Börse Express – OTS: KfW / Promotion for barrier reduction in living for 2021 starts today

Funding for barrier reduction in living for 2021 starts today

Frankfurt (ots) –

– KfW funding at EUR 130 million

– Up to EUR 6,250 grants for barrier reduction

The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs (BMI) has the funding

for measures to reduce barriers to EUR 130 million in 2021

set. In 2020, EUR 100 million was available for this purpose

As part of the economic stimulus package, funding was increased by a further EUR 50 million. The

You can apply for grants from KfW with immediate effect.

Dr. Ingrid Hengster, board member of KfW Bankengruppe: “The KfW grants

for barrier reduction have been very popular for years. That is good

because more and more people in Germany are investing in living comfort and themselves

thereby ensuring a longer stay in the familiar environment. “

The BMI and KfW are promoting structural measures in residential buildings with which

Barriers in the housing stock are reduced and increased. Since 2009 have been running out

500,000 residential units with a commitment volume of EUR 4.1 billion with the help of

Rebuilt promotion. In 2020 alone there were 93,000 residential units with one

Funding volume of almost EUR 300 million. To the typical modernization measures

include installing a floor-level shower and removing door sills

or the installation of elevators.

For individual measures, KfW awards grants of 10 percent of the

eligible costs (max. EUR 5,000). Who made his home the standard

“Age-appropriate house” rebuilt receives 12.5 percent of the eligible costs

(max. EUR 6,250) reimbursed by KfW.

Private builders and tenants can submit their funding application before the start of the project

online in the KfW grant portal and receive your

Funding commitment.

Information on funding opportunities is available on the website

http://www.kfw.de/455-b or via the KfW Infocenter at the free

Telephone number 0800/539 9002 available.

Press contact:

KfW, Palmengartenstr. 5 – 9, 60325 Frankfurt

Communication (COM), Alia Begisheva

Tel. +49 (0)69 7431 4126,

E-Mail: mailto: alia.begisheva@kfw.de, Internet: http://www.kfw.de

Further material: http://presseportal.de/pm/41193/4804636


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Börse Express – OLG rejects lawsuit against the general meeting of Deutsche Bank

The Frankfurt Higher Regional Court has dismissed claims against the Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Bank for the 2018 financial year in the second instance. The judges overturned the decision of the lower court to the contrary in the judgment, which was not yet final, as the judiciary announced on Tuesday.

The resolutions of the shareholders from May 2019 to discharge the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Paul Achleitner, the CEO Christian Sewing and three other board members are valid again. However, the plaintiffs can still file a non-admission complaint with the Federal Court of Justice.

The court justified the decision by stating that the bank did not violate its obligation to provide information when answering shareholder questions. In many of the challenged cases, the plaintiffs had not shown that the answers given were incorrect. Some questions, some of which were not properly answered, were not sufficient to call the discharge of those responsible into question./ceb/DP/jha

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Börse Express – New York Stocks: A little higher in the Christmas break

The US stock market closed a little higher on Thursday. The Dow Jones Industrial
increased by 0.23 percent to 30,199.87 points. On the other hand, there is a small minus on the weekly basis.

The market-wide S&P 500 gained 0.35 percent on 3703.06 points. For the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100
it went up 0.46 percent to 12,711.01 points.

Overall, there was little movement with thin volumes on this trading day, which was shortened by three hours. Most European trading venues had their last trading day before Christmas the day before.

There was no market-moving news from either the corporate or the economic world. The agreement between Great Britain and the European Union on a Brexit trade pact did not move.

The biggest winning sectors in the S&P 500 were real estate and information technology. At the bottom of the table were energy stocks that were the only ones to show losses. The Dow said Visa
at the top with a premium of more than one and a half percent. The papers of the aircraft manufacturer Boeing lost more than one percent percent at the end of the index.

The Euro traded at $ 1.2183 after the market closed. The European Central Bank (ECB) set the reference rate at 1.2193 (Wednesday: 1.2166) dollars and the dollar cost 0.8201 (0.8220) euros.

