“Corona has taken away from me many first times”


Faye Monata wants to “catch up a lot”

Almost half a million people follow Faye Montana on Instagram – and she still feels lonely. The 17-year-old daughter of actress Anne-Sophie Briest (47) has finished school and has just released a song. An exciting time for the youngsters. When she looks back over the past year and a half, however, she realizes: “Corona has stolen many of the first times from me and my generation.” We talked to her about how she experienced the pandemic and why the social media world is not a healthy haven for her when we were shooting.

“Instagram is ruining young people a bit”

A big graduation party, an 18th birthday party or countless meetings with classmates – Faye Montana has not experienced any of this recently. “Unfortunately we missed a lot,” she looks back, meaning “all the crucial things in a teenage life”.

Due to the corona pandemic, the 17-year-old spent even more time on her smartphone and on social media. Many people of your generation are sure to feel the same way. And although she even earns money with YouTube, Instagram & Co. and reaches several thousand people every day, Faye warns in our interview: “Instagram is a little destroying young people because it has created a world that is not real.” You constantly compare yourself with others and are exposed to enormous pressure, explains Faye.

In the near future, the 17-year-old wants to “catch up a lot” – far away from the cell phone screen.