Mesut Özil loses connection with Arsenal

Mesut Özil gives everything. The eliminated Arsenal professional is currently keeping fit in his own garden. The former soccer world champion published a video of a private training session on Twitter. Özil lifts weights, does push-ups and sit-ups. “Always ready,” he wrote. For weeks, the 32-year-old has been trying to convey the image of the model professional who is preparing for his next assignment on the Internet. It is hard to imagine that he will get that at Arsenal.

After Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta had not reported him for either the Premier League or the Europa League, Özil has become increasingly active in social media in recent weeks. On Twitter, he commented on Arsenal games live and let his followers vote on the player of the game. Almost every day he shares new posts with his over 25 million followers. In addition to training pictures, he posts about Islam, advertises clothing and jewelry, as well as for charity.

Swipe against coach

He also expressed his frustration with the non-nomination on Twitter and Instagram. He was “deeply disappointed,” wrote Özil, whose contract with the Londoners runs until the summer of 2021. “When I signed my new contract in 2018, I promised the club I love, Arsenal FC, my loyalty and loyalty, and it saddens me that it wasn’t reciprocated.”

Özil ruled out sporting reasons, his performance was at a good level. “But then things changed and I wasn’t allowed to play football for Arsenal.” His coach immediately denied the allegations. “It was a football decision, so I have a very clear conscience,” said Arteta. “I was very fair to him, I really communicated a lot with him.”

You could read between the lines what Özil thought of the Spaniard when he congratulated his former Arsenal coach Arsène Wenger on his 70th birthday. “Thank you for all the trust and support,” wrote Özil. Wenger was “always respectful, fair and honest” – a clear swipe at Arteta.

Özil sees himself again as a victim – similar to the affair about the photos with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and to his angry resignation from the German national team. However, it is also no secret that Arsenal have long wanted to get rid of their top earners. The 32-year-old was still fighting: “No matter what happens, I’ll keep fighting for my chance and not let my eighth Arsenal season end like this.” But how else should it end for Mesut Özil?

That Arteta will register him again for the league or the European Cup in January is not to be expected. A premature farewell to London, either, the 2014 world champion has categorically excluded. There is no solution in sight.


Mesut Özil at Arsenal: deleted from the squad – sport

Mesut Özil has played a number of derbies in his clubs, with Arsenal FC against Tottenham, Real Madrid against Atlético, Werder Bremen against Hamburger SV and many more. The one with the most serious consequences was probably the one on May 12, 2007. The referee was Herbert Fandel, the opposing coach was called Thomas Doll, and Marc-André Kruska, Markus Brzenska and the honorable, but undoubtedly aged, warrior Christian Wörns also participated. Özil was just of legal age and was preparing to become German champions in his first season in a professional team. It turned out differently.

It was another tragic afternoon for his club, among other things because Christoph Metzelder crowned what was probably the only cross run of his professional career with a template that Ebi Smolarek completed with the final goal. Borussia Dortmund won 2-0 against leaders Schalke 04 on matchday 33, helping VfB Stuttgart to the championship.

Nobody knows how world history would have developed if the favorite had defeated the outsider back then, but as it looks now, Özil and Schalke share a common fate again 13 years later. The brilliant playmaker and the club from his hometown are currently among the big losers in contemporary football.

Özil complains about a lack of loyalty

While Schalke 04 showed on Saturday evening at 3-0 in the Revierderby at BVB that it had forgotten the central topic of top-class sport, winning, Özil had to learn at the beginning of the week that he is now a top player without a team. His club, Arsenal FC, let him know in the course of an administrative act that he sees no use for him. When the Londoners nominated the squad for the current Premier League season, they decided not to report Mesut Özil for one of the 25 places.

The person concerned expressed disappointment and complained of a lack of loyalty, while his coach Mikel Arteta protested against the assumption that the decision was not for sporting reasons, but for domestic political reasons imposed by the club authorities. The decision is a matter of football, said the coach, although he regards the vote against the 32-year-old German world champion as a personal defeat. Özil was given a “very fair chance”, but without any foreseeable benefit. Arteta took responsibility: “I failed as a coach.”

