Iraq’s Shiite militias ceasefire

Iraq’s Shiite militias have offered a surprise “ceasefire” by which they pledge to stop attacking US targets and the rest of the Western forces in the country in exchange for a timetable for their withdrawal. The proposal includes “all the resistance factions, including those that have attacked the US forces,” revealed Mohammed Mohi, spokesman for Kataeb Hezbollah, one of the most important factions in the country, without providing further details.

These armed groups, close to Iran, signed the communiqué under the name of the newly created Commission for the Coordination of the Iraqi Resistance and put as the only condition a clear plan to the departure of United States forces. “If they insist on staying in the country, they risk much more violent attacks,” Mohi warned, in a statement that sounded like an ultimatum to his government and the White House.

This announcement came a few days after Washington threatened to close its embassy in Baghdad if the rocket fire did not stop and a bomb exploded as a convoy passed through the south of the country, attacks that Mohi described as “messages to say that you are not welcome.

The Pentagon, which deployed up to 170,000 troops on Iraqi soil, now has 5,000 men on the ground. They are part of the international mission that fights jihadist group Islamic State (IS) and it trains the local forces, and, as in Afghanistan, they are in the process of withdrawal. On the same day that Trump advanced the withdrawal of his troops from Afghan soil for this Christmas, he signaled his intention to reduce the contingent in Iraq to 3,000 troops.

The militias maintain their pulse with Washington, but have lost popularity in the streets due to their repressive work in the social mobilizations that Iraq has been experiencing for a year and the population’s fear that they will turn the country into a battlefield between the United States and Iran. Iraqis are exhausted from so much violence and this declaration of truce will help ease the tension of recent months.

Assassination of Suleimani

Since the 2003 invasion, Iraq has maintained a rare balance in the region in its relations with Iran, a neighbor and great Shiite power, and the United States, responsible for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the change of system. On January 3, Donald Trump ordered the assassination of the Iranian general Qassem Suleimani, leader of the outer arm of the Revolutionary Guard and responsible for the network of militias loyal to Tehran in the region.

Suleimani had just landed in Baghdad and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the head of these Shiite paramilitary groups in Iraq, also died in this operation, who came to welcome him to the airport. The militias swore revenge and since then there have been missile attacks on the US legation located in the Green Zone.

That operation ordered by Trump made a move to Parliament in Baghdad, which approved a motion to ask the Government to order the withdrawal of United States forces. According to the text, the Executive did not promise “to revoke its request for help to the international coalition that is fighting the Islamic State, due to the end of military operations in Iraq and the achievement of victory”, but ten months have passed and a withdrawal schedule has not been made public. Now the militias urge the authorities to make a move.


Atlanta Reign part ways with six players

Overwatch League, OWL, Atlanta Reign, Mercato, Saucy, Pokpo, Erster, Dogman, frd, Fire, Overwatch

We told you yesterday, the transfer window is racing on Overwatch and it’s Atlanta Reign’s turn to announce the departure of six players.

After Paris Eternal and Hangzhou Spark yesterday, a third team announced the departure of several of its players. It is not less than six players who leave Atlanta Reign and must seek a new structure if they want to continue their adventure in the Overwatch League.

These changes come as no surprise to fans of the structure given the average performance of the team this year. Never in the teams less efficient but not in the best, the team never left the middle of table of the competitions in which she participated.

Saucy, Pokpo, Erster, Dogman, frd and Fire therefore leave the project and this leaves the field open to the Overwatch structure d’Atlanta to recruit new players and hope to play the top of the table next year.


Fire in front of the »Liebig 34« (

Photo: Florian Bojlot

Berlin. At least a dozen masked people are said to have thrown several incendiary devices on the formerly occupied building “Liebig 34” in Berlin-Friedrichshain. According to the police, the incendiary devices triggered a fire in the recently vacated building. The Berlin police announced this on Thursday afternoon. The investigative authorities had previously written on the short message service Twitter that the fire was assumed to have been an intentional act. Accordingly, there were three employees of a security company in the building at the time of the attack. They escaped from the fire unharmed.

