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The big deals in Formula 1 have long been concluded: Sebastian Vettel, who was put in front of the door by Ferrari, will prove himself again at Aston Martin; Fernando Alonso makes a comeback at Renault; Carlos Sainz is on his way to Maranello. In the emergency year of the premier class, it appeared that the most important season, the Silly Season with its many speculations about bills and often ludicrous phrases, this time out. But before the last third of the world championship, which begins with the Grand Prix of Portugal on Sunday (2:10 p.m.), the tradition, which has also been loved by the discussion-loving audience, is revived.

Provided that Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes agree on the terms of a contract extension at some point, there will be four free cockpits for 2021, if not six. That multiplies the possibilities. Two German racing drivers are also at full speed on the emotional roller coaster: the Emmerich noble reservist Nico Hülkenberg and the talent Mick Schumacher.

In this workplace roulette, anyone betting on red is well advised. Because Ferrari is currently setting the decisive course in the personnel policy of the premier class. In Mick Schumacher, the Briton Callum Ilott and Robert Schwartzman from Saint Petersburg, the Scuderia’s junior academy has three 21-year-old Formula 2 drivers who are suitable for promotion to the top division. The talents are to be accommodated at the two customer racing teams Haas and Alfa Romeo, which are to provide training places as part of the engine delivery. Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto and academy director Laurent Mekies can at least play a leading role in this regard.

The US racing team Haas has already taken the first step and sacked the two hapless regular drivers Romain Grosjean, 34, and Kevin Magnussen, 28. In addition to nice farewell words from team boss Günter Steiner, the Frenchman also heard the disgraceful truth: “We had to act like this for financial reasons.” In addition to one of the Ferrari apprentices, this points to another Formula 2 driver: the Russian Nikita Mazepin, 21, who could get a chauffeur job thanks to the money from his father Dmitry.

The Williams team, which has just been sold to investors, also seems to have its eye on the return to the good old pay driver. With the Canadian Nicholas Latifi there is already a pilot with good morning gifts at the start. But he could also be joined by the Mexican Sergio Perez, who was shot for Vettel at the future Aston Martin racing team. Obviously he has plenty of sponsorship money on hand and could oust the British George Russell, who was sponsored by Mercedes and who already believed his cockpit was safe. “I cannot judge how the financial situation is,” says his mentor, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. That sounds disaffected. Such moves could quickly upset everything on the seemingly orderly transfer market.

Mick Schumacher with the English Haas team? There would be less hype

At Alfa Romeo everything seemed to be clear: Team boss Frederic Vasseur would like the endurance record holder Kimi Räikkönen, just turned 41, to hang on for another year. Second place, currently occupied by the more average Italian Antonio Giovinazzi, 26, could go to a Ferrari junior. So far, Mick Schumacher has been the favorite – father Michael once received the finishing touches for a career in Switzerland. Mick Schumacher would also like to be seen by the Haas team based in England, where he could perhaps develop with a little more calm. In any case, the German press agency has just put the Formula 2 title favorite on the “pole position for the cockpit search”.

Theoretically, other jobs are also free: The Red Bull racing team is dissatisfied with how much the Thai Alex Albon, 24, falls away from the super talent Max Verstappen. And in the sister team Alpha Tauri, the job of the Russian Daniil Kwjat, 26, is shaking again. Yuki Tsunoda, a 20-year-old Japanese, who can still dispute Mick Schumacher’s title in Formula 2, could get that. It comes from the in-house Red Bull youth development team.

Should Alex Albon actually have to give way, the noble reservist of the industry would suddenly be a serious candidate: Nico Hülkenberg, 33, who has already jumped in three times this season at the Racing-Point racing team. The man from Emmerich is considered a good vehicle developer and strong racer. Depending on the outcome of the Ferrari plans or the financial intrigues, it is also interesting for Haas or Alfa Romeo in terms of performance. Or in the event that Raikkonen suddenly no longer feels like it. In his birthday interview, the Finn once again emphasized: “Formula 1 has never been the most important thing in my life …”

Talent or money, the age-old question of conscience in Formula 1, takes on a whole new meaning in the Corona emergency season. It thus trumps the actual conflict between the team bosses, which is: ambition or experience. Of course, they would prefer to have everything at once.


