End point for Facundo Campazzo’s Nuggets season

It will be hours. Maybe days. But that face that mixed anger, disappointment and sadness will once again offer us the usual smile, the same as always. Facundo Campazzo’s first season in the NBA ended with a defeat that hurts, the kind that generates impotence due to the superiority of the rival. But the balance for the Argentine base must be positive.



The Suns won 125-118 and advanced to the West final with a CP3 in stellar mode: 37 points (14/19 from the field) and 7 assists. Jokic hit Payne and was sent off, while Campazzo closed his season with 14 points and 2 assists.

The Phoenix Suns sweep of the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Semifinals was the end point for Campazzo’s long run in his debut campaign in the best basketball league in the world. That suffering to see how Chris Paul dominated with his ability to drive and score is the last image. But it is not the whole movie.

At the beginning of the season, Facu spent much more time sitting on the bench than on the court and had very little of the ball in his hands. In the last stage, especially since Jamal Murray’s injury, the Argentine had active participation and moments of prominence. Campazzo averaged 6.1 points, 3.6 assists, 2.1 rebounds and 1.2 steals in 21.9 minutes per game in the regular season. His playoff statistics grew notably: 9.3 points, 4.1 assists, 3 rebounds and 1.4 steals per game. In 6 of his 10 postseason games, the Cordovan scored in double digits, with 14 points as a maximum mark on two occasions: the first and the fourth game against Phoenix.



Although he was quickly complicated with fouls, the Cordoba was one of the offensive pillars of the Nuggets. The bad new? Denver fell 125-118 and was left out of the playoffs.



Huge conversion of the Cordoba after leaving behind the marking of the Phoenix guard.

“It was a long season, with many games. Everything was new to me so I tried to learn to the fullest. It was a tough loss for me as well but what I think about now is to work as hard as possible and be ready for the next thing, “Campazzo said after the Suns’ 125-118 victory in the fourth game of a series that they dominated from start to finish. end.

The Argentine base added that the main objective in his debut year in the NBA was “to be aggressive in offense and in defense to cover very dangerous players like Lillard or Paul. That was my challenge, trying to compete against that type of player.”

In this key, Paul was the absolute owner of the game. The Phoenix guard averaged 25.5 points, 10.2 assists and just 1.2 losses per game against the Nuggets. It is the sixth series in his career that Paul has recorded at least 20 points and assists per game. Only one Magic Johnson, at 15, did it more times.

“CP3 played at a very high level. We were always behind him. We tried to change things but he always had an answer to everything we tried. I think I learned a lot from him during these playoffs,” Campazzo analyzed.



Overly aggressive, the Denver intern hit Payne when he tried to steal the ball. This is how the judges saw it after reviewing the play and ended up sanctioning him with a flagrant grade 2 foul.

The last night of 2020-2021 for the Nuggets included the bitterness of closing it without their best player on the court. Nikola Jokic was sent off for a hard blow to Cameron Payne in the third quarter. The Serbian saw from the locker room how his team fought to the end but failed to reverse the story. Thus, the NBA MVP suffered a sweep for the first time since Magic Johnson and his Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Detroit Pistons in the 1989 Finals.

Campazzo was clear at the time of analysis: “We tried to change our mentality. We try to be brave, aggressive and not let them play comfortably. We did a good job in the end but it was difficult. It is unfair to say that the last game is the one that condemned us. Throughout the series we had a hard time stopping his tactical offense. They had an answer for everything. As the series progressed and we tried to give it a twist, it was always difficult. “

The final point has come on this Nuggets road. There will be time for Michael Malone to think about the future of the team. Sport always offers revenge. For Campazzo, the immediate will be at the Olympics. Then will come his second season in the NBA. Long before those challenges arrive, Facu will have smiled again as always.


What can you expect from the Denver Nuggets-Phoenix Suns game?

The difficult series in which the Denver Nuggets managed to overcome the Portland Trail Blazers is now a thing of the past. Facundo Campazzo’s team will begin its duel against the Phoenix Suns for the Western Conference Semifinals on Monday.

Phoenix comes from beating the Los Angeles Lakers in six games. The Suns had not won a playoff series in 11 years. What better way to break that streak than by eliminating the last few champions? To achieve this, those led by Monty Williams relied on a sensational Devin Booker: 29.7 points and 5 assists averaged per game in the first postseason series of his career. To sentence the Lakers, Booker converted 47 points in Game 6, with 8 triples.

One of the dilemmas Michael Malone faces, then, is how to stop the Suns’ star guard. The most reliable options to defend him are Austin Rivers or Aaron Gordon.