According to the Berlin police, the attack occurred around 9:15 p.m. The attackers threw the incendiary devices into a fenced area in front of the house. An incendiary device is said to have hit the building. The house window frames and bulky rubbish on the sidewalk then caught fire. The flames hit meters high, as shown by video recordings that were published on the Internet on Wednesday evening.

The state security responsible for political crimes is now investigating serious arson, attempted manslaughter and serious breach of the peace. Investigators are looking for witnesses who witnessed the attack.

The anarcha-queer-feminist housing project was evacuated by around 1,500 police officers on Friday, October 16. The left scene had protested against the eviction with numerous actions. dpa / nd


Nutella, fire in the largest factory in the world: it produces 600 thousand jars a year

A fire broke out in a factory Nutella in France, Villers-Ecalle, northwest of Rouen. It is the largest factory in the world dedicated to the production of Ferrero spreadable cream. The fire, according to local media reports, broke out around 5 in the morning near a coffee shop.

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About twenty firefighters were required to extinguish the flames in an hour and a half. A hundred employees were evacuated, but no deaths or injuries were recorded. Production will slow down, but there will be no impact on employment. The Ferrero factory in Villers-Ecalle is considered the largest in the world because it produces 600 thousand jars of Nutella per year, a quarter of the entire world production.


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In Novosibirsk, while trying to take a selfie, three people fell from the dam :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

Investigators began checking after three people fell into the water while photographing at the dam of the Novosibirsk hydroelectric station. This was reported on the website of the regional administration of the UK.

On Tuesday, October 20, the Investigation Department received information that a man born in 1994 and a girl born in 1996 fell into the water during a photographic survey in the Soviet district of Novosibirsk at the dam of a hydroelectric dam.

Investigators have previously established that a company of six people arrived at the dam. Two guys and two girls decided to take a selfie. When one man came down to the parapet, he stumbled and fell into the water. While trying to help him, another man and woman fell into the water.

In Omsk, a woman shot herself in the head during a selfie

“The latter was taken to the shore and handed over to the ambulance team. The young man, who was trying to save his comrade, was able to swim ashore himself. The search for the second young man continues, ”the UK said.


Armenia is in favor of the ceasefire requested by France, the United States and Russia

After the call made this Thursday for an immediate ceasefire in Nagorno Karabakh by France, the United States and Russia, the three countries that chair the Minsk Group of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Armenia, reluctant initially to stop hostilities, it is now favorable to the negotiating path under the auspices of the OSCE.

This was announced this Friday by the Armenian Foreign Ministry through a statement. “Although this aggression against Nagorno Karabakh will continue to receive our firm and absolute condemnation, we are ready to engage with the countries that co-chair the OSCE Minsk Group to re-establish a ceasefire regime based on the 1994-1995 agreements.” it is noted in the diplomatic note. According to its text, “Armenia remains committed to a peaceful solution to the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh”, an enclave with an Armenian majority that broke away from Azerbaijan three decades ago.

However, Baku has not shown the same willingness to a peaceful settlement. The foreign policy advisor of the Azerbaijani Presidency, Hikmet Hajíyev, declared this Friday in a press conference offered by videoconference that the only way to “stop the current military escalation is for Armenia to leave Nagorno Karabakh.” “If Armenia wants to see the end of this escalation, the ball is in their court. It must end the occupation. ‘

For his part, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, expressed himself this Friday along a similar line. In his words, “the fighting will continue until Nagorno Karabakh is liberated from the occupation.” “We are with all our hearts and with all our capabilities together with Azerbaijan and we will continue to be,” added Erdogan in a speech broadcast live on Turkish NTV from Konya, south of Ankara.

Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno Karabakh, was bombed this Friday. The Armenian Defense Ministry claims that the attack was carried out by Azerbaijani forces. According to Armenian military information, civilian infrastructures were damaged and at least 10 people were injured. Correspondents from various publications assured that they themselves saw how at least two shells exploded and how ambulances took the wounded away.

Meanwhile, the NGO Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that at least 28 Syrian fighters belonging to proturkish factions died in the last days in fighting in Nagorno Karabakh. According to Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the NGO, these mercenaries were part of the group of 850 recruited and sent to the conflict zone last week. In this regard, the Kremlin released a note on Friday stating that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and the Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, “expressed their great concern at the information about the presence of illegal armed groups from the Middle East” in Nagorno Karabakh.


Major fire on Kilimanjaro – flames continue to blaze – world –

German researcher is convinced: rain could help.

On Africa’s highest mountain, around 500 fire fighters and helpers faced a blazing fire roller at an altitude of almost 3,000 meters.

On the southern flank of Kilimanjaro, they tried to extinguish the flames with the device available to them up there. A helicopter came to help, Tanzania’s national park authority Tanapa announced in a statement on Tuesday.

We will use the helicopter to identify vulnerable areas from the air and to be able to intervene quickly if the fire spreads to these regions, “said the authorities. The flames have now shifted to the eastern part of the mountain range and migrated to the Rombo district .

Flames move downhill

Because of strong winds, the fire destroyed a large area of ​​heather and moorland. After observations by residents, the flames were now moving downhill, towards the rainforest below. According to the national park administration, the fire broke out on Sunday evening. The cause is still unknown.

Last fire in October 2016

The last time there was a fire on Kilimanjaro was in October 2016. The German biologist Andreas Hemp, who has been researching changes in the sensitive Kilimanjaro biotope for more than three decades, has observed an increase in fires on the mountain range. Together with the melting of the summit glaciers, he attributes this to climate change, among other things. “It is typical of the East African mountain landscape that heather zones exist as a link between the rainforest and the rocky mountain zone,” he said. Among other things, this has an impact on the water balance on the mountain, as the heather plants with their leaves can catch the moisture in the fog and feed it into the groundwater.

Tree line moved 800 meters down

“But they have the property that they burn very easily – and if there is a fire, you can hardly extinguish them.” His research has shown that the tree line on Kilimanjaro has shifted down by around 800 meters since 1976. “Climate change certainly plays a role in interaction with the impact of local people,” he says. With the current fire, he is betting on the onset of the rainy season. “We are at the end of the dry season, so the onset of rain could help to put out the fire. Gorges or dried up rivers could also stop it.” In the coastal city of Dar es Salaam, about 450 kilometers away, where he is currently staying, it is already raining heavily.

Difficult ascent to the source of the fire

Kilimanjaro with its 5,895 meters is not only considered Africa’s highest mountain, but also Tanzania’s landmark. Extinguishing the fire at great heights turned out to be difficult because the long ascent to the source of the fire is difficult and equipment has to be dragged along. On an amateur video from the scene of the event, helpers were seen trying to cut aisles in the heathland with hoes in front of the blazing flames. The mountain flank was still covered by a thick cloud of smoke on Tuesday afternoon.

In normal times, Kilimanjaro is climbed by tens of thousands of mountaineers from all over the world. Because of the Corona restrictions, tourism is currently on the ground. Nevertheless, mountaineers in the mountain range are still on their way to the summit of Kilimanjaro, confirmed Tanapa spokesman Pascal Shelutete. You will be redirected via other, safe routes.


Villingen-Schwenningen: Fire destroys business in the city center – Villingen-Schwenningen

Resident draws attention to himself

At the same time, other forces began rescuing people. One of the residents on the second floor drew attention to himself through a window. The escape route was cut off due to the toxic smoke in the stairwell. The fire brigade immediately pried open the entrance door in order to go into the building for further investigation and to rescue the residents. With the help of a fire escape hood, which protected the resident from smoke poisoning, the fire brigade brought the man outside.