The futures contract for ten-year US government bonds (T-Note-Future) rose by 0.08 percent to 137.91 points. The yield on the ten-year bond was 0.926 percent./he

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Börse Express – DGAP-News: Greiffenberger AG: Virtual Ordinary General Meeting 2020; Change in the supervisory board (German)

Greiffenberger AG: Virtuelle ordentliche Hauptversammlung 2020; Veränderung im Aufsichtsrat

DGAP-News: Greiffenberger AG / Schlagwort(e): Hauptversammlung/Personalie
Greiffenberger AG: Virtuelle ordentliche Hauptversammlung 2020; Veränderung
im Aufsichtsrat

24.12.2020 / 16:14
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Greiffenberger AG: Virtuelle ordentliche Hauptversammlung 2020; Veränderung
im Aufsichtsrat

- Hauptversammlung beschließt u.a. neues genehmigtes Kapital II

- Vorstand informiert über Erwartungen für das Gesamtjahr 2020

- Rudi Ludwig aus dem Aufsichtsrat ausgeschieden; Peter Baumgartner als
Nachfolger bestellt

Augsburg, 24. Dezember 2020 - Am 18. Dezember 2020 fand die ordentliche
Hauptversammlung der Greiffenberger AG (die "Gesellschaft") statt, die aus
Gründen des Gesundheitsschutzes für alle Beteiligten angesichts der Covid-19
Pandemie rein virtuell abgehalten werden musste. Die Aktionäre nutzten rege
die Möglichkeit der Fragestellung im Vorfeld und konnten die
Hauptversammlung über den Internetservice der Gesellschaft vollständig in
Bild und Ton verfolgen. Auf der Hauptversammlung waren 57,18 % des
eingetragenen Grundkapitals der Greiffenberger AG vertreten; für weitere
2,34 % des Grundkapitals waren der Gesellschaft Briefwahlstimmen zugegangen.

Beschlussfassungen der Hauptversammlung

Die Hauptversammlung stimmte der Schaffung eines neuen genehmigten Kapitals
II in Höhe von bis zu EUR 2.804.009,52 zu und bewilligt damit dem Vorstand
der Gesellschaft Handlungsspielraum insbesondere hinsichtlich der
Finanzierung des mittelfristig erforderlichen Umzugs der J.N. Eberle & Cie.
GmbH. Darüber hinaus beschloss die Hauptversammlung eine Satzungsänderung in
Bezug auf das System der Vergütung der Aufsichtsratsmitglieder und eine
Anpassung der Satzung im Hinblick auf neue gesetzliche Vorgaben zum Nachweis
des Anteilsbesitzes im Rahmen der Teilnahme an der Hauptversammlung. Der
Beschlussvorschlag zur Entlastung der Mitglieder des Vorstands für das
Geschäftsjahr 2019 fand nicht die erforderliche Mehrheit. Dagegen erfolgte
die Entlastung der im Geschäftsjahr 2019 amtierenden Mitglieder des
Aufsichtsrats sowie die Wahl der S&P GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft,
Augsburg, als neuer Abschlussprüfer und Konzernabschlussprüfer durch die

Erwartungen für das Gesamtjahr 2020 und Stand der Maßnahmen zur
Sicherstellung einer längerfristigen Anschlussfinanzierung

Neben dem Rechenschaftsbericht zum abgelaufenen Geschäftsjahr 2019
berichtete der Sprecher des Vorstands Martin Döring der Hauptversammlung
auch detailliert über den bisherigen Geschäftsverlauf und die aktuellen
Erwartungen für das Gesamtjahr 2020. Wie verschiedentlich berichtet könnte
es im Greiffenberger-Konzern im Geschäftsjahr 2020 als Folge der
Corona-Pandemie zu einem Umsatzrückgang von bis zu gut 20 % gegenüber 2019
kommen. Nach derzeitigem Stand wird der Umsatzrückgang im laufenden
Geschäftsjahr etwas geringer ausfallen als die vorgenannte Unterkante des
Prognosekorridors. Durch den zum 15. September 2020 erfolgten Verkauf der
Betriebsimmobilie der J.N. Eberle & Cie. GmbH wird es im Geschäftsjahr 2020
auf Konzernebene zu einem positiven einmaligen Sondereffekt vor Steuern in
Höhe eines unteren zweistelligen Millionenbetrages kommen. Auf Ebene der
Greiffenberger AG werden sich die positiven Einmaleffekte aus dem
Immobilienverkauf dementgegen voraussichtlich in deutlich geringerem Umfang
niederschlagen, da die Dotierung einer Gewinnrücklage in nennenswerter Höhe
auf Ebene der J.N. Eberle & Cie. GmbH als Vorkehrung für den mittelfristig
erforderlichen Umzug beabsichtigt ist.

