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Next NATO Secretary General? ″Speak in the corridors″

The 31st formal summit of the Atlantic Alliance kicks off this Monday in Brussels. It’s the first of the Joe Biden era. The allies will debate ways to design the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), hoping the new US administration will represent a turning point, one that will make forgetting the “reasonably complicated four years” of Donald Trump’s administration. conviction that Portugal’s ambassador to NATO expressed, interviewed in Brussels by TSF.

With just over a year to go as secretary-general, the Danish Jens Stoltenberg has not yet included the topic of his replacement on the summit agenda. But the subject is already part of the conversations at the headquarters of the Atlantic Alliance.

“There is talk. There is talk in the corridors, of course”, the diplomat replies peremptorily, with the caveat that “there are still no names circulating”. At least “credibly,” he pointed out.

Even so, “speculations are created and (…) ideas are advanced”, but the Permanent Representative of the Portuguese Delegation to NATO stresses that “at this moment there are different situations in the various allies”. For example, “elections that are going to take place”.

For Ambassador Pedro Costa Pereira, “all this always leaves a background with some uncertainty”, which is why the more formal discussion is still “not at the level of discussing, in a credible way, the replacement of this secretary general” .


Fewer and fewer travel warnings: Can I now go to my holiday destination carefree? – PICTURE

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The 25th European Forum Wachau recently came to an end

Contributions from national and international guests

St. Pölten (OTS / NLK) The Europa-Forum Wachau dealt with the upswing this year, said Governor Mikl-Leitner and pointed out that “Thinking European and acting regionally is exactly what Europe needs today.” Göttweig Abbey is the venue for the Europa-Forum Wachau the right place with a long history, where people have written and built for a long time. What Göttweig already has behind it, said the governor, Europe still has to do with it: “The fact is that this Benedictine monastery has stood on a solid and secure foundation for almost 1,000 years, is surrounded by strong roots and has been through many turbulences. Today this pen shines in all its glory and bloom. And that was only possible because many committed, hardworking hands have continued to build on it. “

The President of the Europa-Forum Wachau, Provincial Councilor Martin Eichtinger, referred in his speech to a quote from Alexis de Tocqueville, who said: “Local assemblies are the strength of free nations.” Eichtinger said: “That makes it clear how important it is to put regional and local authorities at the heart of the conference on the future of Europe. We in the regions and local authorities are closer to the citizens and can reach those who normally do not participate and express their opinions. ”To do this, the European project must be revitalized by improving the democratic functioning of the Union. “Our house of European democracy consists of a solid foundation, the regional and local authorities. From strong walls, the member states and a protective roof, the European Union, “said the State Council, who underlined:” The Conference of the Future of Europe offers the unique opportunity to expand this house further. But it can only be successful if it goes beyond Brussels and the capitals and if the measures introduced are implemented. “In Lower Austria, the exchange with the population on European future issues is very important, which is why the citizen participation model” Salons Europa-Forum Wachau “was launched in 2018. was launched. From these salon talks and the talks of the last few days, three specific demands of the Europa-Forum Wachau had been worked out. “These three demands are the strengthening of the research location and the security of self-sufficiency in Europe, the promotion of sustainability and the circular economy and, thirdly, the attractiveness of rural areas”, explained Eichtinger. These demands will be brought into the conference on the future of Europe and thus increase and improve the permeability and communication between the citizens and Brussels.

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz noted that Austria is now flourishing again: “We have had a tough year behind us. Now we can open up thanks to the vaccination progress and return to normal in the summer. ”According to Kurz, it is good that the European Forum Wachau can take place again. “We need international cooperation and networking in peacetime, but especially when it comes to overcoming crises.” The pandemic overlapped many issues, but also brought out five points that now need to be addressed. In short: “Firstly, we have to increase resilience to crises and the speed of decision-making in the EU. Second, expand cooperation in Europe, including with countries that are not part of the European Union. The third issue is that we must not forget about the Western Balkans. Fourthly, we must continue to be involved in the fight against climate change, but taking into account competitiveness. And the fifth topic is the self-confident appearance of the European Union in the world. “

EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn also noted that the European Union had a role to play in the world. “Europe is a continent of free people for free people. In the majority of countries in the world they do not have this freedom. ”The challenge of the 21st century is to secure the“ European way of life ”, prosperity and individual freedom. “As a counter-model to dictatorship and turbo-capitalism,” said Hahn.

The Swiss Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis said: “Switzerland and the European Union are closely linked. We maintain an intensive economic, political and social exchange. We share the same living space. If the Covid pandemic has shown us anything, it is how important good relationships are among neighbors. To be friends with one another does not mean to be the same. The countries of the European Union and Switzerland are close, precisely because they cultivate their individuality. It is important to respect this individuality. It’s part of our story. Our identity. “

Lithuania’s Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonyté noted that her country has been a member of the European Union for 17 years and during that time it has been learned that regardless of all differences, the EU is a community committed to shared values. “Everyone brings their perspective and we recognize that we belong to one another. Like a puzzle in which everyone has points of contact and everything makes sense when the pieces of the puzzle are put together. ”You can only reach new horizons if you move forward together.

