Meet the 10 most viewed series and movies from Netflix!

If you have a Netflix subscription on more than one occasion, you have seen the trends and new content on the platform, among them you will be interested in knowing 10 series Y films which are among the most viewed on the platform.

Netflix It continues to be one of the favorite digital platforms of Internet users, not only because of the content that is shared but also because of the new projects that have been launched, which is why its catalog not only becomes more extensive every day but also with its own creations.

Thanks to its popularity, more celebrities have had the opportunity to both work with the platform and collaborate with them, as is the case with the beautiful Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Lopez.

Here we present a list of the 10 names with the most watched movies and series to date, you may find one of your favorites.


Sweet Tooth

Occupying the first place we find this sudden June 4 premiere in its first season, without a doubt Sweet Tooth It will leave you wanting to see more about the story of Gus, a hybrid boy with deer antlers, who sets out on a journey to find his loved ones in the company of someone very unique.



The second part of this series called Lupin, the story of suspense and mystery that surrounds the protagonist Assane and his revenge against Hubert Pellegrini, has undoubtedly left a very good taste in the mouth, since it is in the number 2 place on the list.


The Teapot Dragon

An animated story full of adventure and desires that has surprised both young and old is undoubtedly The dragon in the kettle, at number 3.



It would be a really difficult thing to forget the tender and brave bumbebee in the movie that was released in 2018 and that you can now enjoy on Netflix as many times as you want.


Elite. Short Stories: Nobody Guzmán

Returning again with the famous series EliteBy telling four stories after the events at the graduation of our protagonists, we find the opportunity for Nadia and Guzmán to have the possibility of meeting again, because she could return to Madrid.


Fake identity

The series with which Camisa Sodi performed one of the most important roles of his career left many with a very good taste in their mouths, on the platform you can find the two seasons and enjoy the 40 minutes that each episode lasts.


Elite. Short stories: Guzmán Caye Rebe

Returning to the Elite short stories, in place number 7 we now find the story of Guzmán, Cayetana and Rebeca in a most entertaining micro-story that will help you learn a little more about these characters.



Tom Ellis starring Lucifer It could not be missing in this top, with five seasons on the platform having the most flirtatious devil on Netflix within this top was a sure thing.



Can you imagine that all electronic devices stop working and that you also can’t sleep, this happens in Disomnia, an ex-soldier could find the cure in someone close to her, her own daughter!


New rich, new poor

In number 10 we find this Colombian series that for many would be a dream and others a hell, babies changed at the birth of one rich and the other poor, life has something unexpected in store for the protagonists.


Netflix: What series and movies are premiering this week? | Chronicle

Like every week, Netflix will renew its catalog and after the successes of its some of its latest releases, such as Lupin, Sweet Tooth Y Disomnia, you will seek the same results with your new productions.

The big bet of the streaming platform is the expected fourth season of Elite, one of his most successful original fictions. In addition, the Spanish series, which will premiere on June 18, will have a prelude: throughout the week you will be able to enjoy the Elite Short Stories, a set of short episodes, focusing on some of the most popular characters from Las Encinas.

Here’s what’s new on Netflix from June 14 to June 20.


Elite: Season 4

A new year begins in Las Encinas. And with him comes a new director (Diego Martin): one of the most powerful businessmen in Europe willing to redirect the school, which, according to him, has been out of control in recent years.

And this director brings with him his family, his three children: Ari (Carla Diaz), Mencía (Martina Cariddi) and Patrick (Manu Rios). Three teenagers too used to always having their own way, to having what they want when they want, whoever falls, and who will endanger the union and friendship of the most veteran students. Coming to Netflix on June 18.

Elite short stories: Guzmán Caye Rebe (June 14); Nadia Guzmán (June 15); Ander Omar Alexis (June 16) and Carla Samuel (June 17.

The miniseries that take place during the summer, just before the restart of classes in Las Encinas.

Elite short stories: short stories that will serve as a prelude to the new season of the series.

Workin’ Moms: Four new moms grapple with separation, dating, work, and parenting in season 5 of this embarrassing comedy. Its creator and protagonist is Catherine Reitman. It opens on June 15.

The fifth season of
Workin’ Moms llega a Netflix.

Black SummerWinter is coming to the zombie apocalypse, with new cold-blooded challenges for frenzied scavengers and violent militias battling the dead and desperate. Season 2 premieres on June 17.

The Gift: Atiye seeks to reach her daughter, but faces a heartbreaking dilemma, as dark forces attempt to tame Aden’s cosmic powers for evil. Season 3 hits Netflix on June 17.

Boiler: a subglacial volcano erupts. A year later, mysterious elements from prehistoric times emerge from the thaw, with unexpected consequences. It opens on June 17.

