Special Diet Can Reverse Type II Diabetes // Watch

A well-designed diet for patients with type 2 diabetes can replace medication. At the same time, the pharmacist dispensing the drugs to the patient can monitor the dose reduction and complete withdrawal of the drug. Researchers in the UK and Canada have found that type 2 diabetes can be successfully controlled through diet. In addition, […]

what the rock samples told about // Look

The Perseverance rover has successfully collected the first samples of Martian soil that may contain traces of the Red Planet’s groundwater. The Marisian rover Perseverance has successfully collected the first two rock samples on the Red Planet. Their initial analysis gave scientists new hope that life on Mars might once have existed. The first sample […]

how blacks rewrite history in the USA // Watch

The Lee Confederate Monument in Virginia was piled and sawn. Now we have taken up toponyms. They promise to clean up everything where the word “black” is. First, they will be sent to a special storage. And then they will dispose of it, or, more simply, they will saw it for scrap. American media – […]

The reasons for the correction

Representation of cryptocurrencies The largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, Bitcoin and Etherum, are making significant losses. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt, Düsseldorf The unsuccessful start as the national currency in El Salvador has sent the Bitcoin course on a downward slide – and swept the entire crypto market with it. Late on Wednesday afternoon, according to data […]

“Microbe” assessed the threat of the nipah virus for Russia // Look

There is practically no risk of spreading the disease caused by the nipah virus in Russia, virologists said. The new nipah virus, the symptoms of which were detected in several residents of India, was not registered in Russia, the risk of its importation into the territory of the Russian Federation is minimal, according to the […]

The Pentagon has published a photo of the last US military to leave Afghanistan

The US Department of Defense on its Twitter page showed the last US serviceman who left the capital of Afghanistan. This is the commander of the 18th Airborne Corps, Lieutenant General Chris Donahue. On the night of August 31, the Pentagon announced the end of the 20-year US mission in Afghanistan and the completion of […]

“I felt the breath of death” // Look

The 1990s for the actor Eduard Flerov became a terrible time of serious tests and a real test of strength. He had just moved from Krasnoyarsk to St. Petersburg and immediately got into a dubious society, where drugs were a common thing. And he “got hooked” on a needle, from which he could “get off” […]

Market cap of the crypto market rises to over $ 2 trillion

Digital currencies are also increasingly an issue for organized crime. The mafia in Italy repeatedly uses cryptocurrencies for its illegal business. “All criminal organizations, including those of the Mafia type, have an interest in using these instruments for their business,” said a head of the Italian anti-mafia police Dia in an interview with the German […]

Ukrainian servicemen were “forgotten” at the American base in Kabul // Watch

“Today the Taliban are normal, but tomorrow they might think that these guys are the ones who fought against them on the side of the Americans. They will be the first to be taken prisoner,” said the sister of one of the contract soldiers. Twelve Ukrainian servicemen were blocked at a former American military base […]