Ride with hair dryer – sport

Lewis Hamilton secured pole position for the Formula 1 premiere in Portimão in a thrilling qualification. The Mercedes of the six-time world champion flew like a black lightning over the mountain and valley railway in the Algarve on the last lap, after which Hamilton was a tenth of a second ahead of his teammate Valtteri Bottas. For the British, it is the ninth pole position of twelve possible this year. Third was Max Verstappen in the Red Bull racing car.

This also proved that the concrete held up. Because the qualifying had only started half an hour late. When Sebastian Vettel raced through turn 14 in his Ferrari in free practice, the forces under his car pulled a manhole cover out of its holder. That means danger for the pilots: A crowd of employees of the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve came into action, the drain cover was quickly concreted over. To make things go faster, the concrete was even dried with a hairdryer.

When Vettel took to the track again later, he again failed to make it into the top ten. The four-time world champion placed his Ferrari in the eighth row on the grid in 15th place. His colleague Charles Leclerc, meanwhile, drove the second Ferrari in fourth. “At the moment I don’t see any country,” he said of former world champion Vettel, looking at himself and the competition: “It’s like a different class.”

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Update: Race management leaves it with a warning for Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo and Renault may face a penalty. The French factory formation has made a mistake with the Pirelli test tires during the second free practice.

The first thirty minutes of the second practice session at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve were used by Pirelli – due to the lack of test days this season – to run a first test with the 13-inch tires for next season. The tire supplier supplied each formation with three sets of the new rubber: two for one rider, one for the other. The driver with only one set was obliged to ride a long run on these slippers.

Ricciardo was provided with two sets, but the FIA ​​has discovered that his left front wheel was mounted opposite on the car. This is an alleged violation of article 24.2 a of the sporting regulations, in the sense that “the driver of car 3 [Ricciardo] did not use the full set of tires with the same specifications as assigned by the FIA. ”

A report by Technical Delegate Jo Bauer said: “During the Pirelli tire test, which took place in the first 30 minutes of the second free practice session – from 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM – used car number 03, driver Daniel Ricciardo, the two test tire sets not as prescribed. The left front tire was mounted on the car in the opposite way. ” Ricciardo and a team representative must report after the drivers briefing.

UPDATE 21:08:

The competition management has decided to stop at a warning. Both Ricciardo and Renault will not receive further sanctions.


Brown’s dart to Racing Point: “Maybe Stroll’s doctor is Dr. Mallya”

McLaren CEO questions the professionalism of the doctor who advised Stroll

Call the team’s attention for putting everyone in danger by violating protocol

McLaren CEO Zak Brown has criticized Racing Point’s failure to test Lance Stroll before he went home from the Nurburgring. The American has warned of the danger of such a practice and has taken the opportunity to cast doubt on the authority of the doctor who advised Lance against taking the tests.

The Stroll case has inevitably come to the fore during the team leaders’ press conference on Friday. Teams like McLaren have decided to reinforce their protocol to avoid loopholes such as those that existed in the case of Lance’s positive. The ‘crime’ of Racing Point was that they did not test Sergio Pérez’s partner at the Nürburgring despite showing several symptoms indicative of covid-19.

Stroll was allowed to fly without testing on the German circuit and it wasn’t until he got home in Switzerland that he tested positive.

The team takes refuge in the fact that the doctor who advised Lance did not consider that his symptoms were such as to do the test. Zak Brown, sitting at a press conference next to Otmar Szafnauer, has taken the opportunity to throw a dart at the team and doubt the authority of that doctor, comparing him to people like the former owner of Racing Point Vijay Mallya, the cartoonist Dr. Seuss or even the rapper Dr. Dre.

“If you look at the Racing Point situation, I would probably test anyone who was unwell on a daily basis. I don’t know who his doctor was, if it was Dr. Mallya, Dr. Seuss. Maybe it was Dr. Dre“, has commented Brown in the press conference of the team leaders, according to has informed Chris Medland.

It’s Brown’s way of berating Racing Point for violating protocol and endangering the rest of Formula 1.

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Mercedes will not stop the former motor boss from leaving for Red Bull

Red Bull must decide by spring 2021 what it will do in the motorcycle field when Honda leaves the sport. The most obvious choice is to return to Renault engines or to buy the power unit from Honda with all the technology to assemble and maintain the engine in-house. However, it would have been the most ideal for Red Bull if Honda had remained active in the sport. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff also thinks it is a shame that a team like Honda is leaving the sport.

