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The world’s leading manufacturer for the aviation industry is preparing for the “restart” from the global Covid crisis with a record investment program

MONTANA AEROSPACE, a division of the MONTANA TECH COMPONENTS industrial group of the Austrian entrepreneur Michael Tojner, closes the difficult year 2020 with important decisions. “The global economy and the aviation sector in particular have been hard hit by the Covid pandemic. 2020 was also very challenging for Montana Aerospace, but it was all the more important to continue our growth strategy unabated. In this way we were able to further strengthen our global market position through top industrial performance and innovation leadership, ”emphasizes Austrian entrepreneur Michael Tojner. “In 2020 strategic company acquisitions were made in order to be able to emerge stronger from the global crisis in the aerospace industry.”

“Montana Aerospace is currently completing the largest investment program in the company’s history. In the last 48 months, a total of more than 500 million euros has been invested in new machines, buildings, processes and competencies, ”said Markus Nolte, CEO of Montana Aerospace. The commissioning of two plants in Romania and another in Vietnam, against the general trends in the aviation and automotive industries, created around 1,200 new jobs in the past two years. The plant in Ranshofen in Upper Austria also sees itself as being excellently positioned for the future due to the excellent order situation in the e-mobility sector.

Alpine Metal Tech takes over the Italian mechanical engineering company and is awarded the Upper Austrian Innovation Prize, among others

In 2020, the company Alpine Metal Tech (AMT), which belongs to Montana Aerospace and has its headquarters in Regau / Upper Austria, successfully concluded the purchase of the Italian special machine manufacturer IMT Intermato despite significant restrictions caused by the pandemic. IMT is the world market leader in vertical lathes for aluminum wheels and ideally complements the AMT product portfolio. Alpine Metal Tech expects this strategic acquisition to generate considerable synergies in the areas of sales, purchasing and operations. Alpine Metal Tech was also able to record successes in the “Robotics and Automation” division. The company not only received its first order for a new machine series, it was also awarded the “Upper Austrian State Prize for Innovation 2020” for this in-house development in November 2020. In addition, AMT is nominated for the prestigious Austrian Export Prize of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in the “Industry” category. The winners will be announced in January 2021.

Universal Alloy Corporation (UAC) receives the Airbus Best Performer Award and takes over a highly specialized niche supplier in the field of titanium and carbide extrusion

Universal Alloy Corporation (UAC), also part of Montana Aerospace, received the “Airbus Best Performer Award” in January 2020 and is strengthening its position in the field of titanium and hard metal extrusion. In November 2020, an agreement was signed to take over the French extrusion specialist Cefival. Cefival is a highly specialized niche supplier in the field of titanium and carbide extrusion with customers in the aircraft structure and engine industry. The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of February 2021 and Cefival will be fully integrated into the UAC Group. By expanding its material and process competencies, UAC will further strengthen its leading position as a global full-range supplier of aircraft structural parts and assemblies. Due to its good compatibility with CFRP composite materials, titanium is one of the most promising structural materials in the aerospace industry. In January 2020, UAC Europe also received the renowned “Best Performer Award” from Airbus. The company has once again been recognized by aerospace OEMs for its industrial excellence in aircraft structures and materials.

Alu Menziken receives further significant major orders in the e-mobility sector

Alu Menziken Group receives significant major orders in the field of e-mobility. The aluminum extrusion specialist AME was able to win significant major orders in the field of electromobility in the course of 2020. In addition to processed extrusion profiles for the construction of battery boxes for fully or partially electric cars, Alu Menziken will also deliver ready-to-install assemblies to well-known OEMs and Tier 1 of the automotive industry. The AME group of companies, specializing in high-tech lightweight components, is also a supplier for OEMs and well-known Tier 1’s in the aerospace industry.


Montana Aerospace is a division of MONTANA TECH COMPONENTS AG and currently employs 4,700 people at 28 company locations worldwide. Montana Aerospace is an industrial group specializing in the development and production of key parts and technologies in the aerospace sector. In addition, the companies of the Montana Aerospace Group are also represented in the automotive and energy sectors.



MONTANA TECH COMPONENTS AG, founded in 2006, is a global industrial group that focuses on key technologies in future markets. The division companies of the growth-oriented group are among the market leaders in their areas of activity. This management position is secured through continuous further development of the individual group companies. MONTANA TECH COMPONENTS unites the three corporate groups VARTA AG, Aluflexpack AG and Montana Aerospace. The technology and innovation-oriented group achieved total sales of over 1.35 billion euros in 2019 and is represented at 83 locations in 34 countries worldwide. A total of around 10,700 highly qualified employees are currently employed.


