rival gangs. He tried to run and fell to the ground. And there they beat him up. I really don’t think Yuriy is in any way involved in this kind of thing, ”explains his cousin.

The young boy, who celebrated his 15th birthday this Thursday, January 21, on his hospital bed, was plunged into an artificial coma. “When I saw him in the fire engine, he had his skull split open in several places, it was really horrible. They assaulted him with iron bars and crutches. He told me that he did not know the individuals, that he was in pain, that he was cold and that he did not want to die, ”laments his mother.

Fortunately, Yuriy’s vital prognosis is no longer engaged. An investigation was opened by the Parisian police. Images of the assault were posted on social media. Please note, the following images may offend the sensitivity.


Lupine, the new Netflix series that could surpass Lady’s Gambit and The Bridgertons – Economic, financial and business news

Based on the character of Arsenio Lupine, the famous white-collar thief created by Maurice Leblanc in his detective novels, the series francesa Lupine is between the ms vistas of Netflix. Created by George Kay and Franois Uzan and released on January 8, the series promises to surpass The Bridgertons (63 million) and Gambit de dama (62 million), with 70 million in its first 28 days, according to data predicted by Netflix based on its own statistics.

Like the rise of chess following the Queen’s Gambit and the reissue of the books on which The Bridgerton was based, Lupin’s premiere prompted reissues of “Arsenio Lupine, Knight Thief.” Published in 1907, it is about a collection of nine short stories including the story about the theft of Mara Antonieta’s necklace, which became the central axis of the series. “After the premiere of the series we had to relaunch a reissue, of which we have already had 10,000 copies,” sources from the Hachette publishing house told Le Parisien newspaper.

Lupine is one of the most famous characters in French literature, with 17 novels and 39 short stories. The character first appeared in a series of stories published in the magazine “Je Sais Tout” in 1905.

The Netflix production is not an adaptation of Leblanc’s novels but a detachment, with a protagonist named Assane Diop – played by Omar Sy- whose reference is Lupine, who inspires him to commit the crimes that happen throughout the five chapters of this first season.


Actress Nathalie Delon has died at the age of 79

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Known especially for her role as Jane alongside her husband Alain Delon in “The Samurai” by Jean-Pierre Melville, actress Nathalie Delon died this Thursday, January 21, in Paris. “She died of cancer quickly,” said their son, Anthony.

What is striking when we review the number of films – around thirty – in which Nathalie Delon starred alongside film celebrities (Brigitte Bardot, Francis Huster, Raquel Welch, Anthony Hopkins) and the names of directors who called on hers (Jean-Pierre Melville, Roger Vadim, Christian-Jacque, Claude Berri, Werner Schroeter) is paradoxically her lack of visibility in French cinema.

Became an actress thanks to the intervention ofAlain Delon to give it the answer in the Samurai by Jean-Pierre Melville, she will remain for the general public this character of Jane incarnated in 1967 for this film which has become cult. It was three years after getting married to the most popular French actor at the time, also three years after the birth of their son Anthony.

A year later, no longer able to stand the feminine conquests of her husband, she takes her suitcases and her son under her arm to change her life. She will continue the cinema, confined to secondary roles. She will also become a director in the 1980s, without her films meeting with great success.

Photo published by Anthony Delon showing his parents Nathalie and Alain Delon.

Francine Canovas, daughter of a blackfoot from Oran

When Nathalie Delon published her autobiography in 2006, the public discovered her family’s Spanish origins, her birth under the name Francine Canovas in Morocco, in Oujda, on August 1, 1941, as the daughter of a pied-noir d ‘ Oran who abandons her and her mother, originally from Melilla, when Nathalie is eight months old.

Twenty years later, it is she who leaves her first husband, Guy Barthélémy, a former called of the contingent with whom she has a daughter. At the age of 21, she moved to Paris and met Alain Delon in a nightclub by chance. The latter, engaged to Romy Schneider, begins to have a romantic relationship with Nathalie. Two years later, he finally decides to leave the German actress to marry Nathalie in August 1964 and settle in Los Angeles where their son Anthony was born.

Even decades after their separation, Alain and Nathalie Delon have remained in contact and their last photo with their son Anthony dates from December 2020, posted on Instagram.


With the houseboat on the Saône in deepest France

Fearlier, in the distant time that we call “before the children”, we usually went to France for three or four weeks a year, or more often to the British Isles, hardly anywhere else. When we had children, we didn’t go anywhere at first. Later a couple of friends encouraged us to travel with them to Italy by the sea, with the tent. We had our three dwarfs with us. She her. The adventure lasted a week and was so successful that we dared to do it again without outside help the following year and for a few more years after that. When we thought we had camped enough, we started looking around Europe and went on extensive trips – and when we thought in 2019 that it could be the last one with the whole family, that had nothing to do with Corona, because hardly anyone knew even the vocabulary, and nobody suspected that it would be the last year of the epoch that we can now call the good old days: when you could go where you wanted and when. And yet we opted for some kind of isolation. With this idea: “Let’s rent a houseboat!”

Acquaintances had tried it and described it as funny. The men are busy. The ladies would be free. Incidentally, there is nothing wrong with navigating a boat – which we can confirm in retrospect. Nevertheless, we weren’t unhappy at first that the boat rental company had rented us a, let’s say, aged copy of the Pénichette. This is the name of the type of ship, which is modeled on an old type of barge. The upper deck has been added to the original design, from which one controls.