Steffen Baumgart: “I can totally understand Toni Leistner’s reaction”

Question: Mr Baumgart, after the 1-0 defeat in Kiel, SC Paderborn will now face HSV. Are Hamburg’s top favorites for promotion?

Steffen Baumgart: HSV has a top team with really good individual players like Klaus Gjasula, Toni Leistner and Simon Terodde, who form an axis. You have to find a team like that in the second division first. But the dangerous thing is the environment. If Hamburg wins the first games, it means: HSV is promoted. If the start backfires, it means: a new trainer has to be found. Daniel Thioune is a great trainer.

Question: Toni Leistner is still banned because he attacked a fan in the stands in the DFB Cup in Dresden who had previously insulted him and his wife. The DFB punished him with a suspension of five competitive games, two of which were on probation. How do you see the case?


Paderborn, Germany-managing Director: Also Baumgart-the future is controlled according to the descent

Quote from Viererkette83

Baume is, without question, a totally sympathetic and authentic coach type. And in the promotion season they have played refreshing football brand attack.

But not one of them in football? Flexibility, tactical variability…

The fact is that they have conceded this season, the most goals against. Union Mitaufsteiger has 18 points!! more on the account, and shown, that is, to keep in the class.

The coach could have been there in the course of the season, against control, I route through a different March than just a hurrah to the front? You don’t know it.

The descent is not a broken leg, but now, to turn every stone, and to analyse the season, is a legitimate and understandable. And since the coach is part of it.

Because the title “Elevator team” would like to make the SCP determined in the coming season.

I think the comparison to Union inappropriate.
Clearly, both newcomers to the house of lords, but while Paderborn with inexperienced No-Names has increased, has the Union brought experienced Bundesliga players like Gentner, Subotic (both of which are already German champion), Ujah, Friedrich or Malli, which have then yet again a different level.
The Paderborn is driven with the Elevator to the very top, is in my eyes a miracle. The club and the team are, for me, the Potential is somewhere between the 2. and 3. League to settle.

The transfer of the Whole to confirm balances again:
Paderborn: + 5,30 million.
Union: – 6, 15 million.

The times, it is also in Descent is advisable, to goods of the coaches that are still happy there, has demonstrated your SC Freiburg.