Cherchesov at CSKA. Where is it from?

The devastation is not in the closets, but in the heads.

Suddenly, the rumor about the arrival of Stanislav Cherchesov at CSKA flared up and, it seems, has already died out. Such rumors, of course, initially looked strange, since the critical, let’s say, attitude towards this figure on the part of Yevgeny Giner is not a big secret. But the army team now has enough oddities, because – one more, one less – and this could well be allowed. But after the sobering remark of Maxim Oreshkin, in whom the initiative of this alliance was suspected, the topic seems to have come to naught.

Nevertheless, the plot is still curious – and sufficient as a reason for conversation. Where did this unexpected rumor come from? Why did the rumor send Cherchesov to CSKA? In the army camp, it is possible that they will again blame everything on the intrigues of enemies: in some red-blue circles, this is now a duty explanation for any adversity – from an unassigned penalty kick to an appointed coach. In fact, no one is to blame except CSKA itself.

Alexey Berezutsky and Stanislav Cherchesov / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song

Have you counted how many officials of the army club have already publicly expressed their full confidence in Alexei Berezutsky? It seems four.

First, CEO Roman Babaev, this is at the time of appointment: “We believe that Alexei will succeed, and we are not looking for a head coach.”

Then the director of public relations and information policy Sergei Aksyonov, this is when the conversation started about a possible meeting of the club representatives with the former Everton coach Mark Silva: “CSKA does not negotiate with him and fully trusts Alexei Berezutsky.”

Further, President Yevgeny Giner, this is when he was asked if any other candidates were considered after Olic’s resignation: “We did not consider other candidates. Alexei was considered before, but decided to try Ivica first. Did not work out. Therefore, Alexey is the coach of the team today “.

And finally, the chairman of the board of directors Maxim Oreshkin, this is just yesterday, when Cherchesov appeared on the agenda: “Tomorrow Alexei Berezutsky will play his first match in Moscow on Peschanka as the head coach of football CSKA. He has all the qualities to become a great coach. Let’s wish him the best of luck and support him! Our club needs stability. Not only financial, but also sports! “

Maxim Oreshkin / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Alexey Maishev

Agree, the cannonade is impressive. And all this in a month. If you add up all the speeches made in someone’s favor by the club generals, in today’s Russian football there is no more prosperous figure than Alexei Berezutsky. But only this is the thing: all these akathists sung together are on only one side of the scale. And on the other there are only two letters: and. about. Which cup, in your opinion, outweighs? What do you believe more – words or deeds?

Today the head coach works in any club of the Premier League – and only in CSKA he fulfills his duties. The club will not have to convince anyone of anything, it has only to remove these two letters from the post. But it doesn’t. Why? From that very desire to support?

Why is Berezutsky today the only one in the RPL who does not have his own headquarters? The emphasis is on the word “our”. Of course, he has a set of assistants, but these are not the people whom Alexey himself brought.

Why was his closest assistant, Grigory Babayan, chosen not by the coach, but by the club? There is a suspicion that until the moment Olic left, Berezutsky took over the business, and Babayan arrived – all these events fit into a couple of days – the latter two did not know each other at all. Is this appointment of an assistant also a sign of special trust?

Why did Rolan Gusev refuse to join CSKA? Apparently, this is the man that Berezutsky wanted to see in his headquarters. But he – with all his love for army colors and with a higher salary, as they said, compared to the RFU – preferred to stay in the youth team. Why? Is it because he believes just these letters – “and. about.” – and, looking at them, realizes all the fragility of the project?

Evgeny Giner / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Anton Denisov

So today’s CSKA itself is doing everything so that incredible nonsense swarms around it. The nature of any absurdity is an internal disorder, and not someone’s intrigues from the outside. We have not noticed: the devastation begins in the heads.

PS A few hours after the publication of the text, CSKA announced that Aleksey Berezutsky got rid of the prefix “acting”.


MLS: Atlanta United part ways with coach Gabriel Heinze

In a statement released this Sunday, FC Atlanta United announced ” dismissing Gabriel Heinze from his duties as head coach with immediate effect. “President Darren Eales assured that” it was definitely not a decision we wanted to make at this point in our season, but it was the right one for the club. »

The interim will be entrusted to Deputy Rob Valentino. After several experiences in Argentina, Heinze arrived in the United States in early January 2021. He is paying off a very poor start to the season in which Atlanta has won just two of its 13 regular-season games in MLS.


‘Carlos Vela is a world-class player’

Carlos candle scored a great goal to give victory to Los Angeles FC 2-1 about Real Salt Lake City.

At minute 79, the Bombardier fired a volley shot that slipped through the squad defended by David ochoa. And after the performance of the Mexican, his partner, the Korean Kim Moon-Hwan gave praise to Sailing.

“As to Carlos candle As a player, what can I say, he’s a fantastic, world-class player. It is something that I see on a day-to-day basis while I train with him, on the field and as a person, “said the Korean after the match against Real Salt Lake City.

“As I said in the last interview, Carlos was one of the few people who at the beginning approached as captain, received me and gave me many tips to improve my integration with the team. And I am happy to call him one of my friends, he is someone I really respect as a player too, he added Moon-Hwan.