Despite these assurances, observers from English professional football suspect that the cold exclusion was the result of a dispute between the player and the club: After Özil irritated the club’s business operations at the end of last year by making a statement in favor of the Uyghur people who are oppressed in China – Arsenal earned in China good money – he continued the confrontation in the spring with the refusal to participate in the wage cut. When he recently offered to pay the employee, who had been dismissed for financial reasons and who has played the club mascot Gunnersaurus for years, the club management was allowed to see this as a provocation.

After his disembarkation, Özil announced that he would not only continue to train hard, but also “wherever possible, use my voice against inhumanity and for justice”.

The question is how far Özil’s polished and sometimes very pathetic statements come from his own choice of words, and how far his actions are based on his own conviction and initiative. Or whether others steer him and he unfortunately lets it happen to him.


Mesut Özil at Arsenal FC offside

What anything can you do with 55,000 euros a day? On the one hand, this is the dream of a normal employee who brings home an average of 48,000 euros in this country if he works full-time – per year. On the other hand, because it is about the salary of professional soccer player Mesut Özil, it is to a certain extent a populist question. After all, the market gave it that way in other times.

But it is undisputed that there is something more absurd than paying someone so much money to kick a ball particularly well from A to B and sometimes into a goal. Namely, to pay so much money even though he doesn’t even play, at least not in competitive games for the first team at Arsenal. After coach Mikel Arteta had already renounced Özil’s services in this Europa League season, he also deleted his name from the entry list for the Premier League.

Özil’s former coach Arsène Wenger described the fact that there was no more room for the 2014 world champion as a “waste”. You could say that. It should also be added that this is the same Arsenal FC, who bought a new player for 50 million pounds, but at the same time saw the need to dismiss 55 non-kicking employees due to the pandemic – including the performer of the popular club mascot “Gunnersaurus”. This is then not only difficult to convey to those people who like to use up the contents of their refrigerator before they fill the bags again.

Özil himself was also piqued that he missed the “loyalty” of the club he “loved”, he wrote on social media, which, despite all understandable disappointment, also follows an idiosyncratic logic. After all, Özil is still being paid, and if it had been more important to him to play, he could certainly have done it elsewhere, just maybe for a little less.

Conversely, because he did not make it easy for his club, the impression that the gifted professional footballer Özil got stuck in his own (thought) world, in which he increasingly interprets the global political situation, most recently in the conflict over Nagornyj, is reinforced -Karabach, who has long since lost the authority to interpret the field.

In this episode you can see something else than the seemingly absurd waste of capital and the question of morality – which is often idle in football anyway. Namely that which has been lost en passant. Özil’s quiet art, the daring ease with which he once enchanted the football world from Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck. From a German perspective, all of this seems very far away, a phantom pain that hardly flares up, while the scars of another story can still be felt strongly.


Mesut Özil reacts to the squad being thrown out: “It makes me sad”:

Mesut Özil feels at home at Arsenal – but the 32-year-old no longer plays a sporting role in the Gunners. Now the world champion has even been completely removed from the squad. Özil still wants to keep fighting.

Mesut Özil reacted “deeply disappointed” to his non-nomination for the Premier League squad of Arsenal FC. “When I signed my new contract in 2018, I promised the club I love, Arsenal FC, my loyalty and loyalty, and it saddens me that it was not reciprocated,” wrote the 32-year-old former German international on Wednesday on Instagram.

Coach Mikel Arteta had not nominated Özil for the club’s Premier League squad, which is why the offensive player will no longer appear in the league by the end of the year. He has remained silent so far because he had hoped for a chance to return to the team, wrote Özil, who has been out of action at Arsenal since March and was only rarely in the squad recently. “I’ve always tried to stay positive,” wrote the 2014 world champion.