Phoenix’s conductor is undoubtedly Chris Paul. The veteran point guard is the one who determines the rhythms of each game and distributes the ball at will. Of course, he is also a threat with his launch, both from three points and from medium distance. The problem for Paul is that he has dragged a right shoulder injury from the opening game of the first round. Grieved by this situation, the Suns point guard averaged 9.2 points per game against the Lakers, with a 38.6% shooting effectiveness and a very low 20% in triples. Campazzo and Monte Morris appear as those in charge of trying to stop Paul.

The recent antecedents between these two groups must be observed with conditions. The Nuggets were practically another team, mainly because they had Jamal Murray, already ruled out for the rest of the season. In addition, Will Barton III and PJ Dozier participated, who could return from their injuries at some point in the series.

The three clashes were in the month of January. On the first day of the year, Phoenix won 106-103 on the road. Between Deandre Ayton, Booker and Paul they added 65 points. Canadian Murray was the top scorer of the game with 31. Campazzo, barely played 3:53 minutes, suffered Paul on defense and did not score. At that meeting, Michael Porter Jr. was not available for Denver. It was just the fifth game of the season for the Nuggets.

The other two games were on consecutive days. On January 22, Denver won 130-126 in overtime on the road. The top two scorers were Booker and Nikola Jokic, both with 31 points. Campazzo, in the shadow of Murray, played 7:07 minutes with 1 assist and 1 steal as a contribution.

On January 23, the Nuggets won again at the Suns stadium, this time 120-112 in a supplementary double. While all five Phoenix starters scored in double figures, Jokic and Murray stood out in Denver with 29 and 26 points respectively. Campazzo played more than in previous games (14:46 minutes) but his numbers were discreet (3 points, 1-3 in triples and 2 assists). Booker did not participate in that game.

Regardless of changes in the campuses and absences, there is a duel in which it is possible to focus on the recent past: Jokic against Ayton. The Serbian, great star of the Nuggets and MVP candidate of the season, averaged 25.7 points, 13.7 rebounds and 8.3 assists per game against the Suns, with 50.8% in shots from the field and 50% in triples. For his part, the Bahamian of the Suns showed a great performance against the Nuggets with averages of 22 points and 12.3 rebounds per game with a 70% effectiveness in his shooting.

The reality of Campazzo is very different from the one that went through in those crashes of the first month of the year. The Argentine is the starting point guard for Malone’s team since Murray was injured. Facu averaged 9.3 points (34.6% on triples), 5.2 assists and 3.3 rebounds in the series against Portland.

The picture is level, with Phoenix holding the field advantage for having ranked second in the regular season, while Denver was third. The Suns will be local in the first two games of this best-of-seven series. The third and fourth will be played at the Ball Arena in Denver. Then, if necessary, they will intersperse the home until one of the two achieves the four victories that deposit them in the Conference Final.

The first function of this story can be enjoyed this Monday at 23: 00ARG / URU 22: 00BOL / CHI / PAR / VEN 21: 00COL / ECU / PER LIVE on ESPN.


Campazzo was very self-critical with a play that fascinated the NBA

He played a very good game and made an important contribution to return to victory but, not because of that, he is no longer self-critical. Is about Facundo Campazzo, who assured that he is trying to enjoy his first playoffs in the NBA after the victory of Denver Nuggets on Portland Trail Blaizers by 128-109 at home, in a series tied in one and the best of seven, although he was also self-critical with a very punctual play.

The ex Peñarol of Mar del Plata He spent 30 minutes on the court, with 12 points, 6 assists, 3 rebounds, 3 steals, a block, two personal fouls and three turnovers. One of those assists was spout and made the fans present and users of social networks explode, but Campazzo made a self-criticism last night in front of the press after the game.

“The play in which I crouch like holding a coin is because with PJ (Dozier), we have been talking about when you give a good assist (in English they also say ‘tell me’, which is the name of the 10 cent coin ), you have to pretend to take a coin from the floor, But when I did, they counterattacked us, so it wasn’t good for me. “he mused.

Campazzo is very clear about what to do on the pitch.

On how he goes through his first play offs, he remarked that “They are the highest level I have ever played at. I’m trying to do well and at the same time enjoy them, which is not easy. I try to help the team when I’m on the court and play as hard as I can.”

“We have to continue to be aggressive. Attack from our defense. Give them the points that we want to give them, not the ones they want, that in that way they gain confidence. This key is long, so we have to go day by day. best way to enjoy the moment and do the best job possible “, analyzed Campazzo on Monday’s game.

The series will continue on Thursday at 11:30 p.m. and Saturday at 5 p.m., always on Argentine schedule and with ESPN broadcast.


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