Trump assures his supporters in Washington that he will “never” concede victory

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has assured this Wednesday at a rally with his supporters outside the White House that he would never admit he lost the election, as Congress prepared to certify Joe Biden’s victory.

“We never give up. We will never concede, ”Trump told the cheering crowd. “We are going to stop the robbery (…) We have won the elections.”

He also urged Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday to not certifying the electoral victory of Joe Biden in a session of Congress scheduled for this afternoon, repeating unfounded allegations of electoral fraud.

“If Mike Pence does the right thing, we win the election,” Trump told his supporters gathered outside the White House. “You have the absolute right to do so.”

“Mike Pence will have to help us, and if he doesn’t, it will be a sad day for our country,” Trump added, calling Republican lawmakers planning to certify Biden as “weak.”


Trump assures his supporters in Washington that he will “never” concede victory

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has assured this Wednesday at a rally with his supporters outside the White House that he would never admit he lost the election, as Congress prepared to certify Joe Biden’s victory.

“We never give up. We will never concede, ”Trump told the cheering crowd. “We are going to stop the theft (…) We have won the elections.”

He also urged Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday to failure to certify Joe Biden’s electoral victory in a session of Congress scheduled for this afternoon, repeating unfounded allegations of electoral fraud.

“If Mike Pence does the right thing, we win the election,” Trump told his supporters gathered outside the White House. “You have the absolute right to do so.”

“Mike Pence will have to help us, and if he doesn’t, it will be a sad day for our country,” Trump added, calling Republican lawmakers planning to certify Biden “weak.


Calviño assures that the Government’s decision on the SMI will be “responsible”

The Vice President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, has assured this Wednesday that the Government has not yet made a decision on a possible revaluation of the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI) in 2021, although it has guaranteed that when it is taken it will be “responsible” and “appropriate to the current circumstances.”

“The current situation is intensely marked by uncertainty and the government will have to make a responsible decision, appropriate to the current circumstances. once all the different relevant elements have been taken into account “, has expressed in statements to the media before participating in the meeting by videoconference of the Eurogroup.

Calviño has thus referred to the words already expressed by the Minister of Finance and Government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, this Tuesday at the press conference after the Council of Ministries.

The economic vice president explained that the Executive is still in “the phase of consultations with social agents” and is “absolutely clear” about its commitment against precariousness, the revaluation of wages and the SMI in particular and the protection of the most vulnerable groups.

“The objective is clear but it is about seeing which is the most appropriate decision for each year depending on circumstances,” he reiterated in relation to this matter.

In addition, Calviño has been asked if the reform of the pension system and in particular the extension of the calculation period from 25 to 35 years is an idea that comes from Brussels, but has limited itself to stating that the Government has a “very clear” roadmap to reinforce the sustainability of the system to guarantee decent pensions “both now and in 20 or 40 years”.

Along these lines, he stressed that the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, “has been working for a long time” on “what the elements have to be” of the reform, while pointing out that the Government is also on this issue in the social dialogue phase to “Prepare the projects to be deployed in the future.”

Positive growth

On the other hand, the Vice President of Economic Affairs has insisted that the fourth quarter of this year will register a “positive” growth after show your “resilience” from July to October, thanks in part to the satisfactory evolution of the labor market.

“There has been a positive evolution of the labor market in October and November and that is why our central scenario, with all caution, is that the Spanish economy is maintaining positive growth in this final part of the year and therefore, let us have a good foundation to promote the strong growth path by 2021 “, he explained.

Calviño has pointed out that, in addition to the labor market indicators, his department handles other “short-term” and it has not published a specific figure, although it has detailed that the data “are mixed” because “some evolve in a more favorable or positive way than others.”

In particular, he stated that the “most positive” indicators are those related to the labor market thanks to the “remarkable dynamism” in the recovery of lost jobs or the reduction of workers covered with ERTE. In contrast, consumption has a more unfavorable evolution due to the “environment of restrictions” adopted to stop the spread of the virus.


Carmen Maura: «I have hooked up more with bosses than with actors»

It shows that there is an incredible good vibes between Pablo Motos and some of his guests, Y Carmen Maura He is one of those people who makes the communicator’s life happy. The actress went to ‘The Hormiguero‘to present the Netflix miniseries’ Someone has to die’ where she plays the matriarch of a conservative family in the Spain of the fifties.

“I have never played someone so bad”, revealed the interpreter who admitted that she does not use any special technique when undertaking her work. “I don’t get anything from inside, I study the lyrics and I do it,” he described to the astonishment of the interviewer. Maura explained that she has never studied acting. “I have not even done courses, although I would have liked,” he pointed out.