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Banks demand Brexit agreement on finance

FFor the banks and the institutions active in the financial market, the UK’s exit from the EU is still far from being ticked off. Rather, it feels like a hard Brexit, said Andreas Krautscheid, General Manager of the Association of German Banks (BdB), at the annual conference call to journalists. Although the future economic and trade relations between the EU and Great Britain were contractually regulated shortly before the Brexit, which took place at the turn of the year, the financial sector of all things was left out.

Outstanding role

Markus Frühauf

The financial center of London plays a key role for banks, including those based in continental Europe. For example, London is the most important location for Deutsche Bank after the Frankfurt headquarters, because this is where the investment bankers who are crucial for earnings are at home.

So it is not surprising when BdB General Manager Krautscheid calls for the most generous possible solution in favor of London in the negotiations that are now beginning for an agreement on financial services. After all, Deutsche Bank is the most important contributor to the banking association, and its chairman Christian Sewing will take over the office of bank president from Hans-Walter Peters on April 19 on Bank Day.

Krautscheid spoke out in favor of a large number of equivalence solutions. This means that the British regulations are recognized as equivalent to the continental European ones. This means that London-based institutes can continue to offer their services in the EU. But there are concerns that Great Britain wants to strengthen its financial center and therefore introduce more generous supervisory rules. The financial center of London contributes around 7 percent to Great Britain’s annual economic output. In addition, the principle of equivalence is not comparable to the EU passports that were in place before Brexit. Because these related to significantly more products. The equivalence rules can also be canceled by the EU Commission at any time, especially if London relaxes the reins on banks.

Impatience increases

“The British supervision is not a dumping supervision,” said Krautscheid. But the latest statements by the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, suggest that impatience is growing in London too. It is better to forego full access to the EU market after Brexit than to be degraded to the “rule taker”, he said at the beginning of January. According to Bailey, Great Britain has already made 17 equivalence decisions for institutions from the EU, while conversely there are not even a handful of a total of 40 topics.

Krautscheid fears that many shops and services could become more expensive if there is no solution in favor of the broadest possible market access. The EU stock exchange and securities regulator Esma is also tightening the reins. It has now warned banks and fund managers not to use tricks to circumvent the new requirements that will apply after Brexit.


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AGRANA interim report on the first three quarters of 2020 | 21

AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG hereby announces that the following financial reports will be published:

Report: quarterly report
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Stock exchanges: Vienna, Stuttgart, Berlin, Frankfurt
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Podcast: Is Social Media Bad?

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191213_Podcasts_Deffner and Zschäpitz 191213_Podcasts_Deffner and Zschäpitz

Source: WORLD

Twitter blocks Donald Trump’s account and causes major discussions on the Internet and at Deffner & Zschäpitz. What role do social media platforms play and how strong is their current influence on politics, media and society?

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Other topics:

The DAX cracks 14,000 points and the Bitcoin continues to hunt for records. The turbulent beginning of the year on the stock exchanges ensures a lively discussion right at the beginning of the episode.

British stocks such as commodities and energy stocks are partially undervalued due to the corona pandemic and Brexit – a good time to get in?

Investor wants to take concert promoter DEAG off the stock exchange, not to the delight of small shareholders and “Bulle” Deffner.

Checking individual stocks: What’s next with 3D Systems and solar stocks such as SMA Solar and the high-tech mechanical engineering company from Reutlingen, Manz AG.

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Deutsche Bank distances itself from President Trump

Denver, Frankfurt The Trump brand was once worth billions of dollars. In the past few days, however, the US President has seriously damaged his brand and thus his family business, the Trump Organization. Since Donald Trump called his supporters to storm the Capitol last week, a number of companies have turned their backs on him.

Deutsche Bank, Trump’s largest financier, does not want to enter into any new business with Trump and his company, especially because the reputational risks for the money house are too high, as it is called in financial circles. A spokesman for the bank did not want to comment.

At Deutsche Bank, Trump has a total of $ 340 million in loans outstanding, which he personally guarantees. These are three separate loans: for a golf club in Miami, the luxury hotel in Washington DC, which opened in 2016, and a hotel in Chicago.

The first two loans are due in 2023, the last in 2024. Trump has only paid back the interest so far, it is said in financial circles, and has not been in default so far.

With the president personally guaranteeing the loans, the bank would have access to the real estate if Trump couldn’t repay the money. However, as it is called in banking circles, there will be no new loans. The New York Times reported on this on Monday. The New York Signature Bank, which has long been linked to his family, also announced that it would cut all ties with Trump.

