KLM employees no longer stay overnight in the UK, Ireland and South Africa due to corona mutation

The Association of Dutch Cabin Crew had already urged the night stops on Wednesday. KLM has now agreed to this, the union reports. The VNC is still internally considering its position on service on board (should the number of contact moments be reduced?).

There is a lot of concern among KLM cabin employees. They fear getting infected on flights from the countries mentioned above. London is now the corona fire of the world. 1 in 30 people is infected there. In the meantime, there is growing pressure from politicians to stop flights from the United Kingdom altogether, but the cabinet thinks this is going too far for the time being.

According to VNC director Ingrid Brama, discussions are being held with KLM about what should be done with the crews who work on flights to South Africa. It may be decided to reroute flights to Johannesburg and Cape Town via airports in other African countries, in order to allow them to spend the night there. The crew is currently returning to the Netherlands with the same aircraft.


Remakes don’t hit the mark

This post comes from the daily newsletter of the Culture department of Release, sent free of charge every evening.

In an interview published on Sunday in the daily the Guardian, Camille Cottin returns to the series Fly, which Canal + presented in 2019 under the paradoxical label of “original creation”. The channel’s bet was doomed in advance to sarcasm and to the disinterest of a part of the French public: Fly, indeed, was a French adaptation of the unsurpassable and venerable British series Fleabag, a creation by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in which Camille Cottin took over the role. She admits today with fair play: “When an international audience has access to the original subtitled series, one can really wonder about the relevance of the remakes.»

Adapting in one’s own country the proven theorem of a foreign fiction, the practice is as old as television. The actress is not unaware of the vein created by the French series Ten percent who the sacred star, today adapted in India, Turkey, Canada and the United Kingdom. We would be lost trying to identify the examples of remakes at the age of peak tv (paroxysm of the distribution of series produced by the ton). We hardly notice, while TF1 announces no less than nine remakes of foreign series in its catalog of novelties for 2021 (This Is Us, Luther, Liar), that the conditions of reception of these reboots are upset today.

Platforms have changed the game

Behind the commonplace which consists in deploring the rehash of microwaveable recipes emerges an obvious fact: the platforms have changed the situation, the copy and paste is no longer justified as much as before the era of hyper-immediacy and accessibility of content. At the start of the 2010 decade, at the height of the series’ popularity Homeland, we were few to remember that it was an adaptation of an Israeli series, We are not dead (which is currently viewed on Arte). But if We are not dead was created today, would we have really adopted, with so much fervor, its American remake? It is almost certain that ten years ago the Spanish series The Paper House would initially have been intended for a local audience, and would have come down to us as a remake. But its surprise tidal wave on Netflix in 2017 reminded us that we now devour with an ogre appetite foreign fictions intended for a globalized audience.

Read alsoSeries and prejudices

So much so that the subject of remakes today goes beyond the somewhat consensual refrain on the studios’ lack of originality and creativity: if everyone has seen it all, what’s the point of doing the same again? A fortiori, in the same language? It’s a different kind of remake and it’s gaining ground, no doubt out of a desire for a generational update. In his days, Gossip Girl (2007) chronicled the golden youth of New York while remaining immune to the slightest concern for diversity and inclusiveness in its casting and its intrigues. Visibly more in line with the effort of representativeness of contemporary series, a remake currently under construction promises to unite with themes royally ignored in its first version, which has not necessarily aged well.

Sandra Onana


TUI boss expects 80 percent of the normal number of flights next summer – Luchtvaartnieuws.nl

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Indonesia closes borders for foreign travelers

Many Dutch cities have a ‘catchy’ slogan. Such as ‘It is possible in Almere’, or ‘Beuningen Buitengewoon’. These are real slogans that make you enthusiastic about such a municipality, you immediately put your house up for sale and already claim a spot in a mobile home. Some slogans are so sought-after, painfully meaningless and cringing that they give vicarious shame. A while ago I read on the news app of a major English newspaper that Finland has also joined the row of places with a slogan; Be a Finn.


Precautionary landing Boeing 737 Max Air Canada

There were three crew members on board the aircraft. According to American media, there were problems with the left engine of the device. The crew was warned that the hydraulic pressure was too low.