As for the supposed self-centeredness of some artists, the veteran actress assured that she tries to get along with everyone, “and if I have to hide, I hide”, he added. His background is extensive and throughout his career he has met all kinds of colleagues. I’ve had some very intense, of those who suddenly do not want to sit where the director tells them or do this or that thing. What I do is try to convince them, “the actress discovered.

“I pee”

A French girl recently put him in a tight spot. He was shooting a movie in the neighboring country and the little girl didn’t see reason. “We were under a cliff and she hit everything, so I went over to her and I told him I was peeing and I couldn’t take it anymore, please make your scene so we can go back. Or do you want me to do it here in front of everyone? “He said, causing laughter from the audience.

«An egocentric director is more dangerous than a narcissistic actor because you have to obey him. I, if it gets too intense, I have a trick. I tell them that if we talk a lot I get bored and, if I get bored, I lose creativity “, she revealed sympathetically. As for the couples that appear in the filming, Carmen is clear: “They don’t usually last”. Maybe that’s why she was pointing the other way. “I’ve hooked up more with bosses than actors,” he said, although he has shared a bed with the most times Antonio Resines, “But always with cameras in front,” he clarified before the actor who joined the talk.


The State insures for more than 625 million euros the exhibition ‘Mondrian and De Stijl’

The Council of Ministers authorized this Tuesday the granting of the State guarantee to the 99 works that will make up the exhibition ‘Mondrian and De Stijl’ that the Reina Sofía Museum will host between November 10, 2020 and March 1, 2021. The Economic value of the 99 works for which the public guarantee was requested amounts to 625,275,710.94 euros.

The State guarantee is the public system that is an alternative to private insurance, which protects works loaned by museums and individuals from possible damage. According to the Minister of Finance and Government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, the granting of this guarantee “does not imply an immediate cost for the Administration.” “It translates into the State’s commitment to make a payment in the event that one of the cultural property is damaged,” she added.

This one hundred works now protected make up a stellar exhibition of the new season of the Reina Sofía, which brings together pieces by the Dutchman Piet Mondrian and some of his colleagues from the De Stijl movement, including paintings, drawings, sculptures and various documentation.

In October 1917, during the First World War, a group of young Dutch artists created the magazine De Stijl, which presented and promoted a novel and innovative artistic style, capable of breaking down the boundaries between disciplines. Thus, painting became architecture, applied arts into sculpture and design acquired the rank of art. Artists from all over the world adopted this multidisciplinary approach and developed an intense joint work, of which Piet Mondrian was the pioneer.

The State guarantee is the public system that operates as an alternative to the traditional private insurance and through which the Spanish State «assumes the commitment to guarantee the damage caused to works of relevant artistic, historical, paleontological, archaeological, ethnographic, scientific or technician that are temporarily assigned for public display to the institutions that the regulatory regulations of the specific guarantee against possible destruction, loss, theft or damage that they may suffer from the moment of collection of the work in its place of origin until the Return of the same in the place designated by the provider, including transport and stay.

The warranty coverage period will begin on September 28, 2020 and will take effect from the delivery of the works by the providers until their return to their place of origin or another designated by them, with a deadline of 15 April 2021.


The former health minister says she alerted Macron in January to the danger of the coronavirus


“They can’t say we weren’t reactive!” The former Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, has defended herself against the accusations of laxism and has assured that around January 11 “I decided to inform the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister that a phenomenon was taking place in China,” Ex-Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn declared before the commission of the National Assembly that investigates the management of the health crisis.

At the time, there were only fifty declared cases and it was not yet known that the new coronavirus could be transmitted from human to human. “At no time did I underestimate the risk. There was not a day that we did not anticipate WHO or international decisions, “said the former minister to the deputies. The decisive moment occurred on January 22 «when people began to talk about interhuman transmission. But I had already given my first press conference the day before, “Buzyn defended himself.

Since the first three cases were known in France on January 24, the ex-minister affirms that she has ordered to make an inventory of all the existing protective material and of the capacities to receive patients. Buzyn assured that he made the first order for a million FFP2 masks on January 30, although the responsibility for this type of protection falls on hospitals and not on the ministry, he defended himself.

In 2010, the State’s strategic stock was 1 billion surgical masks and 700 million FFP2. But in early 2020, stocks were down to 117 million masks for adults, 40 million for children, and no FFP2 stock.


Putin wins the referendum to remain in power, while the opposition rages

  BY rafael m.  doll

BY rafael m. doll

Already long before the vote ended and as the vote progressed, the Central Electoral Commission of Russia began to publish data on Wednesday the support obtained by the constitutional reform promoted by the president, Vladimir Putin, to remain in power until 2036. The modification in the Magna Carta achieved a support of over 70% of the votes cast.

