Video game Fifa 21 in the test

What makes football bland and takes away the fun of the game? Right, slow pace and actors who fall over with every breeze and roll over as if they were struck by lightning. Fifa 20, the standard work of the game console world champions, was sidelined on these points. The developer EA Sports has probably heard and heard the criticism, and so Fifa 21 is picking up more momentum again.

Holger Appel

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

The game is faster than last year, which is a clear plus. And the players don’t fall over so easily anymore, which the Fifa enthusiasts like a lot, because, as I said, in the previous edition it was really bad and embarrassing. If the attack department gets better, the defense has to do something too. Indeed, the defenders seem smarter than before. The good ones among them are often right and block the ball. That could be annoying for spoiled attackers, who in turn are seldom sidelined, you quickly notice that artificial intelligence has learned a lot in the match. Sometimes it even overshoots the mark, Lupfer have become a touch too unreachable.

Simulation functions have been reorganized. All the players are little circles with numbers, and you can see the ball, that’s a fine idea. The type of training in the career mode, which has finally been noticeably further developed, is also new. Players can be transformed, for example the Frankfurt Timothy Chandler can be promoted from right-back to center-back. A fresh factor that decides the shape of the player is called bite. Yes, the spectators want to see that, who works on the field, wins sympathy, this applies to the Sony PS 4 or the Microsoft X-Box as well as in real football. Hard training can bring the bite to a factor of 100. The player increases in rating and gets better in the game. We tried it out with Frankfurt’s endurance runner Filip Kostic, it works. The old factors were and still are fitness and morals, although the latter word is used inflationarily by the commentators and is actually more likely to refer to attitude and fighting spirit. A focus can now also be set in the training units, for example that the goalkeeper should stay on the line better or how Bayern’s star Manuel Neuer should come out faster.

Volta is also positive, here you can play against other players with friends or strangers. In the past, Volta was only offline. Now you can face other players online. And there is also joy about the debut. In this story mode, you and your team, consisting of 5 people, have to beat all teams in order to defeat the team of the legend Kakà in the end. Whoever manages that scores goals. Then it happens that suitable songs are played in Ultimate Team mode. In order to be allowed to use one, however, 30 games have to be played, this is unnecessary. In stark contrast to fan chants, gate fire effects, club anthems and choreographies, which can be freely determined. Another progress is that the players no longer use fitness points, that was just annoying.

Hit, Fifa 21 is fun in the style of a top team, we have few points of criticism. The standard version costs 70 euros, 50 euros for Nintendo Switch. From our point of view, the Ultimate Edition requires an excessive transfer fee of 100 euros.


Misterchip anticipates that Costa Rica is close to being left out of the Top 50 selections of the FIFA ranking

Very bad present the one who is living the selection of Costa Rica. The ticos they haven’t won a match since November 14 of last year, on that occasion they beat Curaçao 2 to 1 for the Concacaf Nations League. Further, of the last 10 games they only won 1, drew 3 and lost six. Those led by Ronald González have three consecutive falls, with the last two at home.

All these data cause problems in the FIFA ranking. So he advanced it Misterchip on their social networks. The journalist published how the next list will be made, which will be officially updated on October 22. The Tricolor will suffer a significant loss and will be on the verge of being out of the 50 best teams in the world.

Until before the two defeats against Panama, Costa Rica was ranked 46, which had not been moved in past updates. In the next it will be in place 50. The falls in both friendlies caused it to end up losing place and was passed by Ghana, Jamaica and Scotland. A bad present for the Ticos.

This crisis that the Costa Rican team is experiencing makes it doubts the continuity of Ronald González. The results that it has been collecting are not good at all, he only won one game of the 7 he coached. Also, he tied 3 and lost 3 of those matches. Very bad numbers for a coach whose next goal is the 2021 Gold Cup and the 2022 Qatar Qualifiers.

In the last hours, the social networks began to sound the rumor of the possibility of Alexandre Guimaraes re-directing the Tricolor. He did it at the beginning of this millennium and achieved two World Cup qualifications (Korea-Japan 2002 and Germany 2006) in both he failed to pass the first round. The Brazilian born and nationalized Costa Rican is without a club, after being champion with América de Cali and not renewing.