Even before the official start of his candidacy in 2016, Deutsche Bank had refused to give Trump further loans. Donald Trump has caused the bank a lot of trouble in recent years, including from politics, which have made the relationship between the president and the bank the subject of various investigations.

Political trouble for the bank

Back in December, the Trump clan’s personal banker, Rosemary Vrablic, gave up her post at Deutsche Bank. The senior banker for the affluent clientele had secured Trump loans worth several hundred million dollars.

Last August, the bank opened an internal investigation into a private real estate deal between Vrablic and a company involving Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Bank employees are actually not allowed to do private business with customers.

Had in June 2013 Vrablic together with two other Deutsche Bank employees bought an apartment on Park Avenue for $ 1.5 million that belonged to Bergel 715 Associates, in which Kushner had a stake. Your colleague Dominic Scalzi, who is also named in the document as the buyer, will also be leaving Deutsche Bank at the end of December. The bank did not want to comment on the reasons for Vrablic’s departure.

The banker played a crucial role in dealing with Trump. Vrablic had moved from Bank of America to Deutsche Bank in 2006 when she was already working for the Kushner family. In 2011 she recruited real estate entrepreneur and reality TV star Donald Trump as a client. At that time, the real estate magnate was not considered particularly creditworthy, and other financial institutions hardly wanted to finance him anymore.

Bad experience with Trump

Deutsche Bank had also had bad experiences with the US president. Because the institute had actually already cut ties with Trump because he sued the bank when he fell into arrears with a 640 million loan in 2008.

Donald Trump

More and more companions break away from the president.

(Photo: AFP)

Trump had an original reason for his lawsuit at the time. He accused the money house of being partly responsible for the financial crisis, which is why the institute actually owes him money. In 2010, after another legal battle, the bank reached a settlement with Trump.

The connection to the Trump clan has caused a lot of political trouble for Deutsche Bank. Most recently, last April, influential Democratic US senators wrote a letter to CEO Christian Sewing, in which they requested additional information about the business relationship with the US president.

At that time, according to financial circles, Trump’s companies had first informal talks with the bank about a possible postponement of loan payments and other obligations because the real estate empire of the US president was suffering from the consequences of the corona crisis. The letter spoke of “grave concerns” about how much financial power the bank had over the president and his family.

Other companies also distance themselves

The question also arises as to whether Deutsche Bank treats the Trump Organization better than other companies that are in a similar situation. The senators feared that Trump, conversely, could accommodate the bank on regulatory issues.

Even before Deutsche Bank, the payment service Stripe distanced itself from Trump. The company had announced that it would no longer be available as an online shop for the Trump campaign and for fundraising for the US president. The PGA Golf Association canceled one of the most important tournaments in Trump’s golf club. Twitter and Facebook banned him permanently from their platforms, where Trump not only kept his base happy, but also regularly advertised his hotels and clubs. Shopify has already announced that it will cancel all online shops that have a connection to Trump.

Industry experts doubt that the Trump brand can ever recover from the events of last week. Several people were killed in the attack on the US Congress. Trump is facing a second impeachment process, and he could also face legal consequences for calling for violence.

Record income from donations

Immediately after election day on November 3, Trump collected donations in record amounts. The false claims about the stolen presidential election had mobilized his base. He and the Republican Party raised $ 207.5 million in donations in the four weeks following the election. Thanks to a newly formed organization, Save America, Trump has the greatest flexibility in using the money.

“According to the current interpretation of the law, it is not forbidden to pay yourself an excessive salary,” explains Brendan Fischer of the Campaign Legal Center, an organization that advocates stricter regulation of campaign donations. Trump could also hold fundraising events in his hotels and issue high bills for them.

That, in turn, could help repay his debt to Deutsche Bank. However, observers in Washington now assume that Trump will no longer be able to attract any noteworthy donors other than small sums of money from his hardcore fans.

More: Banks suspend political donations after Capitol storm.


Online supermarket Picnic opens location in Oberhausen

Delivery services are booming in Corona times. The well-known food delivery service Pinic will soon also deliver to customers in Oberhausen.

The online supermarket Picnic opens a new location in Oberhausen. From the end of January, Oberhausen customers should be able to use the food delivery service.

A 1,200 square meter warehouse on Duisburger Strasse serves as the new distribution center for the company. Picnic is not the only delivery service that delivers its goods from there: the competitor in a bottle mail, Durstexpress, has been active on the former Babcock site on Duisburger Strasse since December, supplying its customers with drinks and snacks.

With 15 electric vans and 25 delivery drivers, the company wants to supply households in Oberhausen with food and other supermarket products. Customers can order the goods on the Internet or via a smartphone app, and the delivery driver then brings the purchases to the front door.