“I was very sorry. Honda belongs in Formula 1. They have been active as an engine supplier for a long time and have also had a team,” says Wolff in the podcast. Beyond the Grid. “The cooperation between them and Red Bull was good and they now have to look for a new engine supplier. However, it is not unexpected that they are leaving. It is all about investing. What you put in, you have to get out. And if that is that. I imagine you are going to look for the right time to get out of the sport. In Japan, people will have come to the conclusion that they couldn’t get enough out of it. “

Should Red Bull choose to take over the Honda engine and use it under a different name, it must acquire knowledge to keep the power source up to standard. It would not be surprising if the Austrians knocked on Andy Cowell for this. The former Mercedes engine boss is no longer associated with the brand or a team and can therefore work wherever he wants.

That could be very interesting for Red Bull, and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff could accept the switch, he says. “I always respect someone’s individual decision. Andy left Mercedes because he felt he was ready in Formula 1. He said he wanted to do something that would make the world a better place with the help of technology. I respect that, because everyone should be able to be happy. “

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Possibly more than 22 races on the 2021 Formula 1 calendar

After the special 2020 season, Formula 1 will return to a normal racing calendar in 2021. Just like in previous years, testing will also take place in the run-up to this season, although in 2021 there will probably be a departure to Bahrain and therefore no test meters will be run in Barcelona prior to the season. It is currently not yet clear how many test days will take place and how many weeks they will be spread over.

There is also a lot of doubt about the seasonal overture. This year, the opening race in Australia was canceled at the last minute due to the corona virus. Due to the corona problems, there is still uncertainty about the race at Albert Park. However, the restrictions in Melbourne have been relaxed very recently, making it look like the 2021 season will start in Australia in March.

Andrew Westacott, the boss of the Australian Grand Prix organization, has trashed rumors of a possible move of the race to the close of the 2021 season. In conversation with the Australian Nine Wide World of Sports he confirms that the Formula 1 ball will open in Melbourne next year.

Furthermore, the Formula 1 calendar will look similar to the original 2020 calendar, which had 22 races in total. RacingNews365 heard. After Australia, the circus travels to Bahrain and China / Vietnam, before traveling to Europe. The Grand Prix of the Netherlands will be on the calendar in early May, but it is not yet clear whether the race will continue. The season should end with races in Asia, America and the Middle East.

There is, however, a chance that a single race will be added to those 22 races. The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix is ​​expected to hit the calendar in 2021 and take place in the city of Jeddah. The Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paolo, on the other hand, will be canceled, but a race in Rio de Janeiro may replace it. However, it depends on whether the construction of the circuit will be ready and the necessary permits have been obtained.

On top of that, Spain and Germany are also looking forward to a race in 2021, but there is no sign yet under a commitment. If they also join the calendar, the Formula 1 calendar will quickly go to 23 to 24 races.

A very busy calendar of course, but due to the financial blows that the teams and the sport have taken over the past year by the corona virus, both parties will not be unwelcome to extra races (and therefore extra income). In addition, Formula 1 bosses can put up to 24 races on the calendar without the teams’ consent, as this is agreed in the new Concorde Agreement, this site has learned.

The first draft calendar is expected at the beginning of November.

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To what extent is Red Bull under pressure to keep Albon as a teammate of Verstappen because of the Thai support? This and much more in the latest F1 podcast with racing driver Tom Coronel, F1 journalist Ruud Dimmers and host Thomas van Groningen, which can be heard below.


Olav Mol: “Max Verstappen does something Hamilton cannot”

It is clear that Lewis Hamilton is currently the number 1 driver. He equaled Michael Schumacher’s record during the race weekend at the German Nürburgring, both of them now having 91 race victories. Hamilton can also be on par with Schumacher this year in terms of the number of world titles. Schumacher has achieved 7 in his career while Hamilton has 6 and is on his way to title number 7.

Before Mercedes’ dominance, Red Bull was in control of the Formula 1 field. With Sebastian Vettel who won four world titles with the team from Milton Keynes. Then Mercedes came with the hybrid engine. Lewis Hamilton has now spent seven seasons with the formation led by Toto Wolff. With five world titles and on his way to his sixth in his eighth season, he seems to many to be the best driver in the world. Only Ziggo Sport commentators Jack Plooij and Olav Mol think differently.

