Can caregivers who refuse vaccination get unemployment if they are made redundant?

If the caregivers refuse the vaccination, they can be dismissed “after a few months”, warned the Minister of Health Olivier Véran. In this case, the question of their right to unemployment benefits arises.

Caregivers were among the first populations to be able to access vaccination, but some professions are still reluctant to receive their two injections. According to figures communicated by the Ministry of Health, only 55% of healthcare professionals in nursing homes and long-term care units have received at least one dose. Faced with this sluggishness, the government has decided to tighten the screws: Monday evening, Emmanuel Macron thus indicated that vaccination would be necessary for all caregivers. The government brandishes the threat of dismissal in case of refusal. For recalcitrant caregivers therefore quickly arises the question of the conditions and consequences of these dismissals: will they be entitled to compensation?

Concretely, caregivers have until September 15 to decide and decide whether or not they want to be vaccinated, according to the details of the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran: “from September 15, if you are a caregiver and you are not vaccinated, you will no longer be able to work and you will no longer be paid“, He thus indicated the same evening on the set of LCI. Vaccination will be controlled by employers, regional health agencies, school management or even health insurance.

Dismissal for misconduct

Controls, and sanctions. If it turns out that a caregiver has not been vaccinated and refuses to receive the injections, he may be suspended from the employment contract – and therefore, his salary – for a period ranging from “un at six months”, According to details communicated by the Minister of Labor, Élisabeth Borne. If the employee persists in his refusal to be vaccinated, he then risks a “layoff“Of a few days, even a”dismissal».

However, the government did not specify for which “fault»The dismissal would be pronounced before the law. There are different types of faults recognized in law: simple fault (repeated absences, for example), serious fault (a violation of the obligations of the employment contract) and gross fault (a fault intentionally aimed at harming the employer) . However, only these last two categories can be preceded by a layoff as soon as the employer becomes aware of the fault, it is therefore necessary to consider that it is one of them which will be invoked in the event of refusal of the vaccination. .

In both cases, the dismissal gives the employee the right to unemployment benefit, explains Isabelle Mathieu, lawyer specializing in labor law at Daem Partners. “Dismissal for serious misconduct, as well as for gross negligence or even abandonment of post (a dismissal that follows a long period during which has not reported for work) are currently followed by compensation.», Explains the lawyer. Indeed, in accordance with article 5421-1 of the Labor Code, employees involuntarily deprived of employment – this is the case of caregivers – or whose contract has been conventionally terminated are entitled to this allowance.

In the event of dismissal for serious misconduct or gross negligence, the employee will not however be able to receive the severance pay and the compensation for notice. A dismissal is therefore not without financial risks, all the more so if we take into account the potential period of layoff, which deprives the employee of his salary, and which does not entitle him to unemployment.

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Honduran sentenced to 132 years in prison for murder of businessman in Mexico

TOLUCA, MEXICO.- A Honduran by name Eber Noel Acosta Colindres He was sentenced to 132 years in prison, accused of kidnapping and murdering a Mexican businessman of Lebanese descent, according to the authorities of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM).

Kidnapping against the businessman Jose Antonio Ramos Kuri (25) occurred on September 20, 2017 and three days later the captors reportedly contacted the relatives to ask for a large sum in exchange for their freedom, but four days later, on September 24, his body was found in a town in Toluca.

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It was learned that Acosta Colindres committed the crimes in complicity with four other persons identified as Silvia Susana Pérez Sánchez, Allan Morales González, Octavio Rosas Gómez and Pedro Bonilla Castro, who were also sentenced.


According to the Mexican authorities, the Honduran led a criminal organization dedicated to sowing terror in the municipalities of Metepec, Toluca and Lerma, in Mexico, where according to the file, “he captured his victims in gambling centers in shopping malls located in the Toluca ValleyLater they followed them and took advantage of some distraction to deprive them of their freedom. ”

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It was known that after committing various crimes, the catracho had fled to the United States, but was later captured in Texas. The Mexican Prosecutor’s Office requested his extradition and it was carried out in November of last year.

Now not only must he serve the established penalty, but he was also issued a fine of 1,698,525 Mexican pesos as compensation for material damage, in addition to 74,490 pesos for moral damages and 93,600 pesos as payment for the rehabilitation of the offended family, the authorities concluded.


