Felix Magath as a cynic when changing coach at Würzburger Kickers

Felix Magath probably no longer upsets trainers’ leave of absence. The former professional coach of Hamburger SV, 1. FC Nürnberg, VfB Stuttgart, FC Bayern Munich, VfL Wolfsburg, FC Schalke 04, FC Fulham as well as Werder Bremen, Eintracht Frankfurt and Shandong Luneng FC in China often enough of their own Experience body. The former national soccer player was able to take exemptions with the serenity of growing older even with humor.

Now that Magath has not been a “fireman” for emergencies for a long time and no longer works on the sidelines himself, he has to answer the questions that his bosses used to ask after a coach knockout. The 67-year-old has been “Head of Flyeralarm Global Soccer” since the beginning of this year, ie the chief soccer strategist of the main sponsor of the Würzburger Kickers.

And in this role Magath, master coach with VfL Wolfsburg and FC Bayern, has already been forced to act twice this season at the bottom of the second Bundesliga. A coach only managed 3.5 games on average in 2020/21 with the promoted team: first two games with Michael Schiele, then five games with Marco Antwerp. Now Bernhard Trares should ensure success. There have never been two coach changes after seven match days in the single-track second division since 1981. “You have to know: Michael Schiele was here three years earlier. That is extraordinarily long, “said Magath of the” image “and admitted:” The second choice of coach – yes, it went wrong. “

Before Magath parted with Antwerp, he said something that as a functionary in this often irrational business is probably said in public. “Of course,” Magath replied to the “Main-Post” on Friday evening after the fourth defeat in a row in Heidenheim when asked whether Antwerp could continue to work in peace. After the separation, Magath said on Monday, according to “Main-Post”: “He can continue to work in peace – stop somewhere else. I don’t see a problem. ”You can find such a statement entertaining, but you don’t have to. She is undoubtedly cynical.

Magath has already learned something from his 41-day coach’s leave of absence. He now wants to be there more often. He always wanted to avoid observers thinking that he was controlling the training. “Bernhard Trares is not afraid, he wants me to come,” said Magath.

Magath is now sometimes referred to as a coach bouncer. It’s pretty old school, but Konstanz looks different. Things are not going smoothly when it comes to coaches at the second club from the small Flyeralarm football empire. Shortly after the start of the season, Zvonimir Soldo at the Austrian FC Admira Wacker Mödling decided to leave for private reasons, assistant Patrick Helmes took over temporarily. Now Damir Buric is trying his luck at the bottom.


HSV meets Würzburg: Kickers boss Magath against old love | NDR.de – Sport

Status: 10/22/2020 10:53 a.m.

Second division Primus HSV receives the Würzburger Kickers on Saturday (1 p.m.) – and meets Felix Magath. As “Head of Global Soccer” with the main sponsor, the former Hamburg resident is the new strong man in Würzburg.

If coach Michael Schiele from the Würzburger Kickers should have had illusions after the long drawn-out contract talks with the club, he quickly landed on the ground again. His three-year tenure, which he crowned with promotion to the second division this summer, ended after just two defeats in the first two league games. In addition, there were the lost state cup final on penalties against 1860 Munich and the end in the DFB Cup against the clear favorite Hannover 96.

Felix Magath had said at the beginning of July after the contract extension, which apparently only made promotion possible, “Michael is the right man to solve this difficult task in the 2nd Bundesliga with and with the Kickers”, that was Forgot everything again at the end of September.

The club had “come to the conviction that the great goal of staying up – to which everything has to be subordinated – can only be successfully pursued with a new impulse”. Magath was not quoted in this communication. However, it can be assumed that Schiele’s successor Marco Antwerpen, whose contract was not extended despite the promotion with Eintracht Braunschweig and whose commitment was announced at the same time as Schiele’s resignation, enjoys more trust in Magath.

Global initially stands for Germany and Austria

And since the beginning of this year, a lot has been dependent on that for the Lower Franconians. Main sponsor “Flyeralarm”, who holds 49 percent of the shares in the professional football club of Kickers, presented Magath in January as the head of a large-scale campaign. The global in its title initially only refers to Germany and Austria. The 67-year-old is also in charge of the Austrian Bundesliga club Admira Wacker Mödling, in which the company is active as an investor. In addition, “a project outside Europe” is to be added.

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Felix Magath was the director of the major HSV team in the 1980s during his playing days. As a coach, he won championship titles with Bayern Munich and VfL Wolfsburg. more

The similarity to the football activities of “Red Bull”, which include not only the engagements in Leipzig and Salzburg but also those in New York, Ghana and Brazil, is certainly not unwanted. For a long time, Ralf Rangnick, a German, was also the strong man at the Austrian shower manufacturer.

A lot to say in the club, even without an official position

In his almost 25-year coaching career with a dozen stations, Magath himself often suffered from the decisions of the club officials. It is no coincidence that in the end he was no longer just a trainer at both Wolfsburg and Schalke, at FC Fulham in England and at the Chinese SD Luneng, but also the manager.

After leaving the Middle Kingdom, Magath was without a job for a good two years. Then came the online printing company based in Würzburg, with big plans and extensive competencies for Magath. Company managing director Thorsten Fischer, who is also chairman of the supervisory board of Kickers, said at Magath’s introduction: “It would be fatal to chat in with Felix Magath. That’s not my style. And he knows a lot more about football than me.” The football expert has no official position at the Kickers.

Objective: Promotion to the Bundesliga – and the “Vision European Cup”

Felix Magath, Head of FLYERALARM Global Soccer © imago images/GEPA pictures Foto: Mario Kneisl

Felix Magath has to keep track of things in Würzburg and at Admira Wacker Mödling.

To do this, he has the big picture in mind – especially the big. “I will do everything to ensure that there are greater successes,” said the native of Aschaffenburg in the “Welt am Sonntag”. One can learn from Leipzig and Co. “It’s impressive what they have built up. But they are not only playing in a different league financially, so we cannot and do not want to compare ourselves here. But we will also break new ground.” But the goals are the same: “I can’t live with average and mediocrity. I always wanted to get to the top, always wanted titles.”

Sooner or later, Würzburg should be promoted to the Bundesliga. Magath already spoke of his “vision of the European Cup”.

Ex-trainer Magath: “I also had my time”

But the way to get there should be a long one. Even after coach Schiele’s leave of absence, things did not improve in Würzburg. HSV, where Magath last sat on the coaching bench in 1997, welcomes the last team as leaders. Antwerp has so far recorded one point against Fürth and one defeat against Kiel.

For a long time Magath was toying with a return to the big football stage in Germany. But not only at his ex-clubs Schalke (“Nobody would get the idea to speak to me”) and HSV (“Somebody should clean up this place”) he was no longer in demand. “Everything has its time, I also had my time,” said the 67-year-old when he was presented in Magath. The coaching career is over, there is no end in sight in Würzburg: “I assume this activity will only end when everyone is satisfied.”

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Hamburg's Manuel Wintzheimer, Simon Terodde and Khaled Narey (from left) cheer a goal.  © Witters

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HSV fans in the Volksparkstadion © imago images / Sven Simon Photo: Elmar Kremser

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