For Jack Plooij, whether or not he wears ‘orange glasses’, Max Verstappen remains the best driver on the current grid. “Lewis is currently number 1, but Max Verstappen can become number 1 if he has the best material”, Jack Plooij starts at F1 at the Table.

Frans Verschuur also gave his opinion and immediately came up with an answer. “In my opinion, Verstappen is better, but he doesn’t have the equipment. We have seen that for a long time with Fernando Alonso, so I hope that the same will not happen to Max. Lewis will never want to have him next to him,” adds team boss Frans Verschuur On.

Olav Mol over Verstappen

Olav Mol immediately compares the two drivers. He thinks Max does things that Hamilton couldn’t do. “When Hamilton just went to Mercedes, Hamilton did not do what Max does now. In the period that Sebastian Vettel drove for Red Bull and won 4 world titles, Hamilton did not manage to put the fire to the test. But from the moment that he did. car was the strongest, so was Lewis. I’m sure he’s one of the very best, “said the Ziggo commentator.


Helmut Marko confirms possible replacement Albon: “Are two well-known drivers ready for 2021”

Helmut Marko is often clear about his goals. He wanted to become champion with Red Bull Racing and Honda this year, but that has not worked and will not succeed. Mercedes is back in charge of Red Bull Racing and the whole Milton Keynes team is disappointed.

Red Bull’s engine supplier Honda has also announced that it will stop Formula 1 after 2021. This means that the formation will have to look for another engine partner. This can be Renault, but also Mercedes or Ferrari. Another option is to buy Honda’s engine division, something Red Bull would prefer. The last option is to quit Formula 1.

Despite not achieving the target, there is still a little joy. Max Verstappen can fight with Mercedes and Ferrari has been caught up. Only Max Verstappen is not satisfied with that, Marko understands that too well. “Of course Max was disappointed [over dit seizoen]especially because we didn’t achieve the goal we set for ourselves to become the youngest world champion with him. But at least the record remains in the family with Sebastian Vettel. “

There are already two drivers ready for Albon

Marko does not say too much to the German Sky Sports about the other seat of 2021, but he does say this: “If Albon can continue to develop and improve, then he is a candidate for our car for 2021. In fast corners Albon is on the level of Max. He only has one / two turns where he loses a lot. And then we come back to the topic of consistency. If you don’t know when and how it happens, it’s an uncertainty factor that we can’t afford if we the title racing. “

Marko also confirms that there are two other drivers ready to replace Albon. “If Albon does not meet our expectations, we have to look outside our team. We are strong enough and can handle all drivers. Then the two well-known candidates Perez and Hülkenberg come into play.”


Ocon, backed by Cyril Abiteboul

Charles CoatesGetty Images

Cyril Abiteboul has revealed himself as a very demanding man with his pilots. You just have to look back to see that since his tenure, very important names have been discarded within Formula 1, such as Nico Hulkenberg, but also Carlos Sainz, a recent Ferrari signing.

Ocon and Alonso, couple for 2021

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are already those who doubt the continuity of Esteban Ocon at Renault, despite being a driver coveted by the French manufacturer since his return as a team to Formula 1. And the Frenchman comes out very hurt in the direct comparison with Daniel Ricciardo. Where the Australian has managed to solve certain setbacks, such as overtaking or better management of the tires, the Frenchman has encountered problems, which due to the tightness of the middle zone, have resulted in many positions in the general classification.

Thus, while Daniel Ricciardo occupies the fourth position in the drivers’ standings with 78 points, Esteban falls to twelfth place with 36, less than half. However, Abiteboul transmits calm and assures that he has absolute confidence in Esteban as Alonso’s teammate in the next season.

Cyril understands the complications that he has gone through and above all he remembers that he is not facing just any pilot, but possibly the strongest of those he has faced.

“Ocon has to be pragmatic about the situation, which is not disastrous. If you take away the points lost due to unreliability, I would still be far behind Daniel. But we are talking about Daniel Ricciardo. He never had such a strong teammate. He has had strong teammates, like Pérez, but Ricciardo is better. “

“You have to set realistic goals for yourself, but your current performance is not something to be ashamed of and it should build your confidence. You have to develop your patience. Like many young drivers, he is impatient, which pushes him to make small mistakes. I have no concern that this will be fixed and with the support of the team, it will be fixed. “Cyril Abiteboul assured.

No mention of Gasly

Pierre Gasly has recently been linked to Renault for next season, but Cyril has not said anything about it, just conveying confidence in Esteban.

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