Cold! When patience is at the end of the line and he chooses not to be silent anymore! …

Cold! When patience is at the end of the line and he chooses not to be silent anymore! #fyp #tiktokidentertainment #info #movie #movie


Keren! Ketika Sabar sudah di ujung batas dan dia memilih untuk tidak diam lagi! #fyp #tiktokidentertainment #info #film #movie

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“This UFO is unlike any other!” (video)

Could a UFO have been filmed in the sky in Denton County, Texas? This is the question asked by the user who calls himself “EagleRun23” on YouTube. On the video-sharing site, the man posts images of a “bizarre” object in the sky.

“It’s an unidentified flying object for me because I don’t know what it was,” he wrote in the caption. In the video, the children present also wonder: “It looks a bit like a spaceship”.

UFO hunter Scott C Waring was asked about this. According to him, it could well be an extraterrestrial device. “Watching this raw video taken in Texas on a family outing is mind-blowing. This UFO is unlike any other I have ever seen! He told The Express.

The mystery therefore remains unresolved.


In Superman, Ned Beatty delivered superhero movies’ best lackey

Ned Beatty and Gene Hackman in Superman

Ned Beatty and Gene Hackman in Superman
Screenshot: HBO Max

Before they were the only type of film, superhero movies were for kids. They were swashbuckling adventures with rousing scores and broad characters. They were Richard Donner’s Superman. The first big-budget superhero feature, Superman was a sign of things to come, a box office powerhouse that charmed audiences and critics. And Superman wouldn’t be Superman without Otis, Lex Luthor’s bumbling, incompetent henchman that late actor Ned Beatty aimed straight at the children in the audience. With pitch-perfect physical comedy and warmth that radiates from the screen, Beatty turned the thankless role into something memorable.

Beatty’s Otis was broader than broad. He dressed in grey and tan suits with vivid tiny ties and a straw boater hat that makes him look like he’d pull into Metropolis on the caboose of a train to announce that he’s running for mayor. John Williams’ “March Of The Villains” encapsulates Otis perfectly, telling us everything we need to know about the character as soon as we see him. In other words, Otis was a comic book character, and Beatty played him as such. He has no sense of his surroundings, no understanding of consequence, no intelligence whatsoever, just doglike obedience to his boss, Mr. Luthor (Gene Hackman). It’s music hearing Beatty says that name—Mr. Loot-Thor.

There’s a weird aversion to humor in some superhero stories, particularly those in the DC universe. While Marvel movies are generally filled with jokes, the last two decades of DC movies have been pretty grim, particularly when it comes to Superman. We sometimes forget that superhero comics are funny not just because there are jokes but because the characters are ridiculous. There’s no logic behind some of Luthor’s schemes from the 60s and 70s, harebrained (pun very much intended) plans like auctioning off Superman’s organs and stealing 40 cakes. Donate’s Superman inadvertently answered one of the long unasked questions: Who would work for this guy? Otis, that’s who.

Superman makes no bones about Luthor’s penchant for bad ideas. His overall goal in the movie is to create an earthquake so destructive that it sinks California and delivers Luthor some prime real estate to control. It’s fodder for jokes today, but at the time, it was in keeping with Luthor’s brand of villainy. Still, selling audiences on this wouldn’t be easy. That’s why you need Otis. His devotion to Mr. Luthor, which Beatty earnestly conveys, gives the audience an understanding of who would be convinced by a narcissist who can’t see how foolish he actually is. You also need Otis to deliver the best joke in the movie: “Otisburg.”

Beatty isn’t afraid to lean into the buffoon. His Otis is a hot dog-munching lackey whose greatest concern is getting mustard on his shirt, which he would wipe off with his tie. But Beatty’s asides, misunderstandings, and clowning around allow Donner to speed through exposition and get to the core of Luthor’s plans. If Otis can understand it, then the 5-year-olds in the audience can, too. Not that Beatty talks down to kids, but in an age where superhero movies can be woefully complex, it’s refreshing to see a film so concerned with explaining the stakes to the youngest audience members.

The supervillain lackey fell out of favor almost as soon as Otis arrived. In the years since Superman, movies like Batman and X-Men would de-escalate the henchman role. Instead, characters like Toad and Bob the Goon were infinitely more threatening through physical, brooding menace. With Superman Returns, director Bryan Singer went a step further, casting a comedic actor Kal Penn and not giving him a single line (it’s one of the most distracting castings in memory). But Otis did something more: He gave the film character, hammering home a light-hearted, comedic tone that didn’t degrade the art on screen. He elevated everyone by committing to the character and playing it with joy.

There’s not that much room for someone as gloriously stupid as Otis today. But you can still feel some of his DNA in the superhero movies that aren’t afraid to have a little fun. Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians Of The Galaxy are filled with Otises—characters like Drax and Korg. It’s no wonder that they become audience favorites. They’re the 21st-century Otis.

With no reference other than comic books to pull from, Beatty dives into the bumbling supervillainy with aplomb. His cheap suits and booming baritone gave Superman a comedic edge that made everyone around him look better. He made Hackman look more threatening, made Superman (Christopher Reeve) look more powerful, and made the world of the film more heightened, more like the comic book that opens the film. Beatty gave dozens of great performances in his life. But to those who grew up on Superman, he’d always be Otis, and we love him for it.


the Netflix series unveils its cast and its big villain

After the animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, it’s the turn of the live action version of Netflix to unveil its cast.

