Update E3 2021: Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, the official Action-RPG spin-off, a temporary demo available on PS5!

Non, Square Enix did not finally have that all newly announced Marvel’s The Guardians of the Galaxy to titillate the players during his presentation for theE3 2021 of this Sunday. He had at least one surprise in store even if it had unfortunately leaked a few weeks ago, namely the aptly named Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (yes, it’s a little longer than expected). It will indeed bea Action-RPG, visibly repeating the formula Souls-like games Nioh from Team Ninja, who is in charge of development, and here is his first trailer.

Behind this game all the same making a lot of think of a mix between Devil May Cry and the license of Square Enix, we find in the scenario Kazushige Nojima and Tetsuya Nomura in the chara design, who also serves as a creative and conceptual producer. At the moment, we don’t know much about the plot other than that the gang of three characters acting as heroes are looking to annihilate Chaos, or rather this good old man Garland, as in Final Fantasy first of the name.

With the memory of their fight buried deep in their hearts …

Jack and his allies, Ash and Jed, burn with determination to defeat Chaos as they open the doors to the Chaos Sanctuary. However, doubts remain: are they really the Warriors of Light foretold by prophecy?

Enter a dark fantasy world and revel in exhilarating and action-packed combat!

And finally, this Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will be cross-platform and release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC in 2022. If you are eager to play it and own the console next-gen from Sony, that’s good, because a PS5 trial version will be available from June 13 until June 24 at 2:59 p.m. ! A survey can then be completed until June 30 at the same time.

“Although this is a FINAL FANTASY game, it is different. However, there is not the slightest doubt, the blood of FINAL FANTASY is flowing well in his veins, ”said Tetsuya Nomura, Creative Producer of STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN. “We set ourselves the challenge of finding a balance for this title, which is both mature and elegant. It’s still going to take a little while before we finish it, and while the combat system is pretty bloody, it’s tied to the storyline, so I hope you take this opportunity to give it a try. “

“I am delighted to be working on a new FINAL FANTASY, and even more so on a title linked to the origins of the franchise,” said Fumihiko Yasuda, Team NINJA leader of KOEI TECMO GAMES. “The feedback players will give us after playing the demo will help our entire team here at Team NINJA to make this game a title that not only meets the expectations of action game fans, but those of fans as well. of FINAL FANTASY from around the world! “

While waiting to discover more, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is available on PS5 at a price of € 53.90 on Amazon.

Update : you can download it here, good chaos everyone!

Update 2 : the publisher is aware of the concerns preventing players from downloading and / or even playing the demo.

Update 3 : the solution to the problem should arrive during the day.

Update 4 : a patch 1.03 is available, finally fixing the problem which literally prevents playing the demo.

And if you don’t have the console to play it, you can still watch the video from gameplay above.

Update 5 : following this incident, the dates were slightly modified. You therefore have until June 26 to take advantage of the demo and until July 2 to complete the survey.

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A second chance for remdesivir


SARS-CoV-2: Another possible mechanism of action discovered

by Dr. Markus Bernards

(14.05.2021) Through structural analyzes, researchers at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, in cooperation with the Swiss Paul Scherrer Institute, have now found that a breakdown product of the virostat remdesivir binds to nsP3. This indicates another, previously unknown mechanism of action of remdesivir, which could be important for the development of new drugs against SARS-CoV-2 and other RNA viruses

When a cell is infected, SARS-CoV-2 not only ensures that the host cell produces new virus particles. The virus also suppresses the host cell’s defense mechanisms. The viral protein nsP3 plays a central role in this.

The antiviral remdesivir was developed to interfere with an important step in the reproduction of RNA viruses, which also includes SARS-CoV-2: the replication of the virus’s own genetic material. It is available as an RNA template with which the host cell directly produces viral proteins. However, in order to accelerate the production of one’s own proteins, RNA viruses ensure that the RNA template is replicated. To do this, they use a specific protein of their own (an RNA polymerase) that is blocked by Remdesivir. Strictly speaking, this is not done by remdesivir itself, but by a substance that is formed from remdesivir in five steps when remdesivir penetrates a cell.

In the second of these five steps, an intermediate product is created from remdesivir, a substance with the somewhat cumbersome name GS-441524 (scientifically: a remdesivir metabolite). GS-441524 is also virostatically active. As the scientists led by Prof. Stefan Knapp from the Institute for Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Goethe University Frankfurt have now found out, GS-441524 is targeting a virus protein from SARS-CoV-2 called nsP3. nsP3 is a multifunctional protein, one of its tasks is to suppress the host cell’s defense reaction. It is actually not defenseless in the event of a virus attack, but rather sets inflammatory mechanisms in motion, for example, in order to call for help from cells of the body’s own immune system. With the help of nsP3, the viruses quasi suppress the cell’s calls for help.