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Football – a Fifa meeting like a carnival session – sport

Carnival is now canceled almost everywhere; only in Zurich, there was a cap evening on Monday. Heroes in the Bütt: Loretta Lynch and Gianni Infantino. The boss of the football world association, who is investigating the criminal justice system in Switzerland, organized a – Ink, Tschingdarassa! – Compliance summit, at which he knocked out thigh knockers like that: If anyone in the world thinks he could “abuse football when applying for a World Cup, I will say clearly: Leave football! Now!”

Ink! Tschingbumm!

Unfortunately, the presidential pun was not garnished with Donald Trump’s tweet ahead of the 2026 World Cup, which threatened to withdraw support from any country that did not vote for the United States. Sure, such a warning was fruitful. Infantino recently stopped by the White House again. A rescue mission on his own behalf, because Johnny, as he is disrespectfully called there, met Trump’s Attorney General William Barr. With the bizarre date he wanted to influence his criminal proceedings at home: Look here, in the USA I also meet the chief prosecutor! The difference between the meeting with Barr celebrated by Fifa and the secret dates with Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber is, among other things, that the latter lost his office: Because both of them don’t want to remember a meeting, and because the suspicion is well supported It appears that football criminal proceedings were unlawfully influenced at these meetings. Among them was even a date that revolved around a TV contract signed by Infantino.

So while the compliance practiced by Fifa preoccupies the judiciary, Infantino kept flaming eulogies on his term of office, the satirical heights of which lay in the fact that they were not intended as satire at all. But that now and then Wool mern reilasse?, the public prosecutor drops in: Well, Infantinos, dear colleagues, know that too, like the Germans from the DFB.

The foolish compliance hustle and bustle culminated in the appearance of Loretta Lynch, who, as US Attorney General, initiated the FifaGate process in 2015 and appeared to the community as the angel of the apocalypse. Today she sings Johnny’s praises, which may only confuse the inexperienced. The joke: Lynch is now a partner in the very US law firm that represents Fifa in the proceedings initiated by Lynch. This is what compliance looks like in the matted gray area of ​​football and justice. There, where the investigative motto of the former US chief prosecutor is particularly true: Follow the money. Tataa. Tschingbumm.


Mesut Özil’s relegation at Arsenal is a “shame” for Arsène Wenger

Dhe relegation of the former national soccer player Mesut Özil at the English top club Arsenal to permanent reservists is “a shame” for his former team manager Arsène Wenger. In an interview with Welt am Sonntag, the French iconic coach described the role of the 2014 World Champion as a spectator, which has been going on for months at the Gunners, as “a waste, for him and for everyone who loves football. He is one of the greats. People go to the stadium to see players like him ”.

Like many observers, Wenger, who brought Özil to Arsenal from Spanish record champions Real Madrid in 2013, does not know the background to the Gelsenkirchen native’s situation on the island. “He disappeared from the radar when I left the club. He is an artist. But there is no longer any place in modern football for artists. The real reasons why it is not where it should be are a mystery to me. “

Özil rejects change

Özil had recently not been nominated for the England’s Europa League squad by Arsenal’s team manager Mikel Arteta. The 31-year-old has had a difficult time at Arteta for months – despite a good personal relationship. The 92-time national player made his last appearance for Arsenal at the beginning of March before the Corona interruption.

Özil has not been on the squad since the end of June. The contract of the former Schalke and Bremen Bundesliga player expires at the end of the season. The club’s management has been wanting to surrender the team’s top earner – Özil collects 350,000 pounds a week – for some time, but these efforts have so far failed due to Özil’s rejection of an early club change.

Clear words in the direction of his former club: Arsène Wenger

Image: dpa

One aspect of the negative development of Özil’s career, from the point of view of Wenger, who left his place in 2018 after 22 years at the top London club, could be the resignation of the midfield director from the German national team after the debate about his photo with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Have been in the run-up to the 2018 World Cup in Russia: “I’ve never liked it when players dropped out of the national team. Something goes and then dies in them. After the door was closed I only saw players going downhill. After that, no one went up. I don’t like his decision. I think she was a mistake. “

A World Cup every two years?