The results of phase 2 of the Sanofi vaccine “are excellent”, hails Agnès Pannier-Runacher

Its vaccine could be used for “the booster for the population which would have been vaccinated at the moment”, if it proves necessary, noted the minister.

Will the French vaccine arrive in time against the Covid-19 pandemic? Asked about FranceInfo this Monday morning, the Deputy Minister for Industry, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, was optimistic about the usefulness and effectiveness of this tricolor product to counter the virus.

Sanofi’s Phase 2 vaccine results “are excellent in terms of protection», Assured the minister. In addition, the pharmaceutical group works “on reminders“, Obtaining”excellent results, perhaps more promising […] as messenger RNA callbacks»From Moderna and Pfizer, widely used in France. His vaccine could be used for “the third dose, the reminder for the population that would have been vaccinated at this time“, She said, if a reminder is necessary in the eyes of the health authorities. The people concerned “could have the choiceOf the vaccine used.

In addition, the Sanofi vaccine could convince the last skeptical individuals, wanted to believe the Minister Delegate. “We have a commitment to the French vaccine which is quite important, there is a psychological effect. I couldn’t explain it, but it’s a reality, in terms of membershipShe said.

This product has the other advantage of being easier to store than that of Pfizer, with a “fairly simple logistics mode“And a lower price than the doses of messenger RNA: it can therefore”helping to vaccinate the planet“. A “contract“With Sanofi is being negotiated at the European level, also specified Agnès Pannier-Runacher. Monday, the boss of the pharmaceutical group, Olivier Bogillot, indicated that this product would be available “by December». «We attacked our phase 3 studies“, He added on France Inter.

Sanofi’s vaccine could thus join the European Union’s arsenal against Covid-19 by the end of the year, alongside those of Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca. However, its doses may arrive too late to participate in most of the French vaccine campaign: by the end of August, the executive intends to have offered a first injection to 40 million French people, or 75% of adults, and 35 million people, or two-thirds of adults, will need a full immunization schedule.

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Compulsory vaccination is not yet decided

These objectives will however depend on the daily rhythm of the injections: the number of first doses administered has fallen sharply in recent weeks, but Agnès Pannier-Runacher said she was confident about the “responsibility” the French. The number of doses is no longer a problem: “the pace of deliveries will continue steadily“, The stake is now”convince the French to get vaccinatedShe noted.

For the time being, the question of a vaccination obligation for caregivers has not yet been decided, said the minister. “We don’t want to force thingsShe said, wishing for a “approach as consensual as possible“. The government will decide “based on our feeling of the best decision to take to protect the French“. Agnès Pannier-Runacher, however, did not comment on a vaccination obligation for the general population or for other professions. “Everything in due time, in good order“, She simply declared.

The issue of reimbursement of comfort tests for unvaccinated people “is also on the table“, Warned the minister. Free of charge for these tests “can be a barrier to vaccination“, At the same time as a significant cost for public finances, but no final decision has been taken for the moment, she noted.


Warren Buffett explains why he won’t leave his wealth to his children

The American businessman explained the reason for not leaving the highest figure of his 100 billion dollars to his children: to leave enough to do and for them to do.

Mexico City, June 29 (RT) .- The American investor Warren Buffett reiterated the commitment of not leaving the maximum part of his fortuna, currently estimated at around 100 billion dollars, to their descendants.

“Leave the children enough so that they can do anything, but not enough so that they can do anything,” recommended the magnate.

At a shareholder meeting on the occasion of the $ 4.1 billion annual donation to five charities, Buffett, 90, commented on the dynastic accumulation of wealth, stating that while that “remains an option” in In the United States, “the norm is lower than in most countries, and its appeal is likely to diminish.”

“After much observation of the super-rich families, here is my recommendation: leave the children enough so that they can do anything, but not enough so that they can do anything,” said the investor, noting that he is “delighted” that her three children “make philanthropic efforts that involve money and time.”

Buffett’s announcement does not mean that his older children, who are in their 60s, received nothing from the father. In 2014 The Washington Post reported that the three had received two million dollars each.

On the same note, Buffett announced his resignation from the trustee position at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a decision he made public a few weeks after the divorce of one of the richest couples in the world.