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The company has been expanding for some time. The corona pandemic in particular has increased demand. More and more customers want food and drugstore items to be delivered contactless instead of going to the supermarket themselves.

The company announced in a press release that 5500 households in Oberhausen are already on the waiting list. According to Picnic data, one million households in the entire Ruhr area are already being supplied. There are distribution centers in Moers, Duisburg, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Herne, Bochum and Kamen, among others.

Minimum order value at Picnic: 35 euros

“Due to the great demand from our customers, we will continue to expand our delivery area in 2021 in order to be able to supply even more households,” said Frederic Knaudt from the Picnic Germany founding team in the message.

The so-called runners, as the Picnic drivers are called, deliver the goods daily from Monday to Saturday in 20-minute time slots. The picnic concept is based “on the modern milkman principle”, it continues. Food should be delivered directly to your home without unnecessary intermediaries. The minimum order value is 35 euros.

Picnic: 160,000 customers in 40 cities

Picnic started in Germany in spring 2018 and, according to its own information, now supplies over 160,000 customers in more than 40 cities. The company employs around 1,800 people in North Rhine-Westphalia.

In addition to the Oberhausen location, Picnic opens another distribution center in Dinslaken. Customers in Duisburg, Mülheim and Voerde are also to be reached from both locations.

Picnic was founded in the Netherlands in 2015, Picnic started in Germany in 2018. First location: Neuss.


Armed youth groups meet at Essen Central Station

Essen / Mülheim.
Rival young people from Mülheim and Essen wanted to confront each other with striking tools and knives in Essen.

Rival armed youth groups from Essen and Mülheim wanted to fight at Essen main station. The federal police are investigating a serious breach of the peace and want to impose a one-week gun ban on the main train stations in Essen and Mülheim. The authority wants to announce details on Tuesday.

As the federal police reported on Monday, several indications of a dispute between several young people at the main station were received on the evening of January 7th.

Alarmed federal police forces initially found a large group of young people on the platform on platform 7. Members of this group began to flee in different directions when the officers arrived, but several people were caught.

Two knives could be secured

According to initial investigations, two groups of young people from Essen and Mülheim an der Ruhr have agreed to meet at Essen Central Station for the purpose of a dispute, according to a federal police spokesman.

Two knives that were thrown away while fleeing from the federal police officers could be secured directly at the scene.

The officers are currently evaluating the images from the surveillance cameras in Essen Central Station.

In addition, the Federal Police asks for relevant information from the population on the free service number 0800 6 888 000.

Read more news from Essen here.


Italy plans new 24 billion euro aid plan

Published on :

On the Covid-19 front, the Italian government is considering a new aid plan to support its health system as well as the economy hard hit by the coronavirus crisis.

The support plan amounts to 24 billion euros, the equivalent of one and a half points of the Italian Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This money will be used in particular to buy, distribute and carry out vaccinations. In total, 3 billion are planned to help hospitals and the Italian health system to fight against Covid-19.

The aid will also be used to refinance support measures for local governments. Another envelope, finally, will be used to grant subsidies to companies that remain closed due to health restrictions.

The new plan was announced by the government of Giuseppe Conte, as criticism fires in Italy over how the 209 billion euros ofaid awarded by Brussels to fight the crisis. Europe wants guarantees that the funds will be used well, otherwise it may well cancel them.

The stake is enormous. The peninsula is in the penultimate place of the 27 due to its inability to spend European structural funds.

♦ At Codogno, we want to turn the page

With our special correspondent in Codogno, Juliette Gheerbrant

With more than 25,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic, Lombardy is the most affected region in Italy. Even today, this is where the pandemic is strongest, even if the situation has nothing to compare with that of the spring which deeply marked the spirits. In Codogno, first confined city Europe, the inhabitants are trying to turn the page. Reportage.

On the place of the church of Codogno, the bar offers a little conviviality this Sunday morning thanks to the take-away sale. With some friends, Luigi Bassi evokes the burning memory of the first wave of Covid: ” February, March, April of last year, with the army every time they left town blocking everything, for us it was really terrible. »

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Finding a coffee in hand even at a good distance is important. Giovanni Barbaglio, psychotherapist, sees many cases of anxiety linked to the lack of social life: “ People resort to a distorted social bond, as if Facebook, video or Twitter could replace contact and enable balanced development. No. These are palliatives which in the long run prove to be fragile. »

Giovanni Barbaglio also fears that frustrations will create tension. Many, like Marco, find the restrictions too burdensome. “ Here, we do not have the same rate of contagion as in Milan. We are put in an orange zone, but we should be in yellow. »

But the young Giorgia Prodili has only one objective, to hold on. ” We would all like to return to a normal life, yes, but above all we must learn to live with the virus, the future is at stake. I live in the small village of Castiglione d’Adda where there were 90 deaths. in a month and a half, I know what death is. »And what Giorgia expresses is very common here: anything rather than reliving the nightmare


Winterberg: “Embarrassing” – after the European Championship title, Friedrich criticized

After winning the two-man bobsleigh, Francesco Friedrich won the European Championship title in the four-man bobsleigh for the first time in Winterberg. Whom he criticized harshly.

