Man locks himself in the aircraft toilet – the plane has to land

On a flight from Cyprus to Zurich, a man caused an unusual incident. The 51-year-old no longer wanted to leave the toilet. The plane had to land. Because a passenger no longer wanted to leave the aircraft toilet, a plane with 134 people on board landed at the airport in Graz unscheduled. According to the […]

Hurricane “Ida” devastated New York’s oldest building – World –

5.09.2021 23:36 (Akt. 5.09.2021 23:36) The foothills of Hurricane “Ida” also severely damaged the oldest building in the metropolis of New York. The US media reported on Sunday. The so-called Wyckoff House, now a museum and a popular tourist attraction before the corona pandemic, was more than a meter under water, as recorded by the […]

Greece: yacht sinks off Milos island>news> 13. August 2021 – 8:54 clock Greek tourist boat is said to be in distress A boat with at least 17 people on board ran into trouble on Thursday in the Greek Aegean. The coast guard started an extensive rescue operation near the Cycladic island of Milos – shortly afterwards the redeeming news: everyone […]

Motorists raced at 150 kilometers per hour in the gas station

Weiterstadt / Darmstadt (dpa) – One day after the major fire at the Gräfenhausen-Ost motorway service station on the A 5, the police published the first results of the investigation. Accordingly, the dead man is a 54-year-old man. He is said to have raced into the gas station at the rest area near Weiterstadt in […]

A young British woman was paralyzed after receiving a suspicious drink in a bar

Millie Taplin was at a party when she was rushed to a health center after suffering from paralysis and blindness. His mother shared the strange case to raise awareness in other young people. The images of a completely paralyzed young woman have caused a stir on social networks, where the mother of Millie Taplin, only […]

Storm disaster – Germany: Merkel visits flood victims

In the case of new storms, the district of Berchtesgadener Land in Upper Bavaria declared a disaster late on Saturday evening. Huge amounts of rain also fell in Saxon Switzerland. On Sunday, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants to visit the hardest hit areas in the Eifel. Merkel will get an idea of ​​the […]

Florida: 18 dead after house collapse – including two children – t-online

Florida: 18 dead after house collapse – including two childrent-online Search in powdered concrete: number of victims rises after high-rise collapse in Floridan-tv NEWS Miami skyscraper: even more bodies found – Joe Biden travels to Florida – Four more dead found after house collapsedDeutschlandfunk House Collapse in Florida: Search for Survivors See “More […]

Florida: Biden visits the accident site of house collapse – 18 dead – Panorama

After the partial collapse of the twelve-story house, the death toll rose again. Photo: Pedro Portal / Miami Herald / AP / dpa Photo: dpa For days the number of dead who are being recovered from the rubble of the collapsed residential complex has been increasing. Shortly before the US President’s visit, the authorities report […]