In May, the investor revealed who would succeed him in his position if necessary. The chosen one was Greg Abel, vice president of non-insurance operations of Berkshire Hathaway since January 2018 and executive president of the energy provider Berkshire Hathaway Energy, a company 90 percent owned by the aforementioned company.

Reuters reported at the time that under Berkshire’s succession plans, Buffett’s son Howard is expected to become non-executive chairman, while investment managers Todd Combs and Ted Weschler were in line to become chief investment officers. .



Elon Musk turns 50: The life of the South African jack of all trades

Updated June 28, 2021, 4:10 p.m.

PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla: the list of Elon Musk companies is long. In addition to his business activities, he has now also got into television and also has a large family to support. Elon Musk celebrates his 50th birthday on June 28th. We look back. © 1&1 Mail & Media/spot on news


one in five sites is likely to stop within three months

In order not to penalize the construction sector even more, the French Building Federation requests that late payment penalties be suspended, for several months, in the private sector.

Wood, plastic, scrap metal, tiles or even plastic windows… Almost all raw materials are lacking, with a few exceptions. In question: a strong demand from China and the United States which take all these products on the international markets. Shortages that are highly likely to slow down the construction sector in France. “ Because of this shortage and the consequent price hike, 20% of construction sites are at risk of shutting down within three months. “, Warns Olivier Salleron, president of the French Building Federation, this Wednesday in the morning of BFM Business.

In order not to penalize the construction sector even more, the State issued a circular in mid-June not to apply late penalties to construction companies who are late in delivery due to the current shortage of materials. construction in public markets. The French Building Federation (FFB) is asking that late payment penalties be also suspended, for several months, in the private sector. “We are not responsible for this shortage“, Highlights the president of the French Building Federation.

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50,000 sedentary employees hired

For sites that will have no other choice but to stop, the question of partial unemployment for construction teams arises. “ If the building sites must be stopped, the State must take charge of partial unemployment at 100% otherwise we will have to lay off », Claims Olivier Salleron. According to the French Building Federation, 50,000 sedentary employees were hired over the year and the number of apprentices increased by 10%. “Our objective was to create 150,000 jobs by 2023. It will be possible, but for that, the State must help us for a few months. »

The FFB is also asking for the establishment of two tax credits in order to amortize any losses suffered in 2021 and to offset the rise in the prices of materials. ” This would help the cash flow of our businesses and allow them to survive. »

A meeting took place this Tuesday between Olivier Salleron and Élisabeth Borne, Minister of Labor, Employment and Integration. The objective put forward by the Minister would rather be to disconnect aid as and when. «But we only need a few more months of help. The building kept the economy going. If we remove a pillar, the economy falls », Claims Olivier Salleron, president of the French Building Federation.


the instant tax credit will be generalized in 2022

As expected, this system will be accessible to all French people between January and April 2022. It is already open to residents of Paris and the North.

The instant tax credit for home employment will soon be available to all French people. After a successful experiment on about sixty families in Paris and in the North since September, all private employers in these two areas have already benefited from the device since June 22. At the beginning of 2022, it will therefore be generalized throughout the territory, the Urssaf announced on Tuesday.

This system, which makes it possible to pay 50% of the real cost of the service, with the State taking responsibility for paying the other half directly to the employee or to the company providing the service, initially only concerns individuals directly employing an employee. at home, with the exception of beneficiaries of personalized autonomy allowances (APA) and the disability compensation benefit (PCH).

Immediate advance

Currently, users of home services (housekeeper, gardener, babysitter) can recover from the tax authorities 50% of the sums committed to pay the employee who works at home, but with a one-year delay.

The immediate advance of the tax credit must then come into force throughout the country in January 2022 for individuals directly employing their employee, then in April for those who remunerate their employee through a service company. person (or representative), added Yann-Gaël Amghar, remaining in accordance with the announcements in February of the Minister of Public Accounts Olivier Dussopt.

The elderly

Elderly people with loss of autonomy or disabled benefiting from home help will be eligible for this reform “later in 2022“. They receive allowances covering part of the cost of the services (APA or PCH) which must be included in the calculation of the tax credit. According to a first satisfaction survey conducted at the end of 2020 and having received 40 responses, 97.5% of people who experience it said to themselves “satisfied“Of this device and 100% considered it”easy to use».