The plane is still at Tucson airport.

The Canadian government approved the modifications for the Boeing 737 MAX earlier this month, but has not yet authorized the resumption of commercial flights.

Green light
In November, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave the green light to return the Boeing 737 MAX to service, and the European EASA also issued a draft airworthiness directive, which is expected to allow the type to return to Europe in mid-January 2021. The first commercial Boeing 737 MAX flight since March 2019 took off from Guarulhos Airport near Sao Paulo on December 9. Gol’s plane landed safely in Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil, after a flight of one hour and eighteen minutes. In addition, the aircraft manufacturer has restarted the delivery of new certified aircraft.

Two fatal crashes killed a total of 346 people in 2018 with the Boeing 737 MAX. The accidents took place in Indonesia and Ethiopia. As a result of both disasters, the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft were grounded worldwide for twenty months. US authorities asked about testing the MCAS system, which was part of the cause of both fatal accidents. Recent research indicates that the FAA and Boeing were trying to cover up important information in this case, which may have contributed to the 737 MAX dramas.


Aircraft too close together when approaching Schiphol

According to LVNL, the incident, which was reported to the Dutch Safety Board (OVV), took place on September 28. A Boeing 737 approached Schiphol from the west to land on the Zwanenburg runway, while an Airbus A220 was approaching the airport from the east at the same time, for a landing on the Aalsmeer runway, which runs parallel to both the Zwanenburg and Polder runways.

The Boeing flew at an altitude of 1.2 kilometers, while the Airbus was in the process of descending to 900 meters. Both aircraft were supervised by separate air traffic controllers.

Because the A220 reduced the speed, the aircraft fell less quickly than intended. In addition, the A220 took the bend wider than intended. Despite the fact that the two planes did not cross each other, there was also a too small horizontal distance in addition to the too small difference in height. The standard is a horizontal distance of 5.5 kilometers and a vertical distance of 300 meters, but in reality the planes flew 2.8 apart, with a height difference of 150 meters.

LVNL incident

Although the air traffic controllers intervened by the book and both aircraft landed safely, LVNL classifies the incident as a serious incident.

Based on this and a number of previous incidents, LVNL therefore started an internal investigation, in which an analysis was carried out of the procedures surrounding the parallel approach to Schiphol. This has led to a number of points for improvement. For example, an extra training module was introduced for air traffic controllers. Technical options are also being explored to support them in their work.

Parallel take-offs and landings take place regularly at the airport, just like at many other airports that have several parallel runways. In practice, parallel landings only take place on the Polderbaan and Zwanenburgbaan (from the north) or the Zwanenburgbaan and Aalsmeerbaan (from the south).


Also a flight ban for South Africa, KLM must return to Schiphol ’empty’

The flight ban applies until January 1, 2021.

Member of Parliament Jan Paternotte (D66) urged the cabinet this morning to ban the flight. He wanted the Netherlands, following Germany and Switzerland, to ban all passenger flights from South Africa for the time being. Around midnight, two KLM Boeing 777s would fly back to Schiphol from Johannesburg and Cape Town. “It must be clear before then,” Paternotte told NH News.

South Africa is the second country to receive a flight ban from the Netherlands. As of yesterday, no travelers from the United Kingdom may be admitted to the Netherlands. Dozens of countries have now imposed such a ban on the United Kingdom.

‘Empty’ back
KLM’s two flights will return to the Netherlands ’empty’. As with the flights from the United Kingdom to Schiphol, KLM can still carry cargo on the aircraft.

“It is good that the cabinet has acted today. With a vaccine in sight, this is not the time to take unnecessary risks with the spread of the virus,” Jan Paternotte told NH Nieuws. “The next step now is to contact travelers who have come from South Africa in recent weeks and see if there has been any import of the variant of the virus.”

For stranded passengers, Paternotte proposes repatriation flights, where each traveler must undergo a minimum of two corona tests. For D66 it is very important that passengers are double tested before they go on the special flights. The costs of the repatriation should be borne by the passengers, says the MP.

