America’s government is investigating Zoom’s billion-dollar takeover

Dhe plans of Zoom to establish itself in the call center business with a billion-dollar takeover are under scrutiny by the US government. A special committee led by the Department of Justice is investigating whether the deal poses risks to the national security of the United States, according to documents on the website of the […]

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 receives FCC approval: Presentation soon

The Surface Duo 2 is showing up shortly before the next major Microsoft Surface event at the US approval authority FCC. So it seems that the next generation of the big clamshell Android smartphone is already on the way. This is reported by the online magazine Windows Latest and shows the data that have become […]

Liberty Announces More Offers With Federal Stimulus For Internet Payment

The company Liberty Puerto Rico announced today that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved it additional offers for the Broadband Emergency Benefit Program Agency (EBB). Program participants can now choose from 30 offers that include combinations of the company’s most popular internet, video and phone services. ‚ÄúParticipation in the program has been very robust, with […]

Carl Zeiss Jena secures the second division championship at RB Leipzig

RB midfielder Marie-Luise Herrmann had given 500 allowed fans at Leipzig Cottaweg early from free positions (9th / 18th), her teammate Johanna Kaiser also shot a long shot just past the left (41st). In addition, FCC attacker Julia Arnold failed in the best guest opportunities by head (20th) and Lupfer (40th) to RB goalkeeper Gina […]