The personal service sector represents approximately 870,000 employees: 562,000 home help employees, 237,000 childminders and 68,000 home childcare. According to Urssaf, 1.28 million employers use the Cesu service (platform for declaring employees at home) and 800,000 that of Pajemploi (dedicated to childcare).

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Australia files complaint against China at WTO

The move comes after the G7, where Australia argued for a firmer stance on China’s trade practices.

Australia has officially filed a complaint against China with the World Trade Organization (WTO) over tariffs imposed by Beijing on Australian wines, the government said on Saturday.

The complaint follows intense consultations with Australian wine producers, said the government, which has said it is open to direct negotiations with China to resolve the issue. The move is a further step in the trade dispute between Australia and its major trading partner and comes after warnings from Prime Minister Scott Morrison of his government’s willingness to respond to all countries that attempt to make use of “economic coercion” against him.

Customs duties of up to 218%

It also comes after a summit of the seven most industrialized countries, the G7, in the United Kingdom where Australia called for a firmer stance on China’s trade practices. Beijing has imposed economic sanctions on a range of Australian products in recent months, including tariffs on agricultural products, coal or wine (tariffs of up to 218% imposed in November), as well as tariffs on agricultural products, coal or wine. measures aimed at tourism.

These measures have virtually shut down Australia’s largest international wine market, with sales increasing from A $ 1.1 billion (US $ 840 million) to A $ 20 million, according to official figures. “Actions taken by the Chinese government have caused significant damage to the Australian wine industry“, Noted Saturday Dan Tehan, Minister of Commerce, during a press conference.

Many in Australia believe that it is above all retaliation against the refusal of Chinese investments in sectors deemed strategic and against Australia’s calls for an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus epidemic, which began in China at the end of 2019. Australia has already filed a complaint against China with the WTO for tariffs on its barley exports.

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French growth is rebounding strongly and will exceed that of the euro zone in 2021

The GDP would grow by 5.75% in France this year. Since the start of the crisis, households have saved 142 billion euros. This figure could climb to 180 billion at the end of the year, according to the Banque de France.

A real jump in the second half of the year, which would allow growth to jump by nearly 6% this year – 5.75% exactly: the Bank of France sees the hexagonal economic horizon clearing up clearly. Admittedly, this significant increase in activity corresponds to a partly technical jump after the GDP plunge of nearly 8% in 2020; but after a start to the year still marked by health restrictions, things are about to get back to normal thanks to “Phased deconfinement and acceleration of the vaccination campaign”, notes the institution in the economic report it publishes on Monday. France would thus do better this year than the euro zone, whose growth would reach 4.6%.
What households will do with the money put aside over the past fifteen months remains key for the future. Since the start of the crisis, nearly 142 billion euros have been saved; this figure could well climb to 180 billion by the end of 2021, anticipates the Banque de France. This would not prevent a real rebound in household consumption in the second half of 2021.
Business investment should progress very clearly this year (+ 9.7%) after the vertiginous drop in 2020 (-8.9%). And exports are set to rise again thanks to the resumption of international trade “and the start of standardization in the tourism and aeronautics sectors, traditional strengths of French specialization”.

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Job creation

All this would make it possible to approach 2022 in a rather confident manner. In the absence of new restrictions, French growth could thus reach 4% next year. “Household spending should accelerate again in 2022 thanks to the savings surplus accumulated previously; their investment would be supported in particular in 2021 and 2022, which would allow them to catch up with projects postponed during the health crisis ”. Especially since, preserved during the crisis, their purchasing power would gradually recover.
Like the government, the Banque de France sees activity start to exceed its pre-Covid level from the first quarter of 2022, “ie a quarter earlier than in our March projection,” she wrote in her note. Growth should then return to a level more in line with a correct cruising speed, at 2% in 2023.
In this context, the labor market should “Confirm its resilience, thanks to all the emergency measures put in place to limit the destruction of jobs at the heart of the crisis, then to fairly significant net job creations from 2021 to 2023”. Taking into account a rapid rise in the working population which would catch up with its pre-crisis trend, the unemployment rate should reach 9.3% during the first half of 2022, before falling to come back significantly below 9% in 2023.
The Banque de France warns that two hazards may come up against this recovery scenario: the extent and speed of use of the surplus financial savings accumulated by households, the extent and duration of pressure on input prices, as well as possible increases in recruitment difficulties.