View this post on Instagram

This is a difficult message to write to the @Arsenal fans that I’ve played for over the past few years. I’m really deeply disappointed by the fact that I have not been registered for the @premierleague season for the time being. Upon signing my new contract in 2018, I pledged my loyalty and allegiance to the club that I love, Arsenal, and it saddens me that this has not been reciprocated. As I have just found out, loyalty is hard to come by nowadays. I’ve always tried to remain positive from week to week that there’s maybe a chance to get back in the squad soon again. That’s why I kept silent so far. Before the Coronavirus break I was really happy with the development under our new coach Mikel Arteta – we’ve been on a positive way and I would say my performances were on a really good level. But then things changed, again, and I was not longer allowed to play football for Arsenal. What else can I say? London still feels like home, I still have many good friends in this team, and I still feel a strong connection with the fans of this club. No matter what, I will keep fighting for my chance and not let my 8th season at Arsenal end like this. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 I can promise you that this hard decision won’t change anything in my mindset – I will continue to train as best as I can and wherever possible use my voice against inhumanity and for justice. #M1Ö #YaGunnersYa

A post shared by Mesut Özil (@m10_official) on

Özil announced that he would “keep fighting for my chance and not let my eighth season at Arsenal end like this”. The decision will not change his attitude, he will continue to give everything in training. “London still feels at home, I still have a lot of good friends on the team and I still feel a strong bond with the club’s fans.”

The 92-time national player will only have the chance to play in the cup competitions or in the U23 of the “Gunners” until the end of the year. Because the German ex-national player was no longer nominated for the Europa League. Arsenal have long wanted to get rid of their top earners. Özil has ruled out an early departure from London several times. He could return to the league squad in January, but this is considered unlikely. His contract runs until next summer.


Ex-Arsenal striker Bendtner self-critical about career and scandals

Quote from TurpAC

Quote from da_ph

Wow, very reflective interview. I did not expect.


The whole interview is fine speech for “my father is to blame for everything, otherwise I would be the hottest today”
Oh yes, what would an enfant terrible be without a family drama.

Either you got noticed as an athlete, then you write an autobiography about your successes or anecdotes.
Or you received negative attention, then you wrote an autobiography about how you were misunderstood by everyone and the hard blows you had to endure and that you are actually a fine guy.

How many excuses he gives in this interview alone is hair-raising.

The coach didn’t have enough time for me.
I became addicted to gambling because I was bored during my injury.
My father always had my back, but that was also kind of wrong.
All the coaches except Olsen misunderstood me.
People laugh at me when I make myself *****.
I can’t find a job because of Covid 19.

Awesome image of man. And then tweaked things to fit. Top.

1. “It’s difficult because he couldn’t take the time to focus on just one person. I think if I had had a strong personality in my background that could have made all the difference. But Arsène and I had a good relationship and I have a lot of respect for him. I don’t blame him for anything. He’s always been honest, and he understands that there are things I’ve done that I’m not proud of. “
Becomes: The coach didn’t have enough time for me. Even if you read this out, maybe ask yourself if that was the real message. I read here (and in the original) that he means something different.

2. “When I was injured and couldn’t feel the excitement of that absolute lifestyle on the field, gambling gave me adrenaline. It is obvious that the higher the risk, the higher the adrenaline. So you put in high stakes. “
Becomes: I became addicted to gambling because I was bored during my injury.
He just describes what happened, doesn’t say the injury was to blame. Is a difference.

3. The thing with his father. It is not at all apparent what he really means. Except that he has taken on blaming others. I read criticism of his father and myself.

4. He understood me better than anyone, ”said Bendtner. The ex-national coach always wanted to hear Bendtner’s side of the story: “Even when he heard about something, he called and asked why, in my opinion, it had gone wrong. How did i feel? How is my family He wanted me to improve as a player and as a person. “
Becomes: All coaches except Olsen misunderstood me. Complete nonsense. Bendtner says generally (not in this part) that he messed up a lot. Nevertheless, Olsen always tried to understand him as a person.

5. People laugh at me when I make myself *****.
>?! ?? Seem to have made it up

6. “With Covid it is difficult now. If something comes up as a player, I’ll see it. If not, I’ll prepare for the next chapter. “
Becomes: I can’t find a job because of Covid. Also stupid. Firstly, it is difficult with Covid, secondly, there is no excuse, thirdly, he is already working on his coaching career.