The youth activists Andreas Moser and Dave Kock reported to the plenum about their “stand for something” campaign. There was further input via video message from Economist Jeffrey David Sachs, Doug Ford, Prime Minister of the Canadian Province of Ontario, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the opposition leader in the Republic of Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

Inquiries & contact:

Office of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria
State Office Directorate / Public Relations
Philipp Hebenstreit


Greece, 32-year-old fashion designer Nasos Katris dies after vaccine • Imola Oggi

The news fell like a bolt from the blue that Nasos Katris, who worked as a stylist, was found dead in his home in Lagonisi. The 32-year-old was found lifeless in his apartment Tuesday morning by a friend of his. His relatives had called him on the phone in the last few hours, but he hadn’t answered. The day before, the young man had been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca preparation.

Nasos Katris’ girlfriend, fashion designer Athena Vaticanou, said the 32-year-old threw up blood last night. “The EKAB ambulance teams who collected his body told us it was very likely that his death was related to some side effect from the vaccine. Nasos received the vaccine on Monday at noon at 4pm and returned home. He was fine. He ate with a friend and then went to sleep. What we found is that he vomited blood “

His phone was found on the other side of the bed. “The doctors told us that after the autopsy they will be able to know more about what caused her sudden death,” the girl told So far there is no news on the causes and circumstances of his death, while the results of the autopsy should shed “light” on the case.



“Selfie” Shams Al-Baroudi and Hassan Youssef arouse the interest of the Egyptians

“Selfie” Shams Al-Baroudi and Hassan Youssef arouse the interest of the Egyptians

After sharing a recent photo of them on social media

Thursday – 29 Shawwal 1442 AH – 10 June 2021 AD Issue No. [

The photo circulated on the communication sites of Youssef and Shams Al-Baroudi

Cairo: «Middle East»

A recent “selfie” image of the retired Egyptian artist Shams Al-Baroudi, and her husband, the artist Hassan Youssef, grabbed the attention of the Egyptians during the past hours, as Egyptian and Arab news sites highlighted the widespread circulation of the image amid the interest of the followers, and the image received varying responses, especially after the disappearance of Shams Al-Baroudi from Attention during the past many years after her retirement from the field of art and her commitment to the home.
Followers praised the Egyptian actress for her beauty and distinctive look, despite reaching the age of 76.
Last year, Shams Al-Baroudi appeared to the audience through a telephone interview, in which she denied reversing her decision to retire or to return to acting again, stressing that she left the field of acting more than 37 years ago.
Shams Al-Baroudi, of Syrian origin, retired from art in the mid-1980s, after the screening of her latest film “2 On the Road”, which she starred in front of Adel Imam, and she wore the veil and the niqab, and she has retired from the spotlight since that time, with the exception of a few times in which she appeared in pictures with her family.
Shams Al-Baroudi, who was considered one of the most beautiful faces of Egyptian cinema during the sixties and seventies of the last century, studied at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts for only two and a half years. And fat cats, two on the road» and other works.
And last February, her son, artist Omar Hassan Youssef, celebrated her wedding anniversary to his father by publishing an old photo from their wedding ceremony, on his personal account on the “Instagram” website.
According to previous statements by the Egyptian artist Hassan Youssef, his relationship with his wife Shams Al-Baroudi began with a verbal altercation during their participation in the championship of one of the films, before they again co-starred in the films “The Story of 3 Girls” and “Love Journey”, whose scenes were filmed in Syria, and the love story between them began. Before they married in February 1972. They have four children, Nariman, Omar, Mahmoud and Abdullah.
Despite Al-Baroudi’s retirement, Hassan Youssef confirmed that he did not retire from art, but said that he had become more “committed” in choosing his roles. Youssef achieved remarkable success by embodying the character of the late Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawy through the series “The Imam of Preachers”, which was shown in 2002.
According to critics, the images of retired artists arouse the interest of the public in Egypt remarkably, especially after their disappearance from view and their distance from the spotlight for long periods, as many are interested in comparing the old images that they keep in their minds, of these stars or stars, and the modern image that highlights the stages of their progress in Age.
In December of last year, Omar Hassan Youssef directed “sharp criticism” to the management of the Cairo International Film Festival for not inviting his father to attend the 42nd session of the festival, which was repeated earlier when Omar criticized the management of the El Gouna Film Festival. On more than one occasion, because of his father’s invitation to attend the festival last year, in a way he deems “inappropriate for his artistic history.”



BIDENS EUROPAREISE: This is how US President Joe Biden wants to renew the Western alliances I WELT News – WELT news channel

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Migration policy: Germany is the biggest loser in the EU asylum dispute

GMutual accusations, quarrels, solo numbers – the EU migration policy is like a pile of broken glass in the early summer of this year. Experts fear that the number of illegal entries into Europe will increase significantly again in the coming months. After the corona pandemic had declined in the transit countries, hundreds of thousands were soon waiting for a crossing to Europe, according to Brussels.

