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The media learned about the idea of ​​the Ministry of Industry and Trade to shift the timing of vaccination for business :: Business :: RBC

According to the source of the publication in the market, in Moscow and the region, only a few chains manage to fulfill the standard for vaccination of personnel, and in other regions and most of the companies the terms are noticeably shifting.

For example, about 20 doses were given to a large shopping center in Omsk, the meeting said. At the meeting, a representative of the Ministry of Health clarified that about 37 million doses have been released into civilian circulation, another 1.4 million are awaiting transit, but deliveries may be delayed a week, especially to regions remote from Moscow. The Ministry of Health did not provide a comment to the publication.

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The situation with vaccination was also assessed by retailers interviewed by the publication. X5 Retail Group (Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Karusel) reported that the number of vaccinated employees “grows daily,” and their share varies greatly in different regions. The same was stated by the interlocutor of the edition in a large fast food chain, calling among the problems a high proportion of those employees who have been challenged for medical reasons. The network “Verny” noted that some of the workers would like to be vaccinated with a certain drug, which is not available. Rainbow Smile believes that meeting the vaccination requirement for 60% of its employees is “more realistic in the fall.”

Leroy Merlin reported that the share of vaccinated workers in Moscow and the region exceeded 60%, in the country – 50%. Metro has at least 50% of its staff vaccinated. At Sportmaster in Moscow, the first component was received by half of the employees, in the Moscow region – 47%. “But there may be questions about the calculation method,” – said the representative of the network.

According to the sources of the publication, Rospotrebnadzor has not yet developed a unified approach to the registration of vaccinated persons and proposes to seek clarification from local authorities, which may complicate the process and, as a result, lead to the closure of stores. The department itself did not respond to the request of the publication.

RBC sent a request to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

For the first time since spring, Moscow made it to the top five in vaccination

The Association of Retail Companies (AKORT, which includes X5 Group, Magnit, Auchan and Lenta) confirmed that the companies are faced with “a number of objective difficulties” that call into question the achievement of 60% by July 15. Despite the growth in vaccination rates, the process is slowing down “by the absence of employees due to vacations, a shortage of vaccines in a number of regions, interruptions in the supply of the drug to private clinics,” the AKORT noted. From June 15 to July 9, trade enterprises vaccinated more than 30% of workers on average, they added.

In some regions, vaccination points are overloaded or there is no opportunity to quickly make an appointment for vaccination, continued at AKORT. In this regard, the association considers it relevant to discuss the postponement of mandatory vaccinations or the introduction of a moratorium on fines for companies that have not reached 60% for objective reasons. Otherwise, businesses may face sanctions starting from July 15, up to suspension of activities for 90 days, Dmitry Gorbunov, partner of Rustam Kurmaev and Partners, told the publication.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade told the publication that in recent weeks the rate of vaccination has increased six to seven times and on some days exceeds 800 thousand people per day. The production of vaccines, according to the department, reached the level of 30 million kits per month, and in a few months it can be increased to 45-40 million. In addition, the Ministry of Health and to cover the need where there is an abrupt increase in demand. “

Last week, food suppliers and retailers asked the Moscow mayor’s office to extend the mandatory vaccination period for employees by a month or postpone the introduction of fines, since 60% of employees do not have time to vaccinate. The Rusbrand Association, which, among other things, represents Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company, addressed Mayor Sergei Sobyanin with an appeal. In her letter it is said that the registration for vaccinations has stretched out until August, and “the number of available vaccines is significantly decreasing.”


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Source: JHU,
federal and regional
virus control headquarters

Source: JHU, federal and regional virus headquarters


In Brazil, an investigation will be launched against the president over the purchase of a vaccine :: Politics :: RBC

In the course of negotiations, the price of one dose of Indian Covaxin has grown almost 12 times compared to the manufacturer’s stated price. The authorities are trying to understand whether Bolsonaro was involved in these purchases and whether he gave his sanctions on them.

Jair Bolsonaru (left)

(Фото: Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters)

The Brazilian Supreme Court has approved the initiation of an investigation against President Jair Bolsonaro over the purchase of an Indian vaccine against the Covaxin coronavirus, reports the G1 portal. The authorities suspect that the vaccine was purchased at a grossly inflated price.

Earlier, a request to start an investigation came from the country’s Prosecutor General’s Office.