Olympic champion, world champion, overall world cup winner – Francesco Friedrich was all this and much more before the bobsleigh and skeleton world cup in Winterberg. But after the sovereign victory in the two-man bobsleigh in the Hochsauerland, the currently world’s best pilot also filled the last white title mark in his sporting vita. “It’s going to be a great day,” said Friedrich’s team-mate Johannes Lochner before the first race of the season in the four-man bobsleigh – after the two races, however, that only applied to Friedrich, who criticized Lochner’s crew harshly.

Friedrich drives confidently

“We are measured in terms of Olympic victories or world championships,” said Friedrich before the World Cup in Winterberg with a view to the European championship, which is being valued in parallel. The European title is therefore not so important to him. However, the one in the four-man bobsleigh was the only international title he had never won. Team mate Lochner, however, got it four times in a row and wanted to celebrate the fifth in the Hochsauerland.

Friedrich thwarted this plan. The 30-year-old pilot of the BSC Sachsen Oberbärenburg won the European championship for the first time in the four-man bobsleigh with two sovereign drives. Even after the first run, Friedrich was clearly ahead in the European Championship with his pushers Alexander Schüller, Thorsten Margis and Candy Bauer.

Friedrich with a start record

In the second run, he and his crew even set a new start record in Winterberg in 4.96 seconds. “That was a must after the first run,” he said later. In this, Friedrich missed the Latvian Melbardi’s record from 2014 by a hundredth of a wafer-thin with 4.99 seconds.

He was actually very relaxed about his European Championship title. More important is that it finally gets down to business in the four-man bobsleigh and that Canadian Justin Kripps is there again. “He was always the benchmark in the track and we have now shown that we are at least equal,” said Friedrich.

Friedrich criticizes the Lochner crew

With a deficit of 57 hundredths, Kripps finished second in the World Cup ranking ahead of Austrian Benjamin Maier. Maier won EM silver ahead of the Russian Rostislav Gaitiukevich. Johannes Locher and Christoph Hafer finished fifth and sixth, and fourth and fifth in the European Championship standings.

Especially the appearance of Lochner’s crew, which includes Christopher Weber from BSC Winterberg, met Friedrich angrily – regardless of the mistake of his pilot colleague right after the start in the first run when he drove against the starting corner and thus hardly any more chances of victory would have. “17 hundredths behind in the second run, that is not what you can offer here as the reigning European champion,” said Friedrich, referring to the difference between his start time and Lochner’s.

“That is embarrassing”

It became even clearer. “You have to motivate yourself in the second run, pull yourself together and try again. The approach of the guys was just weak. It’s not a team effort – you just have to put it that way,” added Friedrich. “Hansi can’t help it. That the guys don’t bite their asses and say: Come on, let’s show it again. That you are even slower than in the first run is just embarrassing. It has nothing to do with ambition or to do with a sporty fighting spirit. “

The clock stopped for Lochner at the start in 5.12 seconds and 5.13 seconds. “The start times were underground, so it’s almost embarrassing,” said Lochner himself angrily: “That we are being demonstrated by the Friedrich team – you don’t have to expect that we will win anything here.” There will be a hard analysis before the upcoming World Cup in St. Moritz.

Friedrich is chasing this record

In addition to the unfamiliar title premiere for Francesco Friedrich, his World Cup victory number 46 also made him the sole record winner among the pilots. André Lange’s record of 45 victories was set by Friedrich the day before. However, the Saxon does not want to be measured by Lange’s record, but by the 47 World Cup victories of the legendary pusher Kevin Kuske.

This record will probably also fall to Friedrich during the next World Cup in St. Moritz. Even though the North Americans, who only entered the World Cup in Winterberg this season, should get stronger with every race. However, Friedrich still has to chase a record a bit, as so far only the two gold medals (two-man and four-man bobsleigh, 2018) are in his vita: that of the record Olympic champion. Who is he on the heels of? André Lange and Kevin Kuske each with four gold medals.