Laboratory results for fish mortality in the Fischa are available

In July, an estimated 90 percent of the total fish stock in the Fischa in Wiener Neustadt had perished. Now the laboratory results are there. The investigation into the causes is in full swing. Last update on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, 2:46 pm It is estimated that 90 percent of the total fish population was […]

Germany: salmon go crazy after getting intoxicated with cocaine

It was in June 2020 when a fisheries officer of the agency in the municipality of Kirchhundem observed an atypical behavior in the animals, raised for a species conservation project. Salmon frantically jumping around on a fish farm in Germany may have been on cocaine, according to a report released by German environmental officials. […]

Giant specimens in the USA: abandoned goldfish become monstrous

Tuesday 13 July 2021 Huge copies in the US Abandoned goldfish become monstrous Goldfish are popular pets. They’re quiet, sturdy, and good-looking. However, some animals of this species are released in the United States. There they thrive splendidly. But ecologically this leads to real problems. The American city of Burnsville has used Twitter to appeal […]

Fish invasion in Minnesota: researchers use stun guns against goldfish plague

04.06.2021 20:01 Uhr – 01:05 min Fischinvasion in Minnesota Researchers use stun guns against goldfish plague Most people know goldfish as harmless pets. In the US state of Minnesota, on the other hand, the animals are a threat to local ecosystems. In order to be able to study the behavior of the fish, scientists use […]