Wenger would like to further shorten the waiting time for the big soccer tournaments. “We need to have as few competitions as possible. A World Cup and European Championship every two years might fit better into the modern world, ”said the 70-year-old of“ Bild am Sonntag ”. The former coach now works for the world association Fifa as director for global football funding. “Personally, I think it’s a step forward,” said Wenger, who doesn’t expect the tournament’s reputation to suffer as a result of the shortened rhythm. “I always reply to people who say that that the reputation is not linked to the time you wait until the game is played again – but to the quality of the competition. People watch Champions League games every year, ”said the Frenchman.

In the ongoing conflict between Fifa and the European Football Union over the creation of new competitions, Wenger criticized the UEFA Nations League. “We have to get rid of the Nations League and find clearer competitions that everyone can understand,” he said. “If you take to the streets and ask people what the Nations League is about, you won’t find many who can explain that.” FIFA President Gianni Infantino recently brought a global Nations League into play – albeit organized by the Fifa.


Evidence or apology .. CAF coordinator embarrasses the Olympic because of Mortada Mansour

Hamada Shady, sponsorship coordinator at the Confederation of African Football, asked Olympic Committee officials to prove the validity of “CAF” rejecting a letter from Counselor Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, or to apologize.
Hamada Shady said on the personal page of the social networking site “Facebook”: The Olympic Committee said by the Secretary General of the Hikaya with Amr Adib program that the African Union rejected a letter signed by the President of Zamalek and was amended with the signature of the deputy .. dangerous words that must be proven or apologized.

The five-year Interim Committee of the Football Association, headed by Amr Al-Ganaini, notified FIFA of the Olympic Committee sanctions issued to suspend Counselor Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club.
The board of directors of the Egyptian Olympic Committee held a meeting last Sunday, to consider the outcome of the investigation into the complaints submitted by the president of the Al-Ahly club, the former president of Zamalek club, the deputy and members of the board of directors of the Zamalek club, the Egyptian Football Association, and the head of the main referees committee of the Egyptian Federation For football, the Egyptian Handball Federation, and a number of sports figures, all of whom are affected by the president of the Zamalek Club insulting, slandering and insulting them and the sports institutions they represent, using the Zamalek satellite channel, which he directed from its sports role and decided to suspend Mortada Mansour for a period of 4 years beside Dismissing him from his post and calling for the election of a new president for the White Castle before the end of October.
The Board of Directors of the Olympic Committee notified the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the penalties issued against Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, based on the investigations conducted by the investigation committee after complaints submitted by the Al-Ahly Club, the Football Association, the Handball Federation, Hani Al-Attal, the Vice President of Zamalek, and Abdullah George, a member of the Board of Directors of Zamalek and Mamdouh Abbas, former president of Zamalek club.
The Board of Directors of the Olympic Committee called on the Ministry of Youth and Sports to work on applying penalties in accordance with the text of Article 84 of the Egyptian Constitution and the provisions of Sports Law No. 71 of 2017, which provides for the application of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the implementation of the law, the Olympic Charter and the Olympic Committee’s regulations to implement the penalties issued after the investigations conducted by raising the name Mortada Mansour from the signatures approved by the banks and replacing them with the name of the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and not receiving any letters to the Zamalek Club with his signature and not dealing with the aforementioned person or his capacity in any matter of the club’s affairs with the Ministry of Sports.

The Board of Directors of the Olympic Committee had issued sanctions against Murtaza Mansour that stipulated:

– First :

Mortada Ahmed Mohamed Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zamalek Athletic Club, stopped practicing any sporting activity in Egypt for a period of four years (4 years) and was fined an amount of one hundred thousand Egyptian pounds only with the consequences of that, which are in particular the following:

A – Not accrediting his representation of the Zamalek Sports Club in front of others and the judiciary regarding the club.

B – Not to assume the presidency of any meetings or general assemblies or the board of directors of Zamalek Sports Club for the duration of the suspension.