Des Weiteren berichtete Martin Döring der Hauptversammlung über den
aktuellen Stand der Maßnahmen zur Sicherstellung einer längerfristigen
Anschlussfinanzierung in Höhe eines mittleren einstelligen
Millionenbetrages, die den als Folge der Covid-19 Pandemie im
Greiffenberger-Konzern entstehenden zusätzlichen Finanzierungsbedarf decken
soll. So rechnet die Gesellschaft damit, Entwürfe der entsprechenden
Kreditverträge von den Banken um den anstehenden Jahreswechsel herum zu
erhalten; es wird erwartet, diese Kreditverträge zeitnah unterzeichnen zu
können. Als Auszahlungsvoraussetzungen für die Anschlussfinanzierung sind
nach den Vorgaben der LfA Förderbank Bayern bestimmte, derzeit noch nicht
vorliegende Beiträge durch die Greiffenberger Holding GmbH, die
Hauptaktionärin der Greiffenberger AG, zu erbringen. Unverändert rechnet der
Vorstand damit, dass die Auszahlungsvoraussetzungen gemäß den
Kreditverträgen und dem Liquiditätsbedarf des Greiffenberger-Konzerns
rechtzeitig geschaffen werden können.

Veränderung im Aufsichtsrat

Mit Wirkung zum Ende der ordentlichen Hauptversammlung am 18. Dezember 2020
hatte Herr Rudi Ludwig sein Amt als Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats der
Gesellschaft aus persönlichen Gründen niedergelegt. Mit Herrn Peter
Baumgartner konnte der Hauptversammlung der designierte Nachfolger im
Aufsichtsrat durch den Vorsitzenden des Aufsichtsrats Marco v. Maltzan
vorgestellt werden. Peter Baumgartner ist aufgrund seiner Berufserfahrung
und seiner Branchenkenntnis besonders geeignet, ein Aufsichtsratsmandat bei
der Gesellschaft zu übernehmen. Er ist zugleich unabhängig im Sinne des
Aktiengesetzes und des Deutschen Corporate Governance Kodex. Eine Bestellung
durch die Hauptversammlung war wegen einzuhaltender aktienrechtlicher
Fristvorgaben nicht mehr rechtzeitig möglich. Dem Antrag der Gesellschaft
entsprechend wurde Herr Peter Baumgartner nunmehr gemäß § 104 Abs. 1 AktG
durch das Amtsgericht Augsburg zum Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats für den
Zeitraum bis zum Ablauf der Hauptversammlung 2021 bestellt.

Marco v. Maltzan: "Im Namen von Aufsichtsrat und Vorstand der Gesellschaft
bedanke ich mich ganz herzlich bei Herrn Ludwig, der seit 2017 die Arbeit im
Aufsichtsrat mit seiner umfassenden Industrieerfahrung bereichert hat und
auch dem Vorstand jederzeit ein wertvoller Berater und Diskussionspartner
war. Ich freue mich in diesem Zusammenhang, dass wir mit Herrn Baumgartner
erneut eine sehr kompetente und erfahrene Persönlichkeit für unser Gremium
gewinnen konnten."

Greiffenberger AG
Martin Döring
Eberlestraße 28
86157 Augsburg
Tel.: 0821/5212-261
Fax: 0821/5212-275
e-mail: martin.doering@greiffenberger.de


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Börse Express – OTS: Börsen-Zeitung / The crisis of small companies, market commentary by Kai …

The crisis of small companies, market commentary by Kai Johannsen

Frankfurt (ots) – The hard lockdown 2.0 has been in Germany since Wednesday

Reality. Retail stores are just like the hotel and business

Restaurant area and various other areas closed – public and

Private. Germany is thus in good company, also in others

Countries is lockdown – in whatever restrictive form – again and again

Reality. Mostly it goes over the festive season into January. And

It is already being discussed whether it will be sufficient or even longer closings

pending, exit and travel regulations still need to be tightened or

even more areas are to be closed. But that’s all for now

still associated with a lot of question marks and ambiguities. Only when the

Infection evolution becomes clear and the corresponding numbers on the table

lie, the catalogs of measures will take on more distinct features – whether in

Direction of tightening or loosening.