The actions incriminated to Bolsonaro are interpreted by the Brazilian Criminal Code as “failure to perform actions in an appropriate manner, contrary to a clearly expressed provision of the law for the sake of personal interests.”

Judge Rosa Weber, who authorized the investigation, warned against making any judgment on the president’s guilt and warned that the authorities were still trying to understand whether Bolsonaro’s actions were a violation of the law.

The scandal over the purchase of an Indian vaccine began after a Health Ministry official said he was pressured to purchase an Indian drug, although he found irregularities in the procurement documentation. The employee informed the president of the pressure on him, and he promised to take action.

Brazil called a new date for discussing the import of “Sputnik V”

Фото:Ezra Acayan / Getty Images

According to G1, citing data from the Federal Audit Office, the dose of Covaxin was the most expensive vaccine purchased by Brazil. The total cost per dose was R $ 80.7 (about $ 15.9), which is four times the price of a dose of AstraZeneca vaccine.

In addition, the originally announced cost of one dose by the Indian side was $ 1.34, but in the end the contract was concluded at a cost of $ 15. Its total amount was 1.6 billion reais (about $ 316.9 million).

The contract envisaged the delivery of 20 million doses. It took the Ministry of Health 97 days to conclude it, while the contract with Pfizer, for example, was signed in 330 days, the newspaper writes. On June 29, the contract was suspended.


Trump’s lawyer announced the details of the accusation against the Trump Organization

Several Trump Organization employees, but not Donald Trump himself, will be charged in a criminal case of possible tax break fraud. Lawyers called the criminal case “very strange”


Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, who is investigating the criminal case against the Trump Organization, is not going to press charges against former US President Donald Trump. This is reported by Politico, citing Trump’s lawyer Ronald Fischetti.

The defense attorney said he met with the district attorney’s team last week and asked for detailed information about the pending charges against Trump’s management company. Fischetti said prosecutors are considering charging individual Trump Organization executives for tax evasion.

“We asked them if there are plans to bring charges against someone else. The District Attorney’s team said no. They simply said that when they brought charges, they would not be brought against Trump, ”the lawyer said. He added that the district attorney’s office is still investigating. Charges are expected to be filed either this week or next.

NYT learns of investigation against Trump Organization

Фото:Charles Rex Arbogast / AP

At the same time, Fischetti noted that the materials available to the district attorney are too few to bring charges. “It’s like Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. This is so little that I cannot believe that I will have to deal with such a case, ”added the lawyer.


An investigation into the Trump Organization – owned by the ex-president of the company that manages his assets – began back in 2019. The reason for it was statements by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who said that the Trump Organization had inflated the value of its assets for insurance companies. This allowed the main asset of the ex-president to receive loans on more favorable terms and receive benefits in paying real estate tax.

Trump’s former lawyer demanded $ 3.8 million from Trump Organization in court

Initially, the case was of a civil nature, but in May 2021 it was re-qualified as a criminal one. The company was suspected of providing false information to obtain tax breaks and secure loans. Trump himself, who left the post of CEO in 2017 after being elected president, argued that the case was politically motivated and that his Democratic opponents were lobbying for the investigation.

Earlier in June, Fischetti told the NYT that in his 50-year practice, he had never seen the DA prosecute the company because of its employee benefits. Lawyers interviewed by the newspaper agreed with the defense lawyer: they called the accusation of the company for non-payment of taxes on benefits “very unusual”.


a Castorama employee, 37, dies in the store

It is 3:15 p.m. when the firefighters from the North arrive this Friday at the Castorama store, Pont Loby area, in Petite-Synthe, as our colleagues from the Dunkirk Lighthouse write.

On the spot, the ambulance and the three firefighters try to resuscitate a 37-year-old man. This is a store employee who suffered from a heart attack. Despite attempts at resuscitation, the 30-year-old was declared dead by the Smur doctor.

The staff are in shock, write our French colleagues.


Maid receives tip of more than 1,600 euros after being criticized by customer on receipt

An employee of a restaurant in Morristown, NJ, received about $2,000, more than 1,600 euros, in donations, after a customer did not leave a tip and complained about measures taken by the establishment due to the pandemic.

The space, which was inaugurated during the pandemic, allows only 50% of the capacity and limits the stay of customers in the space to 90 minutes, in order to avoid long waiting lines.