Mandatory testing at Schiphol
“The risk of dissemination can be significantly reduced if the government takes action on proposals D66 and VVD to make a negative test compulsory for every traveler before traveling to the Netherlands, preferably with the option for Dutch citizens to take a test upon arrival at Schiphol let it take, “said Paternotte.

This article comes from media partner NH Nieuws.


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Ryanair places large additional order for Boeing 737 MAX

The additional order has a list value of $ 9 billion, but it is common for airlines to get deep discounts of up to 50 percent. Ryanair says it has received some extra discount as compensation for the delayed delivery of the MAX.

The budget company now expects the first MAXs in the spring of 2021. All 210 devices must be delivered by the end of 2024. The low fuel consumption of the Boeings allows Ryanair to compete even better on price.

“This will be the best controlled and regulated aircraft ever. Its performance is exceptional as it offers eight more seats per flight [dan de 737-800, red.], but still uses 16 percent less fuel and cuts noise emissions by 40 percent, ”Ryanair said.

To cram so many seats into the aircraft, the pitch (the distance between the seats) goes down to 28 inches. In the current fleet this is still an average of 30 inches. Ryanair says to compensate for the loss of space with very thin backrests.

Return 737 MAX
Last month, the US and Brazilian aviation authorities lifted the flight ban on the 737 MAX. Europe will follow in January. The type will return to service with Gol on December 10, and with American Airlines at the end of December.

Ryanair expects the demand for airline tickets to return quickly in the course of 2021, as vaccinations can almost start. That is why the company can make good use of the extra 737 MAXs.


Anger about new handling company at airport: ‘Schiphol doesn’t care about staff’

With a total of eight handlers, who would also refuse to cooperate, the chaos on the Schiphol platform is complete, according to SP and FNV.

The fact that eight handling companies are active at Schiphol causes unsafe situations, according to the SP and FNV. Moreover, these companies compete against each other, with the result that the staff draws the short straw. The employees are generally deployed with flex contracts or as temporary workers and receive a salary that is barely higher than the minimum wage. The SP and FNV want Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management to intervene.

Number of security incidents ‘sky high’
“Schiphol doesn’t care about the staff and only wants to be the cheapest airport”, SP Member of Parliament Cem Laçin told media partner NH Nieuws. He thinks it is ‘bizarre’ that another new handling company will be installed at Schiphol, while there are a maximum of two ground handlers at other major European airports. According to Joost van Doesburg of FNV, the number of security incidents on the apron at Schiphol is already ‘sky high’. With one more company, Schiphol is finally starting the race to the bottom, says Van Doesburg.

According to Schiphol, the airport cannot refuse new handling companies due to European rules. It is up to the airlines to conclude contracts with handling agents. Schiphol may only refuse such a company if they do not meet the safety standards. “It is safe at Schiphol, but there is always room for improvement,” said a spokesman.

It is up to Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen to put the brakes on. The Dutch state is 70 percent shareholder of Schiphol and, according to the SP, the minister can ensure that an end to the jumble of handling companies, low wages, high work pressure and uncertain contracts. Van Nieuwenhuizen does not intend to stand in the way of the free market and therefore does not interfere with whom the airlines will work with. However, it must implement the improvement of safety at Schiphol. One of the agreements was that the handling agents would already share platform equipment, but that has not happened until now.

Due to the corona crisis, that appointment has been delayed for six months. Safety at Schiphol will not be evaluated again until July 1, 2021 at the latest. Until then, there is certainly no question of sharing the equipment.

Schiphol has received dozens of recommendations from the Dutch Safety Board (OVV) to make the airport safer. Only then will the OVV see opportunities for Schiphol to grow. The approach taken by the ground handling companies is one of those recommendations. The Ministry of Infrastructure ensures that these are implemented, but therefore points to the delay caused by the corona crisis.

Schiphol says that the airport itself will now take control of finally arranging the sharing of the equipment, but could not say when they will do so.

As of 1 February 2021, the eight handling companies active at Schiphol are: KLM, Aviapartner, Swissport, Menzies, Axxicom, WFS, Dnata and Viggo.

The above article comes from media partner NH Nieuws.