Enter the new game Resident Evil : Village (test here), the reboot Resident Evil : Welcome to Raccoon City directed by Johannes Roberts and the two Netflix series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness in animation and Resident Evil in live action, Capcom’s video game license may have the means to rise from the ashes after the incendiary stint of Milla Jovovich and Paul WS Anderson on the franchise (even if the saga easily found its audience).

Great era

Sony’s new film has already unveiled its cast, with almost all of the game’s heroes in attendance, while the animated series has released a new trailer for its July 8 release. On the occasion of Netflix’s recent Geeked Week, the platform also gave a preview of the main cast of its live series on Twitter, with a promotional photo in a fashion shoot, far from zombies and the end of the world.

photo, John WickLance Reddick in John Wick

After his roles in the series Bugged, Lost, the missing, Fringe, Harry Bosch and movies John Wick, One Night in Miami…, The Fall of the President or The White House fall, Lance Reddick therefore won that of Albert Wesker, the main antagonist of the saga which should serve as a bridge between adaptation and games. The rest of the cast, which relies on young female talents, will be composed of Ella Balinska (Charlie’s Angels), Tamara Smart (Artemis Fowl), Siena Agudong (Fast & Furious 9 where she will camp the young Mia Toretto), Adeline Rudolph (The New Adventures of Sabrina) and Paola Nuñez (Bad Boys for Life).

photo, Ella BalinskaElla Balinska

It looks like the series will run two timelines, first with Jade and Billie Wesker, Albert Wesker’s teenage daughters, moving to New Raccoon City and discover their father’s dark past. The other timeline should take place 30 years after the T virus destroyed the world, who no longer has Alice to count on.

The series is developed and written by Andrew Dabb, former co-showrunner and screenwriter of Supernatural, while Constantin Film, which produced the film franchise with Milla Jovovich, is producing. The production of the first two episodes will be entrusted to Bronwen Hughes, who has already directed episodes of 13 Reasons Why, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad or the pilot of Very special FBI duo.

While waiting to know more, we made a classification of the films Resident Evil this side.


Alexandre Astier unveils the portrait of the characters of Kaamelott: Premier Volet

While waiting for July 21, the director of the cult series distills the information concerning the return of Arthur to the kingdom of Logres.

Tirades and figures. A little over a month from the release of the first part of the trilogy Kaamelott at the cinema (scheduled for July 21), the film crew unveiled a series of portraits featuring its overwhelming cast. Above each photo of the characters imagined by Alexandre Astier is inscribed one of their future replicas. A way of doing things that should delight fans, who have become experts in theory on the future content of the feature film.

If we recognize the oral leg of some famous protagonists (Léodagan, Perceval, Lancelot, Guinevere) of the revisited Arthurian saga, the posters revealed Thursday also allow us to learn a little more about the newcomers. Sting will thus interpret the Saxon Horsa and we will discover the mysterious Furadja, hidden behind a mask. Special mention for the magnificent costumes worn by the entire cast.


Director Colin Trevorrow Tells More About Grand Final Screenplay

To capitalize on the public’s expectations, Colin Trevorrow said a little more about the script structure of the grand finale, Jurassic World: The Next World.

The enthusiasts of Diplodocus, Iguanodon and other large reptiles of ancient times will soon return to our cinema screens. The full movie of Jurassic World: The Next World ? No, but the first five minutes of the feature film that will be shown at each IMAX screening of Fast & Furious 9.

Postponed to June 2022, the next adventure of the animal park announces the big things. According to the editor of Collider, who was able to see this excerpt in advance, the pet shop Jurassic World: The Next World will be filled with new dinosaurs, but will also be the opportunity to discover the origin of the mosquito trapped in amber that John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) had in the first films.

A cute little lizard

Despite this beautiful promise to see big hungry lizards, Jurassic World: The Next World especially invites us to find the original cast of the first Jurassic Park. The trio formed by Sam Neill (Alan Grant), Laura Dern (Ellie Sattler) and Jeff Goldblum (Ian Malcolm) will cohabit with the central couple of the new saga: Owen Grady, played by Chris Pratt, and Claire Dearing, played by Bryce Dallas Howard. This new organization of the casting has therefore imposed many scriptwriting upheavals. for Colin Trevorrow, screenwriter and director of the feature film. If the filmmaker had already tried the dino in the first, he must have racked his brains on this project.

In an interview for Collider, Colin Trevorrow detailed the storyline of his feature film. He first claimed to have presented the current montage to different people. Although it is quite common for test screenings to take place in Hollywood, Colin Trevorrow really insisted on showing his film to all types of people ranging from his relatives, to fans of the saga. The latter wanted to do it, mainly to check that the film’s very particular script structure works:


The new Jurassic World is beautiful

“He will tell two parallel stories that will come closer and closer. […] But that’s not the traditional structure of a movie. Without beating anyone … Laura, Sam and Jeff will be as important a part in the film as Chris and Bryce in terms of screen time, but also their importance in the story. “

Obviously, Colin Trevorrow has, it seems, well understood the stakes of his project. This grand finale with the iconic trio is not just a marketing stunt, but in many ways, a real idea that structures the story. (and fortunately). Despite everything, the director’s claims remain rather vague and cannot be verified until the film is released. In any case, the extract scheduled for June 25 (the US release of Fast & Furious 9) should not tell us more about the cohabitation of the two generations.

While waiting to see on our screens Jurassic World: The Next World on June 8, 2022, you can find our ranking of the whole saga Jurassic Park.