Fire brigade is looking for another resident

Since he stated to the fire brigade that there would be another person in the building, further troops were sent into the house to possibly rescue people. Fortunately, the suspicion was not confirmed – the resident of the third floor was not at home. The emergency services explored the neighboring buildings using the turntable ladder, among other things, to ensure that no smoke had penetrated any of the apartments unnoticed.

Thanks to the quick intervention, the fire in the store was quickly extinguished. Nonetheless, the business has also been hit hard by the smoke and fire fighting water. The resident was first examined by the rescue service and then looked after by the local DRK association in Villingen, which was also alerted. He was temporarily given a place to stay with a friend.

Fire broke out in the area of ​​the counter

The cause of the fire, which apparently broke out in the area of ​​the counter, and the damage it caused has not yet been determined. The police have started the investigation. In addition to 42 members of the Villingen fire brigade, the DRK with an ambulance, the local association with ten members and the organizational head of the rescue service were in action.


Alcoa closes its Lugo plant and will lay off 523 workers

There is no going back. The American multinational Alcoa made official this Friday the collective dismissal that will affect 524 workers at its Lugo factory without waiting for the government’s plan, which is considering a possible intervention. After four months of tense negotiations, no deal has been reached once the factory’s put option was not cleared by the company. Thus, the aluminum company announced in a statement the orderly hibernation of the electrolysis tanks of the San Cibrao aluminum plant, a process that will conclude in the first quarter of 2021 and that brings the factory to its final end. The alumina refinery, on the other hand, will continue to operate and for this it maintains 99 employees.

“Based on what we have shared with stakeholders throughout this process, the unfortunate reality is that the San Ciprián aluminum plant is not competitive and we do not foresee that its important structural problems will change,” explained the president and director Alcoa delegate, Roy Harvey. The manager clarified that after having explored different options in recent months, such as the Liberty House offer to buy the plant, “the restructuring is necessary to stop the continuous economic losses.” The company insists that the plant “is not viable due to structural production factors, such as the absence of a competitive energy framework in Spain, global overcapacity in aluminum production and the fall in the price of aluminum.” During this year and until September 30, the San Ciprián primary aluminum plant has recorded losses of approximately 45 million dollars. In 2018 and 2019, their combined losses amounted to $ 126 million.

Alcoa will pay compensation of 30 days per year worked up to a maximum of twelve monthly payments to the approximately 530 affected employees and will contract external outplacement plans for them.

Following this announcement, the Government expressed its “discomfort” over the fact that Alcoa abandoned the negotiation and did not respond to the Government’s proposal that SEPI act as an intermediary for the sale of the plant to Liberty House. In this sense, the Ministry of Industry accused the multinational of being “solely responsible for the failure in the sales negotiations” and considers that “it pushes the workers and the Administrations into an unnecessary conflict.” However, the Executive promised to “continue working to find a solution.”


VIDEO – Fires in California: images of firefighters in the heart of the blaze

There is nothing left. Along the Silverado Trail, a charming little road known to wine lovers, Napa Valley’s little wine paradise is reduced to ashes by one of the fires that have devoured Northwestern California.

The Meadowood hotel complex, whose cuisine by chef Christopher Kostow earned it three Michelin stars, is among the missing. A dozen wine estates, including Château Boswell, were destroyed.

The US West Coast is undergoing a record fire season, with five of the six largest fires in California history, which will have covered 1.6 million hectares by the end of summer. In a single week, no less than 20,000 hectares were devastated in the wine region.

In Calistoga, known for its hot springs, mud baths, and wine tours, the flames certainly got the better of a farm where 120,000 bottles of wine were stored. On the other hand, it is here the vines, green and without brush, which acted as a brake, in the absence of strong winds, in the fire which surrounded the city whose five thousand inhabitants had deserted.

It is the brigade in charge of fighting the fires between Calistoga and Saint Helena, which shared this video on its Facebook account. The morale of the troops remains good, even if the fires are far from being defeated, and the population is very grateful to its firefighters.