After the maid approached the table where the client in question was to let them know that their time was about to end, even after they had already been informed of the measure, he paid the bill, but left no tip, just a claim on an invoice.

“I’m sorry the maid screwed up with this. Don’t kick out customers who pay after 90 minutes,” the handwritten note on the receipt read.

In light of what happened and after an image of the message was shared on social networks, several people, especially local residents, got together and donated money, expressing sympathy for the maid and the establishment.

The restaurant explained that the 90-minute rule is intended to “give everyone a fair chance” so they can have fun”.

“The kindness and generosity is indescribable, it is simply beautiful! ” said the employee, who asked to be identified as Beth, and who is a nursing student who has a second job at the restaurant to pay for her studies.

The establishment also praised the maid, stating that she did not deserve the treatment received by the customer.


Bullying allegations: Ten ex-palace employees want to testify against Duchess Meghan

Updated June 23, 2021, 12:07 p.m.

  • The bullying allegations against Duchess Meghan continue to pick up speed.
  • Now supposedly ten former palace employees want to testify against the wife of Prince Harry.
  • The investigation report from an external law firm is still a long time coming.

You can find more news about the British royal family here

In March, allegations of bullying by former employees against Duchess Meghan made waves. Buckingham Palace even opened an investigation and, according to media reports, hired an outside law firm to investigate and clarify the allegations.

As the British tabloid “The Mirror” reports, “at least ten” former palace employees want to testify against Prince Harry’s wife in this case. An insider also speaks of a “brutal showdown” between Meghan and the palace.

Buckingham Palace is investigating the allegations

However, the results of the investigation should not be expected before 2022, as the British daily “The Times” recently claims to have found out. Anonymous sources have confirmed to the newspaper that the case is currently ongoing.

The report was originally expected to be published this week as part of the annual Sovereign Grant Report. The royal family pays for the examinations out of their own pocket.

The decision not to publish the report with the Sovereign Grant Report could mean that the palace may not announce the results until next year, according to the Times. Alternatively, one could currently look for other possibilities to make “the proposed changes within the personnel guidelines and the procedures resulting from the report” public.

The bullying allegations against Meghan

The “Times” had reported shortly before the broadcast of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry that there had been a complaint against Meghan for bullying inside the palace in 2018. According to this, a high-ranking advisor to the palace accused Duchess Meghan, Having behaved “unacceptably” towards two personal assistants and undermining the trust of a third.

In a letter, Meghan’s lawyers described the allegations as a “calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful false information”. Buckingham Palace announced that it would investigate the allegations.

Also read:

Harry and Meghan have been living in the United States with their son Archie and their newborn daughter Lilibet for over a year. Prior to the move, Harry and Meghan had resigned from their offices and duties as senior members of the royal family.
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Duchess Meghan is writing her first children’s book, but that causes a stir even before it is published. Shortly after the book was announced, however, there were voices on the Internet that the whole thing was supposedly just a plagiarism of another story.


The headquarters of Tyumen answered a question about plans to introduce compulsory vaccination :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin / Global Look Press

The authorities have not yet planned to introduce mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 in the Tyumen region for some categories of citizens, the regional operational headquarters told RBC.

“Today there is no question of compulsory vaccination against coronavirus infection in the Tyumen region. The decision on compulsory vaccination will depend on the prevailing epidemiological situation, ”the headquarters explained.

At the same time, employers of the region were recommended to transfer at least 30% of employees to a remote mode of work. Employees who came from vacation in other regions are advised in the headquarters not to be allowed to work in full-time mode without a certificate of vaccination, a certificate of the presence of antibodies to class G coronavirus (IgG) with a validity period of no more than 30 days from the delivery of the biomaterial or a negative PCR result -test passed no later than three days after arrival in the region.

What restrictions are imposed by the regions due to the new outbreak of COVID-19. the main thing

Photo: Petr Kovalev / TASS

The headquarters noted that the situation with the incidence of COVID-19 in the region is becoming more complicated, most often people aged 30-49 are sick. They explained the growth of infections with low population immunity of the population. In total, according to the authorities, 23% of the adult population is vaccinated in the Tyumen region.

In total, as of June 20, 37,971 cases of coronavirus were detected in the Tyumen region, in the last 24 hours the virus was detected in 83 people.


