Flu vaccination recommended for cardiovascular diseases – Coronavirus –

3.11.2021 16:18 (Akt. 3.11.2021 16:19) Flu vaccination ©WHAT Influenza vaccination is strongly recommended for chronic illnesses. People with COPD or diabetes can also be protected significantly more often. It is different for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, where the vaccination rate is only a few percentage points above the average. They would benefit from […]

Coronavirus affects solidarity with flu vaccination

Winter is just around the corner – and with it the time for tick and flu vaccinations. The coronavirus should also play a role in demand. A pharmacist believes the corona virus has raised awareness of solidarity in vaccinations. This should also affect the flu vaccination. (Icon image) – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief […]

Flu, cold, corona or RS virus? Symptoms and differences

The coronavirus is still rampant – at the same time the season for flu and colds has started. What pathogens are currently in circulation and what to do if there are any signs. Cough, runny nose, sore throat – this is not uncommon in the cooler season. Sometimes it’s just a nuisance cold, sometimes the […]

Ministry: Now is the time to get a flu shot

Ministry: Now is the time to get a flu shot The seasonal flu is on the rise again. It spreads particularly quickly in the cold winter months. Since the vaccination only becomes fully effective after about two weeks, now is the right time for a vaccination, the ministry said. The flu is triggered by influenza […]

The flu is getting worse this year: you need to know this

1. What are the expectations? Bentvelsen: “The forecasts are not rosy. We know from calculations that it could be an earlier and more severe flu wave. We may have to deal with two flu waves: a second wave at the end of this year and at the beginning of next year. We have not had […]

Helios experts recommend protection against flu and corona

Niederberg Is it a harmless cold or is it more serious? Also in this second Corona autumn it is more important than ever to avoid diseases that can affect the lungs or airways. (RP) Experts at the Niederberger Helios Clinic therefore advise getting vaccinated against influenza viruses right now, before the cold season begins. “The […]

▷ BIG direkt healthy: Influenza vaccination could reduce the risk of dementia / possible …

22.09.2021 – 14:42 BIG direct healthy Dortmund (ots) The flu vaccination protects against infection with the influenza virus and also against severe courses of the disease. The health insurance company BIG direct healthy points out a possible additional benefit: Regular vaccination could significantly reduce the risk of developing dementia. This is confirmed by a US […]