The fact that the article is partly not well translated here (trainer course translated as “management course” is just an example) is also not an excuse to willfully misunderstand things.

The ending in the English original is also interesting: “I had dreams and hopes and I could have done more.” He says he could have done more. He.
Auch das “I became too fond of the lifestyle that came with the money. I want to go back in time and hit that young lad on the head with a hammer” sieht für mich wie Selbstkritik aus.

You hide the self-criticism very gallantly. You don’t actually find anything like that in many athlete biographies.

Yes, he obviously sees a reason for a lack of self-criticism in his upbringing. How do you know this is just an excuse?!? In these statements, he does not hold his father responsible for his other problems. Regarding his father, the criticism is in that direction.

To really get an idea one would have to read the book, not an abbreviated translation of an article from the Guardian.

What tm is hiding: His reality TV thing with his model girlfriend. Such things are also alien to me personally. And because of a few things, Bendtner was not exactly the top liking for me. And of course he also takes the money. However, you can still perceive this as the honest thing of a person who has not really gotten along and actually wants to come to terms with it. I don’t understand why people do this in public either. If you simply say “money”, I think that is falling short. That is definitely one aspect, but it doesn’t explain everything.

In this case, it could also be that some things are not so pleasant to him and he wants to show that he is more than the image that most of him have of him. It would be okay. Of course, it will be more complex than just the nonsense with which it often ended up in the media.

I always think it’s great when someone from afar thinks they can judge people so completely.
Maybe a little more caution? Think about it? Maybe that’s a person too and it’s so easy to judge him? Surprise: not all of them simply fit into drawers.


Mesut Özil’s relegation at Arsenal is a “shame” for Arsène Wenger

Dhe relegation of the former national soccer player Mesut Özil at the English top club Arsenal to permanent reservists is “a shame” for his former team manager Arsène Wenger. In an interview with Welt am Sonntag, the French iconic coach described the role of the 2014 World Champion as a spectator, which has been going on for months at the Gunners, as “a waste, for him and for everyone who loves football. He is one of the greats. People go to the stadium to see players like him ”.

Like many observers, Wenger, who brought Özil to Arsenal from Spanish record champions Real Madrid in 2013, does not know the background to the Gelsenkirchen native’s situation on the island. “He disappeared from the radar when I left the club. He is an artist. But there is no longer any place in modern football for artists. The real reasons why it is not where it should be are a mystery to me. “

Özil rejects change

Özil had recently not been nominated for the England’s Europa League squad by Arsenal’s team manager Mikel Arteta. The 31-year-old has had a difficult time at Arteta for months – despite a good personal relationship. The 92-time national player made his last appearance for Arsenal at the beginning of March before the Corona interruption.

Özil has not been on the squad since the end of June. The contract of the former Schalke and Bremen Bundesliga player expires at the end of the season. The club’s management has been wanting to surrender the team’s top earner – Özil collects 350,000 pounds a week – for some time, but these efforts have so far failed due to Özil’s rejection of an early club change.

Clear words in the direction of his former club: Arsène Wenger

Image: dpa

One aspect of the negative development of Özil’s career, from the point of view of Wenger, who left his place in 2018 after 22 years at the top London club, could be the resignation of the midfield director from the German national team after the debate about his photo with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Have been in the run-up to the 2018 World Cup in Russia: “I’ve never liked it when players dropped out of the national team. Something goes and then dies in them. After the door was closed I only saw players going downhill. After that, no one went up. I don’t like his decision. I think she was a mistake. “

A World Cup every two years?

Wenger would like to further shorten the waiting time for the big soccer tournaments. “We need to have as few competitions as possible. A World Cup and European Championship every two years might fit better into the modern world, ”said the 70-year-old of“ Bild am Sonntag ”. The former coach now works for the world association Fifa as director for global football funding. “Personally, I think it’s a step forward,” said Wenger, who doesn’t expect the tournament’s reputation to suffer as a result of the shortened rhythm. “I always reply to people who say that that the reputation is not linked to the time you wait until the game is played again – but to the quality of the competition. People watch Champions League games every year, ”said the Frenchman.