Compulsory vaccination of some categories of citizens has already been introduced in seven regions of Russia. On June 16, Moscow introduced such measures, followed by the Moscow region, Kuzbass, Leningrad and Sakhalin regions, Tula and Tver. Regional authorities require that at least 60% of workers in the service sector, transport, catering, trade and some other industries receive the vaccine. The authorities of the Amur Region allowed the adoption of similar measures if the situation does not return to normal.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the regions of Russia

Number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: Federal and regional headquarters for the fight against the virus

Data for Russia i


Restrictions in Russia for the unvaccinated, the flood “closed” Yalta. The main thing of the day :: Society :: RBC

The strengthening of quarantine in Moscow, the flood in Yalta, Russia began to impose restrictions on unvaccinated citizens, the first veto of Putin in five years, the former deputy chairman of the Central Bank was arrested. The main events of the day – in the overview of RBC

Quarantine regime tightened in Moscow

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced new measures aimed at reducing the incidence of coronavirus infection in the capital. He said that the Indian strain of the coronavirus was detected in almost 90% of new COVID-19 patients in Moscow. This variant of the virus has proven to be more aggressive than other strains and spreads faster.

  • From June 18 to June 29, entertainment events will be limited to 1000 people (theaters and cinema will not be restricted), dance floors and fan zones will be closed, and only those vaccinated against COVID-19 will be temporarily able to get a personal appointment with the justices of the peace in Moscow. There are concessions for the vaccinated: from June 19, an experiment with “COVID-free restaurants” will be launched in Moscow, in which all employees and guests will be either vaccinated or ill with antibodies. Such establishments will be able to work without restrictions, including from 23:00 to 6:00.

How the number of new cases of Covid-19 infection in Russia is changing

Source: federal and regional headquarters for the fight against coronavirus

Data for Russia i

One of the main resorts in Russia flooded with downpours

For several days in the south of Russia there are showers, streets and cars are submerged under water, in the high season one of the main resorts – Yalta – flooded. The authorities have already reported one victim – the man was carried away by a stream of water. The flood in Yalta became the strongest over the past 100 years, said the mayor of the city Yanina Pavlenko. According to her, the last time such rains in the city were in 1922, when 190 mm of precipitation fell per day.

  • Because of the downpour in Yalta, the Vodopadnaya River overflowed its banks, and in the morning some streets in the city were completely flooded, the water reached residential buildings. The entrance to Yalta was closed, the authorities declared a state of emergency. The authorities announced a power and water cut. The forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Defense and the National Guard are helping to evacuate the victims of the disaster.

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Flooding in Yalta due to overflowing the banks of the river. Photo report

Restrictions for unvaccinated people appeared in Russia

In Moscow and the regions, authorities have begun to take measures to encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Benefits and benefits have begun to be provided to holders of vaccination certificates. In Moscow, routine medical care in hospitals will be provided only to patients with a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19. In addition, an experiment will begin in the capital from June 19 – in several restaurants, “no-zone zones” will be created, into which only visitors with vaccinations will be able to get into. They will also be served by vaccinated personnel. Such establishments will be allowed to work without restrictions, including at night.

  • In the Leningrad Region, from September 1, the work of organizations in the sphere of consumer services and catering, culture and education will be banned if the share of vaccinated employees is less than 80%. In Bashkiria, only holders of a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19, a certificate of vaccination, a certificate of contraindications to vaccination or a PCR test valid for three days will be able to receive services in a number of organizations and institutions, including culture and catering …

What restrictions are imposed by the regions due to the new outbreak of COVID-19. the main thing

Photo: Petr Kovalev / TASS


Other news of the day:

  • Putin vetoed the law for the first time in five years.
  • The Kremlin warned Turkey about the base in Azerbaijan.
  • Slovakia was unable to use the entire Sputnik V vaccine.
  • The former deputy chairman of the Central Bank was detained and arrested in Moscow.
  • Babariko warned against the Romanian scenario in Belarus.


Restaurateurs of Bashkortostan appreciated the impact on the industry of new antiquated measures :: Bashkortostan :: RBK

Catering establishments may face customer churn and decline due to new restrictions. Market representatives expect customers to understand the requirement to check for certificates.

Catering establishments may face an outflow of customers and a decrease in revenue due to the introduction of new restrictive measures in the republic. Market representatives are counting on understanding from customers for the requirements to verify the availability of vaccination certificates or no COVID.