C – Not counting his signature on any procedure or correspondence, or anything else, related to the Zamalek Club, especially the financial issues or authorization thereof, and the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zamalek Sports Club and members of the Board of Directors must call for the first ordinary general assembly that includes an item for elections for vacant seats, in particular. Seat of the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The decision shall be effective as of its date and shall be notified to all parties to the complaints subject of the decision.

And that the central administrative authority and the competent administrative authority shall be notified of this decision in order to implement their affairs.

Secondly :

Informing the Public Prosecution of the facts contained in the investigations – which constitute a criminal offense – in order to implement its affairs regarding it.

Third :

Informing the Supreme Council for Media Regulation to carry out its affairs regarding what is being broadcast on the Zamalek satellite channel of words and phrases that violate public modesty in violation of the Media Honor Charter.


Raid at the DFB – suspected tax evasion

Düsseldorf, Frankfurt The German Football Association has again trouble in tax matters. The Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office searched the association’s business premises and private apartments of six current and former DFB officials on Wednesday.

The prosecutors suspect the officials of serious tax evasion. In 2014 and 2015, they are said to have deliberately incorrectly declared income from the perimeter advertising of home international matches for the national soccer team as income from asset management, “so that the DFB escaped taxation of around 4.7 million euros,” said the public prosecutor Frankfurt with.

As a registered association, the DFB is given special tax law treatment. While income from asset management is tax-free, income from commercial operations is taxable.

President at the time in question was Wolfang Niersbach. It is not known whether he is one of the accused. You have no knowledge about this, said his lawyer. In any case, he was not searched.

However, after information from the Handelsblatt, a search was made of the former DFB treasurer and successor of Niersbach as DFB president, Reinhard Grindel, and Reinhard Rauball, president of the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund and former vice president of the DFB.

Grindel reacted calmly when asked. He confirmed that the investigators were at his house at the door. He assumes that he is accused because he signed the questionable tax return in his capacity as treasurer.

The demarcation between tax-privileged asset management and economic business operations had been an issue in the DFB for a long time. But he relied on what the auditors and tax advisors had told him. “I acted to the best of my knowledge and belief,” Grindel told the Handelsblatt. He left all documents from his time at the DFB in Frankfurt.

Resignation after accepting a luxury watch

Grindel was treasurer from 2013 to 2016 and then succeeded DFB President Wolfgang Niersbach, who stumbled over the summer affair. In spring 2019, Grindel resigned after he was criticized for the controversial acceptance of a luxury watch as a gift from a Ukrainian oligarch.

The lawyer Reinhard Rauball, who was also affected by the searches and Vice President of the DFB from 2007 to 2019, did not want to comment on the search and the allegations when asked. His law firm referred to the DFB.

Other people in charge from that time were General Secretary Helmut Sandrock, Stefan Hans as Chief Financial Officer, Denny Strich as Marketing Director and Vice President Rainer Koch, who was responsible for legal issues. The cook, who is still in office, has so far not responded to queries, nor has a spokesman for the DFB.

The current DFB President Fritz Keller meanwhile stated that he wanted to support the investigation. “I can only say that we will cooperate fully on the matter,” said Keller at the federal press conference, at which he was connected on a different topic: “I stood up for openness and transparency,” said the 63-year-old, who has been in office since autumn 2018. In this matter, however, he must first get an overview.

Around 200 officials from the tax investigation department, the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Federal Police were involved in the search measures in four federal states. “The searches have been going on since this morning. Due to the large number of objects that are being searched, the end of the measure is not yet in sight, “said a spokeswoman for the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office in the morning when asked.

The action is limited to Germany. There are no searches in Switzerland. This is where the company Infront has its headquarters, which for many years marketed perimeter advertising for the DFB. The spokeswoman did not name the accused, as the public prosecutor’s office basically does. But she confirmed that some of the officials were high-ranking.

Dispute between DFB and Infront

The sports rights marketer Infront and the DFB recently parted ways in a dispute. The association announced at the end of June that it would end its cooperation with the Swiss company. The association justified the step with a report from a consulting firm commissioned by the DFB, which found “clear irregularities” and “unlawful interference with DFB representatives” in the business relationship with Infront.