In the ongoing conflict between Fifa and the European Football Union over the creation of new competitions, Wenger criticized the UEFA Nations League. “We have to get rid of the Nations League and find clearer competitions that everyone can understand,” he said. “If you take to the streets and ask people what the Nations League is about, you won’t find many who can explain that.” FIFA President Gianni Infantino recently brought a global Nations League into play – albeit organized by the Fifa.


Mesut Özil’s coup with the mascot rescue

Ssuperstars like Kylian Mbappe or Franck Ribery “like it”, and world champion buddy Jerome Boateng speaks of a “noble gesture”: Mesut Özil landed a real PR coup with his aid campaign for the “extinct” endangered cult mascot Gunnersaurus. “Ehrenmann” Özil received over two million “Likes” on social networks, and there were numerous applause emojis from current and former Gunners professionals – only Arsenal FC was “not amused”.

The “big, green guy”, as Özil affectionately called him, was “not extinct”, but only “temporarily” out of service, said a spokesman: “As soon as fans are allowed to enter the stadium, he will also return.” the damage had already been done – and the cheers for “rescuer” Özil unlimited.

“Justice for Gunnersaurus”

“I was very sad that our popular and loyal mascot (…) was dismissed after 27 years”, he had announced under the motto “Justice for Gunnersaurus”. Jerry Quy, the man behind the costume since the character’s introduction in 1993, had lost his job like over 50 other employees because of the pandemic. Özil now offered to pay Quy’s salary of allegedly 50,000 pounds per year as long as he was an Arsenal professional: “So that Jerry can continue to do the job he loves so much.”

The sum would correspond exactly to the amount that Özil earns a day – for doing nothing, as scoffers think. The “outcast” (The Sun) has not played a game for the Gunners since the beginning of March and has not even made it into the squad since the end of June.

According to SID information, the relationship between Özil (contract until summer 2021) and team manager Mikel Arteta is intact – the reason for the removal: the bosses would like to get rid of the soon-to-be 32-year-old top earner. However, Özil recently announced defiantly that he decides “when I go, not others”.

Özil against the club leadership

The club management has been trying “for two years to destroy me,” he complained in mid-August in an interview with The Athletic portal. There Özil also declared his refusal, like other players, to forego 12.5 percent of his lavish salary. He would even have liked to take on “a larger share”, said Özil – but only provided that the club promised not to fire anyone.

Arsenal did not want to agree to this – probably because the club had long been planning to expel numerous “normal” employees at the time in question in April. The end of Jerry Quy became known on Monday – on the very day Arsenal paid 50 million euros for Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid. Hand money: 2.2 million euros, salary per week: 252,000 euros.

Against this background, Özil’s relief operation is a clever move. The 2014 world champion has not lost his “instinct for the perfect attack and the sense of timing,” wrote the Daily Mail. Whether this also applies to footballer Mesut Özil remains open until further notice.


Jürgen Klopp rages after Liverpool win in the Premier League

Dhe next three points on the account, but Jürgen Klopp was still upset. “Did I hear that correctly, Mr. Keane said we had a sloppy performance tonight?” Asked the coach of Liverpool FC at Sky Sports, initially with a smile, then increasingly angrily towards expert Roy Keane.

The 49-year-old former Manchester United icon then made it clear that he only meant a few moments in the Reds’ 3-1 game on Monday night on Anfield Road about Arsenal. “He may be talking about another game, it couldn’t have been this one. Sorry, ”said Klopp, who was then more and more bothered by Keane’s statement that the performance was“ sloppy ”.

“Nothing was sloppy, absolutely nothing”

The success over the Gunners was the third victory of the English soccer champions in the third game of the new season. Only because of the goal difference, the Liverpoolers, who won the league for the first time in three decades, are only in second place behind the former champion Leicester City.