VIDEOS: The story behind the Ataco entrepreneur who foreigner refused to pay $ 1 for sweet bread

The viral video of the backpacker harassment has caused the small business to gain popularity and increase its profits.

Erick Rivera gained notoriety, among many Salvadorans, after he defended his rights as an entrepreneur before a foreign tourist who bought him a bread filled with jelly; but that after ten minutes he returned to his business, in Concepción de Ataco, Ahuachapán, to ask him for a refund of the dollar he had paid for the product that he had already eaten, according to the Salvadoran.

The video of the incident went viral, to the point that many people have cataloged Rivera, originally from Tacuba, in the same department, as a symbol of the struggle for Salvadoran dignity.

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The Ahuachapaneco is cheerful, helpful, and likes to talk; But he also knows the rights and obligations he has because he studied legal science at a local university.

He graduated from this profession in 2005; but his passion is being an entrepreneur.

After the incident with the backpacker, who did not want to pay him $ 1 for bread, the entrepreneur says he has received support. Photo EDH / Cristian Díaz

In 2009 he opened a supermarket in Tacuba, which generated sources of employment. The business had to be closed in 2018 due to the economic decline of the country, which generated few economic profits.

On Thursday, June 10, he began his working day in Concepción de Ataco, where just five days before he had reopened the sweet bread business.

He did it in a new place since during the pandemic caused by COVID-19 he had to close the business that operated for about three years in front of the house that he currently occupies, always at the entrance of said tourist municipality.

VIDEO: Entrepreneur from Ataco appreciates support and receives the first donation after controversy with “influencer”

He said that on Thursday noon the tourist arrived, identified as Timmy Karter, who asked for the prices of the variety of sweet bread that he offers. The foreigner bought a bread stuffed with jelly, among other ingredients, worth a dollar.

“He went inside (from Concepción de Ataco), he was eating it; we continue to dispatch clients. Later he came back and demanding that we return the money, he had already eaten the bread. It is very illogical for someone to return without the product and request a return. To which I, precisely, told him that we could not return him because he no longer had the product and that it was not a correct action (and) that we were willing to continue serving him if he required another product, “said the entrepreneur.

The business has gained popularity among the inhabitants and tourists in Ataco. Photo EDH / Cristian Díaz

The tourist warned that he was going to turn to the police, so 15 minutes later he arrived accompanied by some agents.

“From there, everything that is in the video is known,” said Rivera, who was struck by the fact that an agent began to suggest the prices that he should sell the bread.

However, the Salvadoran pointed out that the product is not made by him; rather, he buys it from other entrepreneurs. Added to that, you must pay costs for the premises you rent, where there is also a store with basic necessities.

Rivera acknowledged that he does not stop feeling fear for the whole situation that was unleashed after the video; But all he did was defend his rights.

The questioned attitude of the backpacker

The situation has made the small bread business gain popularity among the same inhabitants and tourists who come to Concepción de Ataco every day.

“As Salvadorans, I see it well that we all defend ourselves among ourselves; If the man had his price, he fixes it well, give it at a certain cost, he has to keep himself and not just because a foreign person comes down to it. The truth was I was very admired when I saw the video and I said how could that be? Very good for the Lord ”, said the Salvadoran tourist Diego Polanco.

Some people who travel by vehicle pass by saying hello to Rivera; while others arrive and ask him if he is the man of the video or the “video of bread”.

This phenomenon has caused profits to increase by 50%.

“We have seen the support that the population has been giving us; even, local people have been coming, buying us and that has driven us a lot. It wasn’t the way to get famous; but unfortunately that was the way the circumstances were. I never wanted to damage anyone’s image; but the circumstances happened like that ”, expressed the Ahuachapaneco.

He added that he carried out the procedures to be benefited by Bandesal, but that his request for support was denied.

The entrepreneur appreciates the support:

Eric Rivera, the Ataco entrepreneur who publicly denounced backpacker Timmy Karter for harassing him after not wanting to pay for a $ 1 sweet bread, received financial support from citizens. Video: Illustrative and non-commercial image