The Asian footballer was the one who sent the service to the area that was used by Sailing to kill her in the chest and then define the goal against him Real Salt Lake City.



Bordeaux winner of the Challenge Emiliano Sala against Caen, Nantes loses again / Friendly / Bordeaux-Caen (2-1) / July 18, 2021 /

Finally a new title for the Girondins!

In Orleans for the weekend on the occasion of the Emiliano Sala Challenge with a four-team table, Bordeaux – winner of Niort on penalties on Friday – returned Caen to the “final” of this event (2-1) and finished in the first place. The Girondins were surprised by a goal from Russian defender Vladislav Molchan (20, not yet competing with the Caen pros) upon receiving a corner from the second minute. But they logically equalized from the start with a sharpened Rémi Oudin from afar (47e), then went ahead thanks to the famous Sékou Mara, who came into play a few minutes earlier and on the lookout at the penalty spot at the end of the match (84e)

Earlier in the afternoon for the “small final” of the tournament, the Chamois Niortais (18it is Ligue 2 in 2020-2021) won against FC Nantes (1-0) despite an overall domination of the yellow and green. Unable to conclude, the Canaries gave in on a free kick from Mathis Ansar badly returned by Alban Lafont (81e) and left Loiret with two defeats against training from the anteroom (after the 1-0 defeat against Caen on Saturday).

But hey, a fourth place (out of four) remains a fourth place …

JB, at the Source stadium


Carlos Acevedo sent a mysterious message after not entering the All-Star Game

The best players in the MX League They will face the team of the MLS in the first edition of Stars game. It will be next August 25 when they measure forces in the Banc of California Stadium from The Angels.

It was Juan Reynoso the person in charge of choosing the representatives, naturally there are great absences, among which the goalkeeper stands out Carlos Acevedo placeholder image, who would not have taken it all well not to have been included after his great tournament in which he was runner-up with Santos Laguna.

From his social networks, the goalkeeper released a tweet minutes after the award ceremony of the Ballon d’Or 2021 in which he would have shown his dissatisfaction at not having been called, writing an emoji with spiraling eyes, a message that received hundreds of reactions in seconds, both positive and negative.

Message from Carlos Acevedo

Acevedo Y Santos they prepare for the entree Opening 2021; In their last friendly match, the Laguneros won 2-1 to Tepatitlan with so many of Omar fields e Ignacio Jeraldino.



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‘Ajax cap’ Blind delays Van Gaal appointment: ‘Two incompatible caps’

The appointment of Louis van Gaal as national coach is taking longer than expected, Valentijn Driessen knows. The KNVB had actually wanted to complete the deal before the weekend, but the football chief of De Telegraaf has been informed that there are still some ‘bumps’.

The KNVB top recently traveled to Portugal for a meeting with Van Gaal. Those talks went well. “The intention was to present it on Friday. They quickly figured it out, some homework,” said Driessen in De Oranjezomer. “Then you have to figure it out within a week, huh? Because it’s not a rocket science to sign a contract with a national coach. But they haven’t gotten there yet.”

The implementation of the technical staff is currently a tricky point, Driessen already reported on Friday evening. Van Gaal wants to reappoint Danny Blind as an assistant, but the native Zeeuw is still on the payroll at Ajax. “He is also a commissioner at Ajax. Then you wear two hats, of course, but those are two incompatible hats. That is not possible. The KNVB has also said: if he becomes one, then he will have to leave the commissionership at Ajax. Otherwise, he immediately says to Van Gaal: dude, let’s take this and that and that Ajax player, that’s good for the value and of course good for Ajax.”

However, once this hurdle has been overcome, white smoke will soon appear, Driessen expects. “Normally it has to be, because the first pre-selection will be announced in two and a half weeks,” he refers to the international block from September 1 to 7, in which the World Cup qualifiers against Norway, Montenegro and Turkey are on the program.

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The transfer of the forward of Cordoba will cost Krasnodar 20 million

Krasnodar will pay for the Hertha forward John Cordoba 20 million euros. About this with reference to the German edition Bild writes “Championship”.

As the Russian club wrote, Cordoba had to undergo a medical examination.

  • The market value of Cordoba is 15 million euros.
  • Last season, the forward played 21 matches for Hertha, scored 7 goals and made 2 assists.
  • The RPL season kicks off next week.


“PSV revives interest in Mexican stopper, negotiations ongoing”

PSV is interested in César Montes, Marca Claro claims. The people of Eindhoven would have already started negotiations for the 24-year-old defender.

Montes himself is also aware of the PSV interest. The three-time Mexican international will first be active with his country at the Olympic Games. After that, a transfer could take place. PSV is now negotiating with CF Monterrey about the transfer fee for Montes, who still has a contract until the end of 2022.

Clear Brand describes Montes as ‘an excellent central defender and undisputed leader’. The stopper has been a fixture at Monterrey for several seasons. A transfer to PSV is seen as ‘very interesting’ for Montes: several Mexicans have already been successful at number two in the Eredivisie in the past.

In the past, Montes was also linked to a move to Ajax. PSV has also previously been associated with the defender, as have Valencia and FC Porto. A year ago, Montes still had a price tag of just under eight million euros hanging around his neck.

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