Prof. Stefan Knapp explains: “GS-441524 inhibits the activity of an nsP3 domain, which is important for the replication of viruses and which communicates with the human cellular defense system. Our structural analyzes show how this inhibition works, and we are thus laying an important basis for the development of new and more potent antiviral drugs not only against SARS-CoV-2. Because the target structure of GS-441524 is very similar for many other coronaviruses such as SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV and also for a number of alphaviruses such as the Chikungunya virus. The development of appropriate drugs could therefore also help to be prepared for future virus pandemics. “


Xiaomin Ni, Martin Schröder, Vincent Olieric, May E. Sharpe, Victor Hernandez-Olmos, Ewgenij Proschak, Daniel Merk, Stefan Knapp, Apirat Chaikuad: Structural Insights into Plasticity and Discovery of Remdesivir Metabolite GS-441524 Binding in SARS-CoV‑2 Macrodomain. ACS Med. Chem. Lett. 2021, 12, 603−609 https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acsmedchemlett.0c00684


The great tremor about the playoffs

Glendale / Munich – There is a lot to win, but also a lot to lose: In the division duel of NFC West, the Arizona Cardinals (8-7) receive on Sunday (from 10:15 p.m. live on ProSieben MAXX and on ran.de) ) on the last day of the NFL regular season the Los Angeles Rams (9-6).

Two wild card places in the playoffs are still available in the NFC. Three teams fight for the ticket: the Rams, the Cardinals and the Chicago Bears, who are challenged at the same time against the Green Bay Packers (during the broadcast in fade-ins).

Both Arizona and Los Angeles can do it on their own. (NFL: Results and Tables)

ran.de looks at the duel between the two teams.

Arithmetic Games: The Way to the Playoffs

The calculation is relatively simple. Three teams want to go to the playoffs, and whoever wins moves into the postseason. So the Rams, Cardinals and Bears have it in their own hands.

The task for Chicago against the Packers is a big hurdle. If the Bears lose, both teams from NFC West could even make it into the playoffs. But only if the Cardinals win the direct duel.

Arizona has the worst starting position of the three teams, is eighth with the same record as the Bears and is therefore currently not in the playoffs. One defeat for the Bears wouldn’t be enough for the Cardinals if they didn’t win themselves.

The most important personal details and stories

Rams have to do without their leader

The Los Angeles Rams have to do without their quarterback Jared Goff for the second time this season. He broke his thumb in the game against the Seattle Seahawks last week (9:20 loss).

But: The 26-year-old has been in a performance gap in the last few weeks. The balance of the last three games: only 61.5 percent received passes, three touchdowns, plus three interceptions. The Rams only scored 17.7 points in these three games.

Two weeks ago there was the embarrassing bankruptcy against the New York Jets (20:23) without a win. Against the Seahawks, the Rams gambled away the chance of first place in the NFC West. Time for a change!

John Wolford will become the first quarterback since Kyle Orton (Dallas Cowboys) in 2013, who made his team debut in Week 17, playing for playoffs.

“He’s the man,” says Rams coach Sean McVay and expresses his confidence in Wolford: “With everything he has shown, be it in the preseason or in training, we had a good feeling about it. It’s just one A matter of trust and we are delighted that this week he has the opportunity to take our offensive onto the field. “

Cardinals quarterback also has injury problems

The Cardinals have been fighting for the fitness of Kyler Murray for several weeks, who had a very strong season over long periods and recently suffered minor injuries.

Murray injured his leg in the disappointing 12:20 loss to the San Francisco 49ers last week. During the week he said he felt “good” and could play.

Two weeks ago against the Philadelphia Eagles, the 23-year-old popped a whopping 406 yards out of his arm and threw for three touchdowns. Against the 49ers, not a single pass found its way into the end zone. It remains to be seen how “good” Murray really feels.

Rams put everything on super defense

In terms of approved yards per game, the Rams are the best team in the NFL with 286.5, and the second best in terms of approved points per game with 19.3. The best pass defense in the league, the third best defense against the run: these numbers speak volumes and could be decisive in the fight for the playoffs.

Also because of the failure of Goff, it is now even more important to create more possession. Led by defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who ranks second in the NFL with 13.5 sacks, the Rams stand out this season with their way of defending. Linebacker Leonard Floyd also has 9.5 sacks on his list.

With Safety John Johnson, the Rams also have a real tackle machine (101 tackles) in their own ranks. Also in the first meeting of the two teams, the defense was decisive for the victory of the Rams.

In the 38:28 success in week 13, Cardinals-QB Murray only brought 21 of 39 pass attempts to the man, could throw three touchdowns, but only create 173 yards in total. One of his weaker performances this season.

Cardinals have to get their dazzling offense on the court

Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerald, Kenyan Drake and and and: The Cardinals lineup on offense reads really well. But in the last few weeks the rhythm has been lost a bit. Arizona made over 30 points in seven games this season, but only once in the last six games.

Superstar and wide receiver Hopkins wavered too much in his performances. One time 50 yards, the other time 160 – the latter performance would now be needed against a strong defense of the Rams.

Fantasy Tipp: Los Angeles’ Defense

Always a hot tip this season and even more so when the opposing quarterback, whose great strength is agility, struggles with a leg injury in the days leading up to the game. Murray will have a hard time staging his star-studded receivers without his nimble legs.

Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals: from 10:15 p.m. live on ProSieben MAXX and on ran.de)

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