Named 5 symptoms that indicate the development of covid pneumonia

Most people who become infected with COVID-19 have mild to moderate illness, but some infected people can develop complications, such as coronavirus pneumonia. With pneumonia, lung tissue is affected. The lungs consist of alveoli – small saccular formations, which in a healthy person should be filled with air, and in patients with pneumonia, the alveoli […]

Police Carolina Figueroa had saved a baby in May – News

Commotion in Alta Gracia As an operator of 101, along with her partner, she guided the mother of the little one by phone who was one month old and had drowned when she was drinking milk. PHOTO: Sergeant Carolina Figueroa and Agent Gonz├ílez. Two policewomen saved the life of a baby who was drowning in […]

And not Holmes, and not Jobs, but so – Mir – Kommersant

This week, the trial began against Elizabeth Holmes, who at the age of 19 founded her own company, promising to revolutionize medicine. For ten years, she managed to deceive everyone – clients, doctors, government officials and investors with a worldwide reputation, until it became clear that behind the loud statements there was nothing but a […]