From June 29, new restrictive measures introduced in Bashkiria will be extended to catering establishments. Clients will be admitted to the premises only if they have a vaccination certificate, a corresponding certificate from a medical institution (even if the first vaccine component is received) or a negative PCR test for COVID-19.

Restaurateurs interviewed by RBC Ufa stated that the new requirements will lead to a decrease in revenue and the churn of visitors, as well as cause difficulties in their compliance.

According to Natalia Chibrikina, director of the Association of Culinary Experts and Restaurateurs of the Republic of Bashkortostan, “a weekly lockdown would be more appropriate” than new restrictions. Difficulties may arise due to the fact that conflicts with visitors are not permissible in this area – hostess girls who are “geared towards hospitality” will not be able to demand a vaccination certificate from customers and refuse guests to visit a restaurant, she said. The expert expects that by the time the new requirement enters into force, the republican leadership will “more widely” inform citizens about the new rules, and clients will agree with them.

“The previous two rounds of the pandemic did not give such a strong surge in the closure of establishments in the republic – thanks to the head [Башкирии], we went through them much softer than all other regions. Now it is difficult to predict what this will result in, ”she commented in a conversation with RBC Ufa.

The new rules will entail a decrease in traffic, Chibrikina said. In her opinion, restaurant customers – usually people between the ages of 20 and 30 – are more likely to be opposed to vaccinations than the older generation. At the same time, the manager herself considers the measure to be correct and is ready to convince employees to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

The founder of the Kumpan Coffee chain in Ufa, Mikhail Kumpan, notes that from a legal point of view, the client’s lack of vaccination certificate cannot be a reason for denying access to the establishment. At the moment, restaurateurs are preparing an appeal to the Republican Ministry of Trade and Services, in which they will set out their views on the new requirements.

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“How to deal with the limitations – I have no solutions yet. Guests will be free to choose whether or not to go to establishments. We cannot restrict their access, ”he commented.

In any case, the adopted rules will negatively affect business, Kumpan said. According to him, now the company is discussing how they will work in the near future – the expansion of the delivery format, food to go, as it was during the lockdown, is not ruled out. This is not a solution to the problem, the expert notes, but the algorithm itself is already familiar to business.

Mikhail Kumpan himself considers vaccination to be a necessary measure. “It will help us anyway. Although many have been ill, I myself have been ill – we will be vaccinated, ”he said. The company is ready to reward the vaccinated employees.

Valentina Ivanova, the operational director of the RA-group restaurant chain, does not expect negative consequences for the business from the new requirements. The company reacted calmly to the changes in the decree and supported them.

“This is what we need first of all. Many foreigners will come [на Фольклориаду] – it’s better to insure yourself. All our employees will be vaccinated because we all want to be alive and well. We are not closed or restricted. They give us work, ”she said.

Vaccination will allow avoiding severe restrictions, as has already happened in Israel and France, said Valentina Ivanova. The company hopes that the clients understand this too.

The Ministry of Trade and Services of the Republic of Belarus has already recommended that trade and service enterprises instill the maximum number of employees. According to the head of the department Alexei Gusev, the requirement for vaccination or a negative PCR test may affect restaurant traffic, but this will have a temporary effect.

“At the initial stage, of course, this can affect the flow of customers. But if you look at the experience of other regions, where restrictions have already been introduced, I think that the flow there may decrease more than as a result of the recommendations that we are giving. Our task is to prevent the restrictive measures that can be introduced with a large number of cases by maximizing vaccination of residents, “Gusev emphasized, adding that the Ministry of Trade is ready, together with the Ministry of Health, to organize field vaccination at enterprises.

As RBC Ufa reported, Radiy Khabirov introduced amendments to the high alert regime in Bashkiria on Friday, June 18. Restrictions will begin to be introduced in stages from June 22, from that day when visiting museums, theaters, cinemas, libraries, houses of culture, nightclubs, exhibition and concert halls, they will require a vaccination certificate or a coronavirus test result.

In another week, the measures will be extended to catering establishments, beauty salons, massage, cosmetic, spa salons, baths, solariums, fitness clubs, fitness centers, swimming pools, sanatoriums, student dormitories, as well as transport – new measures will affect intercity road transport and the Orlan suburban train.