“What’s wrong with Erdoğan?” Speculation about the President’s health

In Turkey, people are amazed at the increased number of dropouts from Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. After almost 19 years in power, is the head of state’s health suffering? The opposition uses it to raise the mood. In Turkey, there are currently suspicions about the state of health of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The reason for […]

Iran wants to give atomic authorities access to recording devices

Iran has long prevented the International Atomic Energy Agency from monitoring the country’s nuclear projects. With the new Iranian nuclear chief, that now seems to be changing. There is apparently some movement in the stalled nuclear dispute with Iran. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is to regain access to its recording devices for monitoring […]

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo is running for the presidency in France

A new wind could soon blow in France: Anne Hidalgo wants to push France’s President Emmanuel Macon from his seat. But their chances of reaching the Elysée Palace are not yet good. After months of speculation, Anne Hidalgo announced her presidential candidacy for the April 2022 election on Sunday. “In all modesty, aware of the […]

Renewed candidacy? Donald Trump answers police officers

Former US President Donald Trump visited police officers in New York to commemorate September 11th. They asked him about another candidacy – and Trump had an answer. Political Washington has been puzzling since Donald Trump lost his election as to whether the entrepreneur will run again. In several appearances he made hints, but without being […]

Did the US blow up civilians and water cans?

It was the last air strike by US troops in Kabul: a car belonging to a suspected suicide was destroyed. The “New York Times” doubts this version in a report. According to research by the “New York Times”, the US Army did not hit a vehicle loaded with explosives during its deadly drone attack in […]

USA – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: More dangerous than Donald Trump

The US presidential election is not until 2024. But the Republicans have long had a favorite: Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis. He is considered particularly reactionary. The man who would so much like to become America’s next president has copied a lot from his great role model Donald Trump. For example, Ron DeSantis learned from him […]

Ramstein Air Base was looking for caterers to feed the refugees – SWR Aktuell

The district of Kaiserslautern has supported the Air Base in Ramstein in the search for caterers or large kitchens that can deliver food according to Muslim specifications for the evacuated Afghans. According to information from District Administrator Ralf Leßmeister (CDU), General Olson from the Air Base had currently requested significantly more food than had previously […]

Dozens of dead after terrorism in Kabul – USA await further attacks

Terrorists wreak havoc in Kabul. They kill many Afghans and at least 13 US soldiers. US President Biden still wants to continue the evacuation operation. The military warns of further attacks. There were two explosions in front of the airport in the Afghan capital Kabul – one at one of the airport gates and one […]

TechTalk: Musk wants to develop humanoid robots (episode 48) – Tagesschau

TechTalk: Musk wants to develop humanoid robots (episode 48)daily News Tesla’s new robot should make everyday life easier – with a size of 1.70 and cameras in the headFOCUS Online Tesla: This is how Elon Musk turns the car into a robotWORLD Elon Musk is for unconditional basic incomefuturezone.de Unscrupulous but successful: this is how […]

Donald Trump’s wall to Mexico partially destroyed

It was one of Donald Trump’s most important election promises: the wall to Mexico. But the border fence aroused fierce resistance from its critics and the financing was not clarified for a long time. Now a section should be broken. The border fence with Mexico, which was commissioned by the former US President Donald Trump, […]