Meanwhile, opponents of the ‘Niet’ movement (not to reform) went out to protest in different parts of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. A few did so in Red Square, but the Police arrested them. Activists called for their supporters in the central Pushkin Square of the capital, which was completely taken over by riot police. Still, hundreds of protesters expressed their discomfort.

It has outraged not only that the Electoral Commission made ‘yes’ propaganda before the polls closed, but that the vote lasted a week, something unprecedented in the world. The ballot boxes were available from June 25 to, according to the Government, facilitate staggered suffrage to prevent crowds and coronavirus infections.

Result rigged

The opposition, however, says the procedure was a “pretext” to rig the result. According to some media, traveling urns were taken to homes and even placed on buses and in car trunks. There were also those who could vote more than once electronically and pressure was reported to officials to participate and underground propaganda such as raffles in the polling stations. But some people claimed that they could not vote because others did it for them.

To approve the constitutional referendum, the vote in favor of more than 50% of the voters was required, a limit that was far exceeded, according to official results.


Chinese virologist who fled to the US claims that her country lied about COVID-19 and denounced threats

Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan, who fled to the United States in April, says her country has lied about the coronavirus and already last December knew about the ease with which COVID-19 is transmitted between humans.

Yan made those remarks in an interview on Friday with the Fox network, which has been echoed by local media to this day.

The virologist, who worked at the Hong Kong University of Public Health, said the Chinese government knew of the danger posed by SARS-CoV-2 before it reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) on December 31 of the outbreak in the Wuhan region of China.

Furthermore, Yan relates that she began studying the virus in December from Hong Kong and was in contact with other virologists who were in mainland China and had more information on the virus.

He allegedly found out that the virus was transmitting very quickly between people, something that was still unknown, and reported his findings to Dr. Leo Poon, a suspected WHO contractor who concealed his research and asked him to remain silent, hinting that it could lose life.

“He asked me to be silent and to be careful. That I did not touch the red line, that is, that I did not go against the procedures of the Government of China and that I did not contradict its principles. If not, I would get in trouble and could ‘disappear.’ ‘”, Yan said to Fox.

The virologist accuses the WHO of “corruption” and complicity with the Chinese government, a hypothesis that US President Donald Trump has championed since the start of the pandemic. Yan was interviewed on Fox, the president’s favorite and that for years has given theories to conspirators wings.

The WHO has denied the virologist’s accusations and told Fox that “many people work for them as consultants” but they do not have data to prove that Yan, as she claims, worked for a reference laboratory of the organization specialized in viruses and pandemics .

The WHO told Fox that it also has no data on its files about Poon, Yan’s supervisor.

Since the start of the pandemic, 12.7 million people have been infected worldwide and more than 565,700 have lost their lives, according to an independent count by Johns Hopkins University in the United States.


Montero ensures that the Government does not raise taxes, “neither the middle class nor the working class”

The Finance minister and Government spokesperson,María Jesús Montero, has assured this Wednesday that the Government“it’s not going to raise taxes nor the middle class nor the working class”and has reiterated that the tax proposal of the Executive is already in the Congress with some new figures, as therates Google and Tobinand in the failed project budget.

As he pointed out during his intervention in the control session the Government in the Congress in response to a question from the deputy of VoxIvan Espinosa de los Monteros, who for the fourth session consecutively has inquired the minister about the tax increase that is expected to the Executive.

“This Government will not raise taxes nor the middle class nor the working class”, has been repeated on two occasions Montero, who has explained that the tax proposal of the coalition Government is already in the Lower House, with some figures of tax, as rates Google and Tobin, and inthe draft Budget that went forward.

These included measures such asa minimum rate of 15% on Corporations, 18% for banking, and oil, a levy of 5% of the dividends to companies, the creation of the fees the Tobin and Google,an increase in the personal income TAX on high incomes; a rise of 1% in Equity to the fortunes of over 10 million, matching the diesel with the gasoline or a new law on the fight against fraud, among others.

Last week he also presented a blueprint for the creation of a levy on single-use containers at the rate of 0,45 euros per kilo of packaging.

For his part, Espinosa de los Monteros (Vox) has accused Montero that does not respond to their questions, “concrete” on whether to raise the TAX to workers, the corporate tax, social contributions or you are going to force you to pay Inheritance and gift, showinghis fear that “the middle class is going to load it with more taxes”.

The deputy Vox has reminded Montero that before your Government existed by taxes, as well as ministers from 1705 toPhilip V,and even socialists such asSolbes, or Salgado, that “compared to today seem very moderate”.