But a meeting in Luxembourg with the aim of making the European asylum system crisis-proof and restricting illegal migration again failed to produce tangible results on Tuesday. This is particularly annoying for Germany. Because it is about much more than the distribution of migrants.


Hamburg and Vienna lose – Honolulu wins

Europa’s cities have noticeably lost their attractiveness due to the corona pandemic. In the annual ranking of the most livable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which was published on Tuesday, Vienna, Hamburg and other European metropolises performed significantly worse than in previous years. On the other hand, cities in New Zealand, Japan and Australia made up positions.

The New Zealand port city of Auckland secured the title of “most liveable city in the world” this year. The EIU explained that the success in containing the Covid-19 pandemic made a significant contribution. Japan’s Osaka followed in second place, while Adelaide in Australia took third place. New Zealand’s capital Wellington came in fourth.

Vienna, the leader in the EIU ranking from 2018 to 2020, fell back to twelfth place. Hamburg even fell by 13 places to 47th place. “Eight of the ten largest relegated cities in the ranking are European cities,” explained the editors.

German and French cities are falling behind in particular

In detail, the EIU cites the “burden on hospital systems” and the associated “deteriorated assessment of health care” as the reason for the poor performance, particularly for German and French cities. The pandemic also had a particularly strong impact on culture and the general quality of life in Europe.

The capital of the US Pacific island of Hawaii recorded the greatest improvement in the ranking: Honolulu got the spread of the corona virus under control particularly quickly and therefore rose 46 places to 14th in the ranking. According to the study, however, the Syrian capital Damascus remains the city where life is the most difficult due to the civil war.


Nature helps us to maintain health • Imola Oggi

by Stefano Montanari – Man (written with a capital U) is the lord of the Universe. And, if he says so …
Without entering into discussion, accepting the claim that that tiny blue ball that is the Earth is the Universe, we must evaluate how much that lordship affects the laws of Nature, that is to say how much Nature adapts to the wishes of Man.

Wanting to be objective, the answer to that assessment is that Nature, however polite it may be, doesn’t give a damn about Man. In short, she does what she likes, and what she likes is established, perhaps undemocratically, in the universal order, that is, in a perfectly harmonious set of laws concerning the behavior of everything that exists, from galaxies as a whole down to to subatomic particles. And those laws, whether simple, complicated or unknown to us, do not admit exceptions.

A section of those laws necessarily includes the physiology of all living beings, Man evidently among them, and, in certain circumstances, physiology may not be pleasing to the living being who, then, calls that occasional condition ” disease”.

Nature and its harmony

All living beings, from the simplest cells up to Homo sapiens, have a sort of vision of themselves that is indispensable to maintain the state we call health or, having lost it, to tend to regain it. Homeostasis is the name given to the situation.
Remaining confined to Man (but the discourse, appropriately adapted, is valid for any living being), we are part of Nature and its harmony, and it is through Nature that we can tune our instrument again as if we were musicians part of a ‘orchestra.

nature supplements

Thus, with the experience of thousands of centuries, just as cats do when, as carnivores that they are, they go to look for grass and eat it, we have learned to take advantage of what Nature offers us for bring us back to a health situation or, better still, not to lose it. We learned it and then, unwisely, we forgot about it. Indeed, we have done worse: between ingenuity and presumption, we have believed we can do better and we have invented a myriad of drugs synthesized in laboratories starting a few centuries ago.

We abandoned some of those because the troubles it caused were too obvious. We have added many, not a few of them at least equally deleterious, and the list of reprobates, many still on the loose, would take away many dozen dense pages.

If we had the patience and, perhaps, the modesty to compare what we are capable of doing in the laboratory with what Nature does, we would be faced with more than one surprise and some embarrassment. Even only from a technological point of view, the comparison does not even arise.

Let’s take, just by way of one of the many possible examples, the chemistry that any green plant applies in what is called chlorophyll photosynthesis. Well: what happens in the modest silence of the leaflet is something that no laboratory in the world would be able to reproduce.

Again by way of example, let us take that category of highly heterogeneous substances that we call vitamins. Once the molecule has been identified, we are easily able to reproduce it chemically and, therefore, why bother to collect what Nature contains it when we can manufacture it at will? Well, one answer is that there is nothing natural that contains a vitamin by itself. In fact, any vitamin exists always and only accompanied by a large variety of other products, often in trace amounts, which multiply the effectiveness of that molecule. Thus, a natural vitamin taken with all its “impurities” outclasses the “pure” molecule itself.

Another example is that offered by colostrum (click and choose Robur) that is the first milk with which every mammal nourishes its puppies, including us, just after birth. It is a composition that, had it been invented by someone, would have earned him a more than deserved Nobel Prize.

If the reader’s patience were not abused, it would be easy to fill entire volumes simply by describing possible examples.
This is how, taking a bath of objectivity, if we want to take care of our health, we would do well to turn to Nature in the first instance, and there would be very few cases in which this did not respond to us and did it with great advantage over our naive presumption.