The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals: With the right money and eager to indulge yourself? Three travelers visit short-term rentals around the world and give tips for a dream stay.

New luxurious vacation homes come to Netflix.


The big news of the week is Paternity, one of the original films that hits the platform this week, more precisely on June 18.

Directed by Paul Weitz and starring Kevin Hart, the film is based on the autobiographical book of Matthew Logelin. The story follows Matt, a man who, after losing his wife in childbirth, must get on his feet to move forward with his life and that of his daughter Maddy.

Silver skates: In the icy rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, a petty thief on skates tempers the heart of a young aristocrat, while different forces try to separate them. It hits Netflix on June 16.

Ali and the queens: After the death of his father, a young man travels to New York in search of his mother, whom he has not seen for years. But he ends up finding love and connection in places. It opens on June 17.

It also reaches the platform, Captain Phillips, The 2013 movie starring Tom Hanks, based on the abduction of the Mærsk Alabama and the book A captain’s duty (The Duty of a Captain), written by Stephan Talty.

Four Somali pirates capture a cargo ship and hold the captain hostage, causing the explosive deployment of the United States Navy. It hits Netflix on June 15.

Tom Hanks plays Captain Phillips.


the tender and funny war of the sexes in Amazon Prime Video High School

CRITICAL – The arrival of girls in a boys ‘establishment in 1963 turns students’ heads in this tasty series by Marie Roussin, plume des Red bracelets. Second very successful original creation of the platform.

Nostalgia, tenderness and reflection. After the sinking of the chauvinist Deutsch-les-Landes , Amazon Prime Video regales us with a well-born series. Second French creation of the platform, Mixed is savored by block of four episodes this Monday and the following and chronicles the irruption of girls in a provincial high school for boys at the start of the 1963 school year, in Charente-Maritime. At the rendezvous, jokes and emotions recall the films of John Hughes.

Simone, Annick and Michèle make their classmates’ heads spin. The professors, for their part, have a lot to do to prevent the Voltaire establishment from succumbing to the chaos of hormones, prejudices, hazing and logistical questions. Like the lack of adapted toilets. “The school mix was an improvisation, and not an ideological fight. With the baby boomers, there weren’t enough facilities to maintain gender separation. Schooling them in the same place was pragmatic ”, explains to Figaro the creator of Mixed,

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A Quiet Place Part II crosses $100 million at the U.S. box office

A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II
Photo: Paramount

When it came out in theaters earlier this month, A Quiet Place Part II technically sort of opened higher than the first movie, a sure-fire sign that American movie theaters are slowly coming back to more or less full strength… and also a sure-fire sign that the movie didn’t have a ton of competition, it opened on a long weekend and therefore hand extra day that the first movie didn’t have, and it’s a sequel to a movie that had more of a tail than it did a huge, splashy opening weekend. Still, though, it made good money, and now it has continued to make money over the last few weeks. In fact, it has now much so much money that A Quiet Place Part II is officially the first movie to cross $100 million at the U.S. box office during “the pandemic era.”

This news, and that somewhat vague descriptor, come from Variety, which points out that John Krasinski’s spooky sequel is sitting at $108 million domestic and $80 million internationally. Godzilla Vs. Kong is currently at $99.6 million, so it will most likely cross $100 million soon, but A Quiet Place was the first one to hit that milestone. One interesting detail to note here is that Godzilla Vs. Kong opened simultaneously at the box office and on HBO Max, while A Quiet Place Part II was only in theaters, so traditionalists might put that as a point in favor of regular theatrical releases rather than an all-streaming future—though we’re talking a difference of $8 million, so you could really use the fact to argue both points if so inclined.

But let’s go back to early days of 2020 now, before the plague and before everything shut down, to determine what movie was the last one to cross $100 million. One good guess would be Onward, which came out right before everything fell apart and had that Disney/Pixar cartoon prestige, but no, it only made $60 million in the U.S. before theaters closed. How about Bad Boys For Life, the biggest movie of 2020 by a vast margin? It made $200 million, but no, there was another big movie in between those two… but you’ve gotta go fast if you want to catch it.

Yes, we’re talking Sonic The Hedgehog, which would’ve gone down in history as the final successful movie ever if theaters not begun to bounce back. In an even worse version of 2020 where society fully collapsed, people would be staging reenactments of Sonic like that scene in Reign Of Fire where Gerard Butler and Christian Bale do Star Wars. Remember Reign Of Fire? It made $82 million worldwide. Maybe we should be reenacting that for future kids.


3 premiere movies on Netflix that you can’t miss

Have you ever thought what would happen if you couldn’t sleep? Or but still, if no one on Earth could … Many speak of the end of the world by zombies or nuclear attacks, but the truth is that lack of sleep can unhinge anyone, which would bring serious consequences.

