The Pope confirms visit to Hungary and Slovakia: “Pray for this trip”

At the end of this Sunday’s Angelus (07/04), Francisco announced the double stage from September 12th to 15th, 2021: “Let us pray for those who are organizing” this trip. The Pope had already anticipated this to journalists accompanying him on the plane on his return flight to Rome after his visit to Iraq. Francisco will be on the 12th in Budapest for the closing Mass of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress and then until the 15th in Bratislava, Présov, Koesice and Šaštin

Salvatore Cernuzio / Raimundo de Lima – Vatican News

Listen to the report with the voice of Pope Francis

“I am happy to announce that from September 12th to 15th, God willing, I will go to Slovakia for a pastoral visit. The Slovaks are happy there…”said the Pope, waving to the Slovaks present in St. Peter’s Square.

It was the Pope himself who confirmed, at the end of the Angelus this Sunday in St. Peter’s Square, the trip from September 12th to 15th near Slovakia, explaining that in the morning of the 12th he will concelebrate in Budapest, Hungary, the Mass of closing of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress:

“I sincerely thank those who are preparing this trip and I pray for them”. Let us all pray for this trip and for the people who are working to organize it.”

The announcement on the Baghdad-Rome flight

This is the second apostolic trip of 2021, after the important trip to Iraq. And precisely on the return flight from Baghdad, in the usual interview given to journalists, Francisco, in response to a question about future travels, announced his presence in Budapest to preside at the closing of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress. He added – referring to the fact that many of his trips are the result of long reflections, but also of sudden intuitions – that he would also make a stop in Bratislava, given the proximity between the two countries.

“Now I will have to go to Hungary for the final Mass of the International Eucharistic Congress, not for a visit to the country, but only for Mass. But Budapest is a two-hour drive from Bratislava, why not pay a visit to Slovakia? Yeah? as soon as things come…”

The Pope in Bratislava and three other Slovak cities

In particular, the stage in Slovakia will include not only a visit to Bratislava, but also to three other cities, as confirmed in a statement by the director of the Holy See Press Room, Matteo Bruni:

“As the Holy Father announced at this morning’s Angelus, at the invitation of the Civil Authorities and the Episcopal Conferences, on Sunday, September 12, 2021, Pope Francis will be in Budapest on the occasion of Holy Mass to close the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress; from 12 to 15 September 2021, he will travel to Slovakia, visiting the cities of Bratislava, Présov, Koesice and Šaštin. The program of the trip will be published later.”


Usa, Biden goes to mass after the bishops’ challenge on abortion – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, JUN 19 – Joe Biden went to church regularly also on Sunday in his city of Wilmington (Delaware) after the challenge launched by the American Catholic bishops, who aim to ban the Eucharist to politicians in favor of the right of abortion, like him.

President and First Lady Jill attended mass in St. Joseph on the Brandywine Church and then paid homage to the graves of Biden’s first wife and his two children. Friday Biden seemed to exclude the possibility of being forbidden from communion, calling it “a private matter”. It is up to the individual bishops to decide who can receive the Eucharist or not. In 2019, a bishop of a Catholic church in South Carolina denied her to Biden for her position on the termination of pregnancy. (HANDLE).