At its core is the accusation that two marketing contracts for perimeter advertising ended up with Infront in a questionable manner and that DFB employees at the time received consideration. At least one employee from the audiovisual rights division had to leave the association.

Infront did not initially acknowledge the termination of the contract. The parties then came to an agreement in mid-September. In a joint declaration it was said that the 40-year collaboration had ended “by mutual agreement” and that any remaining financial obligations had been settled.

Raid on the German Football Association

Part of the dispute between the DFB and Infront was another point: in 2019 it became known that in several international matches of the German national team, instead of the agreed 30 seconds of advertising, only 29 seconds ran across the boards. This would theoretically have allowed six more advertising slots over a total playing time of 90 minutes.

Infront saw himself as the victim of a single ex-employee who sold the seconds gained and made a profit. This representation raises questions, however, since in the technical implementation of the perimeter advertising in the stadium there is never only one person involved and the fraud should have been noticed. The DFB rejected any guilt.

The DFB has had legal and tax problems repeatedly in recent years. The most serious one to date: In 2017, the tax authorities demanded an additional tax payment of at least 19.2 million euros from the world’s largest sports association. This was the result of the processing of the 2006 soccer World Cup, which is suspected of having been bought.

The tax office had revoked the non-profit status of the DFB for 2006. The background was the repayment of an ominous loan of 6.7 million euros, which the DFB made to ex-Adidas boss Robert Louis-Dreyfus through the world association Fifa in 2005 and of which it is still not clear what the money was really for. In its tax return, the DFB recorded the payment as a contribution to the costs of a World Cup gala, which never took place. The DFB regards the issue as an operating issue to this day.

More: Tax advertising income: Tax offices focus on social media stars.


FIFA 21 Review (XONE, PS4, PC) Polishing good football

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FIFA 21 Review (XONE, PS4, PC) Polishing Good Football – YouTube


Fifa 21 is a mediocre farewell match | Review

As soon as a new generation of game consoles is introduced, EA usually only releases ‘Legacy Editions’ of Fifa, in which only the latest transfers are made. Fifa 21 could just be the last full-fledged Fifa on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, it did not become a flashy farewell match.

Numerically, Fifa 21 has enough innovations under the hood. With the possibility to play FUT in co-op and considerable adjustments to the career mode, you would say that EA listens to the supporters. But in the end the gameplay determines how much fun Fifa is and the innovations in that area do not come out at all.

fifa 21

Hollywood football

Take the possibility to control players without a ball. On paper a great way to set up beautiful one-twos. But as the old football wisdom goes: we don’t play on paper, but on grass. In practice it turns out to be virtually impossible to make a decent running action without a ball. That is not a matter of getting used to: playing to a computer-controlled teammate makes it far too easy for the opponent to put pressure and take the ball. The pace of Fifa is simply too high for such tactical feats.

Fifa 21 is therefore reverting to old habits. Pure speed is still far too important and the game mainly takes place around the two goal areas, with exorbitant results as a result. Fifa 21 is sensation, glamor and “boom cuckoo confetti”, in the words of Sierd de Vos. It’s Messi and Ronaldo, but it’s rarely Luuk de Jong or Wout Weghorst.

That Hollywood version of football has nothing to do with ‘real’ football. After all, real football is building up from behind, fighting in midfield and fumbling a ball into a match that you should never have won. Real football is sometimes ugly. Let’s face it: it is precisely ugly victories in real football that taste infinitely sweeter than just another goal-scoring feast.

Fifa 21

You would almost understand all preschoolers who ‘ragequit’ online. What do you have to look for in a match if you are 3-0 behind within 20 minutes? Nothing; there is no more honor to be had there. You might as well take your loss and try again in a next match.

Career mode as an unexpected bright spot

Or seek refuge in a different game mode where more happens off the field, because that is perhaps more entertaining than entering the virtual turf – an observation that makes you think about a football game. In Fifa Ultimate Team, for example, you can now build and work on your own stadium, but the main change we find this year against all odds in the career mode.