We see this crazy assumption in the plot of Disomnia, a movie premiere on Netflix which has quickly become the most sought after and seen on the platform, because it dares to propose another way of the end of humanity very different from what we are used to.

At we tell you about this and two other tapes that have just premiered on the streaming platform and that you can watch this weekend with your family.

3 premiere movies on Netflix that you can’t miss

1. Disomnia

Jill is a former US Army soldier who traffics in sleeping pills, which has led to her losing custody of her children, Noah and Matilda. One day he has the opportunity to see them and they are driving around in his car, out of nowhere, all the electrical systems stop working and consequently crash.

Matilda is the most injured in the accident and is about to lose her life. While fighting for it, they realize that the failure is general and there is no electricity, but that is not the worst, because when night comes they find out that no one can sleep, except the girl.

From that moment the lack of sleep begins to drive the population crazy, Jill begins a journey where she will have to save her daughter from those who want to sacrifice her to find the cure.

Disomnia, which is a real sleep disorder, was directed by Mark Raso and starred Gina Rodriguez, Ariana Greenblatt, and Frances Fisher.

Read More: 3 Great Horror Movies You Can Watch On Netflix

2. Xtremo

This is the story of the revenge of Max, who violently lost his family after a betrayal by the group of gangsters with whom he worked and in which his brother Lucero was involved.

For two years he has been devising the perfect plan to end them all, but he must anticipate it when they kill in cold blood the loved ones of Leo, his protégé and who reminds him of his dead son. Now his hatred is double and it will motivate him to carry his revenge until only one is left standing.

Max will have the help of María, an expert in technology and part of his rival’s team, to destroy the man who controls drug trafficking in Barcelona.

The film, which is full of action but without getting too violent, was directed by Daniel Benmayor and starred Andrea Duro, Teo García, Óscar Jaenada, Óscar Casas, Sergio Peris-Mencheta and Alberto Jo Lee.

3. Oxygen

A woman wakes up in an airtight medical cryogenic unit not knowing who she is or how she got there. She is trapped without being able to put on, and the oxygen levels in the capsule are dropping dramatically.

Just talk to MILO, an artificial intelligence assistant, who will give you some clues so you can piece together your memories and discover the truth. When he knows that her name is Elizabeth Hansen, he will start a race to get out of there, while hallucinating from the lack of oxygen.

This stunning sci-fi film was directed and produced by Alexandre Aja and starring Mélanie Laurent, Mathieu Amalric, and Malik Zidi.

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We share you 10 facts about Loki, the supervillain:


Alexandre Astier unveils the portrait of the characters of Kaamelott: Premier Volet

While waiting for July 21, the director of the cult series distills the information concerning the return of Arthur to the kingdom of Logres.

Tirades and figures. A little over a month from the release of the first part of the trilogy Kaamelott at the cinema (scheduled for July 21), the film crew unveiled a series of portraits featuring its overwhelming cast. Above each photo of the characters imagined by Alexandre Astier is inscribed one of their future replicas. A way of doing things that should delight fans, who have become experts in theory on the future content of the feature film.

If we recognize the oral leg of some famous protagonists (Léodagan, Perceval, Lancelot, Guinevere) of the revisited Arthurian saga, the posters revealed Thursday also allow us to learn a little more about the newcomers. Sting will thus interpret the Saxon Horsa and we will discover the mysterious Furadja, hidden behind a mask. Special mention for the magnificent costumes worn by the entire cast.


Netflix: Today’s premieres June 11, 2021

Friday has finally arrived and, to spend a relaxing weekend at home, Netflix has a series of productions ready, including the sequel to his hit series “Lupin”, starring Omar Sy.

  • The 5 most anticipated Netflix premieres of June 2021

Here’s what’s coming to Netflix this Friday, June 11.

Estrenos Netflix

  • “Lupine: Part 2” (SERIES)
    • Pursued by “Hubert” and his henchmen, “Assane” struggle to find “Raoul while trying to come up with a grand plan to expose “Pellegrini’s” crimes.

  • “Skater Girl” (MOVIE)
    • After discovering a transformative passion for skateboarding, a young woman from rural India must navigate a number of challenges to achieve your dream of competing.

  • “The dragon in the kettle”
    • Eager to reconnect with his childhood best friend, a boy named Din knows the magic of possibilities thanks to a dragon capable of granting wishes.

  • “Shakes” (ANIME)
    • In “Manila”, where mythical creatures from Filipino folklore hide among humans, Alexandra It shakes”Becomes fully involved in the fight against the criminal underworld.

More Netflix premieres

Consultation the complete list of Netflix premieres that arrive during the month of June and schedule your favorite productions.



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