Electronic Arts will start Beta of Battlefield 2042 soon

The beta of Battlefield 2042 for pre-orderers will start on October 6th. Two days later Electronic Arts launches Open Beta – claims a leaker. A screenshot from Battlefield 2042. – Youtube / @Battlefield Ad the essentials in brief Battlefield 2042 from developer EA is expected to be released on November 19, 2021. However, the shooter […]

Battlefield Mobile already listed in the Google Play Store

The manufacturer also stated on its website that the game will first be tested in Indonesia and the Philippines. The mobile shooter will be released next year. The first test version will be available for Android, other operating systems such as iOS and iPad OS will be added later. .

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is selling better than expected – Nau.ch

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is selling better than expectedNau.ch Mass Effect Legendary Edition: RPG Collection Exceeds EA ExpectationsXboxdynasty Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was a complete success and could become a model for other remastersGamePro Sales of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition are “way above” EA’s expectationsEurogamer.de Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Sold Above Expectationsplay3.de See “More […]

Apex Legends hacked to protest Titanfall hackers

Some players of Apex Legends have not been able to access the games for several hours on Sunday, July 4 due to a group of hackers that intend to publicize the problem with hackers that plague Titanfall 2 and especially the first Titanfall. At the time of this writing, Respawn Entertainment has announced that the […]

Dead Space reboot would be inspired by the latest Resident Evil Remake

In recent weeks numerous sources have spoken of a new Dead Space, the return of the action horror saga created by Visceral Games. Jeff Grubb has offered some more details and reiterates what Gematsu had previously advanced: it is an EA Motive project and it will not be totally original, but kind of a remake […]