“Nothing was sloppy, absolutely nothing,” Klopp grumbled on. “That is an incredible description of the game, it was extraordinary.” Klopp’s team was initially behind due to a goal from Alexandre Lacazette (25th minute). With a one-two punch, Sadio Mané (28th) and Andrew Robertson (34th) turned things around shortly afterwards. New signing Diogo Jotto scored the third goal for Liverpool two minutes before the end.

Klopp emphasized that his team was dominant from the start against a team that was 100 percent in shape. “You have to watch out like hell and you mustn’t be hit by a counterattack.” He loved every second, said the 53-year-old German coach of the Liverpool team, who will meet Arsenal again in the League Cup next Thursday at home.


Premier League – “Sloppy”: Jürgen Klopp takes Roy Keane to his chest

Jürgen Klopp’s good mood after Liverpool FC’s 3-1 win on Monday evening against Arsenal was quickly gone. Sky-UK-Expert Roy Keane, Irish football figurehead and long-time captain of Manchester United, had described the performance of the Reds as “sloppy” (sloppy).

The Liverpool coach then took the former world-class player to his chest verbally in front of the cameras: “Did I understand that correctly, Mr. Keane said our performance tonight was sloppy? Did he say that?”

Keane replied: “I think Liverpool allowed a chance or two which should have disappointed him.” But Kloppo was unstoppable and attacked Keane: “Did he say it was sloppy? I want to hear it. I’m not sure I heard it right, and maybe he saw another game. It can’t be about this encounter acted. Sorry, but that is an incredible paraphrase for this game! “

The Klopp-Elf had 66 percent possession, 21: 4 shots on goal and dominated the game almost at will. The German football teacher was correspondingly angry about Keane’s analysis: “That was absolutely extraordinary. Nothing, but nothing at all was sloppy. We were totally dominant against a team that was 100 percent in shape and were always on our guard. so as not to run into a counterattack. “

Klopp: “You can’t say anything bad about our performance”

Goalkeeper Alisson had to parry once, “they had two chances, but apart from that our football was exceptional. You can’t say anything bad about our performance, it was the opposite of sloppy,” said Klopp.

In the end, Keane relented in the face of Klopp’s replica. “Maybe you misunderstood me. There were sloppy moments, but it was extraordinary. I just paid tribute to your club. I don’t know if you heard me right. You have to listen to everything I said.” Then a laughing Klopp: “I will, 100 percent.”

But Keane wanted to keep the last word and said about Klopp: “Very sensitive, isn’t it? Imagine he’d lost …”


DFB admits mistakes in the Mesut Özil case

A photo that caused a lot of excitement: Mesut Özil (left) in May 2018 with Turkish President Erdogan
Image: dpa

The photo of Mesut Özil with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan caused a lot of excitement. The DFB did not look good either. Now the association realizes that it made mistakes.

Dhe German Football Association (DFB) admits errors in the treatment of national player Mesut Özil, who had to take severe criticism from a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

“The DFB made mistakes in dealing with the processes surrounding the Özil case,” emphasized DFB General Secretary Friedrich Curtius on Friday in Berlin. After the disappointment of the World Cup in Russia in 2018, Özil (Arsenal FC) announced his departure from the national team without consulting national coach Joachim Löw. The long-time star player from Real Madrid and former Bundesliga professional from Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen was one of the 2014 Rio World Champions and was a long-time high performer under Löw.

“A photo became a burning glass for many topics. At the moment when there were racist allegations, we missed the time to stand in front of the player, ”said Curtius. The highest-ranking full-time representative of the umbrella association met with 15 young scholarship holders in the premises of the Germany Integration Foundation.

Curtius also spoke to young migrants about issues such as racism or the still lacking diversity in the DFB structures. Curtius was accompanied on his visit by DFB ambassador Jimmy Hartwig. “Integration is such an awfully wooden word. It’s about treating each other with respect, ”said the 66-year-old former international Hartwig, who won three German championships with Hamburger SV in the early 1980s.

The foundation, which was established ten years ago, has meanwhile enabled 1000 young women and men to start their careers better through mentoring programs.