Also, he has criticized the president of the Government talk of “counter-cyclical policies” in “the worst moment of crisis, and liquidity, in part by the epidemic, in part by the management of the crisis”.

For this reason, we have reprochazo that “threaten” them with new fees and taxes, “threatening the growth of the economy and the workers.” As well, has asked the Executivereturn to the path of “moderation traditional” of the PSOEand don’t let it “drag” by “radicals,” as the vice-president of the Government,Paul’s Churches.

Vox represents “those who speak in convertibles”

In the face of these statements, Montero has indicated to Espinosa de los Monteros that are not going to find in “personal attacks” on members of the Government or deputies, and has defended the model of society that seeks to be “more resilient to situations of vulnerability” in the field of education or health care, as opposed to the Vox, which in his opinion represents “those who speak in convertibles andwith golf clubs“.

In addition, he stressed that what represents a “threat” is the position of Vox, because it “permanentlymake incitement to confrontation and hatred,to face different groups of people and territories”, to which the citizenship attends “astonished”.

However, she has said that she is concerned about is the position of the PP, as, he recalled, Vox saidthe gay pride demonstration would “leave a bad smell”this Tuesday, the spokesman ‘popular’ in the Senate,Javier Maroto, said that Spain “smells like the 8M”. “Gentlemen of the PP, what means that Spain smells like the 8M?, what we smell women?”, has been added.


China says it did not know until January 19 how infectious the virus was

China said today that it did not know until January 19 how infectious the new coronavirus was, which has caused a global pandemic, and again rejected US accusations that it intentionally withheld information about the severity of the pathogen.

The deputy director of the Chinese National Health Commission, Zeng Yixin, said in a press conference that, despite the fact that Chinese scientists knew that there were signs of human transmission before, it was not until January 19 when it could be verified with certainty .

“On January 19, thanks to the joint efforts of teams of experts and local medical personnel, we achieved a more accurate understanding of the virus’s transmission capacity,” he said.

Zeng noted that on January 20 – when the head of the Chinese medical expert team, Zhong Nanshan, revealed on state television that the new coronavirus was transmitted between humans – the pathogen “was added to the national communicable disease system and the strictest control measures were put in place to control it”.

Responding to reports that six days earlier, on January 14, Chinese officials already discussed the possibility of a massive spread, Zeng said there were still numerous key unanswered questions at the time, including the transmission capacity of the virus and the mode of contagion.

In this sense, he indicated that there are diseases such as AIDS that, although highly infectious, are not easily transmitted between people.

The number two of the National Health Commission recognized that a national meeting of provincial health officials from all over the country was held on January 14.

“There were still many uncertainties. We concluded that more research was needed on human-to-human transmission, and we could not rule out the possibility of further spread of the virus. But we could not reach conclusions on many issues, “he said.

Likewise, said China concluded on January 19 that it was dealing with a new coronavirus and began developing tests for detection the following day.

Tension between the United States and China regarding the origin of the virus and an eventual concealment of its severity by Beijing has intensified in recent days.

US President Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox television on Thursday that he has no interest in talking to his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, and even suggested that Washington could sever relations with Beijing.

Other countries, such as Australia and Germany, have called for an investigation. on how the coronavirus jumped from animals to humans before the first cases were discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of the year.


David Aganzo assures that the bribery accusations are “completely false”

The president of the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE),David Aganzobranded as“absolutely false” accusationsof an alleged bribery crime to obtain information upon payment of 3,000 euros from the Futbolistas ON union, and announced thatwill defend his “honor”versus the one who questions it.

“The accusations are completely false. My work is exclusively aimed at defending the interests of soccer players. AndI will defend our honor against anyone who questions it. “indicated the head of AFE on his Twitter account, referring to information published on Tuesday by the newspaper ‘Marca’.

David Aganzo and his secretary general,Diego Rivas, they had unlawfully obtained tax documentation from ON footballers upon payment of 3,000 euros to an official, as reported by the Director of Second B and Third AFEAntonio Saiz Czech.

In a letter sent to the members of the Board of Directors of AFE and its president, Saiz Checa blamed himself for the alleged crime and accuses David Aganzo of allegedly obtaining funds to illegally obtain tax documentation from ON Soccer players.

Specific,indicated that 3,000 euros were paid to a public official, “amount contributed by some members of the Board of Directors and workers of AFE” to obtain the Form 037 and TF2 of the Tax Agency with which Aganzo allegedly wanted to demonstrate that the other players union, Footballers ON, was a ‘yellow union’ .