But one thing is already completely clear: this lockdown will take place in Germany

and in other countries have a significant economic impact, and that

will leave deep marks – in aid packages and in the markets. It is

not to assume that now a number of large European corporations are the

Go tackle and thus disappear from the price table of the stock exchanges. Too big to

As is well known, fail still applies. The states stand by with help

leap. Rather, the crisis leaves its mark on others, and they are

die SME (Small und Medium Enterprises).

Of course, there are also many retail chains that are located all over the country

to distribute. Retail also means lots of small sole proprietorships

have no or only a few employees. Such companies or self-employed

also don’t have the huge reserves. Often times they were already in the first

Lockdown attacked or even used up. Whoever still has upholstery has now

often much thinner. In addition, there are always reports about still

Unpaid aid, many fail because of the hurdles set for aid.

One should also think of the many family-run companies that work for a few

Acting as a supplier. The German economy doesn’t just exist

from the Dax, but especially from medium-sized companies, and that includes many

small and medium-sized companies.

The fact that bankruptcies have not yet skyrocketed is also due to the fact that

the bankruptcy notifications have to be made later. There are low ones

Bankruptcy numbers the logical consequence. But the longer this lockdown will last

the more SMEs will get into trouble. And these companies will too

not all can be kept alive with state aid. This is downright

utopian. Experts are already preparing for the coming

Year will come to credit events in the SME. That will

Payment delays up to the default. The default rates will rise.

The only question is: how far?

And later other, larger addresses will also be impaired

Experienced. Suppliers – think of medium-sized family-run companies

Companies – will break away. This can mess up supply chains. To

but also think about the fact that many people lose their jobs.

That is not exactly conducive to the affluent demand that is on the

Markets (retail etc.) meets. And there is another aspect: ever

The longer the lockdown or economic crisis lasts, the longer it lasts

there is also uncertainty among consumers and businesses. Purchase decisions

the consumer are deferred. Companies operate under utilization,

Investments are not made.

In this mixed situation, further economic aid from the state is likely

inevitable. The European Central Bank (ECB) and also other central banks

will continue to be required. The purchase programs are likely to be expanded.

This keeps the yields of the bonds in question low or they will still be

pressed deeper. The cheap money has already had it in recent years

given. The yields kept falling. The share prices rose.

However, the stock markets lived without a wave of bankruptcies. This rolls

but now towards her. The further price performance of the shares will also

This is largely determined by how severe the bankruptcy wave will be and

how sharp the burdens on the SME also the big banks and

Will affect industrial companies.

Press contact:

Stock exchanges newspaper

editorial staff

Phone: 069–2732-0


Further material: http://presseportal.de/pm/30377/4795422

OTS: Börsen-Zeitung

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Börse Express – Foreign exchange: Euro and pound are increasing slightly

The Euro and the British pound gained on Wednesday in hopes of a Brexit trade deal. One euro cost 1.2130 US dollars in the morning, a little more than the night before. The European Central Bank (ECB) set the reference rate on Tuesday afternoon at $ 1.2114.

The British pound also gained some momentum in the morning. Traders explained this with some positive news about the negotiations between Great Britain and the European Union. It’s about a trade deal after Brexit at the end of the year. At a meeting scheduled for the evening, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson want to try to clarify the remaining disputed points.

With the corona pandemic, the Brexit negotiations are a key issue in the financial markets. Then there is monetary policy. Both the US Federal Reserve and the ECB will meet again this year. The ECB is likely to further ease its already very loose, generous monetary policy this Thursday. The Federal Reserve will decide on its course less than a week later./bgf/jkR/stk

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Börse Express – Presse: Allianz buys insurance business from Australian Westpac

The alliance wants the general insurance business of the Australian bank Westpac according to a press report take. The division is valued at 500 million Australian dollars (around 300 million euros), reported the Australian business newspaper “Financial Review” (AFR), citing insiders on Tuesday. The contract could be signed this Tuesday.

