Tesla sells a Cybertruck-shaped whistle and it sells out in minutes

Image: Tesla. We live in a world where the person with the most money on the planet he spends it on Twitter making jokes They are not funny and making fun of other people, thankfully in large part other millionaires. After Apple released its suede cloth that cost 25 euros (something that in itself is […]

Swipe at Apple: Elon Musk introduces Tesla Cybertruck pipe

The car manufacturer Tesla is expanding its “lifestyle” lineup of overpriced toys and is now selling the limited Cyberwhistle, a stainless steel whistle for a proud 50 US dollars. CEO Elon Musk can’t resist a swipe at Apple’s cleaning cloth. “Don’t waste your money on that stupid Apple cloth, buy our pipe instead!” With these […]

Elon Musk: Non-union Tesla Employees Get Paid More

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Non-unionized Tesla employees are paid more per hour than their unionized counterparts at General Motors. Musk’s opinion was shared in response to a post about GM CEO Mary Barra on Twitter. GM CEO Mary Barra attracted a lot of attention recently as US President Joe Biden declared that GM […]

Jack Dorsey’s Resignation as Twitter Chief: Credible Statements

VOn the many explanations for Jack Dorsey’s resignation as head of Twitter, one is particularly credible. You have to familiarize yourself with the mundane possibility that he just didn’t feel like it anymore. Dorsey himself portrays the resignation as a heroic act with the aim of making Twitter independent of its founders. That may sound […]

NASA sent a spacecraft to deflect the trajectory of an asteroid

Marc Hay 24 Nov 4 min NASA will try to deviate the trajectory of an asteroid to “protect humanity”. It is quite simply a first! It’s a Hollywood-worthy scenario! NASA took off this Wednesday morning a spacecraft which will aim to deflect the path of an asteroid. The objective posted by NASA is clear: help […]

One thing the richest men in the world have in common

https://mundo.sputniknews.com/20211121/una-cosa-que-tienen-en-comun-los-hombres-mas-ricos-del-mundo-1118481086.html One thing the richest men in the world have in common One thing the richest men in the world have in common While we should not underestimate the entrepreneurial talent and perseverance of the richest and most influential entrepreneurs on the planet, there is a … 21.11.2021, Sputnik Mundo 2021-11-21T18:56+0000 2021-11-21T18:56+0000 2021-11-21T18:57+0000 economy bill […]

This was answered by Elon Musk when asked if he believed in God | News from Mexico

CALIFORNIA.-This weekend the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, was involved in the controversy after responding to a tweet from the Democrat Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders demanded that the rich pay your “fair share” of taxes. “We must demand that the extremely wealthy pay their fair share. Period,” Sanders wrote on Twitter. Musk, mocking the 80-year-old […]

Musk ‘mocks’ Senator Bernie Sanders after criticism of his wealth

Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, directed a series of insults at Bernie Sanders on Twitter after the US senator repeated his call on billionaires to pay more taxes. Musk even floated the idea of ​​selling more Tesla stock, which would force him to pay taxes on capital gains. Sanders, 80, who unsuccessfully […]

Elon Musk Sells $ 7 Billion In Tesla Stock And Counting

After an interesting consultation exercise through his social networks, specifically in the platform digital from Twitter, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX -among other- Elon Musk, resolved to sell a large quantity of the Actions from his company. Only last Friday he made a sale operation for 1.2 million assets that correspond to 1.2 billion […]