Iran wants to recover its frozen assets abroad

DECRYPTION – Unlocking billions of Iranian dollars is one of the challenges of the Vienna nuclear negotiations which resumed on Monday. This is one of the little-known issues of the nuclear negotiations in Vienna between the great powers and Tehran, represented by Ali-Bagheri Kani, Iranian chief negotiator: the release of billions of Iranian dollars frozen […]

Kiev and Washington say Russia could attack Ukraine as early as this winter

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – Ukrainian and American military intelligence agree on the reality of the threat of a Russian attack, which could take place as early as January or February 2022. Par Piotr Andrusieczko, ├á Kiev (Gazeta Wyborcza) The American intelligence services have warned their European partners: there is little time left to develop a […]

Russia will have to “pay the price” for aggression against Ukraine, NATO warns

Several tens of thousands of men have been massed at the border by Russia, according to Kiev, which claims to be ready to face an invasion. The NATO Secretary General on Friday warned Russia against “the results” and “the price to pay if it uses force against Ukraine” with “forces ready for battle┬╗Transported to the […]

European Union erects barriers to influx of migrants

DECRYPTION – Despite the divisions created by these projects, which are no longer taboo, European countries have erected 1000 km of “walls” to protect their borders. Correspondent in Brussels They are, for some, the detestable symbol of a Europe turned fortress, a resurgence of the Berlin Wall. And, for others, the only solution to more […]

In Israel, the defense minister’s housekeeper was a spy

STORY – Benny Gantz employee was arrested while preparing to brief a pro-Iran hacker group. Correspondent in Jerusalem The cleaning man had a taste for espionage. Omri Goren Gorochovsky, 37, was arrested by the Shin Beth, the Israeli internal security service, as he was about to deliver confidential information about his employer, Benny Gantz, the […]

Kiev ready to shoot if migrants from Belarus come to Ukraine

Authorities in Ukraine, a country bordering Belarus and several other European Union countries, fear that migrants stranded at the Polish and Baltic borders will try to reach the EU through their borders. Ukraine on Friday warned migrants who would attempt to cross its border from Belarus and then join the EU, threatening to push them […]

How Xi Jinping became Mao’s equal

ANALYSIS – The closed-door conclave of the regime’s 350 most influential leaders strengthened the leader’s grip. From our correspondent in Asia The Chinese Communist Party has offered a plebiscite to President Xi Jinping and his authoritarian line, heralding his stay in power for the next decade, in the midst of the “cold war” with the […]

MPs not vaccinated against Covid-19 will be suspended, a world first

The Latvian parliament voted in favor of a law that prevents MPs who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 from voting, participating in debates and receiving a salary. It is a world first. The law passed in the Latvian parliament was supported by 62 deputies out of the 100 who make up the legislature, according to […]

un tribunal suspend la publication des documents de Trump

The court granted an “administrative injunction” and set the debates on the release of the White House documents for November 30. A US court on Thursday, November 11, granted former US President Donald Trump’s request to temporarily suspend publication of White House documents that could implicate him in the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill. […]

how the model student became one of the black sheep of Europe

DECRYPTION – At the head of a predominantly Europhile country, which for a long time embodied the success of the 2004 enlargement, the national-conservative leaders are raising the specter of a Polexit. Poland’s European journey has not always been a smooth river. Since the country has been ruled by the PiS, the Law and Justice […]