Normally the career mode is always a bit neglected, but the possibility to simulate matches interactively gives the mode in this edition finally the much-needed schwung again. In practice, it turns out to be wonderful to settle the less exciting matches in a season in this way. It gives the opportunity to keep an eye on all low-flyers in the competition, without having to play the entire match right away.

fifa 21

The addition of ‘sharpness’ as an extra statistic per player also provides an extra layer. Players who have a lot of sharpness get bonus points and therefore perform better. A long-term injury therefore has much more impact, because such a player really has to fight himself back in the first team. After all, his replacement probably has more competitive sharpness and is therefore better at that time. Unlike in beta, training to improve that sharpness can now be simulated faster, so that the career mode has less hassle.

The career mode is not completely perfect yet. For example, it feels very unnecessary that matches are still paused when you want to change your line-up from the interactive simulation. You would say that the game can just continue for an even smoother course. It is also remarkable that there is not one Dutch person in the youth academy of a Dutch club. Those points can therefore already be on the to do list for Fifa 22.

Hope for the new generation

The more mature career mode, FUT and of course the immense amount of teams and leagues have enough to sing it out until the new generation of game consoles is in the shops and therefore also the new generation of Fifa. It is hoped that EA will pay more attention to that version and look at what football is all about. In the words of Johan Cruijff, this is “Salid y disfrutad”, or “Go outside and enjoy”. That enjoyment does not come from playing high-octane football for 90 minutes over and over again, but winning or losing with joy and sorrow.

Fifa 21 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch from October 9. The Switch version is a Legacy Edition with no gameplay updates. Fifa 21 will also be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S later.


THE BALL – Over eight thousand infected by Covid-19 (Mozambique)

With the appearance, this Monday, of more than 305 positive cases of Covid-19, Mozambique passed the barrier of eight thousand infected, on the same day that another person lost his life victim to the pandemic. The country now has a total of 8,288 positive cases and 59 deaths.

The most recent victim is a 64-year-old man who lived in the city of Maputo and had been hospitalized on Sunday.

On the other hand, 11 more patients recovered from the disease, bringing the number of people already free of the new coronavirus to 4,836. The country thus has 3,389 active cases.


BOLA – Government asks for European support to fight terrorism (Mozambique)

The Mozambican government has requested support from the European Union, in logistics and specialized training, to reinforce the military response to terrorism in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

A letter from the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to Brussels indicates that the conflict has already caused 800 deaths, 300,000 displaced people, including 52 young people savagely murdered for refusing to move to the side of the terrorists.

It is through this letter, dated 16 September and signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Verónica Macamo, that Mozambique requests the support of the European community to strengthen the fight against the insurgency in Cabo Delgado.

The request comes after the continental organization has expressed a willingness to assist in responding to the conflict.

«Bearing in mind the need to reinforce the military and security response measures, as well as counter the advance of terrorists and restore public law, order and tranquility in the affected districts, the Government of Mozambique considers support in the area of ​​specialized training important to combat terrorism and insurgency, through multiform support: training; logistics for counter-terrorism forces; medical assistance equipment in combat zones and technical training of personnel. »

The Government also asks for help to implement development programs in areas in conflict, as a way of reducing the vulnerability of the population, mainly young people, to collaborate with terrorists.

«The Mozambican Government considers it important to reinforce the support of international cooperation partners to the programs and projects that are being implemented in the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Niassa and Nampula, under the coordination of the Integrated Development Agency of the North (ADIN). This support could also extend to the Implementation of the SADC regional project, through the establishment of the SADC Humanitarian and Emergency Operations Center in Nacala, in the province of Nampula. »

Mozambique assumes that “in recent times, there has been a concern with the tendency of intensifying and spreading terrorist actions to more districts in the province of Cabo Delgado, totaling 9 districts” and details that “so far, the action of this group has resulted in the the death of about 800 people and the displacement of around 300,000 citizens, including about 52 young people who were savagely murdered for refusing to move to the terrorists. The terrorists kidnapped people, including religious, as happened on August 11, 2020, with Brazilian nuns in Mocímboa da Praia. »

Finally, Mozambique reveals that during attacks on the positions of the Defense and Security Forces, terrorists use children and women as human shields.