The oldest bank in the world is on the brink of collapse

The sale of the Italian bank Monte dei Paschi to Unicredit failed. The oldest bank in the world must continue to tremble for its existence – and with it more than 21,000 employees. Italy’s government is selling the Monte dei Paschi crisis bank to the major bank Unicredit failed. The Ministry of Economics and Finance […]

Debts shrink, tax revenues rise – the state makes money from inflation – economy

The hammer inflation rate of 4.1 percent not only makes everyday life more expensive and savers poorer, it also makes the state richer. “All debtors benefit, including the state,” says Jörg Krämer, Commerzbank’s chief economist, to BILD. ► The fact is: If inflation is higher than interest, the debts, like the corona loans, shrink by […]

Inflation scares the Germans | Germany Today | DW

If you want to know how the devaluation of a currency works, take a look at Venezuela. There, the money is worth practically nothing. Until Thursday of this week, 1 euro was equivalent to 4.8 million bolivars. This can give you an idea of ​​what Venezuelans currently have to pay for a loaf. According to […]

Green party manifesto: new attack on property

ERobert Habeck does not necessarily have a differentiated awareness of the problem when he talks about monetary policy. When asked how the 500 billion euro investment program is to be financed from his party’s election manifesto, the co-party leader of the Greens recently replied in the ZDF “summer interview”: “This will be remedied by using […]

Dax rises to a record high – these stocks profit and lose

The Dax rises and rises: after positive inflation data from the USA, the leading index has climbed to a new all-time high. Some companies particularly benefited from it. The Dax rose on Wednesday after fresh US inflation figures and reached another high exactly four weeks after its last record high. The leading index climbed up […]