Westpac’s general insurance business includes household and motor vehicle insurance and is said to have generated premium income of nearly 600 million Australian dollars in the past 12 months. A good six weeks ago it became known that the two financial groups should lead.

According to the data service provider IBISWorld, Allianz is number three in the Australian market for general insurance. According to “AFR”, the Australia Group and Suncorp./stk/zb are in first and second place

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Börse Express – Addiko Bank: AGM decided on a conditional dividend of 2.05 euros for 2019 / subject to two conditions

At today’s virtual general meeting, the shareholders of Addiko-Bank resolved a conditional dividend of EUR 2.05 per share for the 2019 financial year, as the bank announced on Friday. The payment of the dividend is dependent on two conditions.

On the one hand, the fact that before or at the latest by the publication of the 2020 annual financial statements on March 10, 2021, neither a recommendation by the ECB nor a legally prescribed prohibition on dividend distribution will prevent a payment, and that the Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio (CET1) of Addiko Bank AG (and Addiko Group) is not below 18.6 percent after such a distribution. The payment day for the dividend is the 20th working day after both conditions have been met.

Since the disclosure in the first half of 2020, Addiko Bank AG (and the Addiko Group) have consistently aligned themselves with a capital ratio of more than 19 percent (CET1) for the end of 2020, whereby the proposed dividend for 2019 has already been deducted.

At today’s general meeting, Herbert Juranek and Frank Schwab were newly elected to the supervisory board after supervisory board chairman Hans Lotter and his deputy Henning Giesecke, as already announced, resigned at the end of the general meeting and left the supervisory board. The supervisory board consists of six shareholders, two women and four men.

Addiko Bank AG was also authorized to purchase treasury shares up to 10 percent of the share capital for a period of 30 months from the date of the resolution by the general meeting for the purpose of offering shares to employees, executives and members of the management board and supervisory board.


 WEB   https://www.addiko.com/

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Börse Express – Austrian government bonds increased in late trading / yields decreased

The prices of Austrian government bonds rose in late trading on Thursday. In return, the yields fell. That of the trend-setting ten-year Austrian benchmark bond fell by 2 basis points to -0.44 percent. The yield spread over the comparable German bond was 14 basis points. The Euro-Bund-Future rose by 0.10 percent to 175.50 points.

The second lockdown will bring Austria into a slight recession over the winter, specifically in the last quarter of this year and in early 2021. This is what the economic experts at Bank Austria assume. In addition, economists expect that the lockdown in most European countries will last until the beginning of spring – i.e. until the end of the first quarter of 2021 – only partially interrupted by certain easing around Christmas or with an open retail trade.

On the data side, the consumer climate index determined by the research institute GfK for December fell to minus 6.7 points, after revised to minus 3.2 points in November (previously minus 3.1). In addition, the M3 money supply rose again in the euro area.

Yields of selected Austrian benchmark bonds:

Laufzeit Aktuell Vortag Veränderung Spread (in Basispunkten)
2 Jahre  -0,74   -0,72  -0,02       2                       
5 Jahre  -0,70   -0,68  -0,02       6                       
10 Jahre -0,44   -0,42  -0,02       14                      
30 Jahre 0,07    0,10   -0,03       24                      


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Börse Express – Foreign Exchange Vienna (ECB benchmarks): Euro reference rate at 1.1832 dollars

The European Central Bank (ECB) determined the benchmark rate for the euro on Thursday at 1.1832 (most recently: 1.1868) dollars. The ECB fixed the euro / pound benchmark rate at 0.89378 (0.89373) British pounds, the euro / franc benchmark at 1.0797 (1.0812) Swiss francs and the euro / yen at 123.08 (123, 28) Japanese yen.

For the Czech crown, the ECB determined a guideline value of 26.358 (26.401) crowns for one euro and for the Hungarian forint of 360.9 (360.25) forint per euro.

The gold price in London was last at $ 1,861.43 after $ 1,873.49 at the closing price on Wednesday.

you are

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