USA. Unvaccinated couple dies of Covid-19 and leaves five children orphans

UAn unvaccinated couple from California, USA, died of Covid-19-related complications within two weeks and left five children orphaned. One of the children is a newborn that the mother, 37-year-old nurse Davy Macias, gave birth to by Caesarean section while she was already intubated. The woman died on August 26 without having known her daughter. Davy’s […]

Hospital de Évora says the baby who died had immediate assistance

In a statement sent to the Lusa agency, the Espírito Santo de Évora Hospital (HESE) said that “it was evidenced in the inquiry process” that the unit “provided immediate assistance to the user, who had been screened in red”. In this way, HESE stressed that “the target times foreseen in the Manchester System” were met […]

Orangutan was used as a prostitute for years in Asian brothel

UAn orangutan was used for years as a prostitute on the Asian island of Borneo. The animal was shaved daily and put on make-up while it remained attached to a bed on a local farm. The orangutan, which was taken from its parents as a baby, will have been taught to practice sexual acts since […]

Kicks a woman on an escalator in the metro and causes an ostentatious fall

UA man was filmed kicking a woman in the chest on an escalator in the subway in New York, USA. The 32-year-old victim and the suspect were climbing an escalator at the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station at 7:15 pm on Thursday when the man pushed her. The woman didn’t like it and demanded that the […]

Woman kills 5-year-old daughter for belief in witchcraft in Huila province

According to the head of the Information and Analysis Department of the SIC in Huíla, José Miúdo, the crime was committed on Sunday and the woman was arrested today, after a complaint. José Miúdo, quoted by Angolan news agency, Angop, said that the 26-year-old suspect had resorted to the services of a quimbandeira some time […]

Man missing 30 years ago found alive through family DNA

UA man who had been wanted by his family for 30 years in Brazil was found due to a DNA crossing carried out by the Scientific Police of Pernambuco. Cícero Marques da Silva, 58, is the first case of someone found using DNA samples from family members of missing persons. Known on the streets as […]

The oldest World War II veteran celebrated… 112 years

Lawrence Brooks is the oldest war veteran in the world. The man turned 112 this Sunday and shared with the world his secret for a long life. The man was entitled to a tribute, a tradition that has been going on since 2014, and which also serves to thank him for his service in the […]

Unstoppable fire in southern Spain for the fifth consecutive day

Ohe air resources resumed their activity this morning to try to extinguish the forest fire in Sierra Bermeja, province of Malaga (Andalusia), after a night of great activity for the men on the ground. According to authorities, efforts in this complex fire are aimed at containing the eastern flank and its advance towards the city […]

Father accidentally kills two-year-old son during car maneuver

UA father accidentally ran over his two-year-old son this Saturday in Thizy-les-Bourgs, near Lyon, France. The accident took place on the family’s private property, where a house is being built. The father, behind the wheel of his vehicle, did not see the two-year-old